Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kallista Fan-fic, Final Part. Oh yeah, and a freakin' Desert Eagle.


You all doing well? Awesome.

I have to say, things are going well for me right now. In one month from now (9th of July) it will be my birthday, and I assume that you're all planning to get me some pretty damn epic presents...

So, with that to look forward to, four whole Terry Prachet books to read, 99% of all my school projects for this week finished, right now, things are doing good.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about. I'm here to talk about why a Desert Eagle is so awesome.

Well, I say talk. I really mean that I'm going to show a picture of a Desert Eagle, and that's...uh, that's about it.

Enjoy! :D

By Me, Hellboy. Copyright and so on. xD

Did you like that? I drew it recently. If you don't know what a Desert Eagle is, here. The best way to describe it is that it's an insanely powerful handgun/pistol that fires bullets with a diameter of about half an inch. That's a big bullet, in case anyone's wondering.

And it's awesome, and it's epica, and so on. But now I just want to post the next part of the story. So, here you go XD

They dropped Mitchell off back at Deus Ex Machina, leaving him to two of the other workers for him to be looked after, then got back in Israel's van and drove away in silence. Kallista still held the katana and wore the spare jacket from the Olive crate.
It was when they were crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge that Israel sighed and finally glanced at Kallista in the passenger seat. "You're quiet." He remarked. "What's up?"
She shrugged, tracing the intricate pattern on the sword's hilt in front of her. "Just thinking."
Israel flicked an indicator on, turning left down a small, winding alleyway and emerging onto a dusty road with no sidewalk. "About what?"
"Well..." Kallista began. "Have you ever wished...have you ever wished that you weren't magic? Because then-"
"Hell no!" Israel said with a snort. "Magic was the best damn thing that happened to me! I mean, look at me. I have an awesome mansion, heaps of loyal friends, a gun that shoots freaking' blue energy, and I get to kick the hell out of anyone not doing the right thing! Magic was the best thing that happened to me! I remember this one time when..." His voice trailed off as he realized that Kallista had tears in her eyes. She wasn't saying anything. "Oh," Israel said. "I should of agreed with you, right?"
"Crap. That would of been a really good time to have used my power, wouldn't it?"
"It would of."
"And yet I didn't. Damn."
Silence filled the van for a several minutes as Israel pulled several tight turns on the dirt road, and the scenery around them changed from being the heart of the city to being suburbia. Kallista's eyes dried, and she stared outside at two young children playing around with an old camera. They were laughing and pretending to snap photos of each other, even though the old-fashioned camera had no film. Then the van accelerated and Kallista couldn't see the kids anymore.
"You know," Israel said in a calm voice. "You're kinda right. There are many things that I regret that happened because of magic." He shook his head slowly. "I've killed so many people, imprisoned many more, made enemies of more people than I thought was possible, and been attacked by complete strangers who didn't like the color of my jacket." He gave her a look. "And seriously, who in the world hates my jacket? What kind of lunacy drives someone to hate something so comfortable and...and...awesome!"
Kallista quietly ignored the horrible, scratchy material that she was wearing over her shoulders and said nothing.
"But really, the thing that levels it all out, the one thing that makes all those people attacking and hating me worthwhile is the friends I have made along the way. The people just like me are things that keep me going. And sure, if I didn't find out about magic, then I would of grown up with a completely different crowd, made friends with different people, and lived a normal life with a normal job and died around about sixty five years ago.
"But I didn't choose that path. Neither did you. And so we're all together on a rickety little boat, moving out through open sea without a map or knowing of where we're going." The corners of Israel's mouth lifted in a smile. "But I like it that way. Hells yes, I do."

Israel pulled over to a modernly-styled house, and Kallista looked up skeptically at it. "In here? I would of expected that our target lived somewhere a little more...I don't know, hidden? I mean, it doesn't even look like there's any protective charms around it."
Israel unbuckled his seat belt and stepped outside. "Looks can be deceiving. And anyway, he doesn't live in there. He lives down there." Israel pointed to a 'No Entry' sign and a low gate across the road that protected a downwards path that led somewhere unseen. Israel pulled out his shotgun as he stepped over the gate, holding it vertically next to his head so he could level it out easily if he needed to. Kallista shrugged off Israel's coat and let it drop to the ground, leaving her arms bare. It would only hinder her movement. They moved down the steep slope, both struggling to compensate for the change in the angle of the ground.
"So," Kallista said, stepping around a rotting post that was crawling with hundreds of ants. "Who's our target, anyway?"
"He's not our 'target'. He's just a sorcerer who I thought I might pay a visit too. His name's Jacen Pentecost."
Kallista raised her eyebrow at Israel. "Just a sorcerer? You sure?"
Israel sighed, craning his neck to try and sneak a look through the trees lining the path and into a window of the small houses they were passing. All of them had their blinds pulled down, denying him from seeing anything inside. "Alright. I guess I better start from the beginning. I met Jacen a while ago, when he wasn't retired and working full-time. Jacen's job was...well, I'm not quite sure what it wasn't. He did everything. Black market, hitman, bank heists. He was the mastermind behind some of the best criminal plans in the world. It's rumored that he even set up JFK's death."
"Not sure. Y'see, Jacen's power is that he can know exactly where a person is at the present time, anywhere in the world."
"Ah. Scary."
"Damned straight. But at our last meeting, I scared the hell out of him so that he wouldn't go and use it again for bad things...and so far, it's been pretty good. But recently, I've heard of some of his old friends being rounded up, and I thought we might as well check in to see what he's doing and the like."
"You think that's how Jack found me so easily? It's something to do with this Jacen creep?"
"Probably," Israel said, taking the lead. The ground had leveled out, and a corrugated iron fence began on the left side of the road. "Alright. It's this house up here."
Kallista raised an eyebrow at the house they were approaching. It looked normal enough. The shutters weren't drawn, and inside she could see a desk with a laptop that was still running. She frowned. Papers were strewn all over the ground and the chair was overturned.
"He sure left in a hurry," Kallista said, drawing the sword from the sheath at her belt. She let it drop by her side and held it loosely so that it tapped lightly on the corrugated fence. Ratatatatatatatatat was the sound she marched by as her eyes flicked from every detail she could see inside the house.
"Oh, he didn't leave," Israel said, and a man jumped out the front door and sprinted along the porch as fast as he could. Israel leveled out the shotgun and fired both shots, blowing apart the front door and then a support beam for the veranda.
"That's him!" Israel shouted, emptying the shells and sliding two new ones inside his shotgun.
Kallista felt her legs moving faster and her body leaning forward as she gave chase to Jacen Pentacost. The ratatatat of her blade against the fence sped up and eventually was replaced by the sound of screeching metal as her blade carved into the iron with the speed of her movement.
Jacen dodged into the backyard of his house, and Kallista missed the hidden turn and had to improvise. She leaped and kicked off of a wooden shed, twisting ninety degrees and running as soon as her feet hit the ground. Jacen changed tactic, going for a car lazily parked up ahead. Kallista thrust her hands out in front and the air rippled, sending Jacen cartwheeling through the air and colliding with the car door. He groaned and struggled to his feet, stumbling away from the car and lifting a fully automatic machine pistol to fire at Kallista. He squeezed the trigger and Kallista dodged behind the car for cover as the burst of gunfire tore apart the windshield. Jacen started on a run down the road again, turning around to fire at Kallista every few steps. She waited behind the car until he was gone, peeked out, and sprinted full pelt down the road as well.
Where the hell was Israel? Her thoughts raced alongside her, and then the back door to someone's yard ahead of her blew into pieces, a blue wave pushing them forward and clearing the way for Israel to come rushing through.
He missed Jacen by inches but didn't stop running to catch him. Kallista picked up speed and easily caught up with the brown jacketed man. He was huffing and struggling to breathe. "Pick it up, Israel," Kallista shouted, overtaking him and moving to catch Jacen.

Jacen looked around, frightened, and twisted right before the girl could lunge for him. The man was no problem; he had stopped in the middle or the road, hands on his knees, catching nothing but his own breath.
He knew who they were, of course. He knew Israel Elysium from years ago, when the brown-jacketed man had turned Jacen away from organizing crime. Or tried to, at least. Jacen still did a little crime when he wasn't too busy. But he always made sure that he kept a low profile, just in case Israel showed up again.
But during this job, Jacen had been sloppy. Israel had found out, and now here Jacen was, running away from his own home.
Jacen saw a sign up ahead and moved to a small path on his left. The track led him to a construction site for a neighboring home that was being rebuilt. He called up a dozen names in his head and was happy when their immediate location showed up in his mind as at the construction site before him. He was glad now that he had had the foresight to hire several 'friends' to replace the workers at the construction site. Just in case some unwanted visitors arrived to Jacen's house and he needed help taking them out.
A gunshot fired behind him and Jacen barely managed to dodge the blue energy that followed the shot.
Just like now, Jacen thought, running into the construction site and calling out to the workers there.

Israel had started running again and caught up with Kallista, just as Jacen ran into the construction site. He dug into his jacket pocket in search of two more shells to load his shotgun with, found none, and checked the other pocket.
"Look out!" Kallista shouted, and then ducked and was lost by his side. The Hell? Israel thought, and looked up just in time to get knocked in the face by a metal bar being held over the shoulder by a worker in a yellow vest.
He groaned and looked up at the worker, expecting an apology, or a hand getting up, or even hug, so he was very surprised when the worker bent down and hoisted Israel all the way to his feet, then punched him in the face so that he fell to the ground again.
"The Hell was that for?" he mumbled, getting to his feet. The burly worker didn't answer; he only raised his fist for another punch. "Fine!" Israel called, raising his own. "I was going to trade apologies, but punches are just as good!" He charged, then at the last moment twisted around and dodged out the way. The worker's momentum ran him straight into Kallista's katana. The man slumped and she withdrew her blade. Israel picked up and holstered his shotgun, nodded to her, and they both searched the construction site with their eyes from where they stood. Or at least, one of them did. Israel's eyes were closed and every now and then his face would twitch involuntarily.
"This way!" he shouted suddenly, and his eyes stayed closed as they ran through small gaps between metal beams. He turned left and Kallista followed him up a makeshift wooden ramp that lead to scaffolding. They scaled it quickly, and Israel, still with his eyes closed, leaped directly off it, landing well enough onto an adjacent scaffold. Kallista landed next to him, just in time to hear him murmur to himself "Well, that's as far as I got..."
He opened his eyes. They were surrounded by workers armed with an array of weapons stretching from metal bars to long, wicked blades. They clung to the bits of scaffold around Israel and Kallista as the two stood defiantly back to back.
"I thought you used your power to get us here!" Kallista whispered furiously at him over her shoulder; they were pressed back to back, slowly turning as to see their enemy all the time.
"I did! This is as far as I got! All the other paths got us both killed by one of the workers!"
"Well whoop-de-freaking-do! Now we'll most likely be torn limb by limb by all of them!"
"What do you suggest, then? Any bright ideas?"
Kallista's eyes twinkled mischievously. "Only one. Is your gun loaded?"
Israel opened his mouth to whisper back, then frowned, looking down at his shotgun in his holster. With a pang he remembered that he hadn't reloaded it yet. There were still two rounds in his pocket, he was sure, but he couldn't reach them quickly enough without the workers killing him first, he was sure.
"No," he said sadly.
Kallista's eyes lost their sparkle. "Ah."
The workers had waited long enough. The strongest of them, but not the smartest by a long way, charged towards Kallista, metal pipe clenched in sweaty palms, and got a sharp jab in the nose for it. "No touching!" she called, pointing her finger at the crying man on the ground. She wagged it at him. "Noooooo...touching..."
Another sprung at her and she kicked him in the shin before he could reach her and then moved in close with elbows and knees, eventually sweeping his feet out from under him.
"We might win this, y'know," Israel said. He turned to a man with a ferret-like face and a blade in his belt. Israel smiled at the man, and tried the same thing as Kallista. "Don't even try it, man. I wouldn't even go near me, I'm so skilled. I've beaten thousands of your kind before, thousands of expendable people that are basically just cannon fod-"
The ferret faced man just raised an eyebrow, ignored the threat, and punched Israel in the face.
He reeled backwards, hands covering his own face. "What the hell! I just said don't attack me! Don't you understand?!" The ferret-faced man drew his knife, examining it's sharp edge for a moment before stepping towards Israel. "Well that's not quite fair," Israel murmured, then drew his shotgun and fired it point blank at the man's chest. Even without ammo, the blue wave knocked him off his feet and threw him off the scaffold. Israel didn't even have time to hear the sickening thud before more men rushed in to attack.
Kallista's sword flashed out and she pirouetted perfectly, catching three men with her sword's edge. Two crumpled to the ground, the third had been wearing armor and drew his own blade, a long, wickedly curved thing with a handle wrapped in leather. He roared and leapt forwards, slashing left and right at Kallista. She parried twice, then sidestepped the man's next lunge and brought the hilt of her sword crashing against the back of his shaved head. He stumbled and turned round again, and her boot collided with his chin. He was lifted into the air with the force of the kick, then fell back down to the ground. His hand went to a toolbox on his left, and he expertly flicked the contents at Kallista one by one.
A stanley knife grazed Kallista's arm and her eyes flashed in pain and anger. She caught the next tool- a screwdriver- in mid-air, flicking it around in her fingers and throwing it straight back at the man. It lodged itself between his eyebrows and he fell still.
Israel jumped to his feet, switching the opening lever on his gun and letting the barrels tilt forward. His fingers finally found two shells in his pocket and he drew them out, shoving one into the left side holder. Before he could load the other one, a worker crashed into him, and the cartridge he was holding went flying. Israel had just enough time to see it land on the edge of the scaffolding platform before the worker punched him in the stomach and his breath left him. Israel brought the shotgun around in a large arc, slamming it into his assailant's temple. The man went down and Israel turned, diving towards the shell before either it fell off the edge or someone else decided to beat him up.
His fingers closed around it and he flicked the opening lever again, slotted the shotgun cartridge into the right-sided barrel, and flicked the gun upwards with his wrist, causing the barrels to tilt up and click back into place. He pivoted, bringing the gun up as he did, and held it there, leveled at the yellow-vested worker who had an arm wrapped around Kallista's neck and a knife held against the underside of her chin. All of the other workers picked themselves up and stood behind the man; he was obviously the leader of the group.
Great, thought Israel. Just what I need. A standoff. Jacen's probably beyond our reach by now.
"Let her go," Israel tried, going for the classics, hoping that this one time they would work.
"Not in your lifetime," the worker said through rotting, yellow teeth. "And don't even try threatening me with that shotgun- we both know that you'd kill me and your pretty little friend here."
Don't say anything, Israel hoped desperately. Come on, Kallista, don't react to it...
"And so I'm guessing that you're just the best looking person in this entire universe, huh?" Kallista said, rolling her eyes at the man holding her captive. "Who was the last girl that was actually interested in you, hmm? A hobo down the street?"
"That's enough!" The man roared, pressing the blade into her throat, drawing blood. "Now! This is how things are going to go around here. One of my friends here is going to make a little call to the boss. Then we deliver you all to him, and you can go have a little talk with him. Ok?" He didn't wait for an answer. "Good. Jesse, if you wouldn't mind?"
One of the workers nodded, pulling out his mobile phone. He hit speed dial, but shook his head after a few moments. "He's not picking up."
The worker with the knife sagged momentarily. "Damn," he muttered.
"What's wrong?" Kallista smirked. "That old hobo of yours wants you back in time for dinner? Is that it? What's she making for you, hmm? Apple core and cardboard stew?"
The man's face contorted in an expression of utter and complete rage. It was at this moment that Kallista realized that she had gone too far.
But instead of paying attention to her comment, the man launched straight into a question. "Do you know how I got this knife?" He said, his anger barely kept out of his voice. Behind the man, Israel could see the workers backing away slowly, step by step. They knew something was about to happen. And Israel couldn't stop it.
Kallista struggled to look at the knife being held to her own throat. It looked simple enough. Its blade was slightly rusted where it met the plain wooden handle, which was largely obscured by the man's hand.
"It looks pretty normal to me," she said.
The worker couldn't of possibly been more outraged. "" he said, each word separated by a ragged breath. "How many...people... I killed to get this blade? It's an amazing tale that tells of the sheer strength and cunning that a man like me can achieve."
"Oh, well, that's a shame," said a Yorkshire accent. A man leaped down onto the scaffold, walking right up to the worker. "You see, I would of loved to have traded stories about weapons, y'know, but I just can't really see you surviving the next...let's say...ten seconds?"
The knife-wielding worker stumbled back a bit, still grabbing Kallista and dragging her with him. "Stay back!" The worker shouted, pointing his knife at the Yorkshire man. He frowned in return.
"That ain't a knife," he said, unsheathing a deadly-looking katana from crossed scabbards strapped to his back. "Now this, heh, this is a knife." And then he stabbed it straight into the worker's chest. He fell backward and Dragona Pine, who it was, of course, pulled Kallista away from the body and embraced her instantly. "Miss me?" He whispered, sheathing the blade.
"Of course," she replied, feeling truly safe for the first time in twenty-four hours.
The other workers readied their weapons again, not scared in the slightest at the arrival of the extra mage. "There's still more of us than you!" One of them called out, and they started to advance.
"Uh, guys?" Israel called out. "Hello? Plan of attack, anyone?" Kallista and Dragona still hadn't left each other's arms. Israel closed his eyes and checked the future, then smiled when he saw what it was. "Brilliant," he muttered, lowering his shotgun. "Just brilliant."
Three Cleavers landed without a sound between Israel and the advancing workers. They unsheathed their scythes and twirled them slowly around their bodies in unison. Israel didn't stay to watch. It lasted four seconds, and at the fifth second, all three Cleavers where sheathing their scythes again.
There was a scuffle overhead and all eyes and visors looked upwards to the next level of scaffold. Jacen was shouting and pointing from up there, and two more men were firing with submachine guns from his platform. Kallista and Dragona hit the ground, the bullets inches away from hitting them. They both stole a glance at the gunners, the looked back at each other, an unspoken plan forming.

Israel and one of the Cleavers leaped on to the next scaffolding platform, taking cover as one of the gunners saw them. Israel saw what was going to happen and didn't waste a second thought. "You!" He shouted at the Cleaver over the gunfire. "Follow me!" And he launched himself off the scaffolding railing. He landed heavily on the ground and the Cleaver landed perfectly, but he didn't care. Here's something you can't do, Israel thought, aiming his gun at a few small bushes to his left. The Cleaver's head titled in surprise and curiosity as half a second later, Jacen Pentecost jumped from the scaffold too, and landed exactly where Israel's gun was pointed. Jacen cursed for a bit as he tried to rid himself of thorns, and then he looked up and realized that he had something else to curse at.
"Give it up, Jacen," Israel called, his shotgun not wavering.
"And put a halt to a wonderful life of crime? I don't think so." And with that, he turned tail and jumped over the fence. The Cleaver stepped forward but there was a scream back on the scaffolding. "Go help them!" Israel shouted to it, running to where Jacen had. "I've got this."

Kallista and Dragona waited until the gunners had to reload, then stood up with arms and hands held high.
But they weren't surrendering.
"Hey Bob," one of the submachine gunners said, nudging the other. "Bob, look. Easy targets, right?"
Bob saw them and smiled, making a show of slotting the next ammo clip into his gun and cocking it. "Right."
They raised their guns and fired.
"You sure this is going to work?" Kallista whispered through gritted teeth as she angled her palms towards the gunners.
"Hey, it wasn't my idea to stand up here like idiots, completely at their mercy."
"Whatever. Right, they've loaded their guns. On the count of three. One..."
The guns fired and the first bullet grazed Kallista on he arm. She screamed in pain, covering her arm with her spare hand.
"Kallista!" Dragona shouted, but kept his focus elsewhere. He felt the interlocking parts between him and his enemy, and continued on with the plan.
Each and every bullet that came anywhere near them was stopped in it's path. The strain was obvious on Dragona's face as he struggled to keep the bullets away. "A little help...Kallista?" He muttered, and Kallista wordlessly held up her uninjured hand. Together, bit by bit, they forced the bullets back, even as the gunners kept firing. When they stopped to reload again, Kallista smiled faintly. "Hey Dragona," she said. "Look. Easy targets, right?"
Dragona nodded. "Right." He managed, and the bullets shot backward at twice their normal speed towards the gunners. Needless to say, they were both dead and more than riddled with holes before they hit the ground.
"You ok?" Dragona said, kneeling beside Kallista.
"Only a graze," she said. The third Cleaver, which Dragona had noticed was missing, returned.
"Crap," Dragona said as he finished wrapping a small bandage on Kallista's arm. "Where the Hell is Israel?" The Cleaver raised his arm and pointed down the road.
"Thanks," Dragona said, pulled Kallista to her feet, and jumped off the scaffold, using the air to cushion both their falls.

Israel holstered his shotgun; it would only slow him down. And he would need all the speed he could get to catch Jacen. The figure not ten metres in front of him turned right, running upwards and disappearing over a small hill. Israel followed, expecting an attack, but over the lip of the hill was only a small oval. Israel could just see Jacen run past a a huge wooden sign that read in large, chiseled out letters 'Sugarloaf Point: 0.4km'.
Four hundred metres. Briefly, Israel wondered what Sugarloaf Point was- he had never explored this area so close to Jacen's home. But he pushed the thought out of his mind as he ran past the sign as well. He followed the path that zig-sagged across the hill's side, then eventually vaulted over the wooden railing of the last part and landed at the bottom.
'The bottom' was a small wooden platform surrounded by mangroves with the water at low tide. There was a single walkway, stretching to a point where it was obscured by spindly trees.
The smell hit Israel like a punch to the face. It wasn't putrid, but it wasn't altogether nice, either. Israel shook his head to clear it and ran on through the trees, never leaving the walkway.
His feet thudded heavily on the wooden planks as he struggled to keep track of Jacen.
His right foot slipped on a wooden planking that was still wet from high tide, and he struggled to regain his balance and momentum. He could not slip now; if he did, he would fall straight into the knee deep mud on either side, and lose Jacen in the process of freeing himself. No, falling would definitely be a bad idea.
After two hundred metres, the trees started to thin out, and Israel felt his breath run out. He was barely keeping up with the man, barely staying on his tail.
Up ahead, Jacen pulled a phone out of his pocket. Israel watched with blurred eyes as Jacen said some words into the receiver and then threw it to his left so that it fell into the mud. Israel didn't stop to even try picking it up; by the time he reached it, the mud had swallowed it whole.
Instead he pushed himself as fast as he could and cursed himself for not using the gym installed in his home, Elysium Asylum, any time in the recent past.
The trees abruptly stopped and the ground gave way to a small river. The walkway still continued, turning into a small metal bridge of about ten metres. Jacen reached the bridge, drawing his sidearm as he went. When he reached the middle of the bridge he spun around and emptied the clip of bullets at Israel. Israel hit the ground, a bullet almost finding it's mark on the wooden boards beside him. The boards started to vibrate suddenly and there was the roar of a motor nearby. Israel glimpsed the tiny boat speeding down the river to the bridge, the two people aboard waving their arms and shouting. It was, no doubt, the people who Jacen had called. His final escape route, his grand exit.
Israel wasn't about to let Jacen get away.
The gun clicked empty and Jacen made a half-arsed throw at Israel, then moved to the middle of the bridge and leaned on the railing, urging the boat on. It was only thirty metres away now. He put both feet up on the railing, getting ready to jump.
Israel stood, determination in his eyes and a plan in his head. It wasn't a tough plan. It was the simplest, easiest plan that he could come up with on the spot.
Israel planted both hands onto the wooden planks beneath and pushed down, lifting himself up to his feet. His arm moved in a well-oiled path, sliding out the shotgun from the holster at his leg and bringing it upwards, lining up the sights on the back and front of the barrels at Jacen. He pulled the trigger once, firing off the shotgun shell that he loaded into the right-side barrel way back on the scaffold.
The buckshot found its' mark and Jacen screamed out in pain, toppling backwards off of the railing and landing back on the small bridge. He clutched his side and moaned, and the small boat's occupants veered straight off of their path and continued onwards at the sight of their wounded friend. The motor's sound faded off into the distance, and Israel slowly lowered the gun until it was at his side. He didn't holster it.
He looked around, and, satisfied that no-one else was about to spring out from no-where, walked onto the bridge. The first step he took towards the dying, prone man on the bridge made it creak loudly, and instinctively Israel's feet back-peddled until he was standing on the wooden boards again. Feeling foolish, he muttered angrily to himself and moved his legs until he was standing directly above Jacen.
The man that had once been Jacen Pentecost now lay cowering on the bridge, muscles twitching in pain as he tried to move just a bit further away from his enemy. Israel's foot came down on the wounded man's side and he twisted in pain, screaming. As Jacen writhed in pain, Israel made up his mind and hunkered down beside him. "Hey," he called softly, his words lost to the other man's howls of pain. "Hey. Hey!" Israel called again, shouting this time. Jacen shut up, turning over onto his good side and panting heavily. "W-what?" The man replied weakly.
Israel saw Jacen's eyes closing and so he leant forward, shaking the dying man's shoulders. "Hey! Stay awake, now. I want to talk to you."
Jacen seemed to focus on Israel. His mouth opened and closed several times before any words emerged. "Oh...hey there...Israel. just...shoot me?"
"Just a bit. Did you try to use your power earlier? Check up on where I was?"
Jacen's lips pulled together to form a thin smile. "Yeah. Took me...a while longer...than usual. You...still wearing that...thing...?"
"Got it right here." Israel's hand delved into the folds of his jacket, withdrawing something tied around his neck on a piece of leather. The thing tied to the end resembled some sort of carved, wooden chess piece, but shaped like a tusked creature covered in runes. Israel held it tight in the palm of his hand. "Would of taken you a good half an hour longer to find me with your power than usual with me wearing this, right?"
Jacen mumbled something else; Israel wished that he had shot the man in the leg, rather than the torso and stomach area.
"Say again?" Israel ventured.
"Twenty...twenty-eight minutes. It only just started...working for me when you...arrived. By then-"
"It was too late to run. Yeah, I see."
"Not of...days."
"Definitely." Israel said, standing up. It wouldn't take long for Dragona and Kallista to realize where he was.
There came from Israel's feet a long, wheezy laugh that stretched on for several long and uncomfortable seconds. Israel just about walked away from the dying man at that point. "The Hell is up with you now?" Israel said, looking down. He regretted it; Jacen's clothes were now drenched in his own blood. It was not a pretty sight.
Jacen coughed and spluttered blood onto the bridge, cutting off the laugh suddenly, but Israel could see the mirth still there in the dying man's eyes. Stuff it, Israel thought, and turned back towards the wooden boards. Jacen could die alone, for all Israel cared.
"I was never scared of you, y'know," Jacen's wheezing call reached Israel as he stepped back onto the wooden boards. Israel's feet stopped moving. His back was still facing Jacen.
"You looked pretty scared when I threatened you way back in '96," Israel replied.
Israel could tell Jacen was smiling when be next spoke. "I was lying. You're such an easy target that way. I never stopped work, Israel. My most recent target? Princess Diana. Her life, snuffed away in an instant, all because you couldn't kill me the-"
Suddenly, both barrels of Israel's gun were resting on Jacen's forehead. "Tell me one more thing, one more mistake I made, one more death I caused and I swear to God I will end you, just to hear your pitiful voice cease."
Jacen's grin spread further than even the Cheshire's. "Amy Hawkeye."
There was no anger. No sadness, nor rage. Only the cold. Israel didn't know how Jacen had found out. He didn't care. It was all in the past, anyway.
Israel glanced at the safety on his gun to check that it was flicked off. "Fine. Game's up, show's over."
Jacen slowly closed his eyes. "And I win."
"No, you don't," Israel said, almost muttering to himself. He ran his fingers along an engraving on the gun's wooden forward grip, to make sure that the blue energy that normally shot out would not this time. "You're a bad guy."
He pulled the trigger.

Kallista and Dragona heard the shot just as they reached the beginning of the wooden walkway. Wordlessly, they ran onwards.
The found Israel standing on the bridge, alone, the corpse of Jacen Pentecost at his feet. He didn't look up when they arrived, nor did he holster his shotgun, which he was holding down by his side as if he still felt like using it.
Kallista felt with every atom of her body that she needed to step forward and console him for a reason she could not see.
But she didn't. Something else, something unknown tugged at her, whispering warnings. There was nothing but bad memories down that path.
Instead she turned and buried her head into Dragona's arms, and saw nothing more of the beautiful trees or the thousands of crabs in the mud or the sky's reflection on the glassy creek.
"We win," Israel said, but he didn't believe it.

An epic ending, if I do say so myself. And yes, we will be hearing more about this 'Amy Hawkeye'. But right now, I'm going to just leave you all in guessing, because I'm pretty damn tired.

Also, Kallista, what's happening with your parents so far? Were you allowed to stay?

G'night all!


  1. 1st of all:
    *gets up and runs around screaming for several moments*
    OK. Back! I am blown away by your writing Hellboy! It's is just all arouns BRILLIANT! You have a fantastic way of reading that draws in the reader! The details you put in are PERFECT!
    Just INCREDIBLE!!!!! Love the bad guy you came up with. I'm in awe of your skills.
    And your art of the gun...AMAZING!
    SO COOL! I can't believe what an amazing artist you are! (is jealous) :P
    I'm so glad you let us see some of your fantastic art! LOVE IT!
    And now Mr. Epic Writer! I have a question for you. Who is Amy Hawkeye?

  2. Thank you for posting such awesomeness Hellboy!
    *punches air*

    *slips on a banana peel*

    My parents have listened to your "voises" and the voice of my pastor. I can be on. But my mom still watches me just to make sure I don't do anything to lead all you helpless lambs down the path of wickedness. (baa-aaaa)
    They are gone this weekend so I can do WHATEVER I WANT!

    HAHA MA! Can't stop me from doing THIS!
    *grabs the suger bowl and dumps it all in her mouth*

    *goes berserk for the next hour*

  3. I just can't shut up about how awesome your writing is!

  4. Maybe I can keep on going and leave 54 messages all in a row! YAY!

    *sees Hellboy glaring at her*

    *backs away quickly*

  5. Hahaha :) Thanks Kallista, I'm really glad you liked it. And it's awesome that you're allowed to stay! XD

    Now all we have to do is keep Lenka on.

    I suggest going straight to the Golden God and asking him to do a post, asking her to come back and comment more often, etc.

    I know you're online, but I have to leave for school right now. Cya!

  6. Aww...Bye HEllboy! *lobs pickles at him*
    Great idea you had for getting Lenka to come back!

  7. HAHA! School is out for ME!
    NO more teachers!
    NO more books!
    NO more teacher's dirty looks!

  8. Thats great Kallista, Hellboy check out my new post!

    Im on exams so i have the next week off, except for tuesday and thursday :S

    Anyways, when are you going to continue your original fanfic, or are you not going to?

  9. Well Hellboy. I told SKyril of your awesome idea and we set out to work it imediatly.
    What Skyril said:
    Hey, Master Derek, a great friend of ours that used to come on here and actually whose fan-fic you read, name being Lenka Sweet aka Jodi Harte, has been badly discouraged by teachers criticizing her writing and whatnot. If you could possibly say something to encourage her, even something small, to her in one of your blog posts, we minions would Extremely appreciate it and give you imaginary lollipops :D
    Pretty please?
    That's Lenka Sweet.

    What I said:
    One of your minions, Lenka Sweet has been going through a lot lately. She has writen fanfic in the past and has a real gift for it. Over Christmas break her story was one that you read.
    But during that time and after, Lenka has been discouraged by many things, including a thoughtless teacher who made Lenka doubt her abilities and dreams. She has not really been on since then.
    Derek Landy. Could you please do a little post in where you encourage her writing and encourage her to come back?
    I know you are very busy. But she is very important.
    Thank you very much foryour time!
    your favorite minion,
    Kallista Pendragon :P

  10. Awww, I missed Alex.

    *hugs Alex*

    I think Hellboy is going to continue his fanfic. I'm sure I saw that in one of his previous posts. :D

  11. Good luck on your exams Alex!

    It's been a WHOLE hour since my 1st post here.


  12. I am not gone, just wandering around.. Hellboy will be excited when he sees my post :D

  13. HAHA! Well I'm going to look at it too! MAybe I will be excited as well!

  14. Heh...sacred Bob...angel Bob...

    Hellboy, why did you put bob in the story? Not that I didn't like it, It was just that I was hiding in a golf bag, reading it on my ipod, started laughing hysterically, and some one found me (playing hise and seek).

    Shame, Hellboy, shame.

    But that bag was my trademark, heh.

    OH! SHOOT! I left the frypan downstairs in the hiding place...gaaaah, gotta go get it before any spiders or mice damage it...!

  15. :? Why is everyone getting school off? The school term doesnt end for another four or so weeks in my school :(

    Alex, you're post was awesome, nice work with the DJ equip.

    And Kallista, that's awesome that you two are already helping! I reckon that if we get enough people helping out, we can do it.

    Anyone know what Terraria is? Cos i'm buying it today, but i'm getting a special deal (four copies for the price of three. Three people i know are paying me ten dollars each, and seeing as how i'm the buyer, i get to reap the rewards of the free copy. W00t :D).

    And i will be continuing my other fanfic. I was writing some more of it this afternoon, actually. It's just a bit hard to get things back on track in that area. I can just barely remember what exactly i was planning to do with the fanfiction.

  16. YAY!!!!!!!!!

    That was a hell of a fanfic!!



  17. and AWESOME desert eagle!!!!!!!!!!!



  18. Hellboy

    i just looked at ALL the fan-fic and drawings u posted and...........

    NOW i am speechless..........

    U my friend r 1 AMAZING GUY!!!!!!!!!


    New post!



    READ IT!










  21. That was so incredibly AWESOME-SAUCE!!!!!
    Pwnage, Hellboy! Utter pwnage! Full-scale pwnage! Mighty pwnage! Incredible... Oh.... alright, I stop saying pwnage.....

  22. LOL Skyril dedicate d the 1st of the page on Derek's blog to you and Alex for your awesomeness.

  23. *grabs onto Hellboy's hand*

    *noms Hellboys hand*

    *bites it*

    *won't let go*

  24. Ow ow ow ow...*tries to shake Mar off*

    *fails* Damn...

    Thanks heaps Skyril! For the awesome praise and the awesome dedication, you are awarded ten Alpaca Coins.

    So far, you will not be able to buy anything with them, but...uhhh....they'll come in handy one day, I'm sure.
    They're the newest currency, 'specially for Blogland. Get rich by being awesome. Simple, right?

    G'night all!

  25. *grabs spare Alpaca Coin*

    *eats it*

  26. Well. Right about now you might be waking up for school. I will not tell you how I am on summer break right now and enjoying the sun because, well....that would be cruel. Nor will I tell you how I am able to sleep in. Cause that would be mean too. I am not like that. I am a GOOD friend!
    I won't tell you how I will swim in the lake or play on the beach cause, quite frankly. That would be WAY to mean.
    I just could not do that to you.
    So I will wish you a good day at school tday Hellboy. Go get good grades and do us all proud!
    *smiles brightly and gives him a cheesy thumbs up*

  27. :( *sob* Lol, not fair...

    But a-hah! Your plan has failed! For it is a public holiday for me on this fine Monday morning. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAH! And hopefully, because I am bored out of m freaking mind, I will put together a small papercraft Desert Eagle. Hopefullly...

  28. *tackles Hellboy*

    *grabs another Alpaca Coin*

    *eats that one too*

    *steals Hellboy's notebook*

    *flips through it*


  29. *leans over MAr and draws stickfigures all over notebook*

    *draws a stickfigure on MAr's nose*

    *eyes Hellboy and thinks about giving him a noogie*


  30. *looks cross-eyed at stick figure on nose*


  31. *draws a heavy unibrow on MAr and gives her heavy sideburns*


  32. *dives into heap of pillows*

    *when comes out, if completely marker free*

    *plays with glasses*


  33. Night Hellboy! Night Mar! (if you are still there)
    I'm getting really sleepy!
    Hellboy! Enjoy your day off of school! That's a comand from the QUEEN!

  34. Hey! *steals back notebook* No touching! Nooooo touching!

    Mar, do you want me to un-ban you on chat? Or do you want me to leave it be? I'm going to be on the comp really soon for a small amount of time, so please answer back!

    G'night Kal!

  35. *wakes up*

    *yawns* Sorry, asleep...

  36. *waves*

    You still there hellboy?

  37. *counts on fingers*

    Uuuh....five hours, roughly...or four hours fifty min...

    So...around...Nine...? For you...?

    *screws up face*

    Hate math...hat it hate it hate it...

  38. Oh, my Dads awake~

    ....or my mom...

    Or maybe its just another ghost...

    But I- OH MY GAWD!

    *small white dog leaps onto moi, and starts licking her arm*


  39. HEY! Hellboy! I'm listening to the most amazing musical EVER!
    Well, it's up there with some of the greats. :)
    It's called, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Coat!

    Joseph is a good name I think. Don't you agree Hellboy?

    *lobs a dozen marshmellows at him*

    I think someone may have hacked into your email again Hellboy. Sorry for the bad news. But I keep getting things from you and I get all excitied thinking maybe you are sending me top secret information or something just as exciting. It always turns out to be a virus thingie. :/

    *sighs and hopes that one day she will get top secret info from the files of Hellboy*

  40. *raises hand*

    Kallista, is one of the emails from some random African dude asking for your address?

    I got one like that a year ago, apparently. I just found out about i a week ago. It was in my spam mail box.


    I'm always so tired all of a sudden...

    Oh, Kallista, do you know how to sew at all?

    You know, withought taking a accidental blood test?

  41. *yawns again* it me, or is my room really hot all of a sudden...?

  42. Last winter someone hacked into the school computer system. It was one of those sites thats kinda like facebook, but the teacher trick us and tell us about homework there...

    But yeah, anyway, this weirdo hacked the system and called one girl cute, another hot, and another girl sexy.

    The parents were enraged. I was amused, and still wish I found out who it was so They could tell me how to hack...

  43. LOL Mar. I shudder to think what would happen if you knew how to hack!

    *laughs to herself secretly knowing what she would do if she could hack*

    Oh! WOW!
    No. It' snot only you Mar. Your room is definatly WARM!

    Sadly I cannot sew. I would end up with a whole bunch of those accidental blood tests.

  44. Hehehehe...just got the 'accidental blood tests' joke...nice :D

    Hacking, you say? I know someone who hacks...a lot. But he mostly hacks PS3, so i'm safe xD

    What was i going to say? Something about...OH! TERRARIA!!!!!

    Just about as epic as Minecraft, Terraria is a sidescolling take on Minecraft, but has way more things to do and even an awesome multiplayer coop. Hell yeah.

    I bought it yesterday with some other friends, and it's pure epica.

    Also, last night we reformatted my laptop, and i've been installing programs back onto it ever since.

    Also, Mar, you didn't answer my previous question: Do you want me to put you back as a member on the Chat? I'm pretty sure that i'm a mod.

  45. I'm not sure I'm understanding what is happening. Mar is not a mem ber of teh chat? I know she does not care for it much. But MAr. You are part of our crazy family anyways. If you were baned or had your membership taken away, then I'm sorry. :(
    I will fix it for you. Or Hellboy can if you both are on at the same time.

    Hellboy! Did you know Lizzy and Halo are big into Minecraft? Not sure about Terraria. Glad you are having fun with it!
    *lobs a dozen bananas his way *
    Bye for now!
    Get some sleep. You look terrible!

  46. *walks in eating yo-gurt*

    *blinks* my breakfast...

    What? There's m and m's in there? Well, you're correct. There are m and m's in here.

    I'm not sure if I'm still banned from the chat. I think the ban was only one hour, but then the desktop glitched on me and it shut down randomly. I'm checking right now on the apple.

  47. lol you're checking it on your apple :P
    That sounds funny :P

  48. Hmm. Well, I checked the chat on the apple, it was fine.

    Now if you excuse me, I need to go beat the crap outta this here desktop...

  49. Poor desktop!
    ~nurses it back to health~

  50. Ah, k. To be honest, I would of had no idea how to unban you -__- Lol, its good that it works for you. And if anyone's interested, I know a game that you can download that pretty much let you completely wreck your entire desktop with the help of a minigun, flamethrower, termites, stamps and a bunch of other things. However, just the other day it turned out that the game was hiding a Trojan Horse, so I wouldnt actually go and install it...

    Yep Kal, I did know that. And I keep trying to get into the same game as them, but timezones make things difficult.

    Turns out that because I formatted my hard drive, I actually lost my game saves on Terraria. :(((( I thought they saved on Steam, but obviously not. But, lucky me, I put a couple of hours into gameplay last night and got pretty far. :D

    Gtg, I have to catch a bus. Cya!

  51. Awww I hate it when that happens!
    Glad you could get back pretty far, though :]

    By the way, I sadly think Kallista was correct in the assumption of your e-mail being hacked again :/
    I wish whomever is doing it would stop being an annoying silly person who's banana head should be sliced and diced and thrown atop and ice cream with nuts and hog fudge and EATEN!

  52. *coughs*

    Hate desktop. Absolutely hate it.

    Its freakn older then me!


    *swears at desktop*


    Actually, Hellboy, what's that thing called and where can I download it? You know, just to have an excuse to get a new desktop.

  53. Whatching Lara Croft Tomb Raider with my Dad.

    So far, i like da music.

    (were not really that far, so, I only like da music. OMG SHES LIKE A NINJA!)

  54. LOL I like that movie :D
    I love the end! When she's

    back home and actually wearing a dress. Then the guy drops the tray and someone else comes up and takes a picture, lol. Then the guy brings a covered tray and she lifts it and there's her guns as the ol' metal robot thingie comes at her :D

  55. *claps*

    Love that last part. The nerdy guy reminded me of Rori so, so much.

    And I loved the whole ninja personality thing.

    Me: she sleeps with a knife?!
    Dad: yeah, doesn't everybody?
    Me: uuuh...
    Dad: I sleep with a butter knife! Not very good compared to hers, but...
    Me: uuuuh...o...okay...

  56. Uh...yeah...lara croft...i've totally seen that O_O yeaaaaaaaaaaaah....

    -__- I think i briefly saw a part when she gets into a submarine, at a friends house. Then i got bored. I used to play the game, however, on the first comp that i ever touched. It was an awesome game, if i can remember. Tigers, a shotgun, a bear, stuff like that, y'know. Such an awesome game, it was.

    But apart from that...i have no idea what you're talking about...i mean...she's a ninja? But...if you guys know her name AND know she's a ninja, why haven't you mysteriously had any 'accidents' yet...? I don't get it...

    HOPEFULLY the rogue emails will stop now, because i have finally changed my password. It is: (in case you all need it some day to save the world) **** **** * ****

    Did you get all of that? Good.

    G'night all!

  57. @Mar
    Yeah... he probably sleeps with a butter knife to make a snack in the middle of the night while he's sleepwalking... :P

    LOL You should most definitely watch it sometime! It's brilliant :D
    Love that movie! And not A ninja she's LIKE a ninja ;}
    Oh, I didn't know there was a computer game of Tomb Raider. I remember watching my older, older brother [the artist/biologist] playing a video game of it on some other system.
    ... It was funny to see Lara get eaten by piranha....
    lol :P And I remember this one time, I think he was on the last level of the game or something, when there was this super high platform you could get up on. Well, he jumped off to see what would happen :P
    LOL Lara screamed like three times 'cause if she drops from a certain high height she screams, then she died before hitting the ground xP
    It was really funny...
    LOL Poor Lara!

  58. LOL Good-night!
    And just so you know some more funniness of timezones, I just got up half an hour ago :P


  60. *blinks*

    Well, I don't know If my dad sleep walks...

    But...HE'S a ninja. I swear, he's gonna scare me senseless one day.

    He got STEALTH, duuuuuude...!

  61. HELLBOY!


    Well, two.

    One admiring Google, and the other about Harry Potter, Kurt, Characters, Knuckles, And characters.

    Yes. All that in one post. Awesome, no?

    (And I mean Kurt aka Nightcrawler, from the X Men movies.


    He's blue. And he has a tail! He's also from a circus :3

    Woo hoo!)

  62. Oh and um... new short story on my blog... and a new poem :P
    LOL Just whenever you get a chance to read them, of course :]



  63. So much stuff to read...awesome :D

    Btw, Kurt was my favourite out of all the x-men. He's the first one who introduced me to how to say bloody/damn in German, plus foreigners.

    "Verdammt Ausländers."

    Not that i...need to use that often. In fact, i can't really think of a time that it actually has been useful...ever...

    Off to read those stories soon.

  64. HELLBOY!
    I have found the courage to attept to write some poems. The first three are anonymous cause I as still a coward.
    The last two I was more bold after being encouraged by some people. I would be honored if you took the time to read them and leave a comment.
    I will leave the links in the next comment.
    :D Thanks Hellboy.

  65. Kurt IS pretty awesome~

    He's the first X Men I saw, actually, besides you know, Wolverine.

    I was sleeping over at a friends house, and their kitchen was being renovated so we had to go down to thr basement to find food, cuz we were hungry. So her younger brother, who's like two year younger, was also having a friend sleep over, and they were watching the second movie.

    It was the beginning, where Kurt tries to kill the president. So we watched that scene, I didn't actually know his name yet however, do I just rooted "Yeah! Go Monkey-Man!"

    No offense Mr President.

    But yeah, then I got bored and went into the next room, and gloriously at 10:00 at night we claimed our cereal and threw a few marshmellows in as well.

    Then we went upstairs, But I was still hungry, so we went back down a bit later, and watched the movie while eating chips from when the creepy army dudes infultrait the School, up until They find Kurt hanging from a tree and listening to their every word.

    But that was the first time I even watched one of the movies, so I still didn't know Kurt's name, thought Magneto was just a guy in a funny helmet, and when they saw Kitty run through the walls they were like-

    "Oh my god Kitty!"


    "I love Kitty's power!"


    "I like it when she's older though,"

    An I was all like-


    But then I joined my dad one night in watching the end of the first movie, and on another night the second movie, googled somethings, and now I know Kurt's name.

    And who kitty is.

    ...but I'm still a BIT I'm devicing a plan to watch the beginning of the first movie, and the third one, whatever it's called.


    There are several other poems on the is blog written by other mebers of the SP Gang.
    Minei is th 1st post on the blog. Then:
    Roses for Ann Marie, and
    The Bride
    I can't wait to hear what you thing. :D

  67. O.o

    *mushes face against his computer screen*

  69. *eye twitches slightly*

    *taps notebook paper with pencil*

    Hmmm. Lets wait her shall we and see if something MAGICALLY appears...

    (sarcasm sarcasm)

  70. Kallista, those poems were outstanding. Absoloutley brilliant work. I especially liked the Ann Marie poem xD Awesome job! You have an great talent for poetry.

    And Mar, your post about characters is... Intriguing... I have no idea who to put. When creating a character I do my name first, as that shapes everything, but with this character, I can't seem to achieve even that. Any good guys names? John....Micheal... I can't think of any others... -__- damn sleepiness, messing up my concentration.

    Hopefully, in the morning, I'll think of something, but for now, it's just a quick eps of AVPM and then I'm going to sleep...

  71. There's a new story on my blog, Hellboy.

  72. YAY! I'm so THRILLED you like my poetry Hellboy.
    I was inspird by all the other poets on here.

  73. I'm such a baby xP
    Y'see... well, I'll just copy and paste the comments I put on the overflow...

    This is Skyril

    Stupid... bloody... phone!

    Hey, guys! I meant to tell y'all and forgot, we've been on a mini trip for my mum's birthday [we like such things and forgo other whatnots to go on them] Anyway, I tried telling y'all earlier with my mom's phone, but, apparently, it didn't post even thought it said it had! ~growls again~
    So I didn't get a chance to come on yesterday 'cause I got up at 4:50 AM, and after getting everything ready and loaded in the car and all that, we set out and drove for a large amount of the day then went to a dinner theater. Our favorite, as a matter of fact, Chaffin's Barn. So in the end I went to sleep at 12:45... also AM xD And that's why I didn't get a chance to get on yesterday. I've only just gotten the opportunity right now! So... that's it.... Sorry for forgetting to tell y'all and glad to be here :]
    Wazzup, folks? :D

    And NOW stupid, bloody, google is saying "unusual activity" has happened with my account and it won't let me access! Grrrrrr! That's why my name is different. It's cause it's a whole new account.

  74. ~tries to go to my blog~

    ~says blog has been removed~

    ~pulls out hair and cries in despair~

    What's going on???

  75. I'm just so upset right now, [probably 'cause I'm just tired] seeing as I was finally getting on an actual comp to try to talk with y'all and what happens?? It won't let me access my account! So I growl and grr and send a very calm message to them telling them what's up and what on earth are they talking about "unusual activity?" Then i have to go create a whole new e-mail in order to create a whole new blogger only to comment after everyone's left. ~sigh~ I suppose tis my lot in life.

  76. LOL Sorry for spamming your blog with my lonely-ness xP

  77. Well... thanks for reading my stuff, although I never did get a chance to read your comments... since my blog is apparently gone now... and I guess I'll not get to read any of the comments on my poem since I'd left the night before anyone read it and left the next morning and have only just gotten on the computer.... Well, Tim and Kallista did read it, that's right, before I posted it... an' they said it was good so that cheers me a bit...
    ~sigh~ I'm rambling again, aren't I?

  78. I feel like writing a poem of my anguish, but I'm not poetic enough. I'd have to seriously think about it instead of just writing it out of the blue, and I'm too tired to seriously think about it xP

  79. Omg Skyril, I'm so sorry. I really don't know what happened, I've never heard of a blog deleting itself before. Are you able to log in at all? Because then you'd be able to see the dashboard or something, maybe see if you could get it back. I'm really sorry, apart from that, I have no idea how to help. I wish I was on an hour ago, but I was busy. So sorry :(

    I really hope that you do find it again, or Blogger stops being a total idiot and loads it, or something. :(((


  81. Hallelujah! Google sent me an e-mail saying sorry and the issue is resolved! I couldn't log in at ALL, Hellboy. It was awful! I'm so glad it works again :D

  82. Thank God :) Glad you got it back.

    *Yawn* Just watched Chronicles of Riddick. An awesome movie, if not slightly cheesy and a bit long. But now, I'm off to sleep... G'night all!

  83. Me too, Hellboy :]
    ~throws purple confetti all over the place~

    I've seen bits and pieces of those movies, but I don't think I've ever watched the whole thing from beginning to end.... I like the part where he kills a guy with a tea cup :P

    I ask of thee why thou needest to use such a strong word as "Bah!" Is there something amiss, my deer friend? Shall I pummel some withering buffoon unworthy of your queenly companionship? Or shall I perhaps converse with a fiend that spoke untrue words of your awesome-sauce-ness? Or what about a hug? :D

  84. I'll take hugs any day.
    A mindless ramble

  85. Hellboy
    I was on the chat.
    I just wander around the blogs sometime but check back often


    The second part of the story, Hellboy.