Sunday, October 31, 2010

FAN-FICTION PART 4!!!!!!!!!!!

So, hi all. It's Sunday, it's 3:00 in the afternoon, and i'm kinda ticked off. 

Alrite, first off, i DO have the next part. It stars Skyril Oblivion, with a surprise visit from Jodi.

Lenka, the next part will probably be about you. Or maybe you, and then Mary, cos its her turn then Necros'. So after that, EPISODE 1 is finished, and i can berate Louis to hurry up and draw the next picture.

Now, that brings me to another item. Louis has told me that he is not going to draw the pictures so that they match the parts, but he will be drawing a picture for everyone in the story.

Now, i'm sorry for those who aren't in teh story, but this was a once off thing that Louis decided to do, and it's kind of a 'Thanks' for everyone who reads this Fan-fic and who wanted to be in it. So yeah, sorry.

So this means that while Louis HAS drawn Dragona Pine and he HAS drawn Jodi Harte, he is not going to be fixing them up on the comp straight away, because he doesn't want to. Which i told him is a terrible attitude, and, believe me, if we hadn't anything better to do, Louis and i could go on and on for hours about this, and still he would tell me he will do it in his own time. Now when 'his own time' is, i[m not quite sure. So, if there is any updates, i will be telling you, but otherwise, don't get your hopes up. Please.

The other reason why i'm ticked off is that i couldn't and still can't find my draft book. You know, the epic draft book where i put all my drafts? With the cover i had to get rid of?
Well, its gone, and i seriously am starting to worry. Last time i saw it was maybe two weeks ago. *cries* it asked if it could go to the local pub and i said 'Just be careful now, dear Draft Book. Remember, come back in time for dinner.'

But *sob* it never came never did...

..i-I still have it's d-d-d-d-diner! A-a-and now it's c-c-cooolllddd!!!!!


ok, jkes over, i still can't find it.


Many of you know that there is a game coming out called 'Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood' and it will be bought by many more. For those who don't know this, well, i just told you.

Now, here is the awesome trailer that was released. Now, this, my friends, is ANIMATION!!!! This was not filmed with actual people. Look how damn realistic it is!!!!

Now that's pretty darn cool. But watch this next one too. This is the same trailer, but a cool guy with a channel called 'Tobascus' re-did it, creating a 'Literal' trailer.

A literal trailer has him singing opera-like and telling you all of the stuff that's happening. Sounds boring, i know. But the video's actually quite funny.

Another thing that's really ticking me off is the fact that ive been sitting here for the better part of an hour writing the story and not once have i thought to get up and close the gorram window. Now i can't feel my feet. Or my ankles, for that matter....


(this is from Skyril Oblivion's P.O.V)

I nod silently to my companions and then drop from the tree we are crouching in and sprint across the open ground towards the looming castle above us. Bullets and blasts of energy whiz past my head, but none find their target. As I near the fortress wall, Dragona Pine’s voice still rings out in my mind, clear as day.
“Alright,” he had said to the stolen van at large. “This is it. We’ve been running from these bastards long enough. It’s time to give ‘em what for. Tonight, we’re going to attack the fortress that this ‘healer’ is hiding in. Israel said that her name is Ki-yoko, and she definitely will be able to help us.”
At the word ‘attack’, my ears had pricked up. I was sharpening my small throwing knives, caressing them as if they were delicate beings who needed constant attention or else they would shatter at the lightest touch. This was, of course, partly true. Next to me Mary Hiashi had sat, sharpening her own Kunai throwing knives, solely focused on this task.
I remember continuing my work with renewed eagerness as Dragona talked.
“Unfortunately, the Irish Sanctuary has contacted the Japanese Sanctuary, and now the castle has been reinforced with mercenaries and sorcerers from all over this country. So here’s the plan…”
I bring myself back to the present as a machine gun rattles above me and bullets whiz past my arm, way too close for comfort. Three men on the battlements in front of me, daggers and guns in hand.
In a flash, my hand whip upwards, sending a throwing knife into the chest of the machine-gun wielding merc. He screams and plummets downwards towards me, as I leap high into the air. When he is level with me in the air, I snatch the knife from his sternum-waste not, want not- and kick off from his body with my boots, sending me even higher into the sky. I land in a forward roll, two knives wedged between my fingers. One of the mercenaries yells something in Chinese, but before they can finish, I slash my blades across his throat, then spin around and kick the remaining man over the edge, just as Necros, Dragona, Kallista and Mary land beside me. Kallista covers her mouth with her hand and turns away from the sight of the bloody mess on the ground. Dragona only nods and Necros ignores me completely. Mary unsheathes her giant Shaolin Broadsword and points to an advancing group of soldiers on the western battlements. “Skyril!” Dragona yells. “Stage one! GO!”
I don’t even stop to acknowledge this. Instead I fall lithely to the courtyard below, running straight to a door leading into the castle proper. My light footfalls barely echo through the small corridors, and after many turns and twists, I finally reach the door which holds Ki-yoko. It’s heavily reinforced with metal and locks of a sort that would take me days to get through. Of course, I don’t plan on unlocking it normally…
I unzip my backpack, carefully pulling out four small packs of C4 explosive, placing them on the ground. My fingers reach inside the bag to retrieve the detonator, when I hear the slightest intake of breath. I launch myself backwards, colliding with the figure behind me. I am the first one back on my feet, and I draw six knives from my belt, three in each hand.
Slowly, my eyes adjust in the gloom of the small corridor, and I finally make out the figure there. He coughs, clutching his ribs and cursing under his breath. He gets to his feet slowly, looks around, and spots me. “Howdy there, girl. I see you’ve been takin’ care of yourseslf, now.”
“Sanguine.” The words are like poison on my lips, and they leave my mouth with a snarl. “What are you doing here?”
“Same thing as you, little darlin’. So if you don’t mind…”
“Take one more step and these knives go right between your eyes,” I say, raising my left hand. Sanguine just chuckles. “What eyes, darling?” he says, removing his glasses from his face. I shudder. Those two holes freak me out more than anything else in the world…
“Doesn’t matter.” I’m surprised at how confident my own voice sounds. “I’m sure I have more than enough time to make you feel pain and grab Ki-Yoko.”
“Try me.” Sanguine unfolds his straight razor.
The seconds tick by. A bead of sweat rolls down my face. Come on, come on! Why won’t you work? I think furiously, concentrating hard.
Sanguine scratches his head, then all of a sudden bursts out laughing. “Oh, oh God, really? You-” his whole body racks with mirth. “Y-Your trying to blind me, aren’t ya?” I feel my cheeks go red. Sanguine pants loudly, unable to stop laughing. “Seriously, girl? Seriously? That’s the best you could come up with?”
Silently, I am asking myself the same question. What was I thinking?
Sanguine just taps his empty eye socket. “Once again, girl. Damn, you ain’t too bright, are you?”
That’s it, I think, lunging forward. He simply sidesteps, slicing his blade across the back of my neck as I shoot past him. The purple scarf I was wearing up until now drops to the ground, sliced in half. Anger fills me. “That was a two hundred dollar piece, you idiot!” I scream, and fling all six knives at Sanguine. He stumbles back, and then looks down at the six blades embedded in his chest. “No,” he breathes, then sinks downwards.
I pick up the fallen scarf, then head over to the door, and begin my work. Within five minutes, all of the wires are attached and the bombs planted. I grab my bag and retreat to a pillar, flicking off the safety on the small remote detonator in my hand. Without hesitating, I press the button, bracing myself. When no big bang comes, I peer around the pillar at the explosives. “What the hell…” I mutter, running back to the door. I start checking the bombs for faulty wires, but before I can find any, I hear an all-too familiar click sound, and I curse myself silently. “Can’t I just be left here to complete my objective?” I say out loud, and the rifle presses harder into the back of my skull. I half turn and see that it’s a mercenary holding the gun. I open my mouth to talk but he clips a collar around my neck and all of a sudden I can’t move. It pulses with a strange blue light, and I feel my powers ebb away as I am bound. The merc pulls out a small two-way radio and speaks in rapid Chinese. He speaks to fast for me to understand word for word, but I catch the general gist of it. He’s asking his superior if he can shoot me. No, my mind screeches. No, no, NO!
He finishes talking on the walkie talkie, his superior’s answer an affirmative. He takes a stance, aims, and gets ready to pull the trigger. Goodbye, world, I think, and a gunshot fills the room.

Jodi Harte pulled out a semi-automatic, custom made, tactical attachments equipped Berretta pistol, pulling the slide back so that it made a clicking noise and flicking off the safety. She glided through the corridors quietly, avoiding the mercs and sorcerers who passed from time to time. She followed the girl with purple streaks in her hair, and when the girl stopped, she stopped. Jodi watched as the girl disposed of Sanguine, then planted the bomb. She gazed as the girl took cover, and then wondered what had happened when the bomb didn’t go off. Jodi tightened her grip on the gun as she saw the events unfold, observed as the merc placed the collar on Skyril’s neck and raised his gun. When he began rattling into his walkie-talkie, she sighed. This was taking way too long. Just as the guard stopped talking and adjusted his stance to take the shot, Jodi brought up her own gun, aimed, and fired. Once the body fell to the ground, she moved forward to congratulate the remaining person.


  1. WOWWWWW!!!!!! SIMPLY WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You sir, are a flippin beast!!

    *mumbles*It took you long enough though*mumbles*

    What!? I didnt say anything *sidewards glance*

    Uhh ima try get part 5 written soon, im just procrastinating and wallowing in my own despair :D

    Thank the lord you finally posted :D CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE!!!

    i t'was getting worried ;)

    But i love it! I won't say who i think Jodi shot, even though i think i'm right, but hey, it's all gooooooooooooooood xD you updateeeed! and that's the main thing.

    I love it how my character just hops into everyone else's storylines :L it's like having your own part, but not. wait, that didn't make any sense did it? Oh well :) I'm just too damn happy *does happy dance*

  3. Lol, according to the bar underneath, my reaction was WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN 1 AND A HALF WEEKS??!!?!?!


  4. No picture? Aww. Awsome story though!

    This was so perfectly BRILLIANT! Hellboy! I bow to the MASTER WRITER!!!!!
    *bows to Hellboy*
    I love it!!!!!

  6. I really am sorry to hear about your draft book, Hellboy! I hope it turns up soon!!!!!
    Hang in there!

  7. *a figure comes in from the dark, dressed all in black.... carefuly and quietly this person sets up an elabrate trap over Hellboy's bed using 20,000 rubber band guns and 4554 disgarded jack-o-lanterns. quietly tapping the sleeping writing genuis over the head....a whisper is heard...*
    Tag! Your it!
    *the figure dissapears back into darkness....*


    *grabs figures sleeve before it leaves and, without even opening eyes, throws figure into elaborate trap, then smiles in sleep, mumbling 'Tag' quietly*


    Alex, what can i say, i procrastinate. I have like 3 hours of free time, and i'm all like "Alrite, you HAVE to write up the next part soon" but then i end up just playing games. :/

    Lenka!!!! EPICA FTW!!!! In the next part i have decided to have your character as the main for a while, and then it will go to Mary for the castle siege end, and THEN it will have Necros, and then a small part with you again.

    Now, i know that doesnt seem like much, considering all of the awesome ways my character has been displayed in your story, but i have so many damn plans for other stories with your character, so DON'T FEEL LEFT OUT!!!

    Plus, i just want to say, once i posted this, i spent the better part of an hour looking for the setting with those WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN 1 WEEK things. I still can't find them.

    Please help!!!!

    Cheers, Sarthacus and Dragona.

    And, of course, Kallista. :DDDD

    Well, if you'll excuse me, i have 3 tests this week, and i think i'm going to go learn for them...

  9. *lying spread eagle on the ground......pumpkin guts dripping from welts everywhere from rubberband guns......rethinking life choices.....single last rubberband snaps and hits Kallista right between the forhead.....manages to get up and hobbles to the window....turns and mouths silently to Hellboy, I'LL BE WATCHING YOU!....slips away vowing revenge.....hides in secret labratory until she can find a way to outsmart Hellboy.....*
    TO BE CONTINUED........

  10. *ambushes Hellboy as he wakes up.....shoots net at wraps around him and holds him to the wall with suction cups.....Kallista plasters him with stickers that says, Kallista was here....then taps him on the nose...*
    grabs a rope attached to a hot air balloon and takes off!


    *balloon sends Hellboy crashing into the moon, where he is surrounded by strange, alien life*

    Um...Kallista? I really didn't mean to shove you into that trap...

    *aliens advance*



  12. *Aliens come and make Hellboy thier golden god....but Kallista dressed as a ninja bursts in and rescues the writing genius.......while the aliens are distracted watching dancing pickles........she grabs the slightly dazed Hellboy and brings him back to earth........she leaves him safe in his own back yard sorrounded by kangaroos...but.....before she dashes off to save another writing genius, Alex.....she takes Hellboy by the shoulders.....looks deep into his eyes and says.....*

    TAG! YOUR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. FINALLLYYYY!!!!!!!!!
    and loved it by the way!
    am i comming up in part 2 *puppy dog eyes* pweesseee hellboy, you can have my skulking corner and an alpaca AND a imaginary box of pringles(mmmm....imaginarrryyyyyyyy)

  14. *Unable to control her candy fevered mind anymore, Kallista sneaks into Hellboy's room and places one million mousetraps all over the floor.....and places cameras in all angles so she can capture Hellboy's hilarious look forever.....*

  15. *hellboy stares fearfully at the mousetraps, and edges a toe out...*





    Yes, you are in the second part. It's been a while, but if you remember, i had both you and Aquila in the story.

    Does anyone know where Skyril is?

    She hasn't posted anything on her blog for 2 months, and i am worried. Please help with the settings thing, people, for more details, look up to other comments by me on this post.


    It turns out it was sitting inside my locker. Hmm...

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  17. *Kallista comes in finally recovered from her suger fevered mind and sees Hellboy about to step into his horror she leaps across his path, horrified by what she had done*
    *She flies through the air and lands on the mousetraps sending a wave of all one million of them snapping shut.........Hellboy covers his face and looks away.........after about 3 and a half minutes all the traps have been set off.......Kallista looks at him with traps all over her and says............*

    You are still it!

    *she runs off laughing crazily....*

  18. ....oh, and.....
    *does the victory dance*
    Skyril is around and has left comments on Derek's blog. She says she is really busy and trying to catch up on everyone's fanfics.
    I shell keep pestering her and leave her a note to check out your awesome story, Hellboy!
    I hope we can see more of her soon!!!!!

  19. It is now midnight and I am finally going to bed!

    Yeah, I know that was random......but what do you expect! It's me!

  20. Lenka! Iknow your around here somewhere.....just lurking around.....along with Alex who is to busy playing Fable and Hellboy!

  21. I've been shunned by the people of Dereksville Blogland........I'm going to run away ....

  22. and now you're not...


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  26. Aw Hellboy! Where are you?
    *starts running in the dark trying to find him.....runs into the wall.....*

  27. I'm back!
    Sorry Lenka! I was just reading your SUPER AWESOME DOUBLE POST!!!

    I love it. Really good!! I left a comment to.

  28. She's over at Derek's! I'll go get her!

  29. Thank you! Now all you have to do is Update Hellboy, and this will be the best reason i've stayed up for 3am EVER :P

  30. let's have convo here, cos even tho its dark and doesn't give me much inspiration, my blog doesn't have a word verif, so its cool. On design and awesomeness, your blog and Kallista's blog wins.

  31. Lol its 3:00am? Really? It's like 1:00pm here. :DDD good thing it's sat. tho.

  32. Ah, Kallista's wins: cos it's got all the cool pics and stuff on it ;)

  33. it is 3:29am in England :P

  34. Hey, i think their both good blogs.

    Dibs getting the 1000th pageview on your blog!

  35. Lol! It's funny, because my sister found out i had it and just kept refreshing the page on my laptop :P

    btw if i suddenly disappear it's only because my internet is rubbish. so don't worry, i'll probably post via mobile to let you know xD

  36. OK! I'M HERE!
    *jumps in and stikes a pose.......trips over a random smurf*

  37. Recently, i've been reading some pretty EPICA Hellboy Comics. Some originals by the guy who created Hellboy, 'Mike Mignola'. They are so cool! Hellboy is definitely a great topic for writing...*nudge nudge hint hint my secret story that i've been writing hint hint nudge nudge*

  38. Lenka, your Pageview meter is stuck, i think..I keep refreshing and it doesn;'t move from 944. hmm..

  39. Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh! Secret story, huh?

  40. *GASP!*

    so THAT'S your secret project! ahaaaa

    I don't have any Hellboy comics, but i have a lot of Batman ones (the originals and ect.) i love comics. it's like the opposite to school work :P

    And yes! Kallista has entered the building!

  41. *greedy guts Kallista nudges Hellboy...*
    Am I in it?
    *gives him wide eyed innocent look*

  42. "i love comics. it's like the opposite to school work :P"

    In future years, you can say this in front of millions of fans and then become an internet sensation.

  43. no wait! it moved!

  44. Comics are awesome! But i hate saying to people that i'm reading comics. So i just say that "It's a Grapic Novel"

  45. lol...

    internet sensation... one sec, just going to go write that down xD

  46. *nodding like she totaly understand comics*
    Yes. Comics are cool.

  47. But u DO know what a comic is, right, Kallista? *stares*

  48. XD one of my teachers asked me what book i was in the middle of. I said 'In Blue' (i missed out the Spiderman bit before it) and she asked me what type it was. I said it was action and included a side on graphic novel... and she said EXCELLENT! One red share/merit/potential/whatever-u-want-to-call-them- ect. lol

  49. ?

    Whats a share/merit/potential/whatever-u-want-to-call-them-??

    Funny story tho/

  50. O-o ive been commenting on the wrong post...sorry!

  51. It's like a point system. So a red share is worth 1 point and a silver is worth 2 ect. if you get so-many points, you get a dodgy calculator or something...

  52. yeah but now im here *tada sounds goes off behind her* so whats going here?

  53. *cheers from a large and live studio audience*

  54. :D

    y does it go from red-silver? There is no bronze?

    In my school, there is no reward system, rather a punishment system. If you do something that's bad, but not evil, then u get a yellow sticker in your diary, which says what u did wrong and what teacher told you off, and then at lunch u have to go and pick up papers or something. The next level up is an orange card, and three orange cards in a term (half of a semester) is a red card. And red card means detention.

  55. @Skulgirl
    I told you Hellboy's blog you silly girl
    *reading a comic book upside down*

  56. no i ment post another on of his posts *flips Kallistas comic book the right way*

  57. @Kallista
    BTW i read your new post and commented :D

  58. :D
    Thanks for letting me use your wonderful poem!

  59. our main colours are red and silver :P stupid, i know.

    For punishment, it goes from:
    Official Warning: Basically a stupid warning that doesn't do anything. Removes one of your points.
    Yellow Card: You go on a report system - you're supposed to, but sometimes you don't, which is stupid - get told off. possible detention and note on the school database. removes 5 of your points
    Red Card: Factuality detention with Head Mistress and the subject teach and form tutor. Note on School data base. removes 10 of your points


    I'm a nerd and happy to say i've never had a offical, yellow or red card EVER at school :P

  60. *whispering to Skulgirl*
    Where do you think Hellboy and Lenks went?

  61. GAH LOOK AT THE TIME ITS MIDNIGHT! i must head off soon otherwise i wont wake up tomorrow and that would be bad

  62. ... it's 4:00am here is England

  63. i found Lenks went but have no idea where Hellboy went!

  64. hey, you guys feel free to continue to chat on my blog, but unfortunately Louis has to scan the image of Dragona and do some work on it, so i cant talk anymore. It will be up later on today, maybe within the hour. Seeya then!

    -Hellboy out

  65. Your leaving me?

    All alone!
    I'll be the only American!
    *looks nervously at Hellboy and Lenka*

  66. It's easy. I'm thinking about asexual and sexual reproduction for my GCSEs and now i can't sleep

  67. and ok Hellboy, just promise that you'll update today, pleeeeease?

  68. im sorry Kallista but now i MUST leave you

    be strong you can handle the red coats remember we are AMERICANS!

    thanks for putting up my poem i feel honoured!


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  75. *falls backwards....scrambles to feet but slips in a random puddle of jello*

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    TAG! Your it!
    *Runs and hides with the smurfs*

  77. *gets ready to defend herself but accidently falls backwards onto Hellboy's Graphic Novels :P*

  78. *smurfs try and teach her their native language.....*

  79. *Kallista watches in wonder as comic book pages fly thick she can't even see Lenka anymore.....*

  80. Lol! *wipes jello from hair and rushes to attack Kallista....... slips on pizza box and does a twirl before falling*

  81. *applaudes Lenka's graceful twirl*

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  83. *starts talking to smurfs. start a really cool conversation about unicorns that poop butterflies [-Horton Hears a Who] xD*

  84. *gets jumped from behind by a random snowman*

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  86. *throws a snowball at Kallista. misses, hits the snowman and he falls back. walks over to snowman and takes carrot. Eats carrot and looks to the camera and says 'this isn't just snow: this is M&S's finest snow'*

  87. unicorns that poop butterflies?!?!?!?!?
    *falls over laughing.....pants rip.....shuffles sideways out of the room despreatly trying to cover pink scooby doo boxers....*

  88. Yup. cos smurfs are cool like that :P

  89. LOL
    *peeks over snow fort to see if Lenka and snowmen are still there.....gets a faceful of snowballs in head...*

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  92. *Kallista....a fugitive of smurf law.....on the run.......*

  93. LOL
    You are falling asleep now!
    Should I let you go so you can get some sleep?

  94. hey, have you ever seen the xkcd webcomics?

    they're at:

    some are really funny :P

  95. and maybe in a minute. i don't know, really. let me do some more blog flicking :P!

  96. *jumps back surprised.....steps on a single skate and goes rolling backwards crazily down the hill....*
    *waving hands wildly and narrowly missing cars...*

  97. yeah...I'll check it out tomorrow when I have more of a mind to think with.

  98. Thanks to you, Lenka.....I feel that I may be able to write again.....

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    I think someone may have gone to sleep....
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    oh, and finally...

    wait for it





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