Friday, January 21, 2011

T- around about half an hour till I leave Moonta Bay Caravan Park :P

Just a note, still on an iPhone, which unfortunately doesn't support 'compose' mode- so no colors.

Alrite! Almost home! A shower, a bed that doesn't always deflate, T.V, and INTERNET!!! Mwahahaha!!!!

I don't have much to say, but it's been an awesome trip so far.

@Dragona Pine- I'm kinda still waiting for your reply to my reply to Alex's reply to Alex's own reply to yours to Kallista's reply to my reply to your inquiry.

.....I think...

If you got that, then go to the previous post and go from the bottom to the top.

That's, like, all I have to say, I will be busy unpacking and playing Internet games when I get back home, so I'll probably either post or talk again to u all in 12 hours time.

Cya then!



  1. Well, I hope you enjoy your time back home relaxing! It's amazing how one needs time to unwind after a vacation! :)

  2. *puts cool shades on and stares coldly at everyone*

    I'll be back.

    *walks away like Arnold in the Terminater*

  3. Yay! You're coming back!
    :] Enjoy the internet games lol!

  4. I'm on the overflow blog if anyone wants to talk.

    Even tho it's 1:00 in the freakin' morning...

  5. Hellboy, yeh I'm sorry for causing the argument on your holiday, it was unintentional. You're not a mindless sheep. Sorry about that.

  6. HI Hellboy! Will be around if you want to chat. Hope Lenka drops by. Skyril better show up too. OR ELSE!!!! >:)

  7. Alright Hellboy! You better not slip away from me today! >:)
    I'll set more traps for you!

  8. Awwww....I've gotta go now! Hope you are haveing a good day Hellboy! :)

  9. You still around Hellboy?
    I have to leave for school in a couple minutes. :P

  10. OK. I'm in my school library right now. I have something I want to say.

  11. I'm going to still use your blog to write to you. It may be serious things or funny, or the usual really ridiculous things I put here and everywhere too.

  12. I don't know when you will be on, so chatting with you on Derek's blog or the overflow is not possible. Should I just leave a messege for you there and hope you find it? That seems silly. You would have to go back through all these comments and little thoughts are not worth that amount of effort. But still, I like to share with you and others things that make me laugh or inspire me or... whatever I may be feeling!

  13. It's easier to write and meet up with when you are on school holiday. But even then, if I have something that I wanted to share with you and you won't be on for a couple of hours or so,well....I'm gona leave it in your comment section.
    And if you do come on while I'm still there, then yes, we can move to Derek's blog or the overflow.
    But when school starts for you again, you most likely will be to busy to come to Derek's blog. It's usually pretty empty by the time you are up. All the Brits and Americans are asleep.

    I gotta go for now. I just wanted to let someone know my thought and views on this.
    I don't like things that are misunderstood and unfair. I do need to explain more, when I have more time.
    Bye for now.

  14. That's cool, Kallista. Thankyou for telling me.

    I agree, and that is one of the reasons that i do hate Derek's Blog and the Overflow. I'd much rather to know what's happening in you're life and others on my blog, and then talking randoms with friends on the big blogs.

    "Sending me down, memory lane,
    My favorite record is playing again,"

    ..Sorry...listening to my music on shuffle. That's from Royksopp. Nowegian. Awesome.

    "We rockin' it-CONTAGIOUS!-monkey business-OUTRAGEOUS!"

    ...'Pump it' by black eyed peas...soo damn catchy...


    I'm not sure how i will do things when im gone back to school. It is a hell of a lot easier to talk to you when im not there, and even tho they have internet at school, it's mostly blocked. Did you know, on my blog, they actually let my blog go through the proxy, so i can see all the comments that you post and all, BUT THEY BLOCKED THE POST A COMMENT SECTION! I CAN'T REPLY :(

    Okay, i'm starving for breaky, so i'm going to have to go now. If you have ANYTHING that needs telling, you can post it here. If it's super important and not something you want others to see, you can click on my icon in the 'Followers' spot and then click 'Send message'. That message goes straight to my email address. And privacy is right up there in my mind.

    Trust me. My dad's a Counselor. ('and how does that make you feel?' is surprisingly the worst thing you could possibly say to someone in distress. :P)



  15. OH YEAH AND PLUS i wrote the next part on 'We the Kings', that ongoing story thing. If anyone want's to read it.


  17. I've read it and commented Hellboy!

    But I'll warn you right now Hellboy. You insult your awesome epic writing talent again and I'll sic my Mafia girls on you! >:)

  18. Alright Hellboy. I've got to go to bed now. e's see...before I go I want to let you know of a couple new postings out there. Lizzy has one on Bio rama. Another contest for the background. Lunar has another story out. HAve you read Skylara's latet?
    And Nicolette had a new blog altogather. So does Sarthacus. They both got rid of the old. If you need the new links I'll give it to you tomorrow. To tired and dumb to do anytihing now. :P

    Have a goodnight Hellboy!

  19. The Susurrus

    A susurrus in the wind
    A zephyr along the highway of heaven and hell

    Hellboy seeks with his far seeing eyes
    That see beyond the future
    To the time on the Morpheus Road
    Where the great multitudes swarm
    He seeks out each individual’s path
    And their deathly destination

    A susurrus in the wind
    A zephyr along the highway of life and death

    He sees an ancient figure
    Bound for the ethereal plains
    Filled with wraiths and phantasms
    That hide in the mists and vapours
    That torment the mind with ghosts and memories
    From ages past

    A susurrus in the wind
    A zephyr along the highway of anger and sorrow

    Hellboy watches a young child
    Stand alone in the Field of Asphodel
    His identity already fading
    His pale spirit merging with the others
    Joining the repetitious cycle
    In the dreary grey grass
    Of eternal stillness and neutrality

    A susurrus in the wind
    A zephyr along the highway of silence and commotion

    Hellboy shades his eyes from the bold man’s fate
    Who lived a life of cruelty and malice
    Turning others joys incarnadine
    As he walks the way to Sheol
    To be purged in unquenchable fire
    And smell the stench of his own roasting flesh
    And taste the bitter flavour of charred hair and blackened skin

    A susurrus in the wind
    A zephyr along the highway of laughter and hatred

    Yet here on the Morpheus road he spots a kindly woman
    Who will spend her after life in the Blest Isles of Elysium
    Safe from harm and suffering in an island of beauty paramount
    Rewarded for her grace and virtue
    She will find peace

    A susurrus in the wind
    A zephyr along the highway of war and peace

    Yet few make the Blest Isles
    Hellboy sighs
    As the Road takes another victim
    Destined for the dank dungeons of Vilhel
    Where they will languish in the gloom
    With slime brushed walls and dripping rocks
    With only goats urine to sate their thirst

    A susurrus in the wind
    A zephyr along the highway of time and space

    Far above the caves of Vilhel the sounds of feasting
    Emanate from the Hall of Asgard
    As a new arrival enters the Hall of Valhalla
    To drink and feast in utmost luxury
    Attended to by their personal Valkyrie
    A mighty warrior devours a plump boar
    As the mead flows freely

    A susurrus in the wind
    A zephyr along the highway of loneliness and companionship

    The Pit of Tartarus
    Hellboy shivers at the name
    As he senses another soul
    Enter oblivion
    Tortured by beings greater than gods
    Eyes stabbed out by mechanical men
    The weeping sores oozing pus and blood
    A plaything of Kronos

    A susurrus in the wind
    A zephyr along the highway of grief and comfort

    Hellboy watches as another soul approaches the Pearly Gates
    A convocation of angels in gold and white smile down
    From the pure white banks of clouds that fill the pristine sky
    An unearthly glow of majesty and splendour

    A susurrus in the wind
    A zephyr along the highway of order and chaos

    The Five Rivers of Hades converge in a frothing torrent
    Acheron- River of Sorrow
    Cocytus- River of Lamentation
    Phlegethon- River of Fire
    Lethe- River of Oblivion
    And Styx- River of Hate
    They surround the Morpheus Road in swirling glory
    In shades of darkest night to deepest crimson
    And in the very centre of this quercivorous pool
    With jet black obsidian shores
    And amaranth tides
    Stands a sentinel, a Silent One
    Presiding over the multitude
    Known only as Hellboy

    A susurrus in the wind
    A zephyr along the highway of air and fire

    The sentinel looks out across the vast varied underworld
    Yet fears to look into his own future
    Or the core of his heart
    He hears not the ringing for it is a knell
    To summon him to heaven or to hell

    A susurrus in the wind
    A zephyr along the highway of humanity

  20. So, Hellboy! What do you think of your poem? :)
    I just want to let you know I saw your idea for my story. That is an excellent idea! I will have to see how I can work it in.
    Several things have happened to slow my writting down. I'm sorry for that.
    If Lenka came back on, even for a minute to let me know she is ok, my mind would be put at ease and would be able to work easier on my fanfic and story.


    Another background vote for Bio Rama!

  22. Wow. You, Octaboona Ambrosius, are a truly amazing writer. You

    I swear, there's a tear in my eye :/

    I was scrolling through these comments on my iPod, 12:00 at night, exhausted both physically and mentally, with a blank face, when I got to that poem.

    A twitch. The smallest spark of confusion, then wonder, hope, and finally, emanating from within me, a smile. The twitch was replaced by a force greater than I have felt in a long time, and as I read on, the corners of my mouth upturned, completing it all into the biggest damn smile I've had in a long time. I wanted to laugh in joy at the poem's magnificence, but it was still late at night. So I read on, biding my time and being content with my big smiles.
    Everytime someone passed, I would flick the iPod's screen down against my chest, close my eyes, and feign sleep, quickly wiping the smile away.
    But then the person would leave, I would flick the iPod up again, and read on, my smile creeping back slowly.

    The beauty! Your poem trumps anything I could of even dreamt of writing. Thankyou, Octa. Thankyou.

  23. LOL
    *whispers to Octa, careful not to wake Hellboy*
    I think he likes it!

  24. And Hellboy.....


    *whistles and cheers*

  25. HEllboy! You long awaited dream has happened! Derek has read your work and commented! Get your Aussie rear end over here! :P

  26. HEy! Hellboy! If you remove the b and y from your name you would be....HELLO!!!!


  27. Hellboy. Lenka posted again. Not a story. But an update. Just thought I'd tell you.