Monday, December 17, 2012

{START} Creativity Dump/On the first day of Christmas...

This was going to be a big post.

I mean, like, pretty big. But instead, I've chosen to split it up into seven parts, and post one each day until Christmas Eve. So, like, ever heard that song "On the first day of Christmas..."? And each day, there's a different gift?

I can already hear you asking me; "But Hellllbooooy, there's TWELVE days of Christmas in that song!"

And to that I say: "Shush! It's too late to do 12 posts leading up to Christmas! Be happy with seven! Be happy that I'm even posting stuff! Normally, I just mumble a few words on a chat somewhere, something about Santa and hip flasks! Now shoo, potential questioning blogger! I've got to post this before I get distracted by YouTube again!"

And instead of different gifts, I'll just dump all of these stories that I never got around to finishing or just gave up on. And a few that I really do want to continue but I just don't have time right now.

So, over the past few weeks I've been trying to get the next part of Kallista's story finished. Just hasn't been working out for me. Not sure why. I know exactly where I'm going, but I just can't...write it, you know? I feel like writing it is a chore, and all I'm doing is connecting point A to point B, getting the main characters to move from here to there and have limited conversation throughout it. Reread some of my old SP fanfic and was almost saddened at how my skill has gotten almost worst over the year and a bit since I finished writing that.

Soooo... Yeah. Some of you may already know, but I use a website called MyWritingSpot which allows me to write online with several documents and then sync it to my iPod, so I can write wherever. I'm sure there are multiple apps that allow you to do this, but I like this one in particular and it hasn't let me down yet. Well, it has once. It was running a bit slow and I went to delete an empty document and instead deleted that latest part of the World War Three thing that I had been working on, and then I hit sync as a reflex, which also deleted the copy online. So, poof, no more of that story XD But that was ages ago.

So far, the list of documents I have stored online looks like this:

As you can see, a lot of fanfictions, color coded. Brown for the huge SP Fanfiction I completed a while ago, White for stories that I actually got around to finishing, Blue for the World War 2 stories, Yellow for stories that I tried very hard to complete and utterly failed at getting further than (in some cases) 200 words, and Black for stories which I am currently working on, or have the highest priority. Within their colored sections, they are ordered in alphabetical order. I'm telling you this because while it seems that there are quite a few stories above Kallista's Bday story and it would seem that they have a higher priority, it's not. Kal, the story for you is right on top, in my mind.

Where was I? Ah, yes. My Writing Spot.

Today, because I actually have nothing to show you lot, I'm going to go ahead and share one of the unfinished stories that I had written up.

Something interesting to look at about some of these would be the notes. As I'm writing a story, no matter how far I get into it, I'll jot down notes at the very bottom of my page. They become like a little plan for my story, and most of the time they make no sense whatsoever. Random words, sentences intersecting each other and questions without much punctuation. 

The most notes I have right now in any story are in Kal's Bday Story, and even then, it's only about 120 words XD Or in the latest Private Eye part. A lot more notes are in my head, and that sucks, because I never write stuff down.

Now I'm just rambling...

Oh, the other thing. I'll also be putting up some drawings in these posts, just a couple. Even then, it's only one drawing and two or three pages of just sketchy stuff and scribbled notes and lines that kinda look like recognizable figures. Does that make sense? I hope so.

Alright, let's see. What should I show first? How about some Amy Hawkeye. This was the first story I had written down for her, I think. Most of these stories are going to be less than five hundred words, btw, but the idea was there. Here you go:

Amy Hawkeye grinned manically to the man in front of her, gave a middle-fingered salute, and launched herself off the window-cleaner’s platform that she was standing on. His thoughts ran around like crazy as her body was thrown like a ragdoll in the air. Too many thoughts, too little time...
She spun in mid-air, spreading her arms out and laughed at the wind rushing through her hair. She angled her descent towards the building on her left, aiming for the fiftieth window up. She could hear the thoughts of the man who owned that room, and knew he was walking right now, moving across his living room to open the window for some fresh air in…
Her form flew right through the now-open window and crashed right into him. She let her power consume him, not a single one of his thoughts escaping her. Tracey, the girl watching TV in the other room… a can of processed food for which the man had wanted to eat…and his instinct to grab his daughter and run, to escape through…the door on her right.
She got to her feet, snatching up an umbrella from a bucket full of them by the door. Her shoulder smashed into the front door and she ran on through the corridors of row upon row of numbered doors. She brought her power back, saving it for when she needed it, and saw the door that she needed; 303.
The door gave in to her sturdy kick and she moved past the questioning woman in the kitchen. She came at Amy with a knife, but the umbrella Amy was holding suddenly found itself inside the woman’s stomach. She gurgled and fell to the ground, and Amy drew the weapon holstered underneath her shoulder- a 50. AE Desert Eagle. She held it ahead of her; sights trained on the bedroom door, and fired two shots, one at the top hinge and one at the bottom.
She knew that the man inside wouldn’t shoot her. His thoughts were clouded with too much curiosity- he wanted to know how and why she was here. She didn’t care. She didn’t even know his name. She just knew that he had to die.
Amy pulled the trigger.

Israel Elysium sighed on the edge of the window cleaners platform and looked on as the woman somehow managed to accurately angle herself towards the building...

...Aaaaaaand end scene. See how short that was? I think I was going to go somewhere with it. Actually, I can't quite remember, but I think I did. I just don't know where I put it. Something about a barfight and Spring Heeled Jack. I'm not even going to look for it...

Things to note on that story; I struggled for a power to give Amy, and I wanted it to be pretty damn cool, so I thought "Why not Telekinesis?" Buuuut that power has already been chosen by a couple of awesome bloggers already, so that's why the Amy Hawkeye stories just kinda...drifted off...and never got completed... XD I didn't want to infringe on those OCs that were already created.
Another thing to note is the number on the door; 303. In a lot of my writing, I will reference things that not everyone will get because they will be incredibly obscure and just plain stupid. This is one of those things. 303 is the number on a few doors in The Matrix, namely the door at the end of the first movie as Neo is running through the apartment complex. This is not the first (Nor the last) reference I will make to The Matrix. So I apologize in advance for anyone that won't get them :P

What else was there? Oh, yes. Amy 'angles her descent' to the window, and somehow manages to fly right through it without clipping the sill or anything. I put this down to the Telekinesis; you know, the manipulation of objects and such, and she had tried it on herself so that she could accurately enter the building without hurting herself. Completely unrealistic. One of the many reasons why I didn't continue this story.

So, this is the first day of Christmas. Well, it isn't, but it's the first day of myyyyy Christmas XD Please! Enjoy!


Hey guys! Louis has been helping me mess around with design and stuff of my blog. In the end, we only ended up changing one thing, and it's the little Favicon at the top. Right now, yours should automatically be the Blogger symbol, but if you go to your browser settings and empty the cache (If you use Google Chrome, you should easily be able to search this in the browser's Settings) and then refresh the page, you will then see the Blogger icon replaced! Success! One step closer to world domination!


    What do you mean by those words that your writing has gotten worse? I just don't see it. Just this little bit you put in made me want to scream for MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR! I don't think it's unrealistic at all for Amy to have those powers and use them so cleverly (even though she is a very bad girl) :P
    I think it's BRILIANT and wonderfully unique and exciting and adds another perfect element to your stories!
    I may not have seen all the movies you refer too but I LOVE those extra details you put in! :D I think that is epic too and when I finally see some of those movies you refer too I will be able to go back and reread with a new understanding and enjoy the story once more in a whole new way! YAY!
    And don't worry about my story that you are writing (just so honored you are writing one at all!). I'm not. I know that I will get to read it soon and meanwhile I get to enjoy your other wonderfully brilliant stories.
    (we need more Mar, Thalia, Hellboy stories. Thought Miss Thalia had one up but I was mistaken) *sobs*
    Oh...something else. My OC wants for me to tell you that she really wants to beat up Amy.
    Also she wants to suprise adopt all her oc friends and noogie and huggie them! YAY!
    One more thing...(maybe) Even though it's not the 12 days till Christmas now, you can do the 12 STORIES till CHristmas thing. You know, like post sometimes 2 stories at once. :D

  2. I forgot to mention that when I first came on and saw you had another post up I felt like it was already Christmas! XD
    It was a treat! And as I said above but only mentioned a few of my fav authors here, we need mroe stories from Lenka and gah! SO many people. It seriously would be the best Christmas EVER (despite being with the people who I have to live with now)

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  4. Haha!
    I LOVE this!

    And I see the favicon! It's perfect!

    I liked the story too! The Amy Hawkeye FF's are always interesting. I really like them.

    And your writing has most definitely NOT gotten worse!
    Your writing has ALWAYS been awesome, and if anything, it's only gotten BETTER!

    I know how you feel with writing turning into a chore sometimes. Often, I seriously love the idea of something when I start writing it, and sometimes I'll keep that going for a while. It always dies out, though, and I get impatient with it. I usually know where I want it to go, but don't want to write about it. That's why I don't think I'd ever be able to write a series of books. I'd get too tired of the characters before I got to book two.

    What I need to do, is come up with characters whom I'll love forever so that I can write about them through a whole book or whole FF or something xD

    ANYWAY, I guess what I do when that happens, is to try to fall in love with it again. Sometimes it works :P


  5. Oh my! Hellboy, that was...
    *Tries to find suitable word*
    That's just... What ever the better word for epic is!

    And your writing is awesome!!!! Don't beat yourself up!

  6. Thankyou very much everyone for your amazing comments *hugs tightly* I'm glad you guys enjoyed it, despite it being a short piece.

    Your encouragement is much appreciated. But to be honest, my writing skill HAS declined a bit over a year or so. I'll get better, definitely, but right now it's not as good as some o my older pieces. I was looking at one of the parts I wrote for my SP fanfic. I think it was the last part, actually. I loved rereading that. Gave me some inspiration.
    You know what else gives me inspiration? Stories by everyone else. HURRY UP AND POST SOME STORIES, GUYS. I need my fix D;

    What else did I want to say? Ah yes. Second day of Christmas. Listen, I've been really quite sick today. I'll have to do it tomorrow morning, if I can. Sorry :/ Forthat same reason, I still haven't gotten time to send you that email, Skyril. Or write it :L Sorry.

    In the meantime: have a good day. I'll be feeling better soon, I hope.

    1. ~Hugs~ I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well! My mother has gone under-the-weather as well. :/

      I hope you feel better soon.



  7. Hi there! I'm Cassidy!

    I've heard about you around the fandom.

    Can I just say-




    You are a wonderful writer! :3