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Sorry, just had to get that out of my system. 

There isn't a real reason for my 'epica' screaming. No, not at all. Nup. Nada. Zilch. <insert word that means no here>.
It's nothing, really. 

Nothing at all...

...nope...still nothing...

..well, there is something. It's just, y'know....

*Epic scream*



Happy Birthday, Kallista. This blog would be a lot less boring without u around. So thankyou, from all who follow my blog. (unless you are thinking differently, of course. But if you are, expect your part in the story to be, well, how should i put this, terminated!!!!)
Yeah, just a bit of randomness there. So, people, one of teh comments done by you (i'm sorry, i can't remember what comment it was) was something about a Zombie Apocalypse, and i was reminded by a conversation that was held by my friends, a really super awesome teacher who is young, funny, and surfs damn well, and me. 

*audience groans* Shuddup. You're listening to my story whether you like it or not. So here;s how it goes....

Friend 1: Haha, that person kinda looked a bit like a zombie *points*

Friend 2: Yeah, he does, i guess.

Teacher: That reminds me of my friend the other day, we were all talking about this 'Zombie Apocalypse plan'.

Me: A what?

Teacher: You know, when teh world all gets zombified and my friend and i have to survive without being eaten alive.

Me: Wait, assuming that you aren't going to be one of teh unsuspecting people who turn into a zombie in teh first place? Which there is way more chance of that happening?

Teacher: ....yeah...well....

The conversation went on and on, and apparently the teacher's friend is really serious about this happening. So their plan was to grab their four-wheel drives, go to Coles (like a huge superstore place), load it up with food and supplies, then head on down to Stratco (like a huge warehouse that is stacked with shelves of tools, DIY stuff, and generally anything else you need to build or camp) and herd everyone there to then they use the tools to board up every window and create huge barricades. Then, once that was all done, they would get teh people to build some random object outside, while the friends run back inside and lock the doors. The teacher said that if we had something useful to add to the group, we could crash at Stratco with them. So we went around talking about what we could contribute, just to be safe when (and if) the Apocalypse came. 
My Zombie Apocalypse Plan  is to go to the local jail, where they have watchtowers, gun lockers and most of the criminals know how to handle a gun and defend themselves. SO i will lock all teh doors, set up a camp with teh prisoners, and then we will survive!

So, people of this blog, in less words than i have told you (or more, i'm ok with more), tell me YOUR Z.A.P.

So when it happens, i can just steal your idea....MWAHAHAHAHHA!!!

Oh yeah, and here's the story. Skyril, i will try and get that picture.


The mercenary’s body fell to the ground with a soft thump, a smoking hole in the back of his head. Jodi stepped over the body, flicking the safety on her gun and tucking it into her belt. Skyril just stood there, the collar still rendering her helpless.
Jodi’s hand hit two buttons on the collar’s rim, pulling it of f of Skyril’s neck in one smooth movement. Skyril slumped to the ground, breathing deeply, and Jodi bent low to pick up the bag with the explosives. She placed the collar in the bag, then unsheathed her dual Sai blades as she heard noise from adjacent corridors.
Skyril opened her eyes for the first time since the shot had been fired. She saw Jodi and gaped.
“Now, now, I’m not gonna kill ya-” Jodi began, but there was a flash of white and all of a sudden Jodi couldn’t see. She felt a foot smashing into her ribcage repeatedly, and the breath was forced out of her lungs. Jodi swung her Sai swords wildly and felt her wrists being grabbed and twisted so that they fell from her grasp. There was a loud crunch and Jodi screamed in rage. She could just see her dual Sai swords fractured and broken, the work of the she-devil with purple streaked hair.  The blinding light faded and then anger was all Jodi could feel.
“I-” Jodi jumped to her feet, blocking Skyril’s clumsy punch “-just said-” she grabbed a fistful of Skyril’s hair and brought her head down as she swung a foot up so that it crashed into Skyrils nose “-that I wasn’t-” she pulled Skyril to her feet, kicking her into the wall “-going to-” she slammed her elbow into Skyril’s chin, then delivered a right hook that sent Skyril spinning to the cold floor “-hurt you!” Jodi screamed in rage, bringing the heel of her boot into the back of Skyril’s already bruised head. Jodi once again hoisted Skryil up, pinning her arms back and shoving her against the wall.
A small and wheezy chuckle escaped from Skyril’s lips. After ten whole seconds of Skyril laughing insanely, Jodi couldn’t take it any more. “What? What’s so damned funny, huh?”
Skyril turned her bloodied face to stare at Jodi. “’s nothing.” Then she cackled madly.
“Just, I’ve been tracking you for a good year and a half now, and I’ve always wondered what your weak point was. How I could crack you. You have little family, so I couln’t strike there. And you seem to betray all your friends. But now I see it. All along, it was those bloody Sai swords...”
“Bastard!” Jodi yelled, pulling Skyril’s arm further up until she screamed in pain. Then she shook herself. Come on! She thought. “Listen, I’m not here to kill you. And notice that I only beat you up after you broke my Sai swords. Now, tell your friends that I’m on your side now, and I ain’t turning back on you.”
“Why should I trust you?” Skyril whispered.
Jodi was silent for a moment. “Times change. The Sanctuary, turns out their not so good with payment. And, yeah, I guess I couldn’t bare all of you being put in jail by my doin’. And plus, I know something that you don’t know.”
“What’s that?” Skyril was still craning her neck to peer at Jodi.
“Secret,” Jodi said, bringing out her gun and banging the grip on Skyril’s head. She fell limp in Jodi’s arms, and she carefully lowered her to the ground. Then she dragged her behind a pillar and approached her shattered blades.
A tear ran down her cheek, but she wiped it away. Suppressing the memories that struggled to flood her mind about the one who gave them to her, she delicately picked the pieces up and placed them in the bag, then dragged that back to Skyril as well.
Jodi found the faulty wire on the explosives, fixed it, then flicked the safety off of the detonator and retreated back to the pillar. The ground rocked with the force of the explosion, and before the smoke even had a chance to clear, Jodi had ran on into the room, gun drawn.

Mary Hiashi heard the explosion throughout the castle, and Dragona nodded to her. “Go!” he shouted, sending a burning sorcerer flying away with a wave of his hand. Mary obliged willingly, her black ninja-like suit seemingly fading away into the scenery.
No-one could see her. She held one of her Kunai knives in one hand; it was already coated in blood. The corridors passed by in a blur, and as she neared the hole in the wall, she heard shouting and gunshots.
There was a smoking hole where the door had been blown off its hinges, and Mary ‘disappeared’ once again, then stepped through and entered a battlefield.
There were bodies everywhere. Some burnt brilliantly with a fire that could have only been made by an elemental, and others had died from bullet holes in their heads.
At the back of the room, tied to a chair with her head bowed, was Ki-yoko. She was little more than an old crone held captive, brought into a fight that was not her own. Mary stepped towards the crone, still invisible, when she heard light footsteps behind her. She froze, and turned slowly around to stare into the eyes of Jodi Harte.
Mary slowly raised the Kunai knife slowly, drawing her arm back. Ki-yoko was first on her priority list, but Jodi was a definite threat to Mary’s mission. Suddenly there was the loud, heavy thumping of boots through the corridors, and even though Mary was invisible to all, she still ran to the wall and jumped, running vertical for as long as gravity would allow and then springing to the wooden supports above. She crouched there on a single beam of wood, cat-like, and watched as armed mercenaries took positions around Jodi and raised their rifles and sidearms.
Jodi had her own pistol in hand, and was aiming it around the circle, not sure which person to fire at first. Hang on, thought Mary. They’re aiming at Jodi...and isn’t she on their side?
It took two seconds more for Mary to figure it out. But by then, it was too late. One rifle sounded, then the other, and within moments, Jodi’s body crumpled to the ground, her life slowly ebbing away.
Mary acted the instant the guns stopped firing. Suspended by her knees wrapped around the beam of wood, she swung upside down, still invisible, and grabbed Jodi’s coat, hauling her up. She sent magic coursing along her arms, and Jodi was swallowed into the background as well.
Mary laid Jodi in the corner of the support beams, where there was a flat wooden board big enough for her frail body just as a shout of alarm came from below. Several of the guards were staring frantically at the spot where Jodi had been shot, and more were raising their weapons and beginning a search. Ki-yoko still sat with her head lowered in the far corner, forgotten for the moment. Perfect, thought Mary, and she dropped straight onto the shoulders of a soldier beneath her, slitting his throat with her blade. She quickly used her magic to create an effect like her magic was, except not as reliable and easier to conjure. It covered the soldier in a sort of haze that you could only see if you were looking directly at it. Other then that it would just appear like a slight blur on the edge of your vision; it was perfect for what Mary had planned.
No-one had seen the guard fall, and Mary sprung to the next one, tackling it to the ground and enveloping it in her magic, so that his scream was lost to all in the room. He looked around, frightened in Mary’s grasp, and she wacked the ring part of the knife into his temple. He instantly fell unconscious, and Mary stopped covering him with her own magic, instead casting the less reliable spell once more. She went to the next guard, and the next, until there was less than fifteen left. Only then did the soldiers start to notice the shortage of men in the room, and started calling out to their missing friends.
Mary whistled just loudly enough for some of them to hear. As they motioned to the rest of the group to investigate, she sidestepped silently around them until she was behind them all, and then she grabbed a soldier from the back and applied a choke, dragging his squirming body to a corner and then turning him invisible like the others. She looked at her watch-it was taking too long. Soon even more reinforcements would come, and then Mary would never bring out Ki-yoko or Jodi. She drew her huge Shoalin broadsword from her back, then sprung into action.


I lay still, watching as the tinniest ray of sun illuminates a dust mote above me. My torso bleeds, but I stopped feeling the pain a few minutes ago. I’m still not sure if that’s a good sign.
The board of wood I’m lying creaks slightly, and I am surprised that I can hear this louder than I can here Mary Hiashi kill the guards beneath me with amazing efficiency. Their screams are muted, as they try to escape the invisible foe among them. If I hadn’t had eight bullets pummelled into me moments before, I probably would have smiled.
I see the darkness at the edge of my vision spread, and for a split second, I come to my senses. Too late, I will myself to stay awake, knowing my fate once I drift off. I struggle, and manage to move my hand slightly. All it does is catch the dust mote, still illuminated, and then I have my shining moment of clarity, staring at something so miniscule in the palm of my hand. Why struggle? Why go on? In this world, I was just as small as the mote of dust, among billions of others. Destined not for great things, but only to float and dream and just be. Nothing more. Nothing less.
My arm drops and I smile, just as the darkness consumes my vision. Hello, Hell, I think, and then finally, I am gone.

Mary looked around at the bodies that were littered around her. She leant down and wiped her broadsword on the coat of one of the soldiers, then walked forward to Ki-yoko. When she approached, the crone finally raised her head, small, sparkling eyes shining within wrinkles of skin. Mary cleared her throat, took a breath, then spoke, hoping her Japanese was still as good as it used to be. “Hi! I am Mary Hiashi, and I’m here to save you. We need your help with a friend of ours, Lewis Ryker. You might of heard of him.”
The crone nodded. “I have, yes. Everyone seems to be talking about this man around here…” Mary walked over to the back of the chair, and sliced through the bonds easily. She helped the old woman stand up, and then walked her over to the door. “Wait here,” said Mary, and then she sprung to the rafters above her and manoeuvred her way to were Jodi lay. Her hand touched Jodi’s neck, but she felt no pulse. Dammit! She thought, heaving the body and dropping silently to the ground, despite the weight on her shoulders. “Ki-yoko- Can you help her?”
 As Mary lowered her to the ground, Ki-yoko grimaced. “Too much blood loss. There is not a lot I can do without the proper tools. All I can do now is try and postpone complete death altogether.”
Mary frowned. “But she doesn’t have a pulse.”
“For a few minutes, her brain cells will still be alive. If I can stop them from dying for a bit longer, then we might have enough time to bring her back.” She pulled a small vial from her belt. “This should do the trick…”
When Ki-yoko poured the vial’s contents-a pale red coloured liquid that smelled slightly of rosewater-Mary couldn’t see any changes in Jodi. Ki-yoko said that depending on how long she had been gone, they might not even be able to bring her back at all.
Mary felt she couldn’t answer, instead hauling Jodi onto her shoulders and leading the way out. She cancelled the multiple invisibility spells on the guards, and instead cast all of those spells onto Ki-yoko and Jodi, then turned invisible herself. Just as they were passing the pillars and about to enter the hallways, a figure lurched from behind one, and Mary back peddled quickly, swearing silently. The figure turned head and all of a sudden Mary knew who it was. “Skyril?” she said softly; too late she realized this was a mistake.
Skyril Oblivion swung around to the source of the sound, pointing a stolen pistol right at Mary’s invisible head. “W-who’s there?” Skyril stammered, and Mary could see that each word was obviously painful. Skyril’s face was beaten and bruised, her hair wild and purple streaks all over the place. If Mary uncloaked now, Skyril would probably shoot straight away in her current state. “Skyril, it’s me,” tried Mary, hoping this would work.
“This is who? If you don’t tell me who you are, I swear…”
“It’s me, Mary Hiashi. Now don’t shoot, please!” Mary turned visible and Skyril relaxed slowly, lowering the gun. “I see you found Jodi. She’s on our side now, y’know.”
“Really? Ahh, that’s good. You’ll have to tell me all about it when we get back.” Mary gestured back to the room where they had just been in. “I think Jodi had a bag in there. Contained some of her stuff I think.”
Skyril nodded and ran back into the room, just as Mary heard a loud explosion from the battlements. Her mobile phone rang and she struggled to reach it while carrying Jodi.
“Um, Mary? Are you ready? ‘Cos now would be a really good time to be leaving…”
“All good, Necros. Where are you?”
“Just follow the explosions.”
Necros hang up and Mary stared at the phone. What could that mean? Another explosion rocked the ground and Mary stumbled, just as Skyril came running back with the bag. “Let’s go,” said Mary, leading the way.
They ran through the corridors, but instead of going back the way they had came, Mary veered off to where the explosions sounded, jogging tirelessly. They finally came out into the sunlight, and there, sitting on the top of the battlements, spewing missiles at every threat in sight, was a glorious Porsche 911 GT3 RS, a rotor sticking out the top and clearly in helicopter form. Two figures dropped from the wall, using the air too cushion their fall. As Mary walked closer to them, she recognised Kallista and Dragona. The latter was smiling immensely, evidently happy to have his car back. “How’d you get that?” Skyril asked, as Mary handed Jodi over to Dragona and motioned for Ki-yoko to stand with Kallista.
“Ever since yesterday, I’ve been thumbing the remote control buttons, wondering whether it would work in this range. It arrived just in the nick of time, and offers a wonderful way to evac-in style, of course.”
Dragona pushed at the ground at his feet, propelling him and Jodi’s body to the helicopter above. Kallista, Skyril, Ki-yoko and Mary stood close together, and when Kallista closed her eyes, the ground beneath them rumbled and the earth rose to form a sort of pillar of soil, moving like an elevator and reaching the battlements as well. They piled into Dragona’s car, along with the rest of the group who had been waiting, and strapped their seatbelts on. Dragona took the pilot seat and flicked a few buttons, switching off the auto-lock and engage system, stopping the flow of missiles. He rose the helicopter slowly in the air, then flew it off into the distance, leaving nothing but a pile of smoking rubble that barely resembled a castle behind.




    loved it! hint: ~pictures~ lol, but no, i'm not too fused cos that was EPICA!

    *whispers* *how did you know though? Is she that see through?* *sniff*


    i soooooo have to meet your teacher and his friends. let me just add it to my zombie appocolypse plan:

    1. Drive a double deccer bus around untill i have collected all my family and other peps who could be useful. Oh and english peps on this blog like florence and nicolette ect.
    2. Go to a police station and steal guns.
    3. Go to trafford centre and steal loads of food.
    4. steal helicopter+helicopter piolet and fly to australlia.
    5. Pick up hellboy and his teacher then fly to america to get guns and find american peps on this blog.
    6. ....erm...not sure yet.

    but yeah ur teacher so has the right idea! ive been taking this quite seriously and spent an english lesson planning it.

    anyways LOVE THE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOUST HAVE MORE, SOON,LIKE...NOW!

    OH AND ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KALLISTA FOR SUNDAY IF I DONT SPEAK TO YOU BEFORE!!!! for you birthday presant i promise ill pick you up BEFORE the guns in america when theres a zombie appocolypse ;)

  3. did i say moust have most soon....why did i say that? i ment must! the heck did i get from must to moust? thats not an easy error to make....maybe my brains gone all mushy....hmm...must be too much homework..

  4. and then i just sain must have most rather than must have more!

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  7. *Sitting in stunned silence......jaw dropped to the ground.....tears in her eyes a she reads of Jodi's life and death struggle.......then.....*


    *stands and applaudes Hellboy for his genuis*


    Masterfully written and brilliantly EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!

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    MUST HAVE MORE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    SIR! I Bow at your greatness!!!!!!



    I AM NOT WORTHY!!!!!

  10. Thank you also for your birthday shout out for me!!!!

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    That a great writer should take a moment and consider me......well......

    I am honored!


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  12. I hope we can still be friends, though!

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    You are a brilliant writer and all your stories are utterly EPIC!

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  43. xD have fun! What are you doing for your b-day? (and how old are you gonna be?) ;D

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  47. *groaning* I was going to do that today. Had something cool to write to! I was all inspired and everything.

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  50. I'm sure your idea will come back to you. I experienced... *gulp* writers block yesterday :S I got well worried. I've never really gotten writers block before, so it was awkward! I was google - ing random words for inspiration i was that desperate! :L

  51. Awwwwwwwww..............poor Lenka!
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  57. Hellboy, WONDERFUL!
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    I've been waiting for my story and here it is...I'm concieted I know. It's quite apparant...
    Does that mean that my picture is coming soon? Because that'd make my week. I might actually be not-depressed for once...But yes...PERFECT!!


    As you like to say, epica. Which is a band by the way...a great band...*tears form in eyes* My poor, poor MP3. Why did it have to die?!

    Oh, and the zombie plans thing was first brought up by ME!!! You want to know why. Last week or the week before that, I watched Red vs. Blue: Zombie Plans. Then I got this idea spawned from that, involving we oddballs from Dereksville Blogland, asking Derek what his zombie plans are. It is going to be part of my next fanfic. So if you say different I'll...I'll...make you get eaten by zombies.

    And my Z.A.P is pretty much the same as your teachers.

    Blessed be,
    Miss Mary Hiashi

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  86. Hope you had a Happy Birthday, Kallista!
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  87. Ah, I can't wait!
    *Pumps fist in the air*

  88. I'm just writing the rest of Kallista's birthday present story...Hopefully I can finish it today!

  89. LOL
    *Claps hands*
    Wow Mary! I love it, thanks!
    Can't wait for the next part.

  90. Ahhh! I have to go now! Thanks again Hellboy!!


  91. Hey...I'm trying to write the rest of your story...
    Oh and before I forget...

    Oh, Canada,
    This page belongs to us,
    True amazingness,
    Is what we can easily be...

  92. Quote: "I've been accused of being Alice and of not being Alice..."

  93. Hey i know that quote!

    Quotes are awesome. 'specially ones from PotC, with CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!!!!!!!

    I saw your blog with all teh quotes of Jack and laughed at each one, Mary.


  94. *music from old Twilight series playing*

    Have the pictures been swapped around?

    Or have the names been swapped around?



  95. It's the names. Otherwise it means Mary and Kallista love talking to and referring to themselves xD

  96. *sighs*
    I guess not.

    Mary and I were just fooling around with you! Just trying to make you laugh!
    You will forgive your minion, won't you???

    *gets on knees and asks for forgiveness*


  97. We tricked.......or at least tried to trick some of the others. It was pretty funny! Lol

  98. You could have been much worse, Hellboy.

    What do I mean?

    I'll show you.

  99. But that's to wierd. I blame it on the birthday cake!

  100. It's good to be back to normal.

    Well relitivly normal.....

  101. Wow!
    You have got a lot of comments on this posting!

    Who are all these crazy people!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  102. *comes waltzing in to music....see Hellboy there looking bored*

    *grabs Hellboy and begans doing the waltz with him*

    *twirls Hellboy and dips him......he grabs a rose from a nearby table and puts it in his mouth*

    *.......then promptly spits it back out as the thorns are still on the rose*

    *Kallista skillfully twirls Hellboy again*

    *and dips him*

    *accidently drops him*


    My bad!

  103. *Hellboy mumbles something like "damn, this was a new shirt" and heads over to Kallista;s for cake*





    Kallista! I think you need to do a post on your blog about your birthday! It would be awesome.

  104. Hellboy! what's going on with your story , hmmm?

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. lol
    OK Hellboy! I will do that soon. But only if others will share about thier birthdays when they come!

  107. Hullo :]
    So, I've started a new blog. :D
    It's just going to be all the random mini-stories I've created and am going to create. I have a hard time sticking to longer stories...:/
    Anyway, I only have one up right now, but I'm working on another, probably as you read this comment. ^.^ You, and whoever else reads this is most definitely invited.
    Here's the link:
    Hope you come!

    P.S. If you read this, Lenka, I really AM working on catching up with your fan-fic, and I'm REALLY loving it!! It's great!!

  108. P.P.S. Is it seriously 11:18 AM where you live????
    I'm shocked by the time difference with America and Australia EVERY SINGLE time I see it!

  109. Oh, and I suppose I probably won't be writing as

    you read the comment haha!! It's most likely

    going to be HOURS before you see it!

    It's 6:51 PM here!


    See what I mean??????

  110. By the "see what I mean" I meant the time difference.
    I think I should probably think before I post a comment all of a sudden, in the future.

    I love this ->>>>>> O.o expression!

  111. Why is Salt Lake City, UT Calling me???

  112. *sits in a dark corner by herself after seeing the she has been ignored by Lenka AND Skyril*
    It's all just to much.....

  113. Oh! I almost forgot. On Mary's blog you asked if I had seen the latest Alice in Wonderland.
    Well, I have not. If you have seen it I would like to hear your opinion on it. Skulgirl is crazy about it, so that is one point in the movies favor.
    I plan on asking Lenka and some others as well.

  114. Well, i know for a start that the latest AIW movie is pretty darn awesome compared to the OLD one. Like the latest charlie +the chocolate factory.

    Skyril! I am visiting your blog as we speak!

    Lenka. I. Am. Not. Updating. For. A. While.

    Mainly cos i still am having trouble writing the latest part, and when i did do it at school, a girl that i know looked over my shoulder and read the line that i was writing and re-read it aloud to me, adding a deep voice and claiming that i must be writing some obscure sex scene.

    -_- some people have one-track-minds at my school. *sigh*....

  115. "Lenka. I. Am. Not. Updating. For. A. While."

    OK. Hellboy, that is NOT good news to read first thing in the morning!!!!!
    I choked on my breakfast!!!!!!

    Then I cried for hours and hours.

    After that I stumbled out the door and wandered down the street in deep despair. I was not watching where I was going and was run over by a stray herd of buffalo. Then I was kiddnapped by a bankrobber. He threw me in his car and took off. Then a high speed police chase began as the cops came after him. After pulling the car over I was arrested along with the bank robber!
    I was thrown in jail and then brought before the Judge! It was HORRIBLE!
    Now I'm standing in the middle of a rock pile as part of a chain gang!

    All because.....



    *more dramatic sobbing.....guard comes over and punches Kallista and tells her to get back to work*

    I shall try and be brave and face this cruel world without anymore of your writing. But it will be tough!

    Now let me assure you I DO understand the pressure your under. With exams and all that teachers throw at you, it's not easy.

    ....and what's with that girl!?!?!?!?!?

    Is she the same one who who bothered you before?

    *gives dark glare at the girl*

    I wonder if she......

 should not complete my thought there. But......

    *eyes Hellboy thoughtfully*

    No......I'm gonna let that one go.

    But still, Hellboy!!!!! So your not going to post for a while.....

    But did you HAVE to tell us like that?

    Now there is NO hope for me!


    And now I must get back to the rock pile with my trusty axe pick!

    Please don't ever forget me!!!!!!!!!

  116. *turns into the incredible Hulk and breaks free from the chain gang.....*

    *becomes a fugitive*

    *goes on a Hellboy hunt*

  117. This comment has been removed by the author.

  118. *sigh*

    Alrite, i guess i was too harsh. SO lets go back about five comments.

    *epic swirly colours mean that we have just travelled back in time*

    Hey, Lenka and Kallista. There's something i need to tell you. It's just...well... do i say this....ok, well, first off, i just want to say that you are really good friends and what i'm about to say should not send you into a coma or make you run outside, get trampled by a herd of buffalo, then get kidnapped by a robber, stashed in his car, get arrested and then have to work in a chain gang and THEN break free and become a fugitive and then go on a Hellboy hunt.

    *deep breath*

    So, i should just get this over and done with. Well...y'see...

    Due to unforseen circumstances, I will unfortunately not be able to post the next part of my story.

    Sorry, people. I truly am :/

    *color swirl-we have warped back to the present*

    Are you happy now? Good? Good.

    No, Kallista, it was a different girl, but it happens all the time at my school. The moment you try and say something, someone adds a "That's what she saiidd!!!" to the end of it, or just do a *cough cough* until the whole group gets it and turns away in disgust. The only times i really can't stand it is when it's about my drawings or writing.

    gtg, Hellboy

  119. Thank you, Hellboy.
    You are also a good friend. I'm sad that a genius like you has to be surrounded by idiots at school.

    Ummmmmmmm....of course when you come here you are surrounded by an idiot like me but....well....

    *gives nervouse laugh*

    I AM your maybe it's a bit different.

    You WILL post again. Right? Eventually?

    Because I will be in mourning until you do.

    But maybe I'll snap out of it if you at lease check in like you have been doing. Letting everyone have an update.

    SOME people don't DO that and I get worried.

    *glares at Skyril, Evangeline, Leo, Alex, Lenka, Sarthacus, and Nicolette*

    All I can say to you right now is this.

    Please hang in there my friend!!!!!!

    Without you and some of the others here in Dereksville Blogland, I would NEVER had dared to practice writing.

    So Thank you!


  120. *comes in pouting*

    OK. I had to change back cause Dragona threatened to Never talk to me again otherwise.

    Big bully!


    Hope you are having a better time at school!
    Tell Louis I said HI!!!!!!!


  121. OK. I'm back!
    I've been larified in a major way again. All the evening people DITCHED me!

    Dragona hate when I change, but I don't care.

    *turns and makes faces at Dragona*

    He'll never know anyways.

    But GUESS WHAT?????

    It's Dragona's birthday this Saturday!!!!!
    I wrote a little something for him on my blog. It's mire like a greeting card then anything.

    Check it out when you get a chance!

    Still hoping you are having good days!

    Bye now!!!!


  122. OK. I'm back for ONE more time tonight. I feel much better.
    Yes. I've caused trouble, so I'm happy!
    We had to go to the 2nd overflow that Dragona made up because we used all the limits on Derek's blog.
    Well. Gotta go now. Bye Hellboy!