Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hey, a post...

Right, 'bout damn time I put up a post for this thing.

First of all, I want to thank you all for your comments. It helps. A lot. And the fact that some of you did indeed comment is great, because I often get the feeling that most people just see the new post and read it and then get bored or lazy when it comes to commenting ._.

Uh, yeah. So: updates. After Christmas, I went on the annual Moonta camp with my family, wore my trenchcoat at night and walked up and down the jetty, bought an antique lighter, had it broken, bought a new one... Uhhh, what else has happened? Walking Dead has been good. Been learning a lot lately about Adam Savage from Mythbusters via his podcasts, which are epic. He's a really interesting person. 

And I'm tired. Exhausted, but I always am, I suppose. 

Song of the day? I should do a song of the day. Or week, or month. Most likely month.

'Radioactive' by Imagine Dragons. There, now go listen to it. Then come back here. The video is odd, so just listen to the music.
Someone once mentioned that the lyrics could be an idea of a future apocalypse, and some rebels or some such still fighting for something find an old nuclear weapon and reactivate it, repaint it and all that. It's fitting, I think. A good story.

And now onto the good news.

I finished another bit of Kal's bday story, even though it's incredibly late. Sorry about that. The part is just a bit longer than before, but that means the final part will have less. Yeaup.

Bad news? I'm not posting it yet. I've gone through it a couple of times for editing, but there's still this bit at the end that I had an idea for and so I'm not sure whether or not to keep it because I think the story just flows onwards without it, but it means more thinking further down the, I'll figure it out. Shouldn't take long. 

Good quote time.

"The lies we tell other people are nothing to the lies we tell ourselves."


"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you."

-Friedrich Nitechizoijeizoecshkie

i haven't got anything else to say. I keep procrastinating, rereading old emails from friends. For those of you that have sent me important emails, even from months ago- you know who you are- I am getting around to it. I reread them every now and then to remind myself. But to be honest, I'd rather just see a lot more of you on chat, instead.

Alright, I'd better get off now. Good night to the faithful friends who still read this. I'm lucky to know you guys.


  1. YAY! POST!
    It's about time!

    I love the Mythbusters, but I don't have the oppotunity to watch them much :/

    This comp is too slow to load youtube.
    ~makes note of remembering to listen to Radioactive~

    "The abyss also gazes into you"
    That part always makes me shiver and think about it for a minute, wondering in which way to apply it to life and seeing too many options for comfort.

    I procrastinate with so many things.... Waking up, making my bed in the morning, etc. The hardest part is starting.
    You're thinking about everyone, and you're trying, and that's already a start.

    Thanks for being my friend. ~hugs~

  2. Oh, and good post. Yes....*tries to act responsible and liek a good friend*



    SOrry for my lack of comments HEllboy. :/
    My brain has left the building.

  3. ~little fangirl scream~

    YOU watch walking dead?!
    YOU like Adam Savage/ Mythbusters?!
    YOU like Radioactive and Imagine Dragons?!


    Y'Know, the funny thing is, I like all of those things. And, not only that, but I was LISTENING TO RADIOACTIVE THE SAME TIME I READ YOUR POST!!!

    My goodness.

    ~Takes a deep breath~

    Also, just wondering, did you go to Tasmania in the Christmas holidays? More specifically, were you at Salamanca Markets on the 19th of January at around 2 or 3 pm? (very specific, I know). Because I saw someone who looked REMARKABLY like you, and even dressed like you, with the whole trenchcoat and fedora and aura of awesome. Anyway...!

    Its good to hear from you again, Hellboy! It always is! ~hugs~
    Hope you are doing well. I really like the quote from the guy with the complicated name, btw. And I can just imagine an awesomesauce Hellboy sitting awesomely on a jetty with a lighter... heh. Awesome.

    Anyway, I think I've talked enough. Thank you for posting! It was really good to hear from you again! :D ~hugs~

  4. Cool, Radioactive is a little much for me, but I still like it, particularly the lyrics.

    1. By the way, yeah, sorry that took forever to listen to -_-
      ~is glad I finally did it~

      But I found something after. Remember Lindsey Stirling?

      I love the beginning with the fellow standing by the wall with the black words on it: "everything must end."
      And basically all the steampunk style clothing too.