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I can’t believe it! It’s Christmas already. And guess what? I’m going to give you all a big Christmas present. First off, I am giving out the picture of Jodi Harte! That’s right!
So here you go, Lenka. And like Hell you deserved this.

(incoming pun alert-shield your eyes if you want)

The Ace of Hartes.

By Louis Bullock. Merry Christmas, Lenka Sweet.

By Louis Bullock. The original sketch.

 And remember how in the comments of the last post i said that you would most likely only get one costume on Christmas?

Well guess what?


(this is my fav. Image)
By Louis Bullock
By Louis Bullock. Keep in mind that we were using tracing paper at one point to show the different costumes, and so when i scanned it, i just placed the tracing paper over the original picture with your head, and so that's why you can see hair and rainbow clips over the hat. :P

 Enjoy, Lenka Sweet. As i said before, you definitely deserved this. 


No, no, that’s not all! 

I’m even going to post the latest part! How awesome is that?

So behold, my blogger friends, Endgame, Part 1, episode 6, Necros Nightbane.
(This is the last episode of part 1, just so you know. The next episode will be in Part 2, featuring different characters. But it’s not going to be for a while because I still have to plan the baseline of it. I know about 5% of what’s going to happen in Part 2. :P you’ll all just have to wait)
Necros Nightbane surveyed the misty mountains below him, glaring at each rock and outcrop as if it harboured some unknown enemy. When he had finished scrutinising every pebble in his sight, he sighed, turned on the spot, and focused his magic, leaning forward and then springing towards the small cottage several hundred metres in front of him. His form seemed to disappear, leaving nothing but dust whirling around in his wake.
He reappeared one hundred metres away, if only for a split second, to land on the upward slant and then spring back into the air, two fast for the normal eye to catch. He kept repeating this, moving at an inhuman speed, until he reached the cottage door. He outlined the inscribing on the door until it glowed, and then he muttered a word in Japanese that he had been taught by Ki-Yoko, and the door opened.
Inside, the ‘cottage’ was more like a fortress, built to withstand some of the greatest attacks. The walls were lined with all sorts of weapons, from blades and crossbows to rocket launchers and firearms.
He moved into the living room, which had been converted into a sort of makeshift medical facility, with Jodi Harte lying on the coffee table, an angry Ki-Yoko above her. When Necros entered, Ki-yoko rattled off a sentence in Japanese with a frown on her face. Necros just shrugged; he did this whenever the old crone spoke to him. She was useful, definitely, but seeing as how he couldn’t understand her for the world, he would just have to shrug and hope she wasn’t offended every time she spoke to him.
Dragona walked into the room, and gestured to Jodi, then spoke rapidly to Ki-Yoko in Japanese. She just nodded, then retrieved a small bottle with a green liquid from the shelf behind her.
“Where did you learn to speak Japanese?” Necros asked Dragona.
“Ah, I had some zombie-hunting work in Japan, and I wanted to learn how to call the zombie the worst Japanese cuss I could find before he died-again, that is-and instead I spent the better part of a month learning Japanese. My teacher wouldn’t tell even tell me any curses in the end either, and by that time the zombie had already decomposed. One of my least heard of journeys...”
Necros just frowned, and Dragona fired a question back at him. “So, how long do you think we have?”
“Well, I reckon that they must of tried and traced us as far as the foothills of these mountains, so they’ll be bringing in search parties to look for us. Once they do find us-”
“Wait- do you hear that?” Dragona cut in.
There was a low rumbling in the distance.
“Speaking of which...” muttered Necros, drawing his modified Colt M1911 and peering outside the window. “Shiza,” he said, backing away and aiming his pistol at the helicopter landing just one hundred metres away. He flicked the curtains across the window, hoping that the cleavers that had just disembarked hadn’t seen him. He peeked through the window once more, and counted the cleavers there. Fifteen.
One cleaver stood alone from the group, surveying the land with a slowly pivoting head. Suddenly the cleaver’s head stiffened, and it sharply turned to the window where Necros was, it’s visor glinting in the sunlight.
“Damn,” was all Necros said, then he drew an identical Colt from his jacket, swept the curtains aside and fired sixteen shots at the cleavers. More than eight found their mark, and Necros smiled grimly at this. He slotted two new clips into the pistols, holstered them momentarily, and turned to face Dragona, just as a Spaz 12 shotgun came flying towards him. Necros caught it easily, and he saw Dragona taking a similar shotgun from the wall, slinging a shotgun shell belt around his waist and sliding the pump action grip back.
“I see you already decided how you want to take care of those cleavers outside,” said Dragona, attaching a strap to his gun and slinging it over his shoulder. He went to the wall and heaved a huge stinger missile launcher onto his shoulder. “Yep, this should do it...” he muttered, just as Mary walked into the room.
“What the hell’s all this noise?” she said, her hand on the hilt of her Shaolin Broadsword. “It sounds like there’s a war going on-”
There was a smashing sound and the window beside Necros shattered, followed by as small cylinder that bounced into the room. “Go!” shouted Necros, as there was a small pop and the grenade started emitting a gas. “It’s tear gas- move!”
All over the house they heard the windows breaking, and the same pop as the tear gas grenades detonated. They ran to the kitchen, Dragona moving as best as he could with the Stinger missile launcher on his shoulders. Jodi Harte and Ki-yoko sprinted into the kitchen just ahead of them, Jodi clutching her side painfully. “Glad to see you’re back in the fight,” commented Necros in Jodi’s direction, then tossing his Colts to her. She caught them deftly, glancing back at Necros.
“Aren’t these yours?”
“Yeah, well I need you to take care of them for a while. I kinda got my hands full right now.” Necros reached under the kitchen sink, coming back with a bag of gas masks. He fit one on his own head, tightening the strap and then fastening goggles on as well.
“Who the hell keeps gas masks under the sink?” asked Mary.
Necros didn’t answer. Instead he cocked the shotgun, peered through the doorway and then ran into the cloud of tear gas, his form disappearing in the smoke.

I falter, reaching for the kitchen table for support. The bandages around my waist do nothing to help the pain, and even as I stand myself back up again, the wound re-opens and bleeds once more. Ki-yoko is searching the cupboards for anything that will help, and Mary is pressing tea-towels onto the bottom of the doors to try and stop the tear gas from reaching them. I lay the dual Colt pistols on the table, clutching my chest in agony. It should end. It could...
My hand stretches to one of the pistols, grabs it, and then slowly lifts it up. Ki-yoko and Mary are still busy, both of them facing the other way. One shot, and my worries would be gone. I feel the barrel of Necros’ gun touch my temple. I give a little smile to the world, and I rest my gaze on the glorious mountain range outside, the hills, the grass. Now, I think, but before my finger sqeezes the trigger, I hear the scream.


Necros heard the scream, and instantly he smashed his frame into the door on his left, breaking it open and peering into the gloom. There, in the middle of the room, was Kallista, screaming. Men in grey uniforms were shining lights everywhere, and Necros identified them as Cleavers, armed with machine guns. The moment Necros entered, the flashlights attached to the cleaver’s weapons swung around, and Necros cursed, ducking back out of the room.
Bullets ripped into the doorway, centimetres away from where Necros stood, shotgun in hand. His mind went into overtime, and everything seemed to slow down. He had seen how many cleavers. He knew of their weapons. He counted the rapidly fired shots until he was sure they were out.
Smiling, Necros dived back into the room, firing at a cleaver point-blank. He came up from his dive roll and shot another one. His hand brushed against the bangle on his wrist and the gauntlet formed, covering his hand in time for him to swing his arm at a different cleaver. The soldier dodged, throwing his empty gun at Necros’ face. Necros simply sidestepped, letting the weapon smack another cleaver in the nose behind him. Necros raised the shotgun again, firing round after round into the defenceless cleavers. They fell, and when the final one had gone down, Necros grabbed Kallista’s gloved hand and pulled her out of the room. His hand gripped the Katana at his waist. He didn’t want to have to use it, but...
More flashlights. Necros dragged the now-quiet Kallista down under the coffee table. The booted feet of the cleavers thudded past. Necros waited for the last in the line to walk by, then motioned for Kallista to keep quiet, and they crept back down the hallway. The tear gas had almost dissipated in the air. Almost.
Kallista stood up, thinking she was far enough away from the Cleavers to stand the rest of the way. She drew in breath, but instead of breathing in a lungful of oxygen, she sampled the remnants of the tear gas as well. She made a slight choking noise, and Necros pulled her back down, covering her mouth with his hand. But it was too late. The last cleaver in the line said some unspoken order, and the whole group halted, turning slowly around. Necros willed Kallista to not react to the tear gas, willing her to be still, but to no avail. She sneezed loudly, but before the cleavers could even react to the noise, Necros had pulled the Katana from his waist, and swung it vertically in front of him.
The air shimmered. There was a moment of total silence; the calm before the storm, and then all hell broke loose. A wave of energy shot forward, slicing through the first cleaver to react. He flew backward, sliced in two, and then the other cleavers slowly raised their weapons to train them on Necros.
He was glowing with power, a shining red light that illuminated the cramped hallway. His eyes had no pupils, insted they were completely red, gleaming intenslely. “There’s a gas mask in my bag,” he barked to Kallista. “Take it and head to the kitchen. I’ll meet you there.”
Kallista nodded quickly, grabbed the mask and ran off into the gloom. “Just you and me, boys,” Necros told the cleavers, waiting for them to make the first move. None of them did. He didn’t care. They would have died anyway.
Necros lunged forward, the Katana stabbing through the chest of one cleaver. Necros whispered something and the blade lit up, then seemed to burn the cleaver from the inside out. He whipped the sword around, slicing it against a cleaver’s throat and then smashing the hilt against the helmet of another. The headpiece exploded inwards, sending shards of the visor into the soldier’s head.
There was a scream and Necros swung around, seeing another squadron of cleavers come forward, out of the gas cloud, revealing a figure in their mist.
“Dammit, Kallista!” Necros shouted, ran forward, but there was the sound of gunfire and Necros felt himself stumbling to the ground.
His hearing went first. He looked up, saw the cleavers stop firing, saw how Kallista’s mouth kept opening and closing in silent screams. When the feeling started to go out of his legs and his senses stopped being assaulted with pain, he knew that it wasn’t long now. His legs collapsed he toppled over, his blade tumbling out of his grip. The rune’s on the sword stopped glowing, starting to fade to darkness. He could feel himslef fading as well. His vision started to go, and he laid eyes on his attackers, hatred and anger clear. Kallista struggled, then broke free, running forward to him. The cleavers nodded to themselves, and one of them stood forward, a pistol suddenly in his hand.


I try to warn her. My mouth fails to form words and the cleaver just steps closer and closer. Her eyes are filled with tears, as she realizes there is nothing she can do to help. She goes to stand and run but it is too late; the cleaver is upon her. He raises the pistol to her head-
-Pulls back the slide-
Tighten grip. Stand...
-flicks the saftey off-
My power returns. That cleaver is a dead man.
-and pulls the trigger.
Kallista is still alive. Why? Because the bullet never left the barrel. My blade is wedged in the slide, and the cleaver steps back in wonder. Before they can even begin to react or reach for their weapons, I lift my sword above my head, aim it in the general direction of the cleavers, then swing it downwards, releasing an energy blast right into the midst of them. The ground shakes and I wrap one hand over my chest; it’s not long before it is covered in blood as well. The roof collapses on top of the cleavers, but I hear nothing, and only feel the shockwave through my legs.
I stumble over to Kallista, falling to my knees when I reach her. The part of the building above me could collapse at any moment, but still I push aside the rubble and bodies until I can pull her out. Her eyes are open, but she isn’t aware of her surroundings, at least not yet. With the last vestiges of my strength, I stagger to the door, Kallista walking in a daze beside me. I feel another quake as the rest of the walls and rooms beside me cave in as well, the dust clouding our way. I see a figure in the hallway ahead, moving towards me. His shape becomes more defined, and suddenly he’s pulling us, yelling for us to move. Dragona spots something behind us, and his eyes widen in obvious fear. He grabs us and pulls us to the ground, just as my hearing properly returns and I am assaulted with sound.
Explosions. Gunfire. Shells rip into the ruined carpet beside me, and I hear the distant firing of a minigun. It must be the helicopter, I think, as a rocket detonates behind my head and shrapnel flies. Dragona motions for us to move, and we do at a painstakingly slow rate, crawling on our stomaches to the doorway. Dragona is sweating and concentrating, creating a wall of air to protect us from the bullets and shrapnel. Slowly but surely, we make our way through the door, and then Dragona pulls the Stinger rocket launcher from on top of the couch, aims back through the door, and fires.
I can see nothing through the smoke, but Dragona must of shot the helicopter, because I can hear the whine of it’s rotors as it struggles to stay in the air. The whine becomes a screech of metal as it finally crashes, and the light from the explosion illuminates the messed up hallway.
Dragona drops the launcher to the ground, massaging his right arm. “Man, that hurts,” he mutters, and we walk back to the kitchen.
Jodi is unconscious in one of the chairs, one of the Colt pistols dangling dangerously in her hand. I reach forward and slowly retrieve it, flicking the safety back on and wondering what she had been doing before the pain of her wounds had most likely caused her to faint.
Ki-yoko is stirring ingredients to some unknown recipe in a silver metal bowl, muttering franticly in Japanese, and Mary is staring outside of the window, eyes fixed on the crash site of the helicopter.
“It’s a good thing that’s over,” she says to me. “Gave me a damnright scare.”
“It’s not over,” I reply. “I hate to sound clichéd, but it’s only just begun. That helicopter was a scout. I give it fifteen minutes tops before they come in with the reinforcements.”
“Then we don’t have a lot of time,” Dragona says, pulling out his phone and hitting speed dial. “Skyril, you there?”
Four kilometres away, in a foxhole near the summit of the nearest mountain, Skyril Oblivion dug out her phone from her pocket and put it to her ear. “What?” she said, shifting uncomfortably and wishing that she’d brought something to sit upon.
“They found us. Fifteen minutes until they’ll be here, gun’s a blazin’. You got that fifty cal, still?”
“Locked and loaded, Dragona. And with enough clips to stop a small army,” she answered, patting the scope of the 50. Calibre Sniper Rifle that was mounted on the edge of her foxhole.
“Good. ‘Cos we might be needing all of them.”
Dragona hangs up, opening the kitchen door and running through the house, opening the windows to try and get rid of the tear gas. I retrieve my other Colt from the table, and holster them both, moving back to the living room to review the wall of weapons once more.
The first gun I reach for is a P90 with various custom attachments, and I replace the Spaz 12 already strapped to me with it. I take down an M4A1 Carbine, sliding a sight on the tactical rail and adjusting the stock to a better length. Satisfied with my choice, I step back and let the others choose their weapons, and then I step towards the kitchen. Before I go, something catches my eye. I turn, and smile broadly at the Gatling Gun leaning against the wall in one corner, just asking to be used.

Fifteen minutes later

The sound of helicopter rotors spinning filled the crisp, clean mountain air, and I sit up eagerly, doing a last minute check on all of my weapons. I am sitting in what’s left of the ruined hallway, crouching amongst the rubble with the Gatling gun mounted in front of me. Ten helicopters, full of scythe wielding cleavers, were fast approaching to the cottage on the hill. A walkie talkie on Necros’ belt squarked, and Skyril’s voice came through.
“I have visual,” she said. “Ten helicopters, roughly ten cleavers in each one. That’s one hundred of ‘em. Not my kind of odds.”
“Mine neither,” I reply into the radio. “But there’s no other place to run. This is it. Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s been an honour working with you.”
A chorus of vice versas and ditto’s ring out from the speaker, but I am focused on the task at hand. I hold the trigger on the Gatling gun, spinning the large barrel and aiming it at the helicopters. “Eat this, Sanctuary bastards,” I whisper, and then let loose Hell in the form of bullets.
I can barely see if I’m getting any shots. The recoil is tremendous, and the tripod the gun is sitting on hardly helps. Suddenly there is the whine of rotors, and I realize I must have hit one. Then the helicopters start returning fire and I have other things to think about.
I dive to the ground, pulling a smoke grenade from my belt and throwing it at the ground in front of me. As the smoke fills the hallway and starts pouring out into the open air, the helicopter’s shots become more erratic as the pilots realize they can’t see me any more. I leave the gun where it is, launching myself onto the grass below as the first sniper rifle shot rings out. I run, faster and faster, the smoke covering my advance. The P90 at my side comes up just as I clear the smoke, reaching the first landed helicopter.
The P90 fires and the cleavers fall, one by one. When I get too close to shoot accurately, I slide my silver bangle onto my arm and touch the symbols, releasing the gauntlet. I slice through the cleaver’s grey jumpsuits, lunging this way and that, dodging scythes. The pilot of the helicopter pulls out a pistol and fires straight through the cockpit glass at me. I jump forward, the bullet passing just by my head, and I land on the glass, smashing the gauntlet hand into the cockpit and through the pilot’s chest. I pull it out again, take a quick look around, and leap at the next helicopter.

Skyril pulled the trigger on the sniper rifle before her, took aim once more, and fired again. Her shot’s were true, but before long the cleavers where getting smart and hiding behind cover. She could see Necros attacking some of them through the scope on her gun, and she turned the rifle to her left, leaving him to deal with it.
There was a noise behind her, and she sprung up, two small knives in her hand. Billy-Ray Sanguine stood there, knife in hand, frozen to the spot. “Now, uh, this ain’t what it looks like. There was a snake next to you, is all,” he said. “I swear I wasn’t about to kill you.”
“Excuses, excuses,” replied Skyril, and she charged at him, swinging her blades.


Jodi Harte sat looking at her broken sai sword blades, disappointment clear upon her face. She had been confined to the kitchen by Ki-yoko, declared ‘unfit to fight.’ So there she sat, with the crone asleep beside her, bored out of her life while the sound of gunfire was heard outside. She sighed, picking up one of the blades and turning it slowly in her hand, the weight of it all wrong. Every now and then Ki-yoko would sit up, startled, look around, and then drift off again.
Jodi yawned, her hand accidentally knocking a cupboard door. She went to close it, but stopped as she laid eyes upon the pair of perfect Sai swords resting there. She wondered if it was a dream, and almost pinched herself, when she came to the realisation. They were probably Ki-yoko’s. The whole cottage was hers, and the woman was so old that she had most likely sampled every style of fighting in her lifetime. Jodi shrugged. There was no harm in taking them out for a test drive. The crone didn’t need to know. And there were plenty of cleavers to go round.
Without another glance, Jodi grabbed the Sai swords, leaving her own broken ones on the table and heading out the door.

Necros was out of ammo. He had gone through all of his two clips for his P90, and the M4A1 had less than half a clip left. He aimed his last couple of shots at two cleavers running towards him, then threw his guns to the ground, taking out his large rune covered sword.
There was the sound of running feet behind him, and he turned, swinging the sword as he went. It glowed blue as it cut through the cleaver there, and then shone red as it stabbed another one.
He backed into a defensive stance as a cleaver’s scythe clashed off of his sword. He jumped over the cleaver, flipping and carving his sword into the base of the cleaver’s skull.
Necros turned a full revolution, observing the mass of bodies around him. But it still wasn’t enough. They just kept coming. Infinite waves of the perfect soldiers. Just great, he though, summoning magic from deep within him. He let it out in a solid burst of energy at a group of cleavers near him, and they melted away without a word.


So, did you like it? Are you amazed? Because if you were, there is something definitely wrong with you. My work isn’t amazing. Lenka Sweet’s work is amazing. Kallista Pendragon’s work is amazing. Alex’s work is amazing. Lizzy’s work is amazing. Leo Spark’s work is amazing. Mary Hiashi’s work is amazing. Dragona Pine’s work as well. And Oct..Octa…Octobanana…Octaaaabana…oh, whatever, you get the idea.

(btw, Octaboona is an awesome guy. Just cos I can’t get his name right, that doesn’t mean he isn’t awesome.)

WELL! What did YOU all get for Christmas, hmm? I got several DvDs (The Bourne collection, Hellboy 2), a book called 'Gone' by Micheal Grant, which i have been wanting to buy for MONTHS, and a super-awesome logitec ipod speaker that cost well over a hundred dollars, which i am listening to as i type (awesome...awesome...aawwwweeesooommmeeeee....)

Also, for those of you who are gamers, my dad got Modern Warfare 2, and i am trying so hard to install that too. ): slow installation, dammit. 

Oh yeah, and EPICA!!!

P.S As some smart people might of already guessed, i was the 'Santa' that went around to some of your blogs. :P i don;t REALLY think i had any of you fooled.



  1. Damn hellboy....

    You are amazing, never tarnish your own name...

    You're a great writer, and you create some of the most outstanding work ive seen, expecially from kids our age :)

    I hope that you have an Awesome christmas day, and i hope for more soon!

  2. HELLBOY!!!!!!

    Well, this and LENKA'S story which she just posted!!!!
    I LOVE IT!!!! What an AMAZING and AWESOME story!
    HELLBOY! You are a master writer in the same leuge as Derek Landy! OH YES YOU ARE! Don't give me that look!!!!! :P
    Your minion has spoken!!!!

    And not just one but TWO EPIC art peices from your AWESOME brother Louis! I am so delighted with both the story and the artwork! I can't wait to see Lenka's reaction! XDDDDD

    A BIG THANK YOU to both Louis and Hellboy for this AWESOME Christmas present!

    Have to go eat a late dinner now. Will be back on later.

  3. ;D So glad you two liked it. And another thing i forgot to add is that i;m sorry Kallista for your part in the story, it was kind of 'screamy girl who doesn't have any common sense', and that's nothing like your character, or you. I just started writing and needed a way to introduce you into the story.

  4. LOL
    I actually liked it. You do not have to be sorry about anything.
    I have complete trust in how you use my character. I very honored you use her at all.


  5. And I'm back!!!!

    *wanders around Hellboy's blog for a while*

    *gets lost*

  6. Wow!!!
    That was SO goood!!
    So worth waiting for!!!

    And I LOVE those pics of Jodi!
    They were Awesooome!

    For me, Christmas is tomorrow :D
    I'll tell you what I got then. Or possibly the day after if I don't get a chance to get on.

    Merry Christmas!!!!

  7. SKYRIL!!!!!

    *leaps at her and gives her a big hug*

    How ya doing?

  8. I ate a lot of pistachios last night. I placed the empty shells by my mom as she was sleeping and put several on top of her. She woke up later and thought she had eaten them while sleepwalking! LOL

  9. iopmj;lkm,;mopoi

    *the above is from Kallista falling asleep while at her comuter and head falling onto the keyboard*

  10. Hellboy!!!

    2nd part is up for my Christmas story.

    Here is the link.



    ~do i have to elaborate? I'm not very good at that...


    thank you! The story was so cool! Sai Words FTW!

    pure EPICA!!!!

    Ok, we're about to open some more prezzies,i'll update my picture and let you know what i got after ;)

    Hellboy! Say special thanks to Louis for me! xD xxxxxx

  12. Ok! I've opened my presents! :] I got some good ones!
    I got a nerf gun, which is really great for shooting pesky cats. :]
    I got this one

    Then I got this thing called a bullet blender which is AWESOME for making drnks and, like, salsa!

    This is what it looks like,r:0,s:0

    And I got two Legend of Zelda games. :] Then some other small things.

  13. Merry Christmas again......even though it's not Christmas for you anymore lol! It is for me!! So
    Merry Christmas!!!

  14. I have posted several stories. One is my latest fanfic. The other is the second part to my Christmas story.

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  15. Seriously, Kallista??
    We open ours first thing in the morning! And we get up at, like 6 AM or earlier! :]

  16. HA! We finally opened presents! Now we are going to dig into all the desrets! Mmmmm.....

  17. Tell you what I got later! :D



    Even if you don't like it will you please leave a comment?

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  18. Oh yeah, I got this really cool blue bracelet with a watch hanging on it! I like it a lot. :]

    Kallista. Your. Stories. Are. AWESOME!!!!!

  19. Oooh!!!!!
    That sounds awesome Skyril! Sounds like you got a lot of cool gifts! YAY!!!!
    You derserve them!!!!

  20. HEY HELLBOY!!!

    Didn't you get the memo?

  21. I'M BACK!!!!

    I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

    And straight after this comment i;m off to your blog, Kal, to check out those stories.

    And Lenka! I'm glad you liked the story! Do you like the pics?

    I got heaps for christmas...which suprised me because everyone had said that we were low on money this year...yeah rite :P

    AND I KNO THAT NERF GUN, SKYRIL! My little brother and my cousin both got it. In fact, that's where i've been for the last two days, sleeping over at my cousin;s house.

    The Maverick is so a Revolver mixed with a Desert Eagle...possibly the best dart gun ever made...MWHAHAHAAHA....

    btw, for future reference, if you are ever going to get another nerf gun, do not, i repeat, do NOT get the Vulcan. It sucks. "amazing weapon" my arse. It shoots no more than 4 metres, and is so inacurate, especially for killing (uh, i mean harmlessly shooting) cats.

    ALSO I got the book Gone, by Micheal Grant.

    Seriously, the best damn book next to Skulduggery Pleasant.

    The storyline is that on one day in a certain town, everyone over the age of 15 disappears at the same time. Poof. And so everyone else is left to fend for themselves. Even cooler, there was a fallout a while ago, and so some of the characters (including the main character) have powers, like speed, transporting, light, fire, healing, so on. Its frickin awesome!
    And it's not like that cheap tv show for kids, 'The Tribe'. Its got minor language, and gruesome scenes and cruelty ones. But man, for 12+ up, this is seriously gripping.

    :P see you all soon,


  22. EPICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    *whispers in a small voice*

    could you please put me in Part 2 of your fanfic?

    I would be honoured to be in this AWESOME fanfic.

    OC on biorama


  23. I don't know if you've read the second part

  24. WOW!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! MORE!!!!!!!!!!! I'll stop using caps now.

    You got Gone? Amazing book. I've read Gone Hunger and Lies. And you got Modern Warfare 2. Awesome game. I have it.

    I got new headphone. YAY!!!!

    Tell your brother that I his pictures are awesome. :D

  25. That I said not that I. :P Evil typos.

  26. It was great to hear about your AWESOME Christmas. XDDD

    I will tell you about mine when I come back. :)

  27. I really think Lenka should come on about....


  28. I got a Xbox 360 Kinect for my little brothers! The LOVE it!!!

    I do too! :D

  29. Hmmm...
    I think my mom would have made a GREAT Drill Sargent for boot camp!

  30. I asked my dad if I could get my belly button pierced.

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  31. Ok, Hellboy! No Vulcan gun! I thought it looked cool, too! It's too bad it doesn't work well. :/

    Hmmm I don't think Kallista's ever going to tell us about her Christmas and presents!!

  32. My older brother gave me a couple gifts in private. Two DVD's. One was, Kickass and the other was Scott Pilgrim Vrs. the World. I LOVE THOSE MOVIES!!!!
    My dad would not approve so that is why it was kept private. :D
    I'm such a bad girl! ;p

    Got some clothes. My mom got me these really wierd pajamas. I'm NOT gonna tell you about that one!

    I have tickets to go see some theater shows. I got some gift certificates for books and movies and things like that. YAY!!!!

  33. Sorry I've hardly been on lately!
    I've been so busy with Christmas and stuff...

  34. Hmmm I got weird pajamas once, but they weren't BAD.....exactly....
    I think you ought to tell me what they look like. :3

  35. LOL Seriously!!
    And baking....
    But the baking was for Christmas!!!

  36. Let's see. The pj's are BRIGHT RED with MICKEY MOUSE and snow men all over it. IT'S A ONE PIECE WITH FOOTIES!!!! It looks like something a baby would wear only it's BIGGER!!!

    *scream of horror echos through out the world*

  37. OH! We had a whole bunch of Chritmas treats.
    I helped quite a bit.
    My mom baked them and I eat them! We are a perfect team!

  38. LOL
    Those are pretty bad! I mean, Mickey Mouse is epic, :D but ONE PIECE???

  39. Ah yes, perfect team!
    I'm a one person team! I bake them and eat them! Mmmm
    lol they eat them too, but I think I eat them more!

  40. :D my younger sister got this christmas cooking set two years ago, somehting to do with making half a dozen gingerbread stars and then stacking them to make a christmas tree. We finally used it today :]

    Alrite, i'm off to uninstall 7 gigs of data from my computer, just enough to install Mw2. *sigh* i probably won't be back for a good coupla hours.

  41. LOL It's GOOD to be able to enjoy ones work!
    Kudos to you for making all those treats! :)
    My mom made bunket which is REALLY good!!!!

  42. lol
    Nice to see you at least, Hellboy!

  43. NOOOO HELLBOY!!!!!

  44. *launches herself at Hellboy*

    *misses completely and flies through the window screaming*

    *lands in a pricker bush*

    *gets struck by lightning*

  45. Hmmm I think it's always raining around Kallista! :D ~goes and hangs out with Kalli and the epic rain~

  46. *staggers out of the bush smoldering slightly*

    Bunket is a delightful almond based pastery. It's something I would not be interested in making though cause it's to dang time consuming and complicated! :p
    BUT IT'S GOOD!!!!

  47. I hate time consuming and complicated recipes!

    You know, there was this one thing I made simply called Pecan balls lol and they were delicious! Eveyone loved them. :]

  48. Mmmmm....they sound divine.
    I'm getting hungry again!

  49. I was SO sure Lenka would be on tonight! Wanted to see how her Christmas was too!

  50. LOL Maybe I should stop talking about food... :]
    my brother got a nocturnal stardial and a sundial for Christmas! :]

    This is the stardial,r:1,s:0&tx=39&ty=61

    Oh and his grilfriend got him a falchion. LOL :]

  51. Aww too bad she didn't come on! I wanted to see her as well!

  52. Wow! I like that stardial!
    My brother's girlfriend got ME something for Christmas! Can you believe it?
    She's from France and she got me this beautiful scarf from there! I was SO AMAZED!!!!!

  53. Wow! That's awesome!! I love scarves!!

  54. I hope Miss Lenka comes on tomorrow!
    I'm so tired right now. I don't know how much longer I can stay awake!
    I was up till 2:30 last night! To much craziness going on! :P

    I did have some egg nog!

  55. Oh, well don't stay up on my account! I'm gonna have to get off soon anyway! :]

  56. You know, I've never had egg nog. I always thought the idea was rather disgusting.

  57. Well. I am too happy chatting with you to get off.
    Been waiting for you to come on for a trillion years!!!

    And Egg nog IS disgusting! I still can't stand it!

  58. Awww poor you and your stupid computer!

  59. lol yeah I've only been able to dash on for a comment here or there. :]

  60. LOL
    Computer did it again just now! :P
    I have to tell you something funny!

  61. You have probably heard of all these different ice skating performances that are done. Like, Snow White on Ice or something along those lines.
    Well, What about SP on ice!!!! LOL
    Can you imagine?

    That's what I dreamed about last night! I dreamed that I was in the middle of buying the last tickets to the show and then it was stolen from me, along with all these really great SP things. I was so angry and sad.
    I wanted VENGECE!!!

    And then I woke up!

  62. Hahaha! WHAT a dream!! I would've enjoyed that one! :D LOL
    Skulduggery on Ice that's EPIC!

  63. LOL
    Yeah! I thought so! I was ready to beat someone up for those tickets too!
    Well maybe sometime in the furture it can happen.
    What I would REALLY love to see is an annual SP convention. Something that is helpd at different locations each year.

  64. That would be REALLY great! I Would absolutely go even if it was in Washington and I had to hitch hike!

  65. YES!!! I would fight with everything I had to go! Even if it was on the other side of the WORLD!!!!

  66. Yeah!
    Though, I probably wouldn't be able to make it were it on the other side of the world....
    I would most certainly try, though!!

  67. I feel bad for poor Octaboona who has been VERY ill for the last 5 days. HE GOT ILL ON HIS BIRTHDAY!!!! :o

  68. Yes you would Skyril! I would win the lottery and pay for ALL OF US TO GO!!!!!!!


    *starts dancing in circles....bits of narshmellow falling from her ears*

  69. Awwww poor Octa!!
    I haven't heard from since I've been so busy!
    I hope he gets better soon!

    LOL You do know it's IMPOSSIBLE to win the lottery, right? :D

    Sorry for the slow response, i got distracted by a list of the top 50 movies of 2010.

  70. Oops. Sorry. Drifted off there for a moment. Had some nasty typos too! Sorry about that as well.

  71. I didn't even notice the typos LOL! Maybe I'm tired too! :P

  72. I hope Hellboy does not make us wait TOO long for part 2! I don't WANT TO WAIT!!!!
    *looks difiantly at Hellboy*

  73. I gotta go now. :/
    Good-night Kallista! :]

  74. Just so you know....


  75. lol the moment i read the part about egg nog i realised that yesterday while i was sleeping over at my cousin's house they offered me some egg nog.

    I distinctly remember saying that i'd never tried it, and does it taste like egg?
    They said 'Not really." and then i must of drifted away because i wake up today and i still have never tried egg nog. :P i should have just made a lunge for their fridge.

  76. HELLBOY! You always appear when I'm away!

    *throws 999,999,999 snowballs at him*

    Good to see you!

  77. My little brothers thought they could ambush me with all their snowballs they had hidden in all their different 'secret' snowforts. Of course I knew where they all were having watched them from the window while drinking hot chocolate. They spent the last few days making them! LOL
    So later on in the afternoon when they went out again, I snuck out the back way and stole some snowballs from a hideout that was currently unoccupied!
    I was able to sneak up on them and get a few good ones thrown at then before they overtook me! LOL
    They are SO CUTE!!!!

  78. Well Hellboy! You have given us a great gift this last time with your story and the pictures of Jodi! It really made Christmas special.
    But you know....I'm feeling greedy for MORE!!!!

    Yes I know I will have to wait for more of the fanfic. But I don't have to wait for MONTHS, do I?
    And because you are putting new characters in your story. Does this mean my oc is out? All done? Finished? :P

    What about your oc? Necros? Skyril? Jodi? Bridget?
    (all favorite oc's)

    *backs away as Hellboy glares*

    OK! OK! I'll shut up!

    OH! One more question. Not about fanfic....I promise!

    You said you got Hellboy 2 for Christmas. Have you seen it before?
    Did you like it?

  79. OK good sir. I MUST be off to BED! :P

    Have a goodnight!
    And remember.....


    *yelling followed by crazy screaming*

  80. Hmmm...don't know why I screamed last night. Just crazy I guess! :P

  81. OK> I'm back from the store. Crazy things happen there sometimes.
    Should I tell you what happened?

  82. I got a whitewash yesterday and my nose started to bleed.

  83. I wanted to live a life of adventure so bad that I ran away from home once.

    It did not turn out quite like I had hoped.....

    If anyone was around, I'd tell then about it!

  84. ALEX!!!!!

    *runs to Alex to give him a hug*

    *slips on a banana peel and slides right out the door*


  85. OK. So I ran away and didn't get far before I realized I had no clue where to go. (was not a bright child)
    So there I am only a few blocks away and I knock on this door. An old lady came to the door. She was big and overwieght and was not completely dressed. Something was not quite right with her head either. It was clear, even to a child.
    I stood there in shock for I had never seen an adult look quite like that before.
    I was rendered speechless! I don't even remember what I said. I just sort of stumbled away in a state of shock. I think I've been scarred since. :P

  86. I did read your new post Alex. I hope you are still around.

    I shall go on a quest through the blogs trying to find you!

    *sets off boldly on her quest to find Alex*

    *gets distracted by a butterfly*

    Oh! Pretty!!!!

  87. haha, im just doing something else so im like away

  88. So...can you give a little hint as to what you rnovel is about? :)

  89. I am a proud Nerdfighter!


  90. Well. I did a good deed today.


    I had these theater tickets that I gave to my parents so they could watch a movie. I had won the tickets in a contest, so that made my parents happy that I didn't spend any of my money.
    They went and watched the King's Speech.
    They REALLY enjoyed it! They got free popcorn too!
    The best part was that I had 5 HOURS FREE FROM THEM!!!!!



    *does happy dance* YES! MWHAHAHAHAAHA!!!

    How were you introduced to the vlogbrothers?

  92. You mean to tell me you where one all along, yet didn't see fit to share this AWESOMENESS?

    *eyes Hellboy while holding onto a couple bananas threatingly*

  93. lol i didn't know! It's not something i just tell people. In fact, other than Louis, no-one else knows that i;m a nerdfighter :( not how a nerdfighter should be, i kno.

    ...i should have remembered that here in the blogosphere, i can be myself.

    So, Kallista Pendragon, I AM A NERDFIGHTER!

    AND I AM PROUD TO BE FIGHTING NERDS *coughs* uh, i mean being nerds. A nerd. uh...


  94. Relax Hellboy!
    You are almong friends!

    *puts down bananas satisfied with Hellboy's answer*

    Darkane, Octaboona and I had a lot of fun the other day with the whole, IN YOUR PANTS thing!


  95. I've been working on my Twisted Christmas story and fanfic all day. I need a break. :P
    I had a chance to play on the Xbox earlier but resisted, concentrating on the stories instead.


    Newest part to Twisted Christmas.
    Will work on fanfic tomorrow.

  97. ACH!!!!
    Dad found out I was staying up late at night!
    I'M IN TROUBLE!!!!!!!

    Gotta Go! Have a goodnight all!!!!!

  98. Here is one account of what happened to me a few years ago that inspired me to write Twisted Christmas.
    This is copyed and pasted from my time on the overflow blog earlier.

    Once I was surrounded by a family of bullies. It includes brothers and sisters and cousins of all ages. Most bigger then me. It all started when I went to the one bully who always tormented me and told her to leave me alone I would not put up with her crap anymore. Well, she got her posse together and I was surrounded! RIGHT OUT FRONT IN MY OWN HOME!!!!!
    I don't know how long the tormenting went on but for a good while. A man watched but did nothing to help. My mom never came and helped. NO one did. I was on my own.
    Later I told my mom. She was unconcerned.
    I have been told everybody has something like this happen. Is that true? Did you ever have something like that happen?
    Well I was surrounded by a lot of kids who said and did horrible things to me. I'm the kind of person who does whatever it takes to get along. So when this girl started to throw rocks and stuff, hit me with sticks or call me names I tried to still be her friend.
    But when she stole my brother's bike I had enough. That's when I told her calmly to stop doing that. I was not afraid of her.
    It was scary for me to be sourrounded by so many angry big people. They where out for blood! They watched me like I was the prey and they the preditor. I can remember even now how I could tell that and did my best not to move. They ran over my feet with thier bikes, pinched me, hit me, and told me I had better not do anything about it because I had no right. I remember looking towards my house and seeing the big picture window in front and thinking, well, certinally my mom will come by and see and do something.
    She never did
    No one came to help as I was brutially assulted and threatened.

    I wanted to defent myself but didn't know how. In so many areas my parents just are not there for me. I'm left to figure out my own problems, be it homeworks assigments, or problems with siblings, friends, or bullies.
    I was not taught or guided through these things.
    Not really supported much at all. But I did find some answers to things while reading. I love to read and find that certian books, movies, or even tv shows can answer some questions that I have been wanting to know. I love books. They are like my true family and I resent my parents for always making it difficult to read or write. I hate it when they put me down. Books helped me when they didn't.


  100. *sobs even harder*

    And I have not been able to chat with Lenka or Skyril!!!!!!

  101. Wow, Kallista. I didn't know any of this.

    I'm truly sorry that your life had to take that sudden twist. I don;t quite know what to say. I wish i was more helpful. -__-

    I hate bullies that don't back off. Surely they have something better to do than to bother us. We have such potential, and yet we are constantly subdued into thinking otherwise. Keep writing, Michelle, keep living.

    Dftba, Hellboy

  102. oh, hey Kal.

    Speaking about pistachios....

    Tobuscus' TRAPPED IN A PISTACHIOS ADD movie:


  103. Awwww....don't worry Hellboy. It was a few years ago. It made me sad that happened. But it opened my eyes to what others go through. I can draw on that and use it in my stories.
    Thanks for th elink to Tobuscus! LOL
    I will lokk at it after dinner.
    Will you be on?

    Don't forget to read my newest Story. Part 3 of Twisted Christmas!


  104. LOL
    Loved that video! Those are the very pistachios I eat!
    I have no problem finishing off a bag!

  105. *in a whisper*
    Hellboy! Please don't leave me all alone with my thoughts! If you do...

    I'm gonna have to share another terrible story!

  106. I'm chatting with a really cool 12 year old British girl. Currently she lives in Australia. She has just written a short fanfic. It's pretty awesome. I'm trying to get her to write up a bio for her oc.
    Speaking of oc. There is another Brit who is writing some good fafic. He just created this really funny oc who is evil.
    LOL But I had to laugh when I read the oc bio. Remember that the kid is 11 years old. XDDDD

  107. LOL
    I was just thinking of my Drama class last year. I dressed as Cyndi Lauper and performed the song, She Bop for the class! :P

  108. I wish that would happen to me. That everytime I say pistachio....

    *gets struck by lightning*


    OUCH! DANG IT!!! What was THAT?

    What I was going to say is that I wish everytime I say pistachio I could get......

    *gets struck by lightning again*


    *staggers off the floor, smoldering and looking nervously at the sky*

    Do you mean to tell me that every time I say pistachio I will......

    *gets struck by lightning again*


    *sports a new afro*

    *screams out crazily*


    *gets struck by lightning again*


  109. Hellboy! I have to go to bed now!
    Have a goodnight! :P

  110. DFTBA!!!!!!

    There are now four of us I think.

    Me, Kallista,Hellboy and Darkane.

  111. Octa just went to go rest. He is still warn out from being ill all last week. :)

  112. *gives Skyril a hug*
    Have missed you! How are you?

  113. Kallista!
    Hullo. :]
    I was sick the day before yesterday. :/ But then I got better. :]
    Yesterday I was getting ready for this trip my family takes on New Years. :]

  114. by "getting ready" I mean making more pecan balls and chocolate chip bars :P

  115. OH! I'm sorry to hear you got ill! :0
    I'm glad you are feeling better!
    Your trip sounds like it will be fun!

    pecan balls and chocolate chip bars!!!!!

  116. LOL
    I was So hyper last night! I had SO many sweets yesterday! O.o
    In the morning I had a fruit drink with some sugar in it, then I went to the movies and we had popcorn, coke, and m&ms, then I came home and made desserts [testing them, of course :P], then we went out to eat and I had a piece of Chocolate chip pizza and sweet tea!!! It was Insaaaane! I was talking 90 miles a minute and pacing constantly LOL. Then I got delirious! I asked my mom, "Have you ever wondered why your spit still goes down your throat when you swallow when you're upside down?"
    Then, lol, I just started laughing....and laughing......and laughing! LOL I literally could NOT stop laughing! Someone could say ANYTHING and I Would BURST out with laughter. I just thought it was the funniest thing in the world!
    xD LOL Now that I think about it, it's quite funny! I've never been THAT delirious before!!

  117. 3rd part to my Christmas story is up.

    Would be honored if you read it. :)

  118. LOL It IS fun, but it's also coooold! You see, we go to the beach!! xD Don't ask me how on earth we formed this tradition!!!

  119. *screams with laughter*
    That's AWESOME Skyril! I can just imagine that happening! How hillarious!!!!

  120. LOL And it was SO weird cuz I'm usually rather laid back and quiet!!

  121. I would LOVE to read your story! Brb!

  122. Cool! The beach! It does could cold, but pretty!

    ...and fun!!!

  123. I have to go for a bit Skyril.
    Will try and come back later. Hope to see you around! :)

  124. Woooooow
    Sorry it took so long! My mom called twice! xD
    That was sooo good!!
    ~fangirl scream~

  125. Whew! I'm glad you liked it! I have been making small refernese to things I have joked about while on the blogs. LOL Also to my Halloween experienses.
    I did make some changes so the story would not be so sad or make anyone mad. In the original, Kallista was going to die patheticly.

  126. *sigh*

    Sorry to leave again. Dad's here and driving me bonkers!


    *gets a pillow thrown at her face by a grumpy Hellboy*

    *falls over and gets struck by lightning*


  128. Sorry I disappeared again!!!
    We went to a place 45 minutes away to eat at restaurant! And my mom got us lost for a while xD Then we went to the store to get junk food for the trip xD
    I've literally just gotten home!!

  129. Kallistaaaaaaaa!!!!

    Well, my mom did and I was just focused on not feeling awkward with my brother's gf around xD

  130. AHHHH, Kallista! I hope you come back soon!
    ~sigh~ I can't be on long :[

  131. Did you know that "Ring Around the Rosies" is about the black plague?

  132. LOL I'm doing ok. Just a bit frustrated. Just family things. I'll get over it.
    It's making it hard to write though.
    Talking with you guys helps though!

  133. Sorry your having trouble. :[
    I hope it gets better.

  134. Yeah. I heard that! Pretty sad and grim isn't it?
    There are other nurshry ryhmes that have dark tales behind them.
    Mary, quite contrary..blah blah blah....something like that, about how her garden grows.
    That's about Queen Mary of Scotland before her beheading.

  135. LOL I didn't know that!!
    That's CREEPY!

  136. LOL It's just life with my mom. She is a bit contolling and my dad is to scared to stand up to her. LOL

  137. I can't get over the stories and things they tell to kids!! Like how Little Red Riding Hood's grandma gets eaten by a wolf and an axman chops him open!! And Hansel and Gretel!!! The old lady trying to stuff them in her oven and her getting pushed in instead! O.o That's just nasty!
    Oh, oh, and one of my favorites, "and down falls baby, cradle and all!"
    You're singing your children to sleep with a song about a baby's death!

  138. LOL It IS creepy! I can't remember all that the nurshrey tales mean, but it's creepy that parents tell them to thier kids thinking it's all innocent!
    There is that one about London Bridges. But I can't remember that one.

  139. Hmm I don't know a story about that song...

  140. Thanks! I could use your prayers! :D

    I should tell you about the song my mom used to sing to me!

  141. I seriously can never hear "ring Around the Rosies" without being totally creeped out!
    "ring around the rosies"
    some sort of circle you get when you have the plague
    "pocket full of posies"
    flowers in their pockets to keep the smell of the dead away
    "ashes ashes"
    the burning of the dead
    "we all fall down."
    We're all dead.

  142. Yes! Do tell! lol I suppose I'm into childrens' songs and whatnot that are actually creepy!

  143. You know, I can totally imagine the kids singing and playing to that song as the black plague was among them. It's so cREepY!!!! They could make an R movie out of that easily.

  144. LOL I'm not going to be able to fall asleep tonight as I have these things running through my mind! xD

  145. heh heh I talk a lot when online xD

  146. By the way, I'm very glad you changed the story so Kallista doesn't die!!!

  147. It's ok LOL
    I was busy typing 9,000 & 1/2 comments! :P

  148. Yeah. I was feeling a bit dark when I started to write it. SOme old painful things kinda came up and...well...

  149. ~bows~
    Why thank you, my dear Kallista!
    You are QUITE epic yourself!

  150. The main thing was not to upset my friends! You guys are the only reason I have been inspired to write in the first place.