Saturday, June 4, 2011

Terry Prachet

There's five more posts to go (after this one) until I reach the big fifty. And yeah...a lot of other people reached that milestone ages me celebrate it, hm? 

I'm still debating how though...champagne? Dancing walruses? A gig where an aardvark drinks as many Doctor Peppers as it can? 
Now, while all of these spectacles seems fantastic...they probably won't happen. Not unless I become very rich, very fast. Yes, even champagne is extremely expensive in my view now-a-days. (It might be because I'm broke...)

SO. Terry Prachet. Just sayin'.

Alright...maybe I did want to say a little bit more than just his name...

Y'see Bloggers, Terry's an amazing author. And I mean, spectacular. I'm not sure that he's actually...above...the skill level that Derek Landy has attained, but I like to think of Mr. Prachet as someone who has achieved a whole other level of awesome-osity. 

And I'm sure that at least one of you will know who Terry Prachet is. And so, before you ask, no, I have not read everything he has written. I've read two of his books. Yeah...

And they weren't even in the right order. I read 'The Wee Free Men', and was hooked so amazingly so. Just the perfect way it was written. That book was where I found out the word 'Susurrus'. 
(Mar Chu, you might particularly like The Wee Free Men, as it has a really awesome scene at the beginning where the main girl character beats the crap out of some river monster with the only thing she had with her at the time. Yep, you guessed right- a frying pan.)

And then the girl wants to become a witch instead of learn normal things and is basically awesome and so on and so forth. It is a wonderful, terrific page-turner that I am recommending to you all as strongly as I can- Get this book!

...but then, in an effort to read more, I accidentally skipped out on the second book and read the third. And I never really did find the second book to try and catch up. But hopefully, I'll get them for my birthday in a month's time, and then the reading will begin...

(also, the story is set on a place called 'Discworld', which, as I believe it, is a giant flat disc held up by four monstrously large elephants, who are sitting on an even larger turtle/tortoise's shell, who just kinda chills in space. But apart from that, the world is basically the same. Except it's got magic. And all those who can use magic can see Death.)

With all the wit from Skulduggery Pleasant, the quirkiness from The Doctor, and a helluva lot of humor, Terry Pratchet's work is definitely a favorite book for me.

(OH! I actually wanted to say something else. I was given to borrow four of his other books, which I'm going to start in a moment. They are: The Hogfather, Lords and Ladies, Maskerade, and Carpe Jugulum)

If there actually is absolutely no-one who knows who Terry Pratchet is, then...uh...dammit. Things would really suck.


  1. I know who he is! *dances*

    He wrote _Good Omens_ with Neil Gaiman. And, um, I read something else by him, I think... Monstrous Regiment? Was that his?

  2. *Immidietly googles the book*

  3. That seems like a really good book!

    *devises an evil plan to make her mom take her to the book store later*

  4. Ooooh I know who he is!! I was sitting there, desperately trying to remember 'cause his name sounded SO familiar! And then I got it! Well, really, the Discworld reminded me. You see, I haven't read any of his books, BUT I have seen a movie based on one of them! It's the Hogfather! Woo-hoo! It was SO weird and SO awesome! I love Teatime [although he pronounces it te-a-time-y]
    He so weird and awesome. :D And Death is quite th interesting character as well. I would really love to read some of his stuff, actually. And you should watch that movie sometime. :] It's brilliant. I hope it's like the book though 'cause if it's not, then I'll get all annoyed when I start to read it xD
    Anyway... yeah.... actually, something I said reminded my brother's friend of something Death would have said in the Hogfather. I said, "Striking a pose is funny!
    ... And it's even funnier when you get struck by lightening!"

  5. By the way, check this out and read the title of it. :]

  6. You have to wait for a minute for it to switch to the right photo.

  7. Hey Hellboy ;)
    I remember seeing my mum reading one of his books a few years back and I asked her if she liked it. She said no and that it was way too weird for her.

    So, naturally, me loving everything weird I asked to borrow it when she was done. Sadly she took it back to the library before I could read it.

    Thank-you Hellboy for telling me this as I now will deffinately read one of his books. I saw a bit of 'Going Postal' on Sky but my dad deleted the second half before I saw it so I never got to see the end *grumbles but I did really like it!

    And didn't Terry Pratchet get Alzheimers? That is so sad if a great author like him got it! He must feel so terrible as his fantabulous brain slowly begins to waste away...

  8. I just had a conversation with a CAT...and it freakin RESPONDED...

    *looks around*

    No, I'm not insane! At least not more insane then all of YOU!!!

  9. Ermmmmmm...don't feel good...I don't know If I'm going to sneeze, or cough, or throw up or what...

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. *studies Hellboy*

    *crosses arms*

    *Israel OC walks by*

    *grabs on the Israel OC*

    *pokes him*

    *shines a light into his eye*

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllbbbbbboooooooyyyyyy...I have to ask you some questions concerning him...

    *points to Israel OC*

    When and Where did you come up with Israel's power?

    Is there anyone else who has Israels power?

    Does Israel like apple pie?

    What about pumpkin pie?

    How often does Israel use his powers?

    When did Israel start to discover his powers?

    What age was Israel when he discovered his powers?

    Does anyone ever mistake his powers for those of a Sensetives?

    Is Israel on good terms with sensetives?

    Does he think Finbar Wrong is a weirdo?

    How often does Israel stub his toe? 

    Whats his favorite animal?

    Is he allergic to anything?

    Can his power backfire at all?

    Does his power ever malfunction, like he sees everything in pink? Or just sounds?

    Can he see into the past at all?

    If you responded by saying you have another OC who can do that, then what use is that? Do relive the past five minutes of your life? To nearly die again? To experiance the sheer joy of exploding something? 

    Is the see into the past OC a bit selfish? 

    Does he have a large ego? (Israel and the past dude [Iraq Eternal, was it?]) 

    Has Israel ever been surprised, at all in his life?

    How often does Israel shoot things?

    Do you know that if you ever make Israel shoot a bunny disguised as a penguin, March will sneak into his room when he's asleep, and will dye his hair pink? 

    Did you know I'm typing this on my ipod? 

    Do you know there is a army of penguins in my attic? 

    What about that the colony of Octopus people that Ghastly makes clothes for is living in the room down the hall? 

    What about that theres a faceless one right behind you?

    Mr Faceless one, please don't eat Joe. 

    *Hellboy slowly turns around, terrified*

    *finds a Thalia wearing a panda hat, riding a unicorn*


    ...that is all. You are REQUIRED to respond. 

  12. LOL Hellboy! *reads the above*
    HAve fun! Dashes away to go eat ice cream*

  13. Haagaha *cough* Ha. Funny questions, Mar, and I shall answer them in just a moment.

    Ann, I've never heard of the Good Omens book, but then again, he has written a helluva lot of books, so...

    @Skyril xD Death is really awesome in the books. He appears in almost every single one. I love him, he's such a funny character. I remember in the Wee Free Men, when one of the witches dies next to the main character, Tiffany, she can see Death appear. And Death goes on to have a ridiculous conversation with the dead witch about how there unfortunately isn't any strawberry jam in heaven/ wherever he's taking her. And the dead witch just takes the whole thing on such a comical angle, skipping along next to Death as they fade away. It was a really weird scene...

    Bad luck not being able to read his book, Geckogirl. He truly is an amazing writer. 
    And...I never knew he got that...tis terrible news...

    Alright! Mar Chu's questions:

    1. I really can't remember where. I think that it possibly was in the dining room, while I was sitting at the computer. It was either just before dinner or after it...and it was about a week after the SP character comp winner had just been announced. Y'see, Israel had been a VERY different person back then. He had had curly, dark brown hair, for one thing. For another, instead of a double barrel shotgun he had had a lever-action shotgun. And instead of the power he has now, he had had a magical staff thing that shot out blue energy.
    And I think his jacket was black. He had a top hat, too. 
    And finally, his name had originally been Israel Beasly.
    *screams of extreme horror* I know. And I have vowed to never again use the name Beasly in an serious story. 
    Anyway, so I was sitting there, contemplating why I lost, when I decided to just get rid of some things. Louis told me to drop the curly hair. I did. The hat just kinda went away with it, although it could be welcomed back anytime. The jacket turned brown, the gun changed, I hated the staff because of it not fitting in well with the character and so, at this point, I needed a power. 
    And that brings us back to the original question. Sort of.

    2. I never thought of it. I guess that there could...sorta...

    3. Israel loves apple pie. It is possibly his favourite dessert.

    4. He's never tried pumpkin, tho...

    5. He uses it often. Not repeatedly, but often. So it tends to be used for even things like household bets on which person in a TV show is about to win. But most people in EA already know his power, so there aren't many takers for these bets.

    6. I'd say that he started to discover his powers around...fourteen? It's always a good age. But i have kept his background a little fuzzy in that area, so that's about all I can disclose.

    7. Same question?

    8. Heaps of people mistake them for a sensitive's. And there's kind of an awkward silence as he mumbles that his powers can't reach as far as a sensitive's can, and then the other person kind of edges away awkwardly. Or something like that.

    (the comment had to be a certain length so I'm cutting it here)

  14. (here's the other half)

    9. Oh, the sensitives hate him. They don't see why he would have chosen the power of foresight, but tainted it by seeing the different ways. It's like how whenever the future is seen, and people in SP will say 'The very fact that we saw the future means that it has changed, therefore we can fix if if we want'. And the sensitives despise Israel's power because he has stripped even that away from the equation, seeing as how he can see every possibility. The sensitives see themselves as a higher, more powerful version of Israel. Israel just views them as pompous, full of themselves idiots, and will throw insults openly if one is within earshot.

    10. Finbar (Dunbar? Shut the hell up, iPod spell dont know what we're talking about!) and Israel hate each other's guts. They're on the same side, but that still doesn't stop then from taking a dig at each other at every turn. If Finbar is anywhere within a hundred metre radius of Israel, you can bet that at least one of them is going to end up cursing the other's name for stealing his favourite pair of shoes. Or something or rather.

    11. He stubs his toe so damn much. Most of the time he stubs it when he's walking in EA. Coffee tables are his mortal enemy, and he swears that one day he's just going to snap and grab every single one from inside EA, bring it outside, and set them on fire. Then throw them off a cliff.

    12. Cats. He debated about keeping one around EA for a while, but decided against it when so many Shapeshifters already chose that form at lived at his house.

    13. Not that he's aware of... If ever, though, it would be olives. He's never tried one, but he has a strong idea that he's allergic to those.

    14. Backfire in what way? I'm not sure that I understand.

    15. It could, I guess. Possibly when he's sick and tries to use it. 

    16. I don't think he could. If he decided to put a couple of years of his life to training for that, then maybe, but he really wouldnt see the point of looking five minutes into what has just happened. He has a memory for that.

    17. I didn't respond like that, so, um...

    18. Ha :) I didn't think anyone would rememeber Iraq Eternal. Hahahaha...
    I guess that if he ever really did have an alter ego, or an evil twin, it would be under that name and he would look like Israel did before I edited him. (curly hair, black jacket, staff, lever action, y'know. It's all back in the first/second question.) but I don't really like the idea of looking into the past as a power, cos then he would be pretty useless...

    19. Israel was surprised when he found out about magic. But apart from that, yeah, he gets surprised just like everyone else. 

    20. Very often ;) Below ground level, somewhere next to to basement, there's a public shooting range that he'll use when bored. (the stairs leading down to the shooting range are set in the training room)

    21. He has specifically built traps set above his bed, just for this occasion. Israel takes no chances when it comes to pink hair dye.

    22. No, and I couldn't tell until this question. Did you know that I'M typing on my iPod? (I keep copying the text in case I accidentally hit the home button and lose it).

    23. No... How'd you find out? Were you just playing music one day and there was a chorus of animalistic voices, plus one set of animal feet tapping as fast as they could to the beat?

    24. Do you mean in EA? Nah, Israel kicked them out after he was told that they were hogging the swimming pool every day.

    25. I was reading these questions in a room with no light on, and a big gap between my back and the wall. So, naturally, I turned around, utterly terrified.
    But it was ok. Nothing was there, and I always keep a spare sceptre of the ancients underneath my bed.

    Well, I responded. Thankyou all for commenting!

  15. Have fun reading THOSE comments, bloggers! XD

  16. Hey Hellboy!

    I had a really good comment to post. Then I read the Q and A session thing and totally forgot what it was.

    Wait... Terry Pratchet.... heard of him... yes I have... read Nation..... have wanted to read Wee Free Men for AGES..... yes that was it....

    I want to read the Wee-Free Men!

    That was my amazing comment.


  17. *laughs hysterically*

    *doubles over in laughter*

    H-Heeeellboy, you have no idea h-how AMUSING I find your a-answers...heh...

    Actually, (with the penguin army) I foun out at 2:00 in the morning, a load of months ago, when Mir, Thalia, Ariah, and Lydia were all at my house, we only had one light on in the living room, and played hide and seek on the ground floor. (The ground floor is so weird. Perfect place, however. Theres a bar, another bar, loads of split level steps, a bathroom, a sink under the bathroom wich can hold ANY weight, another bathroom which is pitch black, a laundry room, a stair landing where theres a door before it to the basement, another door to the basement, a couch which you can hide behind [Litterally to the wall], a loads o' curtins. Its quite amusing with one light on in the biggest room. However, it took all out might not to get freaked out by every bump in the night, scream at the top of our lungs, and wake up my parents. Well, scratch that. My parents DID wake up, but I later discovered from my mom that they were too exausted to care).

    So here I was, hiding in a laundry room closet, Ariah hiding in the closet across the room. These brooms were right at my feet and rubing against them, and I had teribble visions of spiders crawling up my legs. Then I heard this weird little honk, and some scratching...very faintly, mind you. The house was completely silent, so anyone of us could have heard something coming from the attic. Then Ariah was found by Mir, and the brushes scrapped against by legs, and combined with the weird noises, I jumped out there silently screaming, and muttering 'ah ah ah ah ah ah ew ew ew so gross ew ew ew'

    And from further expiditions on christmas eve, I discovered evidence. He he he...

    About the octobus people? No, they live in a room down the hal in MY house.

    Ha ha...I scared you...!

    So, Hellboy! Are you wondering why I asked all these questions?

    Well, I'm doing research...heh...heh...heh...

  18. ...Hey Hellboy, where can I get a spare scepter of the ancients? Whenever something freaks me out in the middle of the night, I dive into a pile of stuffed animals. They will protect meeeeee...!

    *a Faceless one runs by, chased by five growling teddy bears*



  19. "*finds a Thalia wearing a panda hat, riding a unicorn*"
    And what did you think of THAT, Hellboy?

  20. LOL Hellboy
    That was a lot of interesting questions you got to answer! :P
    Interesting to know Israel doesn't like what-cha-ma-call-its and they don't like him!

  21. New poem on my blog!

    I hope you like it! :]

  22. Hellboy. I would just like to take a moment and say-

    *is cut off and screams crazily as she is run over by Thalia wearing a panda hat, riding a unicorn*

  23. Hey :)

    Really sorry for not answering lately. I have been just a bit busy. But I will be back asap.

    I passed the ten thousand words mark on the mini-Kallista-fic, btw. It's just about done, i'm rapping it up as we speak.

    I've got a tonne on my mind right now, but i will be back soon- hopefully the next post will be of the story, and also something that i drew last night.

    It's epic.

    It's awesome.


    It's a Israeli Desert Eagle 50 AE. Heeeeellllll yeah...

  24. Oh, that's alright, Hellboy!
    Take your time!
    Just hurry ;}

  25. Doesn't this sound like something Octa would say?

    The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.

  26. LOL I'm looking up random sayings.
    Check this one out!

    Artificial Intelligence is no match for Natural Stupidity.

  27. Haha! I love this one too! xD

    It is better to stay silent and be thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

  28. LOL xD

    Never put off until tomorrow what you can avoid all together.

  29. Why is abbreviation such a long word ?

  30. I like this one :D

    I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.

  31. :]

    Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.

  32. LOL
    This is so perfect!!! xD

    Insanity is hereditary you get it from your kids.

  33. You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.

  34. Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of ‘you’ to the world.

  35. LOL

    Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of ‘you’ to the world.

  36. LOL Well, I better be off to bed now.
    Farewell, Hellboy and hope you liked the... several xD quotes I posted! :]
    See you tomorrow!

  37. P.S.
    Another poem ^.^

  38. Ha :D Awesome quotes and one-liners, Skyril.

    "The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

    Now imagine Israel saying that to a small group of mages, holding his shotgun in one hand and a fully automatic assault rifle in the other, just about to exit a skyscraper while he's several stories up.

    Heh-heh...just a hint of what's to come in my other fanfic (the non-Kallista one). I've had it in my mind for quite a while now, ever since I listened to Pendulum's "Distress Signal".

    It stops talking n stuff after 1:16, so if you dont want to listen to the whole song, at least hear the start.

    I'm off to read that poem right now...


    It's going to be freaking awesome xD

  39. Finished writing the story...Just over eleven thousand words in total. The final part, however, is six thousand words. W00t...

    :D a six thousand word ending to the Kallista story? An epic drawing of a Desert Eagle? A huge, boring list of how many things that I have due for school this week?
    Wow, the next post sounds like it can't get any more epic. Well, maybe apart from that last bit...yeah...

    Ok, gtg now because i am so extremely tired, but the post will be up on friday. Most likely. Sort of. Maybe. Uhhhh...kinda?

    Definitely. Not really. Absolutely. You decide...

  40. *blinks*

    *looks around*







    (Tomorrow is the last day of school for me, Thalia, Mir, Lydia, and Ariah. All coming ove to my house for a ice cream party that has been given a really long name. Thalia's coming with me home on da bus. She's bringing a flashlight. I'm bringing a ladle (Frypan won't fit...!). We intent to attack squraky kid. Har...har...har...!)

  41. Damn...and I wasn't invited? I would of brought my mag light and my knife :(

  42. Awesome-sauce, Hellboy!!
    Looking forward to this next post!! :D
    And, as Mar said, It'd better be up! ;}

  43. *hops in*

    ow ow OWWWWW!

    I was just walking down the hallway with no lights on and I ran into something...It was so dark I don't even know wht I ran into...

    Ow ow OWWWWW!

  44. *coughs*

    W-Well, hellboy, you weren't invited because its an early dismissal day...yeah, at 10:40...and...there's no room in the car...thats why me and Thalia are takin my bus...and the bus is crammed as well...and...

    ...your awesome-ness would low everything up.

    Like this-

    *random house explodes into the air, making a loud BOOM!*

  45. *blow


  46. Hmm.

    Now, if you excuse me, I must go back to reading my e-book horror stories that I really shouldn't be reading before I fall asleep.

  47. *lurks in her secret labratory where she pours over her plans for crashing Mar's little icecream party*

    *laughs in a dramatic evil laugh yet still managing to look incredibly beautiful*


  48. LOL Mar...that happened to me once. Y'see, that's what REALLY happened to the Titanic. The driver warned me, but i managed to sneak aboard. Luckily, seeing as how i was the center of the explosion, i was not harmed.

    Post might be up early, as in one or two hours from now.

    And Kallista- what happened to your name? It's just 'Beautiful Goddess Zombie-Queen' or anything.

  49. *leaps up*

    *bangs fists on table*


  50. Wait Jimmybelle is a girl?

    Omg...that's it.

    Mar, how many people go to your school that either

    a. Have a blogger account and are out and about on the blogs, often.


    b. At least know ~something~ about Skulduggery Pleasant.

    Also! I actually don't know anything about Mir. I know barely a thing about Thalia. And...wait, who else? Lydia? Ariah? WHO ARE THEY O_O *splodes*

    No-one...tells me...anything... o.O

    I know that they are bloggers... i have seen and talked to them you three just hang around at school, all talking about SP?
    Cos then they must be the best damn friends to have. I know no-one in my entire freakin' school who has read SP. No-one.

    Posting the next part reaaaaaaaaaaaaaal soon...


    ...Thalia is staring over my shoulder, looking at me weirdly...

    ...she says tee-hee. And hi.

    Mir, is the only other blogger (besides Thalia), that is...on da blog.

    Ariah, Lydia, JimmyBelle, and a few other friends who haven't chosen a name yet, go to our school. We sit around, be lunatics, and talk about SP.


    We played hide and seek. Again. I found a frypan. Thalia is running around with her flashlight. Mir found a knife. We screamed at her to put it back. She reluctently agreed.

    Everyone is yelling at us to stop blogging. And they say- "HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT HE'S SOME FOURTY YEAR OLD FREAK!".

    We respond by saying that we saw your hand.

    Thalia give you a hug.

    *Thalia gives joe a hug*

    *namesless says that Mar's stairs are nice and cofertable*