Friday, October 15, 2010

*SIGH* Fine, whatever...

Well, you forced me to do it. So, here it is. Fan-fiction part.....ummm.....i can never get this right....watevs...


Here's something i prepared earlier, on account of me having no internet access:

XD thnx guys, you just brightened my day. To tell you the truth i had a pretty crap one, 2.'

Well, actually, it was only crap at the end.

So listen. Most of the girls and guys at school will steal your stuff and write things on it like "so and so thinks shes hot" or draw things on it. Right?
So i had it pretty bad for a while, but then they moved on, and just now i thought i could trust them all.

So i brought my draft book to school.

Now, my draft book is the book where i write all of my drafts for the fan-fic in. Believe me, when this is all over, you will be hearing a lot more about it. At the end of the day (its been pouring rain ever since 2:00pm) the school got to stay inside. So at the last lesson, we were all messing around in the classrooms and all of that. I was in a really cool teachers classroom, Mr. Crocker. it was packed and loud but i didn't mind. After some persuading, i got on his computer and started writing the fan-fic, while copying off of my draft book.

And behind me is one guy (i will not say his name) who is talking to the teacher with this other girl (still, not telling).

Now, i finish writing the fan-fic, and so i place the book to the side of me and play some games on the comp. I get bored, turn around and start laughing with this guy. He;s not technically my friend, but i wanted a laugh. I pulled out these random yellow circles of paper around about the size of my hand spreadout and made a joke with them, and the guy, being the idiot he is, grabs them and throws them point blank into my eyes.


I recoiled, asking him what the hell he was doing. he just sat there, staring. The circles are now all over the ground, and my eyes are hurting heaps. I turn to the computer to try and mask the fact, and i swallow the lump in my throat. 15 seconds later the teacher swivels his chair and sees the dots all over the floor. He asks what happened and, of course, the idiot guy says that i threw them on the floor. I tell the teacher the truth and he doesn;t listen, so i end up picking them up. Idiot.

But that's not the main event. Then, as i go back to the computer and start playing my game, feeling extremely fragile, i notice my book has gone missing. The girl has got it, and has her back facing me. Now this girl isn;t one of the main annoying people. She doesn't steal my stuff normally, and she doesn't say rude things or embarassing things behind my back. But there she is, hunched on the table, now holding a permanent texta she grabbed from a table. Fearing the worst, i ran around the table to see her writing on my book. I try to grab it from her, but she pulls it away, saying that she is only tracing the hands (its a textbook with random hands imprinted on it.). i stand there watching her trace the hands carefully. Satisfied, i move back to my seat. Minutes pass, and suddenly my ears prick up. The guy is now sitting next to the girl and he's sniggering, glancing in my direction every now and then. I pray like hell that they aren't doing anything to my book, but i know that they are. I stand, just as she replaces the book on the table. I stare at the love hearts and scribbling that now takes up the front page, including the "I love S-J" (a person at my school who everyone makes jokes about....cos in reality she's really zickig-look up this word in german-).

The girl looks at me and our eyes meet. I feel my face burning with anger. I put my gorram trust in this person. And she throws it away like it was nothing. Then, blustering, she says that it was the guy's fault, who has already left. But we both know that;s not true.

I ask her what the hell she thought she was doing, when i said only trace the hands, and she went against her and my words. Realizing how bad her mistake was, she then asks me if i would like her to fix it and i nod solemnly. She rushes over to the cupboard and opens it, flicking through the pages of my book. She sees no margins or titles, and notices (her eyes widen) that this is my writing book. She then prattles on about how good i am at the poetry that i read out last month to the class, while she sifts through the cupboard. Im not listening. I am only asking myself one question. Why? Why the hell did she do that? Why did God let her do that to me?

She grabs a piece of red paper and rushes back to the desk, grabbing the sticky tape. She prattles on once again to her a friend about my writing being so good while laughing nervously and taping the paper over her scribbles. I just stand there, silent and fuming. She hands me the book, smiling hopefully and i snatch it back, gripping it tightly. I stalk out, slamming the classroom door and moving to another classroom. I sit in a seat while the world moves around me, anchored to the spot and boring holes with my eyes into the red paper-makeshift cover.

God, i hate her.

Answers to previously asked questions:

I am 14 and in year 8. Everyone in my class is 14, or turning 14 this year. I guess things are done differently in your country, i dont know.

I do write alot. Every second that i grow bored i open my diary, find a new page and write a poem or a couple of lyrics to a song that i might have been listening to earlier. My whole world revolves around the internet, drawing and writing like hell.


the horror...oh god, the hooorrroooorrr.....

I have noticed, Alexzz, and i do thankyou. I really like my character as a semi-main person. Plus, i think its great that you tend to write your story in the perspective of someone other than yourself. THAT, as Mary Hiashi would say, is having 'class'.
btw, i do draft alot.

And that's about it. So, without further ado, i give you a moment...


Dragona Pine was being watched. He didn’t know who it was, but he felt that they were getting closer every moment that passed. His hands lingered by the dual blades strapped to his back, but he casually passed off the movement as a stretch so that he didn’t tip off his stalker.
He dropped to the ground of the old warehouse, pretending to tie his shoelace. In reality, he was reading the air around him, waiting for a disturbance. He didn’t have to wait long.
When he felt the air shift he instantly sprang forward, rolling to his feet some metres away. His blades came out and he slashed at the cleaver that stood there, slicing through his clothes and across his chest.
“Shit,” cursed Dragona, prodding the now unmoving body before him. He knew that he had mere minutes before the others were killed in their sleep. He heard a cry of alarm and turned to the wall of crates beside him, sweeping his arms. The crates flew apart and let him run straight to their camp.
The campfire lit everything in an eerie light, glinting off of the scythes that the cleavers swung. Dragona’s friends stood back to the crates ahead, fighting for their lives against the cleavers. With a roar, Dragona charged forward, his twin katanas slashing through the ranks of cleavers. But soon, he found himself in the same position as his friends; surrounded and being attacked by relentless foes.
Suddenly Skyril was beside him, throwing a knife into the throat of a cleaver. They stood back to back, battling on through the cloudless night.
A cleaver got lucky and jumped forward, rushing Dragona. He cursed once more, sending him towards Skyril for her to finish off. She looked up just in time to see a cleaver topple on top of her, stabbing his scythe through her leg. She screamed and a shape flickered into view beside her-Mary Hiashi- and then flickered back out of view again, carrying Skyril on her shoulders.
Necros jumped in to take her place beside Dragona, swinging the strange gauntlet on his arm so that it ripped right into a cleaver’s chest. Necros was still a mystery to Dragona. He had never heard of him and Dragona tended to stay away from people he didn’t know. And, as Dragona struck down yet another Sanctuary soldier, Necros was using the butt of his eccentric looking gun to knock the cleavers unconscious.
“Necros!” called Dragona. “What the hell are you doing? Hurry up and kill them!”
“No!” Necros yelled back. “They have a just cause-I shouldn’t have to end their lives!”
Dragona shoved a cleaver to the ground, stabbing a katana into his back. “It’s them or us, Necros. Now help me, for God’s sake!”
Suddenly, the cleavers charged, forcing Dragona to retreat. Necros took a deep breath, wishing that he was anywhere but here. Then he lunged forward at a cleaver in front of him. Moments before they collided, Necros seemed to disappear, then re-appear behind the cleaver, his gauntlet covered in fresh blood. The cleaver stumbled, touching his chest experimentally, then dropped dead to the ground. Necros continued to the cleavers surrounding Dragona, jumping past them- no, through them, thought Dragona- and landed far away. Gore dripped from the gauntlet, and Necros stood still, head bowed. Dragona stood, glancing around at the carnage that lay around him.
Mary’s image faded up next to Dragona. “Are they gone?” she said.
“Looks like,” he replied, scanning the bodies. “No thanks to you, by the way.”
“Hey!” Mary said defensively. “I was helping Skyril into the van!”
“Do you hear that, Necros? Mary was helping Skyril into the van,” he said sarcastically. “That totally beats us taking out all these cleavers.”
Necros didn’t answer. His head was still bent low.
“Necros?” said Dragona, stepping over the body of a dead cleaver, courtesy of Necros’ gauntlet. As Dragona reached out to touch his shoulder, Necros whipped around, batting the hand away from him. His eyes glowed red and Dragona stepped back-the whole floor seemed to tremble and shake beneath him.
“Don’t ever,” said Necros, his voice deadly quiet, “make me kill like that again. Ever.”
“But Necros…” Dragona didn’t understand. “It’s what we do. It’s what we-”
“No!” Necros’ voice filled the warehouse, and his waist-length hair flew wildly around his head, yet there was no breeze. “It’s what you do. It’s what babarians do.”
The runes engraved in Necros’ blade glowed red and all of a sudden there was a ball of crackling red energy in his hand. Dragona took another step back. Things were getting way out of his control. But that was the least of his worries.
Seven figures dropped from the crates above, landing with complete grace. Skulduggery Pleasant lead them, gun in one hand and flame in the other. The rest of the formation consisted of six cleavers, their suits a dark charcoal.
“Hang on…” said Mary. “What’s up with their clothes?”
“Elite,” breathed Dragona. “Damn…”
“The ‘Elite’ are these six cleavers, created after the first White Cleaver was seen. They are rumoured to be just as good as him. Let’s hope that rumour’s not true. Necros, you up for a fight?”
Necros was sitting on a crate, mesmerised at the bangle he was holding. His head shot up when he heard his name. “No. No more shall die by my hand in this dark hour.”
“Fine,” said Dragona, and Necros went back to staring at the bangle. “Just me and you, Mary. You think we can take them?”
Mary unsheathed the huge Shaolin Broadsword strapped to her back. “I don’t know. Chances are, we won’t make it.”
Dragona grinned, turning to face Skulduggery. “I hate chance,” he murmured, then called loudly to the skeleton. “Hello detective, having a nice day?”
Skulduggery slid the last bullet into his gun and thumbed the safety, but held it by his side. “Surprisingly, no. Now are you going to come quietly, or will I have to use the Elite?”
“Oh, don’t worry, detective. We’ll hand ourselves over. No fuss, I swear.”
The skeleton’s head tilted slightly. “Really?”
Dragona smirked. “Nah, jokes. Bring-it-on.”
They charged, and Dragona concentrated, swinging his arms wildly. Six cleavers and one skeleton were flung through the air, landing perfectly among the crates.
Dragona didn’t waste any time cursing and instead drew his dual swords. He gripped the handles tightly, until veins started to show along his wrists. There was a spark and the blades caught alight; burning until the metal glowed red.
“Nice,” said Mary, and then her form seemed to melt into the background. She reappeared behind an Elite cleaver seconds later, sword in hand. Dragona watched as she raised her blade, but before she could strike, the Elite spun around and grabbed the sword, twisting it until it fell from her grip. He kicked her in the face, turning the sword so that he held the sword in one hand and his scythe in the other. He started towards Mary but her image flickered and she faded to nothingness. The Elite just shrugged, sheathing his scythe and weighing the broadsword in his hands. He stepped forward and re-joined the ranks of the cleavers.
“Ah, Hell,” said Dragona, and they charged towards him. He blocked a scythe to his left, bringing the hilts of his katanas down on the attacker’s helmet. He aimed a kick behind him and it connected with the sternum of an Elite. Skulduggery’s hand came out of no-where and struck him in the windpipe; he went down and didn’t get up.
The Elite swarmed him, batting him with the blunt ends of their scythes. He needed to reach his fallen blades. If only…
Something smashed into the back of his head, and he sprawled onto the ground. But his swords were just in reach now, and he inched closer to them.
He closed his hands around the hilts and rose to his knees, just as the Elite closed in. They rained blow after blow on him with the pole end of their scythe. Dragona closed his eyes, absorbing every blow with an endurance the cleavers had never even dreamt of. That is, if they had ever had dreams.
Slowly, one by one, the Elite stopped hitting him. Was he dead? The cleavers thought. He hadn’t screamed or begged or cried out in pain. Had they…defeated him?
Dragona’s eyes opened. “My turn,” he whispered.
He brought his blades up, igniting them as he went. He turned a complete revolution, standing and slicing at the Elites. They stumbled back, but somehow the blades had not penetrated.
Dragona took a step onwards, reversing the grip on his swords and stabbing them into the ground below in one swift moment. A wave of flame extended outwards from the ground he stood on, sweeping the cleavers off his feet and sending them flying. Seconds later, Mary appeared beside him.
“Were you there all along?” Dragona asked, frowning.
Mary shrugged. “Pretty much.”
“Then why the hell didn’t you help me?”
“Oh. Well, if you haven’t noticed, one of them took my sword. Speaking of which…”
Dragona glared as Mary moved to retrieve her broadsword from the cleaver that had stolen it. He was laying motionless on the ground. Dragona saw a shape move behind her and went to warn her but it was too late-a gloved fist punched her in the back of the head and she went down. The rest of the shape emerged-the skeleton detective- and clamped shackles on her wrists.
Dragona moved to help but a burning cleaver raised his arm and tripped him. The cleaver stood up, and Skulduggery waved his hand, extinguishing all of the burning bodies. The Elite stood, rolled their shoulders, and simply dusted themselves off.
One of them came to Dragona, kicking him in the face. Dragona glimpsed the small tag poking out of the bottom of his suit-Bespoke Tailors. Bespoke, Dragona thought. Of course.
Dragona waited until the cleaver was standing right above him, and then he struck. His right foot snapped out, collapsing the Elite’s knee. Dragona sprung to his feet, punching a cleaver in the chest and tackling another.
The cleavers closed in. He beat one down with a well-placed kick to the head and then somersaulted over the rest, landing next to Mary. The cleavers recovered, attacking relentlessly. But Dragona seemed unable to stop himself; he blocked and flipped and weakened his foes.
Suddenly the cleavers parted, and there was Skulduggery with his gun pointed at Dragona. There was a pause, and Dragona looked up and stared at the empty eyes sockets of the skeleton detective. He saw no mercy there.
Then the pause was over and he pulled the trigger.
After two or three seconds, Dragona realised something was wrong. The bullet stayed exactly where it was, right in front of his head. The cleavers seemed suspended where they stood, arms bound by darkness.
Dragona watched the bullet slowly lower itself to the ground, noticing a sliver of shadow whipping away from it when it touched the ground. His eyes followed to a tall figure stepping down from the crates above. Her eyes were sky blue yet angry, and sharp shadows curled around her gloved hands. She swiped her hand and the shadows holding the cleavers spiked, ripping right through the clothes they wore and killing them instantly.
Skulduggery strained against his bonds. “Please,” he said. “Stop this madness.”
Kallista Pendragon smiled creepily. “Why?”
She whipped her hands straight and a spear of shadow zipped from her gloves, piercing Skulduggery’s skull and shooting him to the other end of the warehouse.
“Well?” she said to Dragona. “Do I get a thankyou, at least?”


  1. :O *jaw trails several metres behind alex as he tries to walk*

    OH MY FLIPPIN COW! That was amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I love when great writers do action scene, and hey *nudges with elbow* im writing up part 3 at the moment...

    Kids can be so cruel, i dont understand why they do things that are completely filled with stupidity, but they still do regardless of what i may think, unfortunately...

    but on a positive note, i am glad that you write alot, it must explain why the quality is so high! i have to admit, at the moment it is better than mine!

    but only because i barely write, i havent for a long time, sadly, again...

    Oh and you are the second person that has said that i have "class" in the past week...perhaps it may be true, but probably not..

    alas, your story so far is magnificent!! hopefully ill get part three up soon so keep your eyes peeled!

  2. oh yeah and im not drafting (again) *hehehe*

  3. *EPIC SCREAM!!!!!*
    It's so BRILLIANT, Hellboy!!!!! I am just so amazed at your writing abilities!!!! The way you weave the fights scenes with the use of magic is so clever and spectacular!
    It is something I have had trouble writing about. But you do it so perfectly!!!
    *happy sigh*
    Can't wait to see the art work. ...and I hope Necros forgives Dragona......:)

    .....I do have to admidt a slight dissapointment.....I was kind of hoping for a duel........

  4. Oh, I'm sorry that those brats gave you a hard time. I imagine they feel a bit inferior to you and can't handle it......poor fools.....I PITY THEM BOTH!!!!!

  5. :O sooooo ment to be doing homework but a little birdie told me you'd done another fan-fic. i had to come and have a look now didnt i?

    im sorry about your book, it was very mean of that girl to do that!

    fantasic part of the fan-fic by the way! loved every bit of it! you have epic writing skills.

    can't wait for my bit *hint,hint*

    cya got to do gography *groans* ill read everyones fan-fics in a week i promise! also ill do more of mine!


  7. DAMMIT! ¬.¬ I hate people like that! I'm beginning to wish i knew where the hell you live in Aus. cos i'd totally send you my first ever draft book as an example... basically, some stupid girls in my class stole it from my bag and drew on it. They passed it around the class and people wrote swear words on the front and over the drafts.

    I'd actually show you my second draft book too, that i took to school afterwards. I wrote 'screw you' with a sarcastic smiley face next to it on the first page and wrote the names of the girls who had stolen the original. As if people couldn't think i could get any weirder, i wrote 'Meh. Maybe i should've told you i LIKE my notebook?' below it, turned and smiled at them while they stopped laughing...

    to be fair, one of them brought me a fancy Paperchase one for Christmas, and gave me a 'I'm sorry' card. I actually like her now. She sits next to me in History, and we get along great.

    Sometimes, it not repaying for doing something wrong, it's knowing what you did wrong
    -Lenka Sweet (words of wisdom moment xD)


    ..well, like, duh.

    Can't wait for MY part either, Geckogirl *winks*

    xD hope today went better Hellboy x

  8. Oh, but i'm still don't like the other girl, if you were wondering. She one of the girly flirty types...


  9. *groaning*
    I won't be able to be on here for awhile. Have to go visit family downstate. A three hour drive each way with my parents! Blah!!!!!!
    ...and the worst part is I won't be able to read any fanfics or see the artwork of Dragona!!!!
    So it is with a heavy heart I leave you....
    (such a drama queen, arn't I?) :P
    Hope you, Hellboy and everybody else will have a good weekend!

  10. :D thnx all.

    I sent her a message on facebook when i got home asking her what the hell she thought she was doing and so on, and tehn i checked my facebook late last night and she replied saying how sorry she was and all of that. She said that when our eyes met she had thought "shit," and thought i was going to cry. (now normally i woulda been all like 'stop paying me out, i dont cry that easily' but she was truly sorry so i didn;t mention that). She was so sorry that she said that if i wanted her to, she would buy a new book and re-write all of the story (40 pages of my fanfic, dammit) and then give it back to me. THere was no sarcasm here, or 'im so gonna tell my friends that u raged about what i did' , so i sent a message back saying taht even if she did rewrite it, it would be completely wrong because it would be missing all of the little notes and boredom strokes (when i get so bored and stuck so i just randomly draw little lines at the top of the page) and stuff. So, seeing as how it was ten o'clock and i really didnt want to go to bed angry, i forgave her. *sigh* i still dont know if it was the rite thing to do...


    Alexzz, glad you loved it.

    Kallista, your too kind. ANd yes, NEcros will eventually forgive him. EVENTUALLY.....

    Skylara! I know this isnt really good news, but you and 4 others (or 5, i forget) are in section 2, which wont be up for another 2-3 parts.

    Dragona, there you go. You finally have your part. Im glad you enjoyed it.

    LENKA! THat's horrible! That's even worse that my book! wow, they were really stupid..
    I am kind of leaning towards giving you my home adress, even tho you could be a stalker....but then again, stalkers don't normally write awesome stories...

    Tell you what, if your ever in Adelaide, ill tell you and you can pop down for a visit. Ill make you eat lamingtons, jsut so u feel extra special....

    I hate the girly flirty girls. There is so many of them at my school....urgh...

    ALexz, the drawing might not come today. sorry, but louis had to go with my dad to paint my sisters house. Im staying home looking after the kids....


    -hellboy out

  11. :S awww i was looking forward to more big posts, ill get my story dont tomorrow probably :)

  12. AWESOME!!!! AMAZING!!! I am soo bad at putting dialogue into fight scenes and you did it perfectly without taking from the action!!!! leep em coming!!

    sorry bout your internet . . . and your book . . .

  13. hey hellboy, that was cool.shame about your notebook,though.another thing, the cleaver elites? i had an idea like that a while back. also my variations on popular items are the roarhaven cleavers and vampires with remnants in them. my blogs fanfic will have roarhaven cleavers in it.instead of scythes, they use glaives.Google it.XP

  14. Just leaving a comment to check in with you. Hope you are having a good weekend! Having good weekends is good! It means you will be in a good mood to write MORE FANFIC!!!!!!
    Yeah I know you won't be able to post for a while, but the thought of you writing will help with the waiting. *sigh*

  15. googlin' "glaives".....


    Y'know when i first read SP, i thought that scythes looked kinda like that, except that instead of a wickedly curved blade, there is just a flat, straight blade. Not one that goes out to the side like actual scythes....

    Thnx kallista for the check up.

    And yes, i know i said i wouldn't post or comment, but man its nigh on impossible...

  16. grrrr!!!! goooooiinnnnng innnnsaaannnnnneeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOMEWORK OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seiously im a star pupil and never normally skip homework but this time i have too. ive skipped the unimportant homework (art,RS and skills4life) and im trying to concentrate on the slightly more important (history,geog,spanish and maths) still! i am behind!!!!!!!! WHYYYYY DO THEY DOOOO THIS!!!!
    THAT GOES FOR THE REST OF YOU! I WANT LOTS OF FAN-FICS TO READ WHEN I RETURN....if i return.....the homework might drive me so insane that i have to live the rest of my life in a padded cell. still, im sure i could sue the school..

  17. Whoa! Skylara's crackin the whip! I better get busy!!!!!
    Hey Hellboy! I restarted another blog. Mostly of randome things. No stories or anything like that. Mostly so I don't bug you anymore with random crazy comments! LOL
    But, If ya could check it out the next time you are on..........

  18. Pzzt!

    Hellboy, you on???

    On Derek's blog!!

  19. *groaning and rocking back and forth with head in hands* I'M SUFFFERING HELLBOY!!!! I'M IN PAIN!!!!!
    The 28th is such a long ways away!!!! I'm trying to be patient......really, I am. But it's not working.....
    *talking to self*
    -OK......just think positive...... you can get through this.......the stories will come...they will come-
    *turning back to Hellboy and speaking in a very proper English accent*
    I just want to take a moment and say sorry for my odd comment left on Leo's blog. It was the result of lack of sleep the last 3 days and to much caffine.........and to much craziness going on at the time. Looking back I'm disgusted by my behavior! Simply appalled!
    It was in poor tast....very very poor tast.
    I have taken it upon my self to take punishment for this vile deed.
    I, Kallista vow to not read any SP book for at least 3 days!!!!!
    If by chance I do not survive this punishment, I, Kallista will give up my stories to Hellboy for him to do with as he sees fit. By power of Attorney....blah blah blah....I declare this to be true.....or what ever one is suppose to say.
    _If you have not heard from me in 4 will know I did not survive-

    If you think all this is very odd.............

    well, it is!

    I'm still recovering from the lack of sleep!!!!!

    Only fanfic could have samed me from going INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But there was not enough!!!!!!!!!!!

    (tragic, isn't it?)

  20. The last comment was posted 1:14 your time. 10:43 my time.

    Quite interesting, don't ya think!

    *a low flying airplane goes by and one of Kallista's dreadlocks gets caught in the wheel, dragging the unfortunate girl behind it with a all is quiet and Hellboy can have peace and quiet again.......and start writing.....*

  21. *hellboy completely disagrees with this last comment, seeing as how he is on holiday from writing*

  22. *sighs* I'm sorry for being selfish.
    May you enjoy the rest of your holiday Kallista free! :D

  23. I accept the deal Hellboy!
    (you posted it on my blog)
    Anyway, i think i'll update in a few minutes or so. Almost finsihed rounding off the next chapter!


  24. kallista! nooo!

    This blog needs you!!!!!!!

    oh and Lenka, that's great.

  25. Incredible!!
    It was So great. I couldn't stop reading!

    Sorry I've had a crazy few weeks, which is why I haven't commented or anything.

  26. HEY! Hellboy!!!!! You there????????
    *starts walking, looking for Hellboy. Falls into a vat of skittles*

    You know.....I'm in awe of you!!!!!
    Not just for your gift in writing, but that you have got some of the coolest people following your blog.
    1st Lenka, then Alexzz, 9or was Alexzz 1st?)
    and then Skyril!!!!!
    How did you manage that???????
    I've been trying forever to talk to that girl!!!!!

    Oh yeah.... your time of being Kallista free is up!!!!!
    BE PREPARED!!!!!

  27. If ya come back on soon, would you please consider droping by Derek's blog to say hi?

  28. *sneaks up behind Hellboy and rubs his head for good luck. Causes static electricity to his hair. It stands up on end shooting little sparks everywhere.*


    I have posted mine, and so in turn it is your duty to post yours

    Happy writing,

  30. *sits in the corner of Hellboy's room playing with her marbles. Glances dejectedly over at Hellboy from time to time. Sighs and looks at the calender for the millionth time. While looking away, some marbles roll into a hole in the floor.*
    *a little while later, sitting in the same corner, making paper airplanes. Uses wind magic and makes the airplains fly all over Hellboy's room*

  31. *board beyond belief, Kallista decides to preform a magic trick.
    Standing, she decides to pull a cute little buny from the magic hat she just so happens to have.
    She reaches in deep with confidence and pulls allegator!!!!!!!*
    *the allegator chases a bewildered and screaming Kallista from Hellboy's room,*

  32. *Spelling teacher comes and drags Kallista by her ear to a desk. points stick at her and orders her to study spelling words. Meekly Kallista does as she is told, wearing an old fashioned cone hat with the words, DUNCE on it*

  33. *Goes to sneak up on Hellboy and take him captive. Has war paint all over her face. Takes out a tranquilizer dart and attemps to shoot Hellboy with it.........accidentally shoots herself in the forhead instead...........falls over to the ground..........unconscious*

  34. *lands in pioson ivy! Hellboy didn't even know there was some by his house!*

  35. *wakes up woozily with red itchy blots everywhere!*

  36. *stumbles around and goes to lean against a tree. A beehive falls on her head and a swarm of angry bees chase her away*

  37. Lizzy's story was IMMENSE! xD i loved it Kallista :)

  38. *In a darkend corner of Hellboy's room, lies the skeleton of Kallista. Spiderwebs are drapped all around.....................*

  39. *Lenka runs in, hits Hellboy round the head with baseball bat and ties him up to a chair.
    "Update!" Lenka screams
    "Make me!" Hellboy replies.
    "Fine." Lenka says, plugging in her iPod to a docking station, and loudly puts her Glee albums on shuffle. Walks to the TV and puts Glee Season One Volume One on, and starts the show from the beginning. puts headphones on Hellboy and presses play on the side, inserting a tape. Hellboy is forced to listen to every memorable Glee quote known to man.
    "I'll update!" He cries. "Just make it stop!"
    "Aww, come on, i hadn't even gotten my 'Kurt and Boyfriend' Fanfiction out to read to you yet!"*


    No, seriously. I have Glee gay-match-up fanficiton.

    So, you know, update before this happens. I need an excuse to come to Australia anyway.

  40. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lenka resorted to violence!!!!!
    How will this unfold?
    Will Hellboy be ok?
    Will he recover from the Glee torture?
    Will we get the long awaited next chapter soon?
    *Kallista standing by as this happens looking much like the person in Van Gogh's painting of Scream*

  41. Yes Lenka did!

    And it's not violence! It's being glee-ful :P

    Hellboy, i've updated with a chapter, and a new post, so where's YOUR next Chapter?

    And i doubt he'll recover. Although, my sister loves Glee music, so like i said, she's getting better! My little brother loves Proud Mary by the Glee Cast, he's just so cute when he's singing it!

    *Lenka shakes her head*
    Hellboy, this is our third day free of you. And i hate it. I spend most of my nights refreshing this page, and it's half term! eugh, i'll be off.

    *Lenka walks out the door*
    *Walks back in, grabs everything Glee and walks off, somehow slamming the door*

  42. I know he doesn't have internet connection and everything, but still!

    I need Hellboy-tastic fanfiction!


  43. Hellboy! I finally got my copy of MC. Just thought I'd share the news with you!
    Miss you and hope to see you soon!

  44. Oh lookie! Kallista is on!

  45. Oh! I missed Lenka! I feel so rotten, now.....

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  47. Well, maybe I'll get lucky and see you on again soon! LOL

  48. No! Wait! I'm back!

  49. Well, good night.... or stupidly early morning to everyone in the Uk with me: 3:22 am! I just can't sleep.

    Anyway, missing yoooooou
    (that's kinda pointed at everyone, but this is your site Hellboy, so you can have a large quantity of the emotoion... i get geeky when i'm tired... sorry)

    Night, Morning, Evening! Bye!

    Hope all is well in your part of the world!
    We had a tornato warning hear. Left a bit of a mess where I live, but worse in surrounding counties.
    Wind is still going strong outside! Hope no trees break off and land on my house!

  51. (i'm sorry, but the whole way through that i thought 'she's in bloody Kansas isn't she' :P) but no, seriously, i hope you're okay, sending love! xx

  52. Well......roof is still on house so that is good....been hearing scaring things from around town about the damage these heavy winds have caused.....big mess in my yard but it's managable......lights went out in house for a while and around town but then came back on....
    now I'm home alone with my mom again.
    Father has gone out of town for work. I can't get the back door to latch and loke properly this time. I had the flu shot the other day and now my arms sore because of it! LOL
    I'm such whimpy girl! Blah one hope during this time has been the promised artwork of Louis and the next chapter from Hellboy!
    I am eagerly awaiting.....

  53. I saw your comment above, Lenka and think you are one of the kindest people ever!
    Thanks for your concern!

  54. HELLBOY! You still on! I was correcting my latest fanfic when I saw you wrote!!!!!
    Can I tell you how shocked I was?
    You are a most welcomed but unexpected guest! LOL
    I had to go over it cause I posted it as I was starting to fall asleep!

  55. *Sneaks up behind Hellboy.....leaps up at him just as he passes by*
    TAG!!!! YOUR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *runs away laughing crazily*
    And if you see Alex.......give him this for me!
    *chucks a pickle at Hellboy*
    And keep half for your self!
    *Sneers defiantly and vanishes where Hellboy can never find her*

  56. pssssssssssssssst, Hellboy....

    WAKE UP!!!!!

    ahem. That is all.

    Night (update! pleaseeeeeeee?)

  57. HELLBOY!!!! I know you are there! I'm looking at you right now!!!
    *smushes face against Hellboy's screen*
    You can't hide from me!!!!!!!

  58. Hellboy, please tell me you're not dead. PLEASE!



    *the winter wind breezes through the murky shadows of this Halloween. however the minions of Hellboy hover over the land, mourning the loss of their greatest God. One lonely mourner cries, accidently bumping into another minion. Kallista and Lenka stare at each other, then burst into tears.
    Kallista: 'Is it true?'
    Lenka: 'I have no idea'
    Kallista: 'i hope it is not'
    Lenka: 'Hellboy... Hellboy... Hellboy...'


    Hellboy wakes up startled, sitting upright in his bed. Across the room, Kallista and Lenka are bombarding his website with comments, eager to hear the next piece*

    Dammit Hellboy: don't cha see the moral?


    LOL xD

  59. *staring at hellboy looking like the girl in The Ring......staring.......just staring.....*

  60. I'm certain, if we stare long enough, something exciting will happen...

  61. any second now...

  62. yep, just keep on staring, i'm sure he'll be up in a minute..come on guys, STARE!

  63. ....


    wait....i AM Hellboy...damn, i'm confused...

  64. :DDDD So, i am actually writing the latest part RIGHT now, and i am almost up to the bit where you come in, Lenka. Only problem: I still haven't found my draft book. I just hope like hell someone didn't steal it.....

    So! I have my internet back!

    I have just been wallowing in it's awesomeness since Thursday, so that's why i haven't posted yet. Louis has drawn Dragona, yet seeing as how it's not his computer day, he isn't allowed to touch it up on the comp yet. I'll see what i can do about taht, tho...

    I will most likely be posting the story TODAY!!! So look out for it..

  65. I hope you find your draft book, Hellboy!

  66. *steps back in shock as the last line of Hellboy's(long awaited messege)sinks in*
    REALLY? TODAY!?!?!?!?!?!
    *Kallista's heart gives out from the excitement*

  67. So I guess since you are busy you won't be coming to Derek's new post, right! Cause there is absoulutly nothing worth reading there.....I mean besides what Derek writes, of course....
    *gives nervouse laugh and waving arms dramaticly*
    So Hellboy.... you know I always believed in you, right?
    *gives Hellboy a cheesy grin*
    I had faith you would come back to us! I knew you would all along! Hahahahaha! Righto buddy ole pal!
    *tries to keep Hellboy distracted from Derek's blog and occupied with his writing*
    You are doing a fine job! A swell job!

  68. Kallista i think i found the piece you talked about its on Dereks blog!

  69. ok im back o Hellboys blog wheres Hell boy?