Friday, July 8, 2011

1 hour, 46 minutes

Hell yeah...

I still barely know what times things are happening tomorrow, so finding a certain time that I'll be able to talk to you guys is going to be hard. It might (hopefully not) be around 10-11 o'clock for the Americans, which kinda sucks... but after I have breakfast and all, I might be able to talk (I think that's, like, four or six in the afternoon?).

Ah, whatever. Just check every now and then on my blog, and we'll all chat then.

Cya when I'm fifteen! ;D


  1. ...oh YEAH! Happy Birthday Hellboy!

    You got lucky. Today I got sick with who knows what, right before camp started. So, me and my fluffy side-kick Twinkie will be around...hovering...and possibly watching some Scooby Doo, because can't seem to get that topic out of my head.

  2. Happy Birthday Hellboy!
    And I hope I'm not too early with that... ^^

  3. Happy Birthday Hellboy!

    It's still Friday for me but it counts no?

    Probably won't be able to talk to you tomorrow (today for you) as it's Saturday and I'm Jewish and Saturday is our sabbath and we can't use electricity.

    So have a brilliant birthday!

    And Nicolette and Sarthacus have a very happy birthday also!

    *sings Hellboy, Nicolette and Sarthacus the Happy Birthday song*


    i hope you have a brilliant day! I think you'll be on when it's like... 2am for me, but i'll try and stay up ^-^

    did i mention....


  5. Happy Birthday, Hellboy! :D




    ~throws purple confetti all over the place and hands Hellboy a cupcake with a candle in it~

  6. *tumbles in*

    *throws marshmellows in the air wildly*


    *spins around*

  7. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Heelllbbboooooyyyyy~


  8. Ok, so I know this is going to sounds insane and creepy and depressing, but there's this song my family sings when it's one of our birthdays. We sort of got it from a movie called Cat Ballou, but changed it somehow and I think it's pretty much our own thing now :P
    So I'm going to sing it for you know, and remember it's NOT really depressing... it SOUNDS like it is, but it's, like, funny... and traditional for me sooo.... yeah....

    You are old and grey!
    And have lost your way....
    All your tomorrows were yeeeeesterday!
    You've bartered your bracelets
    For linens and laces!
    And now!
    Are ooooooold!


    Nice song, Skyril!

    *hugs him 999,999,999 times*
    *dashes madly around throwing purple confetti bombs everywhere*


  11. Hey, Hellboy, I'm writing a short story for everyone whose birthday is in July, but, unfortunately, I won't be able to finish it tonight. So I've made a little poem for you for right now. It's nothing much, but since today IS your birthday and I want you to get PRESENTS! :D
    So here's a little gift for you :]


    Thankyou all so much ;D And Lenka! You did come on! xD

    Awesome song, I'm about to check out that poem, it's epic that you got sick so that you can talk to me (... I guess...I don't actually remember being sick as something good, lol...), bad luck Octa, I'll talk later to you then, I'm going to eat all those marshmellows you just threw in the air, and *chokes* argh, 999,999,999 bone-crushing hugs hurts A LOT ;D

    Anyone up for chat now? XD Please?

  13. HELLBOY!!!
    ~tackles in a hug~
    And Sure! I just went to chat a couple people are already there :D

  14. HIHIHI


    it's 2:54am here.
    I feel like this:

    but yessssss! off to chat xD

  15. Really? Awesome, I'll go there now. Btw, I read your epic poem. Thankyou!

  16. wait, where do we go to chat? *is a bit clueless*

  17. LENKA!!! HERE:

  18. Lenka!

  19. *tumbles in*

    *searches blindly in the dark for the remote to turn the fan on*

    What that...what that...a...mouse? No, it has more its BIGGER then a mouse...and its hairy...

    *screams wildy, running away from the turantula on steroids*

    *points dramatically at The TOS*


    *TOS makes a creepy chuckling sound*

    *edges away*


  20. *finds easter eggs* why are these still in my room...ah, what the heck. They'll do.

    *loads the plastic eggs into a giant machine gun (what? Theres a lot...), and starts shoots wildly at the TOS*

  21. ~stares in horror at TOS
    ~shrieks and dashes from the room~

  22. *reads comments*

    *does a epic anime shocked face*


    It's true that the laptop is only on the floor by the foot of my bed...all charged up...but it's rather late here, my parents got back from this party they were at, are fast asleep, and I feel kinda guilty after waking them up at six in the morning.


    *sits down, and then takes notice to the TOS drinking coffe, sitting in a chair like a civilized person*


  23. *frantically emails a friend from school*


  24. ...I just emailed her a really pathetic story of the TOS's sad childhood.

    ...oh wow...

  25. HELLBOY!!! M yAWESOME FRIEND! I have also writen a poem for you.

    It's not worthy of you but I hope you will still read it.
    I would be honored.

  26. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELLBOY! I'm afraid I'm a bit late. :-( Hope it was a great one!

  27. Happy late birthday Hellboy! I'm sorry I couldn't get to here sooner, I'm slow, y'know?
    I hope you had a great day.

    The second part of my Demonata fanfic is up.

    I know you haven't read the first part yet, but if you could do it would be most appriciated.

  28. Sure, and thankyou, once again everyone, for such an epic day. It really was awesome, being able to chat to some of you. For the others, your wishes are all that i need.

  29. *looks in*
    You're here, aren't you?

  30. ... hmm...
    *leaves the cake for him here*

  31. *walks in muttering about weird dreams*

    *looks around*


    *walks out muttering about missing the party*

  32. *rides in on a Ostrich*

    Atta boy, Norm...yeah...

    *wails loudly*


    I have a new post up, concerning Moose, Montana, Freakin Waterfalls, a story, and evolving Chickens.

    Yep. Moose.

    (My dad thinks it's stringy. That'll make more sense when you see the title of the post)

    Sorry, no link. Norm the Ostrich here ate it. She's a very hungry girl.

    *about fifteen baby ostriches scamber in, and as Hellboy walks in he trips over them*

    ...she's also a mother. I might be selling them on ebay.

    *Norm pecks Mar's head angrily*

    OW! OKAY! FINE! I GET IT! I WONT! Geez...

  33. ~grins madly~

    Hellboy, I present to you......





    comment to Master Derek Landy!!!!!
    I was looking up old comments by me
    [By the way... I was HILARIOUS back then!]
    And decided to look up old comments by YOU as I was doing so! And I found the first! Oh yes, I did!
    And here it is!

    Derek, meet me, yes me, (a.k.a inferno-joe) ur best-est friend and colleague. And, in case ur wondering, i have always been watching u. from the moment u realised u had run out of cat food, i was there, slotting it behind that half empty peanut butter jar for u to *eventually* (shows how uncoordinated some writers can be)find. I was there when u tripped over ur dog and almost landed in it's droppings, because if u notticed, it was gone before u hit the ground. ever wondered where that dog poo got to derek? hmm? u dont want to know, my poor yet extremely rich friend. i have been there to scoop ur icecream off the ground, and top it with another. ive been to egypt and back, just to reassure u that the chair u are sitting in right now is real camel hair. yet guess wot? No recognition. None. Nada. Zilch. Zero. NOOOOOOooopppppeee.
    So, dereklandy, king of all youth writers, except for, of course, that *stunning* Eion Colfer-haha just joking. i have utter and complete allegiance to u. i, derek landy, am ur NINJA LEPRECAUN SUPREME!!! I ALONE WILL MASS UR FOLLOWERS BY THE HUNDREDS, NO-THE THOUSANDS JUST SO U CAN RULE US AND EVENTUALLY TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!!
    *pant* *pant*

    (a.k.a inferno-joe)"

  34. *screeches with laughter*


    *rolls around on the ground, face turning purple from lack of air*


  35. *spins in her chair and screams with laughter waking up her parents and all the neighbors with in a 3 block radius*

    *police are called as paniced parents find a hystrical Kallista rolling on the floor with laughter*

    *Kallista finishes writing her comment to Hellboy from within the confines of the insane ward at the Mental State Hospital*

    OH MY GOSH!!! You are so EPICA Hellboy!
    I love it!

    ALL HAIL.....well.....Hellboy!

    NO ONE can beat you in epicness Hellboy!


  36. Oh God... *shakes head* I'm going to delete that right away before anyone else sees it :)

    It's not my *first* comment, though. My actual first comment was posted underneath my bro's login, 'renegadesoldier' or something... I think it was on the second post that Derek did.

    Not that I advise you to look it up. Nope. Uhhh, noooooo, that's definitely a bad idea. *sigh* Damn me and my talkative mouth.

    So many errors...misspellings...the punctuation's all wrong... "Ever wondered what happened to that poop?" Yep, I was NOT myself that day.

  37. *pauses*

    *leaps up and sprints to Derek's first post*


  38. LOL Aww, You were awesome that day Hellboy! Same as th edays that have followed!

    *pounces on Mar*

    HA! Found you! You are going to chat with me again Missy! I'm tired of missing you all the time. Now come along!

    *drags Mar behind her*

  39. *rises up ftom the shadows*

    Kallista? Hullo?

    *looks around*

    *walks off, mumbling something about packing for a trip*

  40. Happy Birthday hellboy, im so sorry i missed it, my net has been playing up :/
    Hope that you had a great day, and that the year ahead is filled with nothing but happiness :D

  41. LOL, Hellboy!!
    ~laughs maniacally~
    I just couldn't resist posting it :P


  42. LOL

    (otherwise known as I.T.D.F.H)"

    ~narrows eyes~
    Veeeeeeery interesting.....
    ~pokes Hellboy~
    Poor Master Derek :P

  43. Hey Hellboy. I want you to know that I am now going to take my time away. I don't know for how long I will be gone. I guess until I get my fanfic done. :P
    I will of course check for updates on everyones blogs.
    I have gotten behind in that as well and feel horrible about it.
    I have written sevaral poems. Two are on teh same pos ton TEGI and are based on my week last week.
    The other one is more random. Here are the links.

    Thanks Hellboy! Hopefully I will see you soon!
    Do me a favor and stay happy and enjoy life! Cause when my friends, (who are my insperations), are sad, then I am too and I can't write.

    Oh! One more thing. Dragona REALLY would like for you to read his latest story. It's not a SP fanfic but I found it to be an awesome story!

  44. Ok Kal! And i have read it, it's just that Blogger's being really annoying and won't let me post a comment. So, Dragona, when you next come around:

    EPICA! Another awesome fanfic by you begins, and already I am wanting more. I have never read the Demonta series but this here gives me a reason to.
    Awesome job, keep it up!

    Hopefully i'll be able to post a comment about the poems, Kal, after i read them. Can't wait to have you back!

  45. Thanks Hellboy. There's already another part up ^^

    Fast, huh? :P

  46. Just read part 3, Dragona, and damn, is that epic. Torture chambers ftw... How did you come up with the idea for the cannon/WOMD?

  47. The Kah-Gash?

    It's in the series of books, the Demonata, it's not my creation.
    It isn't a cannon, it isn't a gun, it isn't a physical object. It's a magical force of god ability that can destroy the whole universe.
    The idea is, that like before our universe existed, the Demonata and creatures called "The Old Creatures" were at war. The Demonata (demons) managed to destroy the Kah-Gash, which was the force which held the universe together.
    There was a huge explosion, the Big Bang, and the Kah-Gash split into an unknown number of parts, whilst our universe was being created.
    In the series, it's revealed that there are 3 parts of the Kah-Gash, the eyes, the memory and the trigger. Kernel Fleck, Bec and Grubbs Grady.
    In "Hell's Heroes", the last book, they unleash the power of the Kah-Gash to destroy the universe after demons practically took control of Earth. So instead of having Earth taken into Demon control, and the rest of the universe destroyed by them too, they destroyed it all.
    Luckily, by destroying everything they had to TOUCH everything, and Bec remembered everything they touched, from the start of the planet to all the genetic codes of the creatures.
    They found out, that they could rebuild the universe using Bec's memories, and at the end of the book, Grubbs Grady makes the Big Bang happen again, but they destroy all the demons except for the really weak ones which can't kill mice, and Lord Loss after Bec made a deal with him. But other than that, they killed all the demons so the Earth wouldn't be destroyed again.

    Yeah, you get the idea. God powers :P

  48. Hm. Makes sense as an interesting theory for the beginning of the universe. Sounds like an awesome series, and I didn't already have five books to read, then I would pick it up.

    Btw all...finished Divergent. *ohwhatafeelingToyata jump* It's epic! So freaking awesome :) Once I'm done with my SP fanfic, there might be one for Divergent as well...

  49. Hi there Mr Hellboy sir! We haven't met, but I have heard much about you, and so I thought that I might come along here and introduce myself... I don't know why- It was just a random thought at near midnight... Well. I tend to make good decisions in the middle of the night. Usually. Well. Sometimes. I'm not normally up this late. But then again, it's the holidays :) I love holidays! No school! No stress! Huzzah! I'm rambling, aren't I? I'm sorry- I'm not good with introductions.... I'll try again.

    Hi there! My name's Quinnera (not really- you know what I mean), but everyone calls me Quinn, or Quin sometimes, but usually Quinn. I think I prefer having two 'n's. Anyway, yeah, call me Quinn :) I did initially come here to read your fanfic (I'm told it's awesomesauce) but then I felt too tired (it is near midnight- as I have mentioned) so I thought I'd write an essay in the comments instead.

    So- Urm. Yeah. That's me.

    Ooooh! Another reason why I'm writing on your blog... :D I decided to use Elysium Asylum in my OC (I hope you don't mind) basically because she's too young to live on her own (she's 10 :P ) and she needs a house. It's your creation, right? It's an awesome idea.

    What else? I like llamas. They're cool- I know the entire llama song off by heart. And I think you've watched AVPM and AVPS... Starship too, right? MAMD (I haven't watched that :P)? Little White Lies? STARKID RULES.

    Ok. This is really getting to an essay length. To be honest- I think this is a teensee bit of a fail. But hey- I've spent 10 minutes [EDIT: 20 minutes] writing it, and we're still getting closer to midnight :) And besides... What's the worst that could happen? You thinking that I'm mentally deranged is my guess. Well. I'm not (probably).


    I'm really sorry if this isn't funny. I think it's meant to be... Did I mention it's near midnight? This has to be the randommest comment you have ever had on your blog...

    I hope you won't be too weirded out by me- And besides, if you are, I still get to read your fanfic :P Well. Probably. You could ban me. Or could you? Can you ban people? I think I'll shut up.

    Anyway- Good night/morning/afternoon/evening/whatever-time-of-day-it-is-where-you-live!

    *gives cookie*

    It's not poisoned. Promise!

    I'm sorry. I'm high on lack of sleep.



  50. Quinn's an awesomesause person Hellboy. So is Rachel. Both incredible writers and poets. I think its' only fitting that these awesome paople become aware of th eepicnes of you Hellboy!

  51. Hahah, I was laughing all the way through your comment, Quinn :) Epic name, btw.

    It would be great if you wanted your OC to live at EA. Perfectly fine.

    And you like llamas? (what kind of person named that animal with two l's... -__-) Awesomesauce! I don't know why people like llamas...maybe it's the L's...

    Yep, I've watched AVPM & AVPS. Starship, definitely, ("Calculus was TOUGH!") and I'm halfway through MAMD. But I never liked little white lies. Not enough epicness, I reckon.

    And don't worry- I only ban haters of Team Starkid. (surprisingly enough, I haven't found any yet. Maybe they all just got smart and pretended to like it. Hmmmm...)

    Anyways, basic things you need to know about me:

    1. I am fifteen (as of last Saturday xD)
    2. I tend to write a lot of my comments on my iPod, because it's easily available.
    3. My fanfic is running a bit slowly right now, and although I am days away from posting the latest part, I'm afraid that no-one will actually remember what happened in the previous one's.
    4. My name is Hellboy because of the cigar smoking, over-sized revolver wielding, redder than a bright tomato fictional character Hellboy that I have always admired. And because I did not have a lot of original ideas when I joined the blog (if I can remember corectly, my OC's name was still Israel Matteus) I stole his name. Well, borrowed. Sorta. He never said anything against me using it...
    5. I live in Australia.
    6. Please tell me you know who Nathan Fillion is.
    7. I have an older brother named Louis who is really quite good at drawing, graphic design, etc. So if I ever say Louis, that's who I'm talking about. But I also refer to my younger bro and sis and my two older sisters, so yeah, things can get a bit confusing.
    8.I play computer games. A lot.
    9. Ummm...this is the first time I've written something like this. I really dont know what else to write. Uhhh...
    10. I'm an o-kay artist. Sorta.

    Yep, they're the top ten things to know about me. And now I gtg.

    Fanfic part 9 will be up soon!


    Oh good :D It was funny :P I blame the fact that I was up at midnight after Harry Potter and that I had a glass of Coca Cola (it's the sugar. Not the caffeine).

    I do like llamas :) They are most awesome- probably because of the Ls. I actually live near some llamas (I live near a zoo- I also live near lions :P).

    Hmm... LWL is slightly less epic... But then again DARREN CRISS. Seriously. Just having his face in it makes it a hell of a lot more awesome. XD Why no, I'm not obsessed with him... *shifty eyes*

    YAY! I won't be banned! XD That's good- I don't like being banned from places... And I don't think you'll find any Starkid haters, mainly because Starkid is so inconceivably, mind blowingly awesome that it is impossible, even within metaphysical speculation, to find someone who mildly dislikes Starkid. Yes- I like big words.

    2) Cool :) I sometimes write comments on my phone and I write literally all of my poems on my phone (because it's readily available when I feel inspired).
    3) Fair enough. I'm sure the awesomity will make up.
    4) I need to watch that movie...
    5) I'm British! *drinks tea* Just kidding. I hate tea :P But I am British.
    6) Of course! Nathan Fillion (pronounced /ˈfɪljən/, as in million; born March 27, 1971) is a Canadian actor, currently starring as Richard Castle on the ABC series Castle. He is also known for his portrayal of the lead role of Captain Malcolm Reynolds in the television series Firefly and its film continuation Serenity. Why no, I didn't just google him... :P
    7) You have an awful lot of siblings...
    8) I used to play a lot of computer games. I need to get back to that. But now I'm learning to write them. Any recommendations?
    9) Urm... 42.
    10) I can't draw to save my life. Well- I can draw some stuff. Kinda :P I'm more into photography and photoshop...

    OK! MY TURN! (These comments are really long- I need to learn to be concise).
    1) I'm 14 and I'm British.
    2) I'm a self proclaimed geek. Not a nerd. A geek. There's a difference.
    3) I write many things. I write poems. I used to write novels. I once wrote fanfic (though I'm considering returning to fanfic for NaNoWriMo). I write websites (in HTML). I write computer programs (well- I'm learning). Basically- I live to write.
    4) I've been around on the blog for about 2 months now... NEWBIE :P
    5) I love obscure words and references. My current favourite word is metaphysical.
    6) I wanna be a Starship ranger.
    7) I'm currently in a car. I'm really bored.
    8) I have an AVPS clock. I made it. Your clock shall bow down to the superiority of my clock. I also have Redvines.
    10) I am very easily distracted. I am also a master of procrastination.
    11) I just added an eleventh point to make it all weird and annoying.
    12) Did you notice that I missed number 9? Mwahaha! >:)
    13) I'll stop now.
    14) This is actually the 13th point.

    This comment took 25 minutes. XD

  53. Hey! I just realised me and Hellboy are BOTH 15 now! REG

    Now Quinn and Hellboy!
    I've seen both your artwork and it is AWESOMESAUSE!

    *looks up at Quinn's favorite word* favorite word at the moment is knickerbockers. Don't ask me why...

    Prolly cause it is a funny word..

    Thalia and SKyril both has something they had just writen that is EPICA!!!
    I highly recomend them!

    Umm...don't know how long this comment took and really don't care!

    I think I say REG to often..

    Octa also has anothe rfanfic out.
    Yo got some good reading right there!

  54. Woaaah essay length comment :D

    Epic answers and points about you. First off, I have not learnt HTML yet -__- I really want to, but I have to wait until next year (at least). And by writing games, do you mean something like Gamemaker (God, I really need to get back to gamemaker...) or a more complicated way? Like code and so on?

    This comment is going to be a bit haywire; I'm trying not to look up at your comment and instead remember it all by myself.

    So! Nathan Fillion, being so damn awesome, is my favourite actor, because of the epic TV show that I have watched multiple times, Firefly (plus Serenity). ;) I never knew that you would know all about him. Gw :D live near a freaking zoo...epic :) Is it loud there?

    I like cats more than llamas though. Cats are just crazily intelligent...and that's why I'm afraid/awed by them.

    I just took a break to eat some soup and laugh at my cat... Did you know that he got run over by my mum's car about a year back? He's such a bad-ass cat xD

    Ummm...where was I? LWL. Y'see, I didnt like it as much as the others because of the characters, not the actors (sorta). I dont like the main guy, I think the main girl is just an annoying person who hates everyone...I don't know...I watched it until it showed Darren, and I was all like "Finally, HE always plays an awesome character, now the story might pick up!" and then it turned out he was dating the girl you're meant to hate. Oh god... I'm ragin' and ranting again.

    Yep, I do have a lot of siblings. It's a crowded house, but I'm glad that I have them. Not much else to write on this line, so, uhhh...

    "Ahhhhyeaaah....Gringotts, that's great. Polyjuice Potion, always very classy." I'm checking back to your comment. Geek, yes. Nerd...I hate that term. I mean...and....its just... -__- It's the sort of thing the person you don't like at school uses against you when you say something smart.

    Noooooob ;D

    I like the word Susurrus. It's my absolute favorite word, just because it sounds awesome and it's epic use in Terry Prachet's "The Wee Free Men".


    "I'm...I'm bleeding! Look at this! I'm bleeding!"

    I'm in my loungeroom. I can faintly hear "Brown Eyed Girl" playing from my mum's iPhone in the kitchen. *bobs head* That's another thing. I know a LOT of old songs, thanks to my parents.

    You have an AVPS clock? How? Is it just a normal clock with "You wanna die, Schlongbottom?" written on it?

    I've never had Redvines before. Damn it.

    Haha..."Procrastinators of the world unite! Or maybe tommorrow..."

    :( I hate it when people do that.. No, I did not notice that you missed number nine!

    Kallista! When's your b-day? I keep forgetting...
    Knickerbockers...isn't there a song about that word? I can't...remember... *epic confusion frown*

    I'm off to read that stuff!

    And because I'm a bit of a slow typer, this comment took....about fifty minutes...Woah...

  55. Ok- Yes. I do know that you have another post up. But you see- I haven't read ANY of your fanfic (I've been busy- 'kay? :P ) so I'd feel really guilty if I did comment on it because:
    a) I haven't read it
    b) I won't read it because it'll either ruin the plot or spoil the surprise.

    So. Yeah.

    Knickerbockers is an awesomesauce word. But not quite as good as metaphysical. :P

    Read all of those and LOVE them all XD


    Ok- HTML. It's SO much fun. (Mwahahaha- GLOATING) I've just finished writing my website and it is really satisfactory. And for a piece of code... It's pretty (yes, I did just call code pretty. Shh :P This is the level of my geekdom). But to make you feel better- It's no use in the real world. Nobody writes websites in HTML for scratch. It's too time consuming and to be honest, slightly silly. Gamemaker? *googles* Well. I've used something like that (It's called Scratch) and I do most of my game writing on that. But previously I have used Visual Basic (which failed epicly) and Flash (with school). And I should be learning proper programming soon. If we don't... I might just teach myself :P

    I don't live THAT near the zoo. I live near enough to walk there (and have done). But not close enough to hear the lions roar... If they escaped... Maybe :s

    I'm not so much of a cat person. I prefer dolphins. They're cute :3

    You have a cool cat. ALLITERATION!

    Terry Prachett? Hmm. I read the start of the Discworld series (colour of magic) and I got bored.

    Metaphysical. Blame Oscar Wilde. I went to see the Importance of Being Earnest the other day, you see :)

    AVPS clock. Well- basically, in school we have DT (design technology, woodshop, building and making stuff...? I don't know what you call it Down Under) and we were making clocks. So my theme that I chose was Starkid. On their website they have all these T-Shirts. One of them says 'Keep Calm it's gonna be Totally Awesome.' So basically, I designed a clock around that. It's awesomesauce. Trust me. Maybe I'll post a pic on my blog... Maybe.

    LOL :) (I'm on about the procrastinators thing).

    MWAHAHAHA (about the missing numbers)

    This is the problem when you hold about 20 conversations in one comment. I need to learn to be succinct.

    Oh, and you know what I said in my first comment about not staying up til midnight usually? Scratch that. This is the third comment in a row I've written to you near midnight.

    Last thing! On your about me, it still says you're fourteen... Just saying.

    Tomorrow. I WILL read your fanfic. And then I WILL start comment on the other post.


    (30 minutes)

  56. Yeah, meta whateveryou just said is a cool word. But it's to much for me simple mind. It just got done exploding again after reading yet another one of Hellboy's epica fanfic. SO yeah...I'll stick with knickerbockers. ;P


    New fanfic hellboy ^^

  58. Woops...I had a theory that you'd commented back here. Can't believe it took me all this time to try it out.

    To try and make the comments shorter, I shall only comment on certain things ;) use Scratch? -________- Damn it all to he-WHY!? Scratch is an impossibly hard program to use! (for me...anyway...) Well,, it's not hard. The problem is that it's easy....or...yeah -__-

    Maybe it's cos I grew up using gamemaker and have a natural distrust for any other program.

    Or maybe it's cos I just suck at using Scratch. :/

    Dolphins are ok...they're almost as smart as cats...almost. (well...maybe dolphins ARE smarter...but cat's definitely have that evil streak. Like my cat.)

    Oh crap...he just looked up at me now, with his demon eyes half closed and whiskers twitching. He wants food. He knows that I often supply it. But I have none.

    That's an awesome idea for an AVPS clock! Epica work :)

    And we call it Tech in Aus. Dont know why doesn't really match all the building things we do. got bored of Terry? H-how?

    Tell you what- go into the library and borrow "The Wee Free Men" by him. Then read it (ignore the cover, most of the new ones are really crap). It's epic, and it's what got me hooked on it.

    You're right about the About me thing. I will change it, but not now.

    (15) New record!