Monday, August 30, 2010

The Susurrus Begins

Well, for all of you who were waiting, I, Hellboy, have created a blog.
Here you will read all of my newest pieces of writing, listen to the songs I like and worship the one and only Derek Landy. All people are welcome, especially followers of Skulduggery Pleasant.

Because today something new begins, something out of the ordinary. Something that has lain dormant for centuries and finally has been awoken in the form of literature.

People of this blog, I give you:

A Susurrus Of Stories


  1. hi hellboy! i told you that i would be here!
    i cannot wait for your stories i am sure they will be awsome!!!!!

  2. Yeah! It's about time! :) Looking forward to reading your stories.

  3. Wow, whats a Susurrus?

    Looking forward to it what ever it is.
    Thanks people who are following my blog.
    I'm going to follow this now.

  4. XD lol u guys commented! my ego is crashing through the roof now, let me tell you...

    A susurrus is pretty much what it sounds like.

    for instance:

    There was a susurrus in the bushes.

    It was used by the great Terry Prachet in one of his books, im sure. The moment i read that, i flipped. literally. That, unfortunately, is y there is a dent in my skul. *shoulders sag*

    Try this out though:

    The ZEPHYR created a susurrus.

    XD awesome words ftw!