Saturday, December 4, 2010

MINECRAFT and other items of pointless discussion

Hello there. First of all, I just want to say that there will be a couple of links in this post, and I encourage you all to check them out.

I was reminded by Dragona by his blog ( Dragona's Blog ) of something that I've wanted to post about for a long time. There is a game, my friends, that defies the laws of gaming, because while it is the most unrealistic game I have ever played, it is simply ADDICTING. 

This game, people of the 'verse, is Minecraft.

I love it. 

I am addicted to it.

And like Hell you won't love it too.

What makes Minecraft so addictive that I haven't stopped thinking about it for the last few weeks? Well, the gameplay, i guess. It is still in Alpha mode (i think it goes Alpha, Beta, then the game is released), which means the actual game hasn't come out, and it is still being created, but it is down loadable Here, for free, but only the singleplayer. 
The singleplayer starts you in a randomly generated map, where you are most likely surrounded by sand. And by sand, i mean blocks of sand.

Because that's what minecraft is all about. Blocks. The whole system is based on a pixel-like setting, which at a first look you may find it dodgy and not worth playing. But the thing is, this whole game was created by the legend 'Notch', who is around 17/18 yrs old. No company. No huge enterprise. Just a guy and his blocks.
Notch has created a complicated game with no storyline and endless possiblities. For instance, this is my house. After a good, oh, i dont know, maybe 100-200 minecraft days (24 minutes each, i think) i have created a castle-like building that towers over the land. I have built it so high that i have actually reached a point where i can't place anymore blocks. lol.
This is my house. Yes, that is a waterfall, and those are little torches lining up to the house. It started as a tower, and then i started building those islands in the air, to build my crops and grow trees. A Sky Farm. How original of me...Oh yeah, and that figure you see is me in 3rd person mode.

A little closer. This is my front door(s). There is a little gap between the door and the walkway i am on, so that when mobs (enemies) are following me up the walkway, i can open the doors, jump through, shut them, and they fall down into the pit.

Right inside, first floor. The door is down the bottom corner of the screen, it that general direction. 3 things to note here. One, there is a chest there, where i keep all of my mining tools and day tools (axes, spades, pickaxes, and torches). Two, there is a tunnel going down to my elaborate mines, full of lava, water, and possibly even dungeons. And three, this is in 1st person mode, and i am holding a block of dirt. Down the bottom of the screen is  my health+inventory. Also, you can see some windows. Just marvel at that scenery.

Second floor. Around this time of making it, i had found heaps of cobblestone, and thats why the floor is no longer dirt. Bottom left is the entrance to the first floor. Straight ahead are stairs to the next floor, and also a chest where i keep all my diamond, gold, coal, ect. Above me is a little balcony made of glass, which we won;t get to, unfortunately.

Two more floors up. The ones we skipped where boring, really.This is the top of my castle/tower, where (for about five minecraft days) i was content with sitting this high. Then, as you can see, i got the bright idea of building outwards to make 'Sky Islands'. The big white thing in the top right is a block-cloud, which i am high enough for it to pass through my castle.

Pivoting 180 degrees, and we can see the beginning of my 'Islands'. On the left we have my man-made waterfall, which is pretty cool. Five buckets of water and viola, it goes all the way down the mountain. On the right we have a huge abundance of trees. Cos in minecraft, wood is one of the most important things in the the world. The other is coal.

This is my couch made of chests. Both of those chests are chock-a-block full of bread, which i harvested from those crops (On the right side. They go through about 6-7 stages of growing, and this is the final stage. After harvesting wheat from them, they also give you seeds, to plant more crops.  Food gives you health when you have lost some. So far, i haven;t really left my tower for a while, so i havent needed the bread.) . There is a ladder there, which you can see leads up to the trees. And this is the last picture. Now go forth and download this game, or for the people with enough money, go and BUY it. Half price while it's still being created. 

And that's the singleplayer. The multiplayer is much different, but just as fun. Plus, you don;t need to download anything. Just go to this website ( remember that you have to make a login first tho ), and then click on a server. You are given heaps of blocks and can do joint creations with other people, making stuff like boats and houses. Castles, beds, hotels, pixel art, the possibilities are ENDLESS! I have a login, and i suggest going to the 'Stormcom' servers. The one i go to is currently down, for some reason, so i guess it will be pure luck if i see any of you. When it does come back on, i will tell you all where to go, and we can have a massive party.
Until then, build, don;t 'grief'' ( when you go up to anyone's creation and randomly destroy blocks, deleting their work until it is an almost unrecognizable mess, causing "grief"to the creator. ) and enjoy minecraft.

Btw, the multiplayer is infinitely better. Mainly cos i can talk to you all there. :D

Now, onto other pointless discussion. Or not so pointless. I don't know how you'll see it. 

Well, for owners of Blackberry phones (I'm looking at you, Lenka), last week i got the trackball on my blackberry replaced, because i lost it. It came all the way from China, and i was surprised that i got it for $3, so when it arrived four weeks after i ordered it i raced to my room to unite it with my phone. Now i am carrying my phone everywhere, and the ongoing story i have stored on there about Leo Sparks has tripled in size. Only thing is, now my media card has failed to work, and i lost a coupla movie trailers i had stored on there. I have backups on my comp, tho. XD

Ahh. But i need help. The internet won't work until i get some credit, i think, and the only thing i have left is the blackberry messenger.

Um, help, anyone?

For some dumb reason, i can't seem to add someone's email and then message them with this app. When i go to add a new contact in the messenger, it asks for a PIN Number. 


I thought it was like an email, like or something. Help, plz?
And, uh, yeah. The next part of the story is taking longer than usual. D:

I did finish all my exams tho, and i did pretty well on them. Tuesday is the last day of school and then HOLIDAYS!!!!! YESS!! EPICA!

With holidays, both Louis and i will have more time to do creative stuff, instead of gaming and making songs. Our Dad wants us off the computer more, and so Louis says he will be drawing the next picture. Mary Hiashi, i think. Sometime this week. Hopefully....

OK! Well, i'm off to play some Minecraft! Good luck in playing it, get onto the multiplayer ASAP, and i'll talk to you all later!



  1. Wow. That sounds really cool, Hellboy!
    Joseph is a really cool name by the way. But of course I will still call you Hellboy!

    Wish I could have chatted a bit with you before you started playing again.

  2. shared your name...maybe I should share mine.


    Just kidding.

    How about if we play a game called:
    Guess Kallista's real name!

    Sound fun? OK!!! Here we go!!!!

  3. My real name is:

    A. Hazel
    B. Bertha
    C. Agatha
    D. Dorcus
    E. None of the above

  4. Have you read the poem Octaboona did for me and Nicolette yet?

  5. Hellboy... I've seen this game before somewhere... I think my friend downloaded it onto my memory stick... I can't remember the name, but it looks like this... but for a REALLY good game, if you have a wii, get GoldenEye 007... it's awesome... anyway, I remember the waterfalls especially...

    And your the inferno-joe who was following my blog? Sweet...

  6. i have seen Goldeneye, Dragona, but if you want a REALLY good game, get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1, and play it on PC. Cos all games are better on the PC...

    And i want to see you all get usernames and join me on minecraft! INCLUDING YOU, Kallista!

    ALSO Kallista, i vote A.


    That's what Dragona and some of the other's said!
    Do I really sound like a.......Hazel??????

    It's kind of a nerdy old fashioned name. Don't you think?

    The answer is actually E.

    But to give you another clue as to what my real name is....

    Your screen name, name has the first part in the last part!


    A stupid one...but still....

    Hazel? Really? least you did not pick Bertha!

    Thank you for that!!! XD

  8. Jeez Hellboy!
    Take out all the fun of Minecraft!!!!

    *quickly hides plans she had to take over Hellboy's awesome castle*


  9. This was started by if it annoys you....sorry.

    Give♥this♥to ♥the ♥ Fifthteen ♥ Nicest ♥ People ♥ that ♥ You ♥ Easyily ♥ Talk ♥ To ♥ you ♥ know ♥ if ♥ you ♥get ♥five ♥ back ♥ you ♥ must ♥ be ♥ A ♥ Good ♥ Friend

  10. Can't I just hire YOU to build me up my castle?
    It's manual labor after all. Keep in mind the word MAN in manual!
    In will want to do it for free cause we are such good friends and all.
    I do hope to check it out more Hellboy. But I am behind in my fanfic. Must get that done first.

  11. *points* Flo started it

    Give♥this♥to ♥the ♥ Fifthteen ♥ Nicest ♥ People ♥ that ♥ You ♥ Easyily ♥ Talk ♥ To ♥ you ♥ know ♥ if ♥ you ♥get ♥five ♥ back ♥ you ♥ must ♥ be ♥ A ♥ Good ♥ Friend

  12. *sees Hellboy still sleeping in his bed*

    *aims 999,999,999 rubberband guns at him*

    *rushes outside to hide*

    *gets struck by lightning*

  13. I've done my 1st comment to Derek that I'm going to be reminding him to read your stories once he is done writing his book!

  14. You need to tell your dad you can't afford to be off the computer because you are developing international relations with the most excellent of people on a blog that is literature based!
    The most excellent of all is of course the beautiful Kallista!
    And in the course of being on here, you are also investing and working on your future as a world famous writer!
    It needs to be made know to your dad that it is VITAL to your future to be on here!!!!


  15. Ugggggg....just watched the latest twilight movie. Big mistake!!!


  16. I also rented that new Alice in Wonderland movie.
    Skulgirl will be so proud of me!

  17. OK. Movie is done. I think I am too! LOL
    I'm going to bed!
    Goodnight Hellboy!

  18. Night Kal!

    argh, too late. D:

    Thnx for commenting about my blog, Kallista. Really helps :)

    And good work watching Alice in wonderland! Tell me how you though of it 2morrow!

    And, lol, bad luck watching the twilight movie. I have never watched them, and (thank god) i don't think ill be desperate enough to even go withing 2 metres of one.

    G'night, all!

  19. Give♥this♥to ♥the ♥ Fifthteen ♥ Nicest ♥ People ♥ that ♥ You ♥ Easyily ♥ Talk ♥ To ♥ you ♥ know ♥ if ♥ you ♥get ♥five ♥ back ♥ you ♥ must ♥ be ♥ A ♥ Good ♥ Friend

  20. Give♥this♥to ♥the ♥ Fifthteen ♥ Nicest ♥ People ♥ that ♥ You ♥ Easyily ♥ Talk ♥ To ♥ you ♥ know ♥ if ♥ you ♥get ♥five ♥ back ♥ you ♥ must ♥ be ♥ A ♥ Good ♥ Friend

  21. i WOULD post my name, but since my last name isn't that common, when you type my name in google you find links to my Twitter pages, Facebook and all the other rubbish my friends want me to join, so, maybe one day... in the... very.... distant future...

    Hey! I'll let you guess my first name though: NO clues! ha!

  22. I don't believe it! She comes on and I am not even here....

  23. HELLBOY!!!!

    Derek responded to my comment where I backed you up as a good writer. Here is his response:

    Hellboy, apparently your fanfiction is pretty good! I'm thinking of taking ten pieces of fanfiction that readers recommend- they'd have to be relatively short pieces- and reading them over the Christmas as a special treat for myself. That includes fanfiction from all over the internet, not just people who read this accursed Blog.

    I'll write a dedicated Blog post to this sometime soon, and get people to vote for what they think I should read. Something tells me your name will be on that list.

  24. So I will be working to promote your writing....and if he is going to read some others....I'm going to promote Alex's, Lenka's, Lizzy's, Skyril's...ect.
    All you guys deserve to have your work read by the great Derek Landy!
    I aim to see it happen!!!

  25. Oh, and my name is not Hazel.



    I guess that your name is......

    Peggy Sue
    (am I close)
    Bella (snickers)
    Will try again is it's none of thse

  26. about Alice in Wonderland. It was very good! This might sound funny, but you know that part in both the cartoon and movie where she falls down the rabbit's hole/ If it was me I would have loved to explore all the things in that hole...and maybe
    *looks around sneakily*
    nab a few things!!!

  27. lolz, Kallista

    Lenka, i'm guessing it's Amy, like Kallista said. Somehow, that kinda fits you...

    And Kall, i reckon your name is Rachel. Cos of the 'hell' bit. Kind of...



    The server that i have been playing on just worked. It is called 'Stormcom Freebuild oph+' and roughly has about 20 people on it. JOIN!

    UNless you haven't already gotten an account. *glares*

    Serioulsy. I'm on right now. IT's awesome. COME QUICKLY!!!

  28. OH!


    Every time i go to 'add a new adress' for the Blackberry messenger thing, it says that i need to enter a PIN. WHat PIN??

  29. It's me Kallista. to register today but my computer did not let it work. I don't know how to explain it better. I have to ask my brother for help. But he won't be able to help me till tomorrow. I hope.

    I will try one more time.

  30. Hellboy. I can't fugure it out.

    Have patience with me I will get it!


    Heres the link:

  31. I will check back later. Need to work on fanfic.

    *freaks out and hides in dark corner*

    it's not going very well.....

  32. OK Hellboy.
    My computer just shut down again! I lost a portion of my story so I'm leaving for the night to cool down my temper. >:0

    Also I have school tomorrow....unless lake effect snow closes school!

    *silently prays for lake effect snow*

    In the meantime I will go to bed. Then tomorrow I will work out the problems so I can play minecraft with you and work on fanfic.
    Have a goodnight Hellboy!!!!!

  33. Awesome!

    Kallista, its k that you can't play minecraft. What really matters that you lost some of that story! That is so unfair! God, i hate computers sometimes.

    2morrow from about 3:00pm onwards (according to the blog clock thing...adelaide time...) i will be playing minecraft online.

    The server i will most likeley be on is called 'Stormcom Freebuild oph+'. I frequent that server cos it's awesome. And i'm a highly ranked player there.

    (on that server they have ranks, and the higher rank you aer, the more building abilities and so on you can do. When you start off you are a guest, and then you build something, an OP ranked person will check it, and then depeding on how good it is you will be promoted. And so on and so forth. UNTIL you get to 'Master Builder' which to get to the next rank, OP, you need to do a 'test' , where you are given no study and have five minutes to do a variety of challenges including bot adding and spheroid making. Its a hard challenge, but i racked up a good cheat sheet and passed cos of it. :D ill help you when it comes to that, i swear. By then i might even be the one testing you, and ill give you easy questions)

    I read that poem, and i commented. This guy Octoobana sounds really good at poetry. I wonder where he gets his inspiration from.

    And last, but like hell not least, your name.

    What a beautiful name. Michelle. Almost as awesome as Joseph :P

    (lol, jkes)


    P.S i won't call you by your real name if you want. 'tis up to you.

  34. Amy IS a nice name.... oh god i'm going to have to use that in a story now xD but incorrect. Kal, Jessica is actually my middle name, so close! My Dad wanted to call me Jessica or Pamela (WHY?), and with my mum around they were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not gonna happen ;)

    Hellboy! Kal! You have awesome names! Michelle is beeeeeautiful <3 xxx

    Ok, ONE HINT, my name sounds really cliché. Not a great hint, but all the other hints would be reaaaaaaaally easy xD


  35. Hellboy! I've set out a quest to discover what Lenka's real name is.
    Just want to let you know that I finally have my fanfic up.
    Gotta go. Will be on later.

  36. OH! I'm glad you two like my name. I was worried there for a bit when you picked an old lady name Hellboy over the none of the above answer.
    I thought...NO WAY!!!! I sound like an old geezer?

    Or maybe that's what you think of when you hear the name Michelle! :P

    Some of my friends call me Mick or Mickie for short!

  37. OK Lenka! Something cliché, huh? Well give me a moment. I'm thinking......

    ....and thinking......

    .......still thinking......

    *mind explodes*

    *gets struck by lightning*


  38. OK Lenka. Here are my next guesses. I seriously think you over played my intelligence. I have a very small brain you know!

    Olive Oil
    Peppermint Patty

    OK that's it for now.

  39. I asked my mom if I could leagaly change my name to Kallista Pendragon. She just sort of stood there for a moment with a stunned look on her face. Then she walked off shaking her head and saying something about having a headache. I called after her that she was stifiling my creativity. I don't think she bought it.

    Hmmm....I hope I still get Christmas presents this year.

    I've been mostly good.

    Last year I got a piece of coal.

    That was weird.

  40. I don't think my parents found it was funny when I disguised my self as a Vienna Boy's Chior member and snuck my way into thier ranks.
    I don't know what gave me away.....that I was slightly taller or that my voice was deeper.

    Hmmmm...still a mystery to me.

  41. Hoping to get my computer fixed by tomorrow so I can play minecraft. :D

  42. Oh! You made Octaboona happy with your praise of his poems. :)
    He's glad you liked it.

  43. *falls asleep on her keyboard while waiting for Hellboy to remember he has a blog on Blogger*

  44. *yawns*
    Time for me to go to bed Buster! Well have a goodnight Hellboy!


    that was written with my right middle finger knuckle.

    sadly, the only word i can spell right that way is 'you'.

    Well, Lenka, i'm only gonna guess once, incase i do a list like Kal did and then i accidentally guess it.

    Is it out of these five: Chloe, Emily, Olivia, Sarah, Courtney, Isabella?


    ...that wasn't five...

    N-LOL!!!!1!! That wasn't funny! Just me stating the obvious!!!

    (n-lol means 'not laughing out loud')

    somehting mah dad made up. It was his attempt to create some lingo and we've been making fun of it ever since. I'd never say it out loud in a group of friends tho...

    Something horrible happened today. I went online in minecraft today, onto the so-called 'nice' server that i usually go onto. It turns out, instead of being OP (operator, a status that i claimed by going thru a very hard test) , it turns out i had been demoted by two ranks. I asked at large wth had happened, and i was answered by two of my least fav. leaders. Cwieker, who was also OP, and Epsilon, who was an architect (way higher than OP). With a variety of smiley faces and XDs, they told me how 'some people' had talked about how me and a friend (lightpies) and said that we had not been very good at our job. Now Epsilon wouldnt tell me who these people were, but i wouldnt give up. I kept asking HOW i had been bad, and he said that he wasn't actually there when 'the supreme court' ruled and demoted me and lightpies.

    At one point, Epsilon even (because he is one of the highest ranks) used his commands and special abilities to talk as Cwieker and frame him, saying that Cwieker was the one who had first said that i had been a noob and convinced all of the other higher ranked players to demote me. I found out that he was doing this, and he tried to break it off with a simple 'oh, lol, sorry'. Like hell i was gonna believe that.

    Then Lightpies came back on. We talked, and in the corner of my eye i notice that simultaneously all of the higher ranked players 'disconnected.' Of course, i knew the real story. There is a command called /hide that tells all lower ranked people that you have disconnected, and then makes you invisible. I knew that they were doing this so that i would talk freely, and so that they could catch me saying something about them and then ban me.

    I said stuff anyway, whatever i wanted, about how bad the server was and how corrupt their leadership rules were. Light completely agreed, and he says the only times he will be going to that server is to find me so we can talk and then go to another, FAR better server which we are both friends of the creator. his name is Death and he promoted us both to the highest rank because we helped him earlier.
    So that's were we are hanging out. Next time i see the server, ill add it, remember the name of it, and tell you all.

    God, i hate leaders.

    In the meantime, DO NOT GO ON ANY STORMCOM SERVERS!!!

    They are ever so slightly CORRUPT.

    Also, Jodi, you have not said a word about minecraft. Plz answr me.

    Ok, g'night all.


    I'm surprised that the game allows for something like this to happen, Hellboy!
    I don't think it's fair!!!! The created should do something to make sure that leaders don't act corrupt!
    Anyways, I know you really enjoyed it there for awhile. It sounds like you may have found a better one. I hope this one treats you better as you deserve!

  47. my story.
    You didn't mind how I wrote your oc did you? You know...with his actions and Nicolette's?

    *gives a nervous laugh*

    Just kinda pit a hint of interest in there between your character and hers. :)

  48. I like how you called me Jodi, Hellboy *laughs* not sure why, it's a name i always used to answer with when i was younger with the whole 'what would you name you're child if it was a girl' thing

    plus, neither of you are correct. Insanely close, but not correct


    Ahem, sorry. I have not gone on minecraft yet, but i will do ASAP. homework and all that rubbish... i cannot afford to get addicted to another game....geography assessment and.... Mario still haunts me....for not finishing...that game.....

  49. Darkane abd Nicolette have posted again.
    Very good fanfic!

  50. It's almost 9:30am your time and 5:45pm my time.
    I'm making dinner!
    Hope I don't burn it or myself again!

  51. I put up our fake Christmas tree today. It looks like Charlie Brown's tree. But it's better then last years!
    My dad decided that it would be fun to have an 'old fashioned' Christmas. So my brothers, my dad and I went to this Christmas tree farm to cut down a tree! Well...they did that part. I helped by holding the tree steady on the sled as they pulled it back to the car.
    My brother thought it would be funny to race back and the sled went over a bump. The darn tree tipped off the sled OPPISITE of me and....remember how I said I was keeping it steady?
    Yeah...that was using a rope....which was tied around my hand. So when the blasted tree rolled off the sled....I ROLLED WITH IT! >:(
    I could hear my brothers laughing as I rolled over the darn thing and then it rolled and stayed on top on me.
    ...and then...can you believe it! I hear my dad shouting at me to quite fooling around!

  52. :D

    Do you have snow where you live, Kal and Lenka?

    I don't. D:

    Late last night i met a higher up on the server who i was friends with and so i told him what happend and he said he would put me back up to OP when he had a chance. But it doesnt matter. I'm on another server now, with a better host. I met another person who got demoted as well last night called Purple Trees, and now both of us are planning to make a server with Lightpies. In fact, im off to find Light myself now. The server will most likely be called 'An Inferno of Light Purple'. lol, i came up with that.

    Bad luck with those tree problems, Kal. I'm sure that when christmas is over you can get out the old chainsaw and enact your revenge!!!!

    Lenka, i have a little hacked application, which runs a complete gameboy advance thing ON THE COMPUTER! That way i can play mario for as long as i like.

    However, im stuck on some stupid Boo castle part, where i keep getting to the end of one part and theres a door, and i go thru the door and START ALL THE WAY AT THE DAMNED BEGGINING!!!!@@#$%^!!!

    i pretty much gave up then. D:

    And plus, i swear, if i have two girls and one boy in my family, their names are so going to be Jodi Harte Bullock and Kallista Pendragon Bullock. And no matter if everyone at school thinks they have weird names, ill keep the Skulduggery pleasant spirit ringing...mwahahah...

    And i can't believe i was so close! Hmm, ill have to think harder now.

    And btw, I think that 'Amy' should be a name for an innocent, or something. Short story novel, that kinda thing. Like Stephanie. Kind of.

  53. An Inferno of Light Purple sounds AWESOME!!!!!
    I hope it turns out better then the last place you where in! :)
    That's crazy that you would have to start all the way at the beggening with that other game!
    It would be an honor to have a Bullock named after me! I'm sure Lenka would agree! In fact, I doubt that anyone could think of these beautiful names as strange. In fact I bet it would start a name trend! :)
    But you are right! That is a great way to keep the spirit of SP alive! XD

  54. Hellboy. I forgot to tell you. YES WE HAVE SNOW!!!!!!!
    It's crazy when we get blizzards. We get snow days a lot which means NO SCHOOL!!! XDDDDDD

    We have tons of massive snow plows that keep our roads clean and safe. But there are always cars off in the ditch or tipped over. Black ice is the worst!
    But having snowball fights and sledding is great fun!

  55. *whispers to Hellboy*
    I hoppe I doont hav skool tomoroow.
    I is alredy edukated. I is smawrt.

    *smiles proudly*

  56. lol

    I know what black ice is! I heard about it in a German lesson! Its really hard to maneuver your car on it, or so ive heard.

    Damn, we have no snow. The worst we get is hail.

  57. Hellboy! You still there!

    *rushes in Hellboy's room*

    *slips on a banana peel and falls*

  58. HEY!

    *smushes face up against Hellboy's computer*

    *looks at him crosseyed and sticks out her tounge*

  59. brb
    and when I come back....I'm gonna guess more Lenka names!

    *patriotic music plays in the background*


  60. hey Kallista

    In about 45 mins i will be on a cool server with my friend on minecraft. This is actually a friend i know in real life, and it would be cool if you joined us then.

    The server is called "Mac's Freebuild Server'.

    Remember, 45 mins.

  61. Awww...
    My brother didn't help me today. He's a bit older lives with soome friends. He would come by but he never did! He's gonna get it!!!!

    When are you gonna post again?

    *looks at Hellboy with puppy dog eyes*

  62. More guesses for Lenka


    brb for more guesses! :)

  63. i think the problem is you need Java. If you don;t have that, i dont think the game will work.

  64. Hmmm...I'll ask my brother about that. I don't know anything about computers. :P
    But in the meantime....I hope you have fun with your friend! :D

  65. Goodnight Hellboy!
    I'm dying here! Gotta go to bed! :P
    LENKA! I hope one of the names I listed is the right one!

  66. :O i would be so freakin' pleased if a Bullock was named after meeee! Well Jodi Harte. But i made her. So.... i'm confused....

    And still no correct guesses Kal! Sorry xD

    ~You'll be kicking yourself when you find out ;D

    YES! we have snow! But we have a scottish head teacher so she makes us treck down to school in the snow :( ah well, i'm sorry you don't have any Hellboy! I'll try sending some! xD


  67. *screams*

    ummm....Michelle????? :P

  68. no, sorry Kal! keep guessing!


    *Hellboy wakes up and sees Kallista there before him armed with 1001 snowballs*

    *he shrinks fearfully underhis covers...but it is no use*

    *Kallista begans throwing the snowballs at Hellboy*

    (they are soft so they don't hurt)

  70. *by the time she is done....Hellboy looks like a snowman*

    *Kallista decorates him with a bright red scarf....some buttons for eyes, a carrot nose, and a pipe*


  71. OK. Both parents are gone. My dad is away overnight on buissness. And my mom won't be home till very late. So.....I'm making speggetti for dinner. And do you know how to tell when the noodles are done?

    *grins wickedly*
    You throw pieces of noodle at the wall! If it's done! LOL
    I'm gonna throw a whole lot just for the heck of it. I'll make my little brother clean it up when I'm done!

  72. *eats carrot*

    But Lenka, that would be fun trekking in the snow! With snow fights, forts and so on. Damn, i need to get myself down to my great uncle's farm in Canada...

    Oh and Lenka, you still haven't helped with my blackberry problem. It keeps asking for a PIN every time i try and add a Blackberry Messenger contact. Now while i use Pin codes regularly with my credit code, i have no idea why it's asking for one here.

    ???? Help, plz.

  73. *eats carrot*

    But Lenka, that would be fun trekking in the snow! With snow fights, forts and so on. Damn, i need to get myself down to my great uncle's farm in Canada...

    Oh and Lenka, you still haven't helped with my blackberry problem. It keeps asking for a PIN every time i try and add a Blackberry Messenger contact. Now while i use Pin codes regularly with my credit code, i have no idea why it's asking for one here.

    ???? Help, plz.

  74. Hi Hellboy!
    Just a heads up. Darkane has added a 2nd part to her cheerful little fanfic she wrote the other day! XD
    Read it and be delighted!
    Derek has posted again and announced the winners for that contest he had a month or so ago.

  75. Was going to get you the link for Octaboona's new fanfic but saw you had already been there.
    It will be good if you guys can chat sometime. Octaboona is way to gifted and intelligent to chat with someone like me. LOL
    He needs intelligent gifted people like you, Alex and Lenka to chat with. :)

  76. Hellboy.
    If I were you I would not go near the window.

    *Hellboy does not listen to wise Kallista*

    *he goes over to the window and looks out*

    *a gun fires and a tiny dart with a suction cup at the end hits him smack in the nose*

    *it sticks to the end of his nose and a tiny message unrolls from the end*

    *it reads: Kallista was here and...*

    TAG!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE IT!!!!

  77. I'm working on my next chapter Hellboy!

    How about you?


    I want some answers!!!! :P

  78. HELLBOY!!!

    *gives Hellboy a threatening glare*

    *gets laughed at by Hellboy*

    *stalks off and gets trampled on by a hoard of oompa lumpas*

    Goodnight Hellboy! :P

  79. Lenka! Will have more guessess for you later. Brain is frozen at the moment. :P
    Taking time to dethaw.

  80. Goodmorning Hellboy! :)

    Still waitning to hear if you are going to post soon!

  81. Back for a moment. My mom decided to do something else first.
    Just found out that Derek posted again. But it has to do with which theaters will play the video and that is only in the UK.


  82. I was thinking...

    (yes I know that shocks you me headaches)
    I think we should gain up on Lenka and get her to post again!
    I really want to read more stories from you, Lenka and Alex!

    And just for the record, I did see what you wrote down on Octaboona's fanfic blog.
    I think you both are equally great epic writers!!!!

    Along with Lenka,Alex, Lizzy, Skyril, and Mary: You guys rule the writing world in SP land!

  83. pffft. Yeah rite, Kal. Everyone knows that the true spirit of the blog is you, Kallista the Beautiful Zombie Commando. NOW STOP PUTTING YOURSELF DOWN! I've read your stories and they are every bit as good as Lenka's, Alexs', Lizzy's, Skyril's, Mary's, and mine.

    But you're rite. Lets go gang up on Lenka. TO LENKA'S BLOG!

  84. LOL Good job Hellboy! I think Lenka should get the message!

    *goes to high five Hellboy*

    *slips on a banana peel and completely misses*

    *falls at Hellboy's feet with face planted in floor*


  85. Thanks by the way for your kind words, Hellboy. Putting myself down has become habit and a way of life. If I put my self down before my dad then he won't know he has hurt me when he does it. :)
    I have learned to laugh at myself and not take myself so seriously.
    I don't mind or care that I'm not as smart as some people. I just want to have fun and help people.
    (and sometime tease the heck out of 'em!) :P
    All you guys here are some of the most kind,fun, and talented people EVER!

    My friends around me can't hold a candle to you guys. :)
    (don't tell them I said that)

    Anyhow, thanks Hellboy!

    *gives Hellboy a Christmas cookie*

  86. Well...I worked on my story a bit. My minds shutting down on me so I guess I should go to bed.

    *looks at time and sudders*
    Yep! It's 12:40 am. I have a doctors appt. tomorrow.
    *gives another shudder*
    Then it's Christmas Caroling tomorrow night. Hot chocolate afterwards! :D
    Saturday is the big family clan Chrismas gathering. It's downstate so it will be an all day affair with all the traveling.
    I remember several years ago. It was snowing so badly my poor dad could bearly see. It was late at night and everyone was asleep in the car except for me. I always felt that it was unfair to go to sleep when my dad had to stay awake. So I would try and stay awake to.
    We were approching a big city that is only an hour away from where we had the party. But we had been in the car for severel hours. The blizzard was THAT bad.
    We pulled into a hotel that night which was a relief. My older brother and I had fun that night and the next day. We would tell my parents that we were going exploring around the hotel, to check out the pool and other things. My parents let us go thinking we would behave. LOL
    As we walked, my brother would take the signs that some guests would have outside their doors, and switch them around. So some person asking not to be disterbed would find the oppiste happening in the morning! LOL
    He also would suddenly reach out and knock loudly at someones door and then dash madly away, leaving me with a dumb confused look on my face as the guest would open the door. Yeah. I was NOT prepared for that! I could hear him laughing down the hallway as I would chase him down redfaced!
    Ah! Good time! Good times!
    Oops. I'm writing a book here! :P
    Best go now before my tired mind makes me do something REALLY crazy! :P
    Have a goodnight Hellboy!


    LEO'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  88. oh, with the Blackberry problem, just ignore it. type in a e-amil address, so like and enter it. Unfortunately, it's not useful because the people you send things to have to download a blackberry e-mail file onto their computer, which takes time and effort, and not many people like to do that...

  89. @Kal, have fun! Scareeeeeeeey Carolers... mehehehe

  90. all on my own... i'm Larry-fied o_O

  91. er, yeah. Hi. I'll update after you do, Hellboy cos quite frankly, i'm kind of just day dreaming about socks
    (basically, i managed to get a really cute outfit, but it's missing some knee-high socks. I NEED knee-high socks, and when i went out shopping, i couldn;t find any! Well, ok, one pair, but they were this ugly lime and yellow colour...eugh)

  92. Plz share more on the blackberry prob, i dont understand.

  93. Finally! I'm on at the same time as you!

  94. lol, socks. I daydream about fixing my blackberry and winning a million dollars, and you're daydreaming about socks?

  95. Ok, you press the blackberry logo-button to get the menu side bar, click add contact and type in a e-mail address. The person you're trying to add will have to confirm that you can send e-mails to them though.

  96. oh

    that's weird. Cos i've done that with my own email ages ago and i haven't been sent anything. IS it cos i don't have credit?

  97. well, yes. I'm wearing blue and white lady bug ones at the moment :P and i brought black and white polka dot ones with bows on tonight. Only to knee though, but still. ;D

  98. I don't think so, mine won't let me send anything to myself either, it's just stupid like that. i sent my friend a message though once, and she got it but it wouldn't let her read it before she downloaded something. so i told her to ignore it and we just chatted on msn instead xD

  99. WAIT! I clicked the blackberry logo button while i was hovering over the contact with my email and i clicked the 'email test' button. It says that i have no message services configured, and ill only be able to create a draft and not an email.

  100. do you have hotmail/msn? cos then you could just download the blackberry messenager, which is much more simple

  101. i mean it said email test because thats what i called teh address. So it will allow me to email people, its just that it doesnt have internet or somthing. Damn...

  102. oh ok. I do have hotmail and msn. Where do i get the BM?

  103. and i have no idea after that. i simply don't use the damn app cos it's so annoying with the downloads


  105. kk. I'll have a look. I just want to be able to email on the go and transfer the story on my bb to teh comp. THnx again, im off to look for downloads.

  106. (type that in your blackberry internet thingy)

  107. ooooooooor you could stay here and refresh the page when i send you a link? ;P see u in a sec i suppose

  108. it's weird without Kal. right now she'd burst in the middle of our convo and yell SPONGES in a comment or something...



    lol. i think i might make up for Kals nutty-ness


    well, whatever. Fine. i know she's funnier than me. No need to rub it in...

  110. I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!

    Now it's time for Hot chocolate!!!!!

    *throws 999,999,999 snowballs at Lenka and Hellboy*

  111. oh shiz!

    *ducks, throwing Hellboy out in front of her as a shield*

  112. I see Hellboy has wandered off. Probably cHASING A BUTTERFLY OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT!

    oops. I hit the caps button! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

    Scary mom is calling me. I must be away and get some CHOCOLATE!!!!
    Be back soon.

    If no one is here then my heart will break and I will die.

    But no pressure or anything like that!

  113. sorry, lolz, that butterfly was way to bright. It was just asking for a good chase.

    Nah, its my older sister;s birthday and we were cutting the cake. Me, being teh pyromaniac that i was, needed to light the candles myself.

    Ok, im eating teh cake and ill check that link out.

  114. hiya, if i dissapear it's cos my internet has a spaz every now and again, so don't panic! I'm still alive, thinking about socks and all that ;)

  115. still trying to find socks that will go with my outfit, even though those rainbow ones are my faves at the mo...

  116. it's not like the outfit has a special occasion or anything. It's just something that i brought, because i simply could. i think i knew i would do this to myself so i had an excuse to buy more colourful socks... hmmmmmm....

  117. D: i just remembered that i have next to zero socks. *sigh* i don;t really want to ask for socks for christmas tho...

  118. b4 today, i only had black socks, and then i had one pair which are black and blue striped. TOday i brought three, and now i want more :P

  119. what HAVE you asked people for Christmas then?

  120. right now? I want to get that book, 'Gone' by micheal grant. Every store i look in they have all sold out, and they only have teh sequels.

    Apart from that, im setting my hopes high on an ipod touch. D: but ive calculated the money everyone is willling to spend on me, plus some of my own money, and there's not enough!

  121. i want the new ipod nano (RED) cos it looks cool with the touch screen. Plus, it's tichy!
    I also asked for Glee stuff (surprise surprise)(Although i already know about one prezzie- i'm going to the Glee Live Tour in London next year!) some albums and book vouchers (cos my dad always gets mixed up with what book i want) and i kinda ran out after that. I dunno. A bag or something?

    the ipodtouch? New one with 2 cameras or the other one? it looks really cool! I asked about it but my Mum was like 'you have concert tickets, do you want the ipod more?'

    The answer was no, btw. But otherwise, i hope you get what you want Hellboy! One sec: i'm gunna go find the book on google ;)

  122. alirte well i have to go anyway. I'll work on my story when i can. Seeya!

  123. For Christmas I asked for a trip to Scotland and a minature pony. But I don't think I'm gonna get those. :/


  125. Hellboy! Seriously? UPDATE NOW!

    and Kal, why Scotland? You could go to Ireland and meet Derek Landy!

  126. I know. I would go there next. But I want to hear the bagpipes!!!!

  127. of course! I'm not sure what England really has... Snow?

  128. England has lots to offer! I love England So much culture! It's awesome! :)

  129. gosh, why? And kal, your name thing says Kallists, not kallista ;)

  130. Oops! I change it one to many time I guess! :o

    I WAS a Larry for a while.

    Um....excuse me while i go change my name.

    *shuffles away red faced*

  131. ok! see you in 10 mins then *waves*

  132. AHA!!!! I'm BACK!!!!

    *leaps in triumphantly*

    *is greeted with the lonely sounds of the crickets*

  133. i'll have to go soon (it's half one IN THE MORNING here ;P) but i can stay on for a little bit longer xD

  134. HARK! Who goes there?

    *looks around for signs of life*

    *a few smurfs go chittering by*

  135. OH! I forgot how late it is there! Thanks for staying up so that I may have the pleasure of your company!

    *goes to bow before Lenka......wig falls off*

    oh my!

  136. Sooooo.....when will we be once again privilaged with another genuis posting by Lenka?

    Hmmmm? It IS the season of giving you know. This would make a fine Christmas present to a certain beautiful zombie!

  137. *laughs* why don't you try a hat?

  138. I'm thinking of either posting as soon as Hellboy does or maybe again on the 25th dec as a Christmas prezzie thing for you nutty blogger people :)

  139. Yes! A hat is the perfect thing!

    *steals Skulgirl's Hatter's hat and puts it on*

  140. Heres an idea....
    POST ONE NOW!!!!

    And then post another one on Christmas day! XD

  141. haha, i would but i'm trying hard to round it off well. It kinda just stops and doens't really go anywhere for a few paragraphs, if you get my point. It's not worthy of you people!

  142. WHAT!!!!
    You are one of the best writters in Dereksville Blogland!!!!
    You are GENIUS!!!!!
    We STARVE for more of your stories!!!!!

  143. and you still haven't guessed my name right! lol

  144. no no no no and really? Payton?

  145. HELLBOY HELP ME!!!!!!

    *runs around in circles in a panic*

    *gets struck by lightning*


  146. *shrugs with a dumb look on her face*

    Seemed like a good guess at the time!

  147. paaaaaaaaaaaayton. Say it slowly it's a bit like paint tin. :P

  148. Clue: My name has six letters in it.

  149. LOL
    Yes....well. I have heard people use it before.


    Mona Lisa

  150. nope :( sorry. Madonna... lolage i wish xD