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This is the forty-ninth post of my blog. That really doesn't seem like a lot, I know. But I will still celebrate the big 5-0 when it arrives, nonetheless.

Which means that the next part might be my last. I think. Y'know? Cos this is part 9, and so if I can successfully rap up part 10, post No. 50, and the end of my fanfiction, then I will be extremely pleased.

But it might not go down like that.

Instead, I might finish the next part and think that I need more space, and therefore a part 11, and it will be post 51, which isn't that special at all.

Anyways... Here's Part 9! I really hope you enjoy it, but more importantly, I hope that you understand it. Because it would reaaaaally suck if you read it and understood the fight scenes and so on, but didn't actually know why they were where they are now at all. Right? Right.

So if you don't know whatsoever why things are happening, I am asking you, Blogger to Blogger, author to author, to tell me. To ask what the hell is going on, so that I might be able to shed some light on it. 'cos I have this terrible feeling that you are just reading it and not understanding. Don't worry, I won't be hurt. I just want to know.

Israel, Darkane and Nicolette trudged through the dark towards Elysium Asylum, their thoughts heavy. The moment that Echo's heart stopped beating, they stepped over his body and walked in the direction of the Manor, intent on getting on with their mission. 
They reached the left side of the mansion, where they hugged the wall and moved to the back of the house. They could hear alarm klaxons sounding in the distance, and their expressions grew grim. 
When they spotted the open electrical box with their shapeshifting friends no-where to be seen, they feared the worst.
Darkane's ear twitched to her left shoulder, where a small grey mouse sat. She barely heard it's voice as it squeaked to her a question. "Have we been compromised?"
"No, it's all good," Darkane replied softly, then motioned for the others to stop. The Aquila-mouse jumped off her shoulder towards the ground, morphing back into a human as she went. Skylara stepped forward from the shadows to their right, and joined them.
Nicolette squatted on the ground, using one of her blades to sketch in a map on the ground of where they were. "Alright," she said, drawing an 'X' behind the mansion. "This is us. Almost all of the Sanctuary forces are at the front, guarding the estate as well as it's residents." She drew a large oval in front of the manor. "So this is them. Now, the rest of the forces are inside the manor, searching the rooms one by one and subduing any and all of the residents found."
"The klaxons," Darkane mentioned, and Nicolette nodded hurriedly. 
"I know. They must of either spotted us, realized that the cleaver search party we decimated is missing, or they can tell that the lights didn't switch off all by themselves, and are ready for an attack. Which would place them-" she erased the oval indicating the Cleavers with her sleeve "-here." She drew the same sized oval inside the manor. "Which is going to-" 
"-Make our job a helluva lot harder." Israel concluded. "Great. Just freakin' great." 

Nyx Dawn, the famous assassin, skilled fighter and amazing necromancer, had been captured.
It wasn't her fault, of course. She had been minding her own business, strolling through the hallways of Elysium Asylum, doing absolutely nothing when it happened. 
Well, ok, she thought to herself. Maybe she hadn't been minding her business and strolling through the many rooms. More like she had been creeping from cover to cover, watching with hawk-like eyes at her next target, when the Sanctuary agents burst in the room with handguns and proceeded to arrest everyone. 
They were all dragged out of the manor, handcuffs tight around their wrists. They were dumped in a penned-off area, guarded by Cleavers and being slowly herded into a semi-truck. 
Nyx sighed and dully examined those around her. They were all whispering among each other, glancing at Nyx with looks that she couldn't care to discern. 
She was standing apart from the others; they had instantly realized that she wasn't a resident of the manor. Maybe it was the jet-black stealth suit. Maybe it was the whole fifteen minutes it had taken the Cleavers to relieve Nyx of every single piece of weaponry before they shoved her into the pen she stood in now. Maybe it was just general uneasiness about her as an unknown person. 
She stared at them with cold, color-changing eyes from the darkened lenses of her sunglasses. She had at least been able to keep those. Without them, a person would quite easily be able to gauge her feelings and emotions. 
She lazily leant back against the fence that was surrounding them, raising her head at an angle that told everyone around her that she was above noticing any of them. This made them break into yet another chorus of angry whispers about her. Nyx didn't care. Let them believe what they wished. She would be out of there soon enough.
Something caught her gaze, through the many bunched up residents. A swirl of purple robes, an aging face. 
She almost smiled. The Sanctuary, of all people, had brought her target to her. 
Instead of smiling, however, she readjusted her glasses, shifted the bangle next to her handcuffs from which would protrude a small, poison tipped blade, and casually started to walk towards the center of the group of E.A residents. 
She knew that a stab to the thigh or waist would paralyze and then kill the old man within seconds. If she timed it right, maybe even the people around him wouldn't notice he was dead until she had walked away. The Cleavers would surely notice, however. Their eyes watched intently from beneath their visored masks, seeing all in the small temporary prison camp set up for the residents. 
So she would have to act fast. Take out her target, scale the fence, take out the guards, and escape from the estate. Then, when all that was over, she would return to Dusk and get paid. She sighed inwardly at the thought. It had been a long time since she had been paid.
The residents saw her approach, and instantly the whispers ceased. They moved forward at some unknown signal, blocking her way onwards. The man in the purple robes was cleared a path to the head of the small crowd, and positioned himself right in front of Nyx so that they were face to face. She could see now the creases that lined his face, the wisdom behind those intelligent blue eyes. Why had Dusk ordered her to kill this man? She couldn't see any obvious reason to do it. 
Yet kill him she must. If she wanted to be paid, if she wanted to not return home empty handed, then the life of this old man must be taken.
He opened his mouth to speak. Perfect. As he uttered the first word, she would stab him straight in the stomach, killing him instantly.
Time seemed to slow down. Nyx's color-changing eyes could almost see the cold air being swept towards the man's mouth as he drew breath. Her ears could almost hear her own heart working overtime as the adrenalin that rushed through her veins whenever she was about to take a life spiked up, making her hands shake slightly.
But when the first syllable was spoken, she stopped. Her heart failed and then restarted within the space of a millisecond, her arms falling simply to her sides. 
Then the second syllable came, and the next, but she still felt no release of the calm that had settled over her, restraining her from doing anything but stare into those all-knowing, terrifyingly wise, blue eyes that her target harbored.
Time speed back up to it's normal rate, and the syllables melted in on each other to create words.
"Why have you come to harm me, child?" the man spoke, but Nyx felt that he already knew.
"It's not..." her voice petered out almost immediately and she almost shrunk back in fear of what form the senior magician's wrath might take. A small part of her stirred, telling her that she should not be afraid; it was only an old man, scolding her like a parent. And she was the trained assassin, capable of taking out the most dangerous of foes before they had even registered they were being attacked.
But there was something about this man-Octaboona Ambrosius, if she remembered well enough from the file-that told her to not underestimate him. His very being radiated waves of magic unheard of since the time of the Ancients themselves...and it was this feeling, coupled with the mind-numbing effects of his voice, that told her to tread cautiously.
She shook her head, and forced her vocal cords to co-operate with her brain. They still wouldn't.
But Octaboona continued talking anyway. "It does not matter. You were going to escape, correct?"
She nodded.
"Well, unfortunately for you, the moment has come and gone," Octaboona said, gesturing towards the fresh group of Cleavers that were taking up positions to join the already-guarding Cleavers that stood around the fenced off area.
If she could speak, Nyx would of undoubtedly let loose a large string of obscenities at the inconvenience. There was no way she could escape without being killed now.
She turned back to Octaboona, who was exchanging a quick word with the other mages. He stopped once they had reached a supposed conclusion about her.
"We might be able to reach an agreement of sorts," he told her. "We all need to get out. We can't do it with these shackles on. You need to get out, but I know you'll need our help. Being the assassin you are, I wonder- do you have any sort of lock-pick on you?"
Toward the end of Octaboona's talking, Nyx felt the spell that had halted her tongue and free will to move fade away, and then leave all together. She smiled at the last sentence he said, reaching around with her cuffed hands to uncoil the bangle from her wrist. On the inside of it, cleverly hidden from sight, were an assortment of tools and lock picks, several of which would fill their needs. 
"It's funny that you ask," she replied, her grin spreading across her whole face.

Thirty seconds. Skylara started the countdown in her head, loading her crossbow with a bolt and aiming at the back door of Elysium Asylum. Thirty seconds and Israel would fire his gun, causing all hell to break loose. 
Thirty seconds, and more Cleavers than she had crossbow bolts for would come storming through the door, alerted by the firing of the gun and looking for someone to slice up.
Skylara raised the crossbow to her shoulder. She wasn't about to disappoint.

Teamwork. Assassin's knew no such thing. Pain, they understood. Killing, definitely. Stealth, they handled with ease.
But teamwork, Nyx concluded to herself as she undid the shackles from the hands of Octaboona Ambrosius, was something she was going to have to get used to-or at least understand- at that moment.
She didn't know what teammates did. Smile at each other? She tried smiling at the next sorcerer she was told to undo the handcuffs from- a girl with a black vest and sturdy hiking boots- and received nothing but a scowl in return. Stuff it, Nyx thought to herself as she released a few more mages. Being nice is hard.
The girl's scowled face seemed to bend for a moment, twisting and shifting to change her human face into one of a cat. Her body followed suit, and she stalked away from Nyx's feet, releasing a final hiss in her direction. Nyx could of sworn she heard her profession uttered along with the hiss, used more as an insult or a curse word rather than just the name of he job. So it's true, Nyx thought, sighing inwardly. Assassin's really don't have much going for them these days. I wonder if we're more-liked than vampires, though...
More magicians stood forward, their arms raised, but Octaboona shook his head and waved them away. "We have enough. We will free you when we can."
They stepped back, and Octa, as everyone around him seemed to be calling him, gave Nyx the signal to begin the plan that they had formed earlier.
So she smiled, drawing her gold-entwined dagger from the hiding spot in her jacket, and launched herself towards the fence.
She wouldn't of cleared it. But in mid-leap a gust of wind swept her upwards, high into the air and the night. She hadn't remembered the name of the Mage that had been given the task of lifting her, but he had done an amazing job. From all the way up here, she could see all of the estate; it was beautiful. Strangely, all of the lights on one side of the estate's oval had been switched off. It was while she was wondering why this was when the Mage stopped lifting her, an her rapid descent began. A thought flitted past her head, telling her that the plan had been for her to land on top of the manor with three other sorcerers and somehow get inside, reach the armory and free the rest of the prisoners. But something wasn't right as her descent had started too early. The ground loomed dangerously close and Nyx spread her arms out to her sides as she had been taught, leveling her body out. 
One hundred metres, and she was having serious doubts about surviving the fall. The wind whipped her hair all over her face, obscuring her view of the dangerously close ground, but she did not dare move it away with her hand for fear of unbalancing herself.
There was an orange burst of flame beneath her, and bright flashes of green and red light exploded from the hands of tiny figures below. Whatever had gone wrong had caused a fight to begin between the Cleavers and the five or so prisoners that she'd freed.
Fifty metres up and it occurred to Nyx that she wasn't going to make it. In all of the confusion of the fighting below, no-one to look up. So she sadly brought her arms in beside her, holding her precious dagger in both hands at her chest. At the ten metre mark, her mind formed prays that she had no time to utter. 
One metre.
She stopped, hovering. The battle still raged, and a rouge fireball crackled past her head, singeing a few strands. It was at this that Nyx turned her head and saw the purple-robed figure who was controlling the air around her and holding her aloft; Octoobana. With a shout his free hand shot up above his head and there was a brilliant purple flash. When Nyx's eyes started to see well enough again, she glimpsed purple wisps of smoke- or possibly vapor- slowly spiraling through the air, back towards Octa's hand and the magical residue returned. His eyes were closed and his lips were mouthing some unheard words, and every single Cleaver re-sheathed their blades and sat down. 
Nyx felt the magic around her begin to unravel and she dropped the last metre to the wet grass beneath. With a shudder, she remembered that the last time it had rained at Elysium Asylum had been two weeks ago, and the sprinklers weren't set to turn on until two o'clock in the morning. She stood quickly and ripped off her jacket, the fashion-part of her brain complaining because, as it seemed to be telling her, "Three hundred dollar eggshell-white jackets are never meant to be coated in any shade of red."
The corpse near her wasn't the only one. She saw the Mage that had been given the job of propelling her onto the roof of the manor had also been slain, his life seeping into the ground only ten metres away.
So Nyx walked over to a small group huddled at the edge of the fence, and sought out the one who had saved her. "Thankyou," she said to him, and found the word a little rusty on her tongue. She couldn't remember the last time she had said the word, yet alone meant it.
"Think nothing of it," Octa said, a little distracted. He flourished his hand in the air and Nyx thought it to be a hand gesture of just waving her away, but then the entire fence toppled over and she saw what it really was.
"No, really, think nothing of it." Octaboona continued, raising both hands and concentrating briefly. There was a universal 'Chink' as every set of shackles un-locked themselves and fell to the ground. "Because right now, we need to be focused on forming a new plan."
Klaxons started up somewhere near to them, the shrill sounds piercing the night air. Octa moved through the crowd, calling over to Nyx as he went.
"They know we've escaped. Someone, somewhere, saw us. Also, while you were enjoying some time up in the clouds, we were not only trying to overcome the Cleavers but were also dodging bullets from gunmen in the windows of the manor."
"Ah. They got to the armory before us. Damn..."
"Indeed. Do you know of anything else that could help us turn the tide? Any other armory?"
Nyx shook her head, sighing. "Nope, that was the last one. There's no other place within a hundred miles of here that can supply us with what we need to take back E.A."
"Actually," said the voice of a girl who faded up from the darkness past the fallen fence. She strode towards the crowd, and six or seven sorcerers Nyx had never seen before walked in her wake. The girl's right hand absently fiddled with the black lining of the dark purple hood on her head. "That's not entirely true."

Time was up for Skylara. Half a second after it was meant to, Israel's gun fired a shot from somewhere behind her, and she tensed up in her hiding spot as she waited for an alarm to be raised. She heard shouts from within the manor itself, and movement came from the darkness inside the doorway. She fired her first shot and was satisfied to hear the impact and a thump as her target fell to the floor. Her hand moved in the way she had trained it, loading another bolt and cocking it. She raised the crossbow, scanning the shadows for her next target. She debated whether she should reach for the small night-vision goggles in her pocket that she had gotten from the box in the back of Israel's van, by decided against it. Instead, her eyes appeared to blur momentarily, folding in on themselves shifting to smaller, brighter cat's eyes. Who needed an electronic aid when she could see just fine in the dark, anyway?
Her vision went blank for a couple of seconds as her body struggled to accept the images from her new eyes. Then her vision returned, enhanced, and she pulled the trigger on the crossbow, claiming her next kill. She glimpsed a helmet on the head of the next kill, and a scythe in the hand of the next. So at least she wasn't shooting at innocents.
It took two minutes for the Cleavers to find her hiding spot. I'm impressed, she thought as she jumped to her feet and stumbled out of the range of their scythes. She reached the cover of a tree and jumped for it. She turned mid-leap, bringing her crossbow up and firing it at the closest soldier to her. Of course, being impressed isn't going to stop me from killing them.
She didn't stop to watch the crossbow bolt streak towards the Cleaver , instead she manipulated the magic inside her to transform her body once more. Her human ears gave way to smaller, feline ears, and her cheeks appeared to shrink and stretch against her face until it was fitted perfectly over a large, angular face. Her clothes were replaced with a large, shaggy coat, and the cat's eyes she had transformed into two larger, bright green ones. She twisted around to face the tree once more, holding her now-clawed hands out to grab it.
All of this happened within the space of one and a half seconds, such was her speed. The moment she hit the tree, her form was that of a wolf. She spared no time in kicking away from the tree, heavy paws landing on the chest of a Cleaver. She tore him apart not with glee nor satisfaction- only the thought of finishing the job. Of buying the others some time.
The other Cleavers held their scythes expertly out in front of them, circling her and waiting for her next move.
They shouldn't of waited, Skylara thought, baring her teeth at her enemies. They should've attacked when they had the chance.

Israel counted to thirty, his gun aimed high into the air, and pulled the trigger. The shot exploded out of the barrel and he was up and headed for the window. He jumped at the last moment, bringing his feet up and smashing his boots through the glass. He came up in a stunt roll on the other side, his eyed closed. He darted to the shadows of the manor's empty living room milliseconds before it's doors were flung open and fifteen Cleavers marched by. He waited for them to pass and then grabbed a vintage, thirty-year old bottle of scotch from the mini-bar and lobbed it through the broken window.

Darkane moved as fast as she could with Nicolette and Aquila behind her to the window after Israel had gone. They reached it and she crouched, slamming he elbow up against the manor wall and peering around in the darkness at her friends. Timing was everything.
There was the sound of many pairs of boots crunching on he gravel, and fifteen Cleavers jogged towards Skylara's hiding spot. Darkane saw a streak of movement and a crossbow bolt appeared in the gap between a Cleaver's helmet and grey suit. She turned away, holding out her hand as a bottle of scotch flew out the window above her. She caught it deftly, then hoisted herself over the lip of the window and into the manor. Nicolette and Aquila clambered over after her, stepping cautiously around the pile of glass.
Darkane strode purposely over to the bar stool that Israel was sitting at. He was unscrewing a bottle of the finest red wine he could find and tipping it, bottoms up, onto the floor. He rotated slowly in a circle to face Darkane as she reached him, the wine's contents making a curved stain all over the floor. She ignored him and walked on to the table, opening the scotch in her hand with one of her knives. She moved in a straight line up and down the bar, the precious liquid pouring over it.
"Remember," Israel said, flipping the wine back upright and drinking the last few sips. "The more expensive and aged the drink-"
"The better it burns," Darkane finished. She threw the bottle in her hands at the shelves of drinks so fast that it smashed into even the toughest wine bottle. The drinks rained down onto the floor, creating a strong smelling, colorless puddle. 
"Wait, what?" Aquila asked. "We're burning the bar? What good will that do us?" 
"Second distraction." Israel answered, grabbing another bottle off the shelf. "In two minutes and..." he closed his eyes for a moment. "Sixteen seconds, reinforcements sent to find us will run through here. Now they can't do that if there's a huge fire, can they?"
"But wouldn't they just be able to go another way?"
"Nope," said a voice that wasn't Israel's. "No way past this room except through it."
Israel spun around to find the voice. "Ah. Hello, Jack."
The girl leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed and eyes gleaming, flashed a smile from under the brim of her hat. "Hello. I'm guessing that you're all heading up to the armory? It's been looted, I wouldn't even try."
"Not a problem. You already know that it isn't the only armory in the manor." Israel looked around at the strange looks he was getting from his friends. "Oh. OH! You all don't know who this is, do you?" He laughed at their quizzical expressions. "This is Lucky Jack. She lives here too, but she's the official gardener."
Jack raised a delicate hand and tipped the rim of her hat in their direction, then walked forward. It was then that Darkane noticed the array of garden tools strapped to her belt. There was even a small pickaxe on her back, it's tip softly glowing from some inner light. Jack saw her looking and smiled, pulling a small gardening trowel out and flicking it forward so that it embedded itself into the wooden walls next to Israel's head.
"Oh, God! Come on!" Israel said, practically falling out of his chair. "Seriously! You know I hate it when you do that!"
"That's what makes it fun, though." Jack replied, her grin larger than the Cheshire's own.
He shuddered and stood, unholstering his shotgun and moving to stand next to Darkane.
"Alright," Israel said, taking aim at the general area of the bar. "Run."
He pulled the trigger and started backpedaling, the reversed his footing and ran to catch up with the others. Jack led the way through the corridors, passing the ransacked armory. There was nothing left, only a broken spear and a some empty bullet casings. As they retreated further into Elysium Asylum, the halls became more twisted and their sense of direction waned. But Lucky knew exactly where to go.

Nyx Dawn did not know who the new girl that was leading them to the secondary armory was. She had never heard of, seen, or caught a rumor about her. Which was saying a lot.
So she bid her time and kept her mouth shut, trying to learn as much as she could with just her ears.

Necromancer. That's what some of the residents whispered from behind her as they trudged through the longest hallway Nyx had ever walked through.
Friend. That's what the one's who walked with her called her.
And then there was the thing that everyone called her, no matter what their opinion of her was.

Florence Black.

Sarthacus couldn't believe what he was seeing. The E.A residents that had been captured and trapped out the front of the manor were causing a riot, fighting their way past the Cleavers that guarded them. There was a brilliant flash of light from a figure in the fight that set the thermal scope Sarthacus was still using into a blinding white. He blinked a couple of times and looked back into the scope. Now, every Cleaver was motionless on the ground.
The residents regrouped, and Sarthacus followed their path with his eyes as they moved to the manor. They opened the door and entered.
He pulled out his radio. 

A race. Israel hated them. He had always lost, back when he was younger. Now he might lose again, but the price would be the secret armory. 
Only four people alive knew where it was. Jack and him were both here. Another person turned out to be an enemy of the state, and was on the run. And Florence Black, the last one to know, was last seen in Nova Scotia, chasing that person.
So. The residents that Sarthacus had told him about could have either accidentally sided with a bloodthirsty criminal or found themselves in the company of Florence. He knew it. Deep down, some instinct of his was telling him that one of those people was helping the residents. Either way, he would have to move fast to make sure that the armory would remain a secret.
They reached the stairs and took them two a at a time, ascending as fast as they could. Nicolette reached the top of the stairs first, and held up a hand to stop the others from moving any further. She peered around the second floor, her eyes struggling to see what her instincts were screaming at her for.
"I hate to sound clich├ęd, but something's just not righ-" a gloved hand cut into her windpipe, and a bony foot connected with her ribs. She toppled into the others behind her, and barely raised her head when it was stopped by the metal barrel of an revolver. Her eyes widened at the attacker, who she recognized instantly.
"What the hell?" Aquila called out from underneath her. "Get off me!"
She stopped when she saw him too.

Fifteen minutes earlier

Skulduggery Pleasant pulled the brakes on the truck he was driving and winced at the horrific scraping noise that ensued. He missed his Bentley, but he had to drive the caged vampire, Bridget Whiplash, into the Irish Sanctuary. He'd heard too many escape stories about her to just let a few Cleavers handle it.
When the truck finally stopped rocking dangerously to a stop, the sides almost tipping the entire vehicle over the edge of the hill they were parked on, Fletcher spoke up.
"Why've we stopped?" He asked, running a hand through his hair. Valkyrie punched him playfully in the ribs from the next seat over and he turned to her, a pained expression on his face. "And I swear that if you do that once more..."
Skulduggery held up his hand. "Shh. You two hear that?"
They shook their heads. Silence was all around them in the dark of the night.
"Oh..." Skulduggery said. "It's probably nothing, but I could of sworn that I heard a gunsh-"
A brilliant blue wave of energy shot over the edge of the hill and into the sky, illuminating the darkened estate grounds beneath them. Skulduggery craned his head to get a better look at the blue energy, which fizzled out after it had reached around a hundred metres into the air. Valkyrie had never heard Skulduggery swear until now, so it came to her as a surprise to be hearing the profanity rather than a witty remark.
"How the Hell," Skulduggery continued, "did he manage to get here...?"
"What?" Fletcher frowned. "Where are we?"
Skulduggery pulled out his phone and keyed in the number of the Sanctuary agent in charge of capturing Israel. While he waited for it to ring, he undid his seatbelt and loading his revolver.
He didn't say anything when there was no answer on the phone. He just flipped his hat onto his head with his spare hand, pulled off his scarf, and briefly turned to Fletcher.
"Welcome to Elysium Asylum," he said, and stepped out of the car.


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  8. Ok, Mar. You don't understand. So I'm going to say the basic plot line so far as quickly as possible.

    SO! We start off with Israel, chilling at a bus stop interchange. He hears a scream and follows it to a bus that's parked close by, where a bus driver with sunglasses on is trying to subdue a scruffy-haired man. The bus driver ends up being Sanguine, who's out to get the scruffy haired man. Aquila Felis is aboard the bus and gives Israel a hand transporting the unconscious scruffy haired man to Israel's silver van. After driving for a while the man reveals himself to be a sorcerer by the name of Lewis Ryker, who's power allows him to boost the powers of others amazingly. The only problem is that he's a time bomb, ready to go off and cause every Mage around the world to release their power and cause a lot of general destruction. In other words, the world's in trouble.
    At this point, Skulduggery's famous Bentley drives up and follows Israel's van. After a heated phone discussion in which Skulduggery tells Israel the intentions of the Sanctuary (they want to kill Ryker to stop the explosion), Israel decides to protect Ryker at all costs.
    They escape the Sanctuary agents using a little trick, and meet in an unidentified forest with a large number of OC's. Israel asks for their help and they happily say yes, putting their differences aside to help Lewis not be killed.
    Israel combines a bit of Lewis' power and his own to see the paths of the future that they can take, and is downhearted to find that every one of them ends in Lewis' time running out, and the 'bomb' going off. He doesn't tell the others, however, instead shares the future path that kept them all alive the longest. 

    This concludes the prologue, so the actual story can begin. In my story, because there was roughly 14 people all together, I modified the storyline to send half of them to Japan to look for a woman who could cancel out Ryker's powers, and the other half to protect Ryker at all costs.

    So, the storyline of the group who go to Japan is basically:

    1. Arrive in Japan
    2. Jodi Harte betrays them, resulting in Bridget Whiplash's capture by Skulduggery, Valkyrie, and Fletcher
    3. The rest of the group steal Ghastly's van and find an abandoned warehouse to sleep for the night, to contemplate their next move.
    4. The warehouse gets attacked by Elite Cleavers, specially trained soldiers that are equal to the White Cleaver in skill.
    5. After defeating the Cleavers, they pile into the stolen van and escape.
    6. They mount an assault on the fortified castle that Ki-yoko (the Healer/woman/crone that can save Lewis) is being held at by the Sanctuary.
    7. Jodi Harte returns, her mind made up on helping Kallista, Mary, Dragona, Skyril and Necros to save Lewis Ryker. But in a fight with a few heavily armed Cleavers, she is wounded.
    8. They grab Ki-Yoko and run, using Dragona's Porsche to make an explosive exit.
    9. They reach Ki-Yoko's very own cottage and rest their weary bones, letting Ki-yoko do her best to heal Jodi. But the Sanctuary are tired of them always escaping, and decide to launch a full scale attack on the cottage and it's residents with helicopters full of gun-wielding Cleavers (I've always wondered why Cleaver's never had guns...well, these one's sure do).
    10. The story stops in mid fight, leaving the fate of those heroes unknown (for now).

    (I have to do two comments, sorry)

  9. So then, the storyline for the other group (Israel, Aquila, Skylara, Lewis, Sarthacus, Darkane, Nicolette) runs simultaneously, just they never left Ireland and are trying to protect Lewis (Remember?).

    It goes as follows:

    1. Israel is driving everyone (in his van) to his manor, Elysium Asylum, where he knows is an armory that will greatly help them survive until their friends arrive back from Japan with Ki-Yoko. They have a quick run in with some vampires sent by Dusk (It's not only the Sanctuary that wants Lewis; the 'Bad guys' want to use him to cause all sorts of havoc and mayhem) and after killing the undead beings horribly, they drive onwards to E.A. Thus begins the siege on Elysium Asylum.
    2. It turns out that when Israel and his group announced themselves as outlaws to protect Ryker, the Sanctuary raided all of their homes in an effort to not help them. So they find E.A under the control of the Sanctuary, it's residents being rounded up and the manor being searched.
    3. They run through the side forest on left of the manor, Sarthacus providing them with some cover with a heavy calibre sniper rifle. They fight some Cleavers, the lights get cut by Aquila and Skylara, and end up killing Echo, one of the first Cleavers ever trained (I like to think that they were trained rather than created).
    4. They meet up with Skylara and Aquila around the back of the mansion, and a plan is formed. Skylara draws the Cleavers out of the mansion and fights them, while Nicolette, Aquila, Israel and Darkane sneak into the mansion's bar and light it up. 
    5. Meanwhile, in the makeshift pen area set up outside of the manor, guarded by Cleavers, Nyx is introduced. She had been sent to assassinate none other than Octaboona Ambrosius, but was interrupted when the Sanctuary broke in and arrested everyone. She spots her chance, however, as Octa is inside the fenced area as well. He stops her with his magically enhanced voice, and convinces her to work with them.
    6. After Nyx unlocks everyone's handcuffs and helps formulate a plan to reach the armory and take back EA, they all set their plan into motion. Nyx is propelled by an elemental sorcerer into the air, intending to land on the roof of the mansion and sneak in. But the sorcerer is killed and she hurtles towards the ground, only to be saved by Octa at the last moment. They take out the guards, and Florence Black arrives at the scene with some armed mages by her side. The residents can tell that the armory has been cleared, but she tells them of another one.
    7. Back with Israel and co., they meet Lucky Jack, E.A's gardener, and she leads them on to where the armory is. On the way, however, they are intercepted by Skylduggery Pleasant. 

    And...that's it. SO FAR ;D

    I hope you and anyone else that is stumped now understands!

  10. OH MY GOSH! *epic scream* HELLBOY! You never cease to AMAZE ME!
    *mind explodes....again*
    This is just so freaking AMAZING! SO BRILLIANT! You are a MASTER writer! it's confirmed everytime I read one of your epica stories!
    I had a wonderful tim e reading this Hellboy! It really made my evening extra special! I love all of it! I love how your wrote about Nyx and her experience then about Octa too! SO EPIC!!!
    I was grining during Skylaras battles agains the cleavers! I just kept going, REG all the time. :P
    But Hellboy! I had no CLUE that you were going to add another oc. I SCREAMED when I read about Lucky Jack! I was SO SURPRISED and SO DELIGHTED!
    OH YOU ROCK! *hugs him* This is her 1st appearance EVER in a fanfic. So, THANK YOU my friend! THANK YOU!
    You did such an outstanding job on all of this! *fangirl screams*
    Yep. I'm your minion for life!
    Get use to it Hellboy! You will be getting MANY more in the years to come!

  11. And now I'm going to post a link to a post I just put up. No. It's not a story. :P
    But I DARE you to read it! I TRIPLE DARE YOU!

    (ok. It's really only mindless dribble. But was sort of fun to write. Started falling alseep when I was halfway done)

  12. One thing is fo rsure. I didn't want this story to end. But when it did, it left me hanging!
    *glares crazily at Hellboy*

    *points at him* You better be writting th enext part! Cause I can't wait to much longer!

  13. *squeals*

    Ooh! Muffin!

    *stuffs breakfast in mouth*

    Mmm, blueberry...


    OKAY, well, that clears things up. I think. HEY WAIT, where's Lewis during this whole thing?

    *waves a hand in the air wildly*



    By the way, if yur ever going to a 'petrified tree' in yellow stone, it's really just a old tree stump in a metal gate on the side of a hill. HUGE tourist trap.



  14. *sighs*


    Oh no. Now we have to leave this WONDURFUL motel, with its own GIANT BUGS and free SOAP.

    (sarcasm sarcasm)

    But it DOES have wifi. REALLY GOOD wifi.




    *walks away*

    *trips over a Uinta Ground Squirrel*

  15. Uinta ground squirrel? What the hell is...oh, never mind...

    The thing with Lewis is that...well, that's just it. During the assault on EA, he is confined to the van and told to stay put, but when Sarthacus runs to the van to retrieve the Barrett fifty cal sniper rifle from the van, he notices that something's missing, but doesn't ponder it for too long. That 'something' is Lewis.

    *wink* you'll just have to wait and see what happens to him.

  16. RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!
    *tackles Hellboy and s its on him*

    *leans real close and grabs him by the shirt front and eyes him crazily*


  17. And Kallista! Such amazing praise! Than YOU for the epic words that you said.
    Did I portray Jack right? Halfway through writing about her having all those garden tools around her belt and being able to throw them expertly, i checked back on the bio and found she was a really crap fighter.
    I don't know. I reckon that if she was a boy, he'd suck at fighting, and you would definitely find him in his spare time swinging around a broom and hurting himself.
    But if he's a she, then it changes. I just can't see someone called Lucky Jack, who knows every passageway of EA, failing horrendously at fighting. I don't know...
    It's me, her whole character reminds me (and this is going to sound crazy) Pirates of the Caribbean, of Jack Sparrow, and then he always reminds me of Keira Knightly with a pirate hat on. Which is why she reminds me of Lucky. -__- lol, it does sound crazy...

    So I always viewed her as someone with a hat pulled low over her face, a mischievous grin showing, confidence in her stride and a belt of useful tools around her waist. But maybe it's better if she's not. Maybe she just toughened up for the EA fight...God, I'm going no-where with this, lol...

  18. Hahah *pushes Kal off and grabs some toast* brb, getting breakfast

  19. No! I LOVE how you portrayed her! You added some extra elements and it's PERFECT! You did SPLENDIDLY!!!

    *chases after him and steals his toast*



  20. :P Nah, I'm perfectly fine without writing it. Y'see, that's a fake piece of toast. I ate the real one *smug smile*

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    *pokes Hellboy a bunch of times*

    If you are still around HEllboy, COME TO THE CHAT!!

  22. *screams wildly*


    *cackles madly*


    But I cried. I almost cried when Dobby died, but I really cried when Snape, and Lupine, and Tonks, an one of the Weaslys died. It was sad.

    ...but then Voldemort, you'll find out. It's a really awkward hug. And...I don't think he really knows how to hug.

    Now I must sing the song I sang when I finished the book.


    *skips around*


  23. But it was kinda funny, because all the people in the movie theater were kinda all emotion-less, except for a few "No, that's where the Harry Potter's showing", and there I was, my hair down and all curly, and I was bouncing around like a energizer bunny.


    I ran around in circles, and it was cool, because my hair flopped around my face like that. Uh huh.


    You see, we THOUGHT they didn't have any squirrels in Montana and Wyoming, but they don't have any TREE squirrels. They have UINTA GROUND SQUIRRELS! YAAAAAAY!

  25. What if I got a feather in my hair? Would a bird come and try to pick it out?

  26. Oh, an it was really funny, because when Mrs. Weasly swore at Bellatrix LaStrange, like everyone gasped in the theater. It was FUNNY. in a way. But I already knew she swore. Just wasn't sure if they would put that in the movie.

  27. Ron has such a stupid face. Just the look on it.


  28. I had a dream I was kidnapped and held in a cellar. But I was so annoying that I was kicked out within the hour.

  29. ...I think. I can't really remember.

  30. Uinta Ground Squirrel.




  31. LOL MAr!!
    *falls off her spinny chair laughing*

    Eh, I'll look up the squirrl thingy later..

    *backs away suddenlly as Mar approaches holding onto her trusty frypan*

    OK! OK! I'll look it up NOW!

    *runs away crazily to go look it up*

    Bye the way. I think Ron has an adorable face.

    *gets bonked in the head by a flying frypan*

  32. much chatting...

    I've seen it, dw. And your right....hugging scene with voldy (and was it Draco? Fuzzy memory...) was a tad weird...

    I'm a bit disappointed and slightly pissed that there was no fight scene for Fred and George before they die, no exchange of words, nothing. It sucked :( same goes for Lupin and Tonks, because JKR never really put things into detail for them. And they were my favs...

    And..I'm looking up the squirrel thing now...

    Also, I had this really messed up dream... I was at the boarding school church Youth group thing over by the sea, and me, Harry (I had just been watching AVPM, lol) Hermione and Ron all needed to escape (it was hell).
    But the Youth group Leaders had gotten in on our plan to walk to the lake, fill our bags with water, and walk all the way to the highway (it was in the middle of nowhere...), and so they somehow released the weird snake/insect things from Plague, and Ron (foolish, foolish Ron) got infected as we were leaving. We left him in a car, gave him our best wishes, locked the door and ran. As we were running away I remember thinking "Why the hell didn't we just use that car to escape?"
    But there was no time, as a giant tilde wave rose from behind the buildings and almost flooded the entire boarding school. There was some crap about lollies that made your skin change into whatever color the lolly had been, and iceblocks that made you morph through walls, but it wasn't as important.

    I think we escaped. *think* tho, not 'know'.

    And the best part? I didn't make any of that up. XD

  33. Plague? Huh? What?




    ...I think. I don't know.

    Hah...copied Hellboy there...



    "...It's a freakish resemblence..."

  34. Fred and Geaorge BOTH DIE?
    But...but....*cries* In the book it's only Fred that dies and thats' bad enough!

    *paces back and forth, distressed*

    Oh, What to do!

  35. Don't worry, Kal! I just missworded things. Only Fred dies, it's oooookaaay....

    And...Plague...y'know? Micheal Grant? The author of Gone? The epic series that follows a place called Perido Beach where everyone over the age of 15 disappears?


    Mar, go to your library. Go to the shop. Get Gone.

  36. *blinks*

    I' Montana...I have no idea where the nearest book store is...

    ...the Doctor was in my dreams...he was...sonic screwdriving stuff...

    ...I'm not really awake right think I'll...just kind of...get somrthing Yeah, to eat... a cookie.

  37. *looks up*

    Oh, so it's Fred that dies? Okay. Well, not okay, it's just I can't tell them apart. And I couldn't remember who died.

  38. *flops into a chair*

    I had another muffin.

  39. Lesson learned from the day-

    If you are ever on a Ski Lift, and you see a girl saying hello to everyone she passes, and giggling like a hyper chipmunk, that girl is Mar.

  40. That's like walking up to someone and telling them "Congratulations!" and walking off as fast as you could. If they give you a puzzled look or ask what you mean, just give them a smile and say "Come on, stop pretending! This is the biggest accomplishment in your life!" or something. The run. Fast xD

    I'm going to the Plaza tomorrow...I think I'll try that out, actually. :D

  41. LOL Hellboy!
    Just dropping by to say hey.
    I'm trying to get my next fanfic done. It's going slow. Hopefully I can get it done before next week.
    Gotta go. So very tired.


  43. And btw, awesome story!

    Can I just ask though, where is Dragona? I'm sure he was in your earlier stories... Meh. Just saying.

  44. I explained in my horrendously big comment somewhere above, when I asked for people to be in my fanfic, way to many people answered. So I had to split the characters up at an early stage in the story, sending them both their seperate ways. Simple answer: Dragona was in the first group of people, along with Skyril, Jodi, Kallista, Mary and Necros. So, while their part of my fanfic took part in Japan, the character's who's turn it is now (Israel, Nicolette, Skylara, Aquila, Darkane and Sarthacus) have their stories set in Ireland as they try to survive as outlaws and protect Lewis Ryker (The bomb person). Each story is important, however, so please make an effort of reading them.

    (See that's my greatest fear; some people might comment, but I'm not sure if they just skimmed through it, or hit ctrl+f and typed in their character's name.)

    And good luck with your Fanfic too, Kal! I really can't wait for the next bit.

  45. OMG WE SAW A BEAR!!!

    It was black. And it was eating the greenery.

    WELL, ACTUALLY Hellboy, me an my cuz are gonna go back to the ski lifts and the Alpine Slide in a few minutes, so I'll say something else funny.

    (Conversation in other room, Grandma talking on phone, with Aunt and cousin)

    Grandma: Oh, and we saw a bear! It was a brown bear!

    Aunt and Cuz simultaniously: Black bear!

    Grandma: ah, yes a black bear!

    (Back to blogland)

    LOL. Love my family.


    In Montana!

    Yeah, LOOK IT UP!



    Kay, well bye for a bit!


  47. OK thanks Hellboy. I didn't know you could press ctrl+f.

    Btw, there's a new story on my blog.

  48. Hahaha, where was it Mar? Just chilling in your backyard?

    And i'll check out your story right away, Dragona.

  49. Hmm? What? Backyard? No, of course not. We only see deer, bunnies, and wild turkeys in our back yard.

    We saw the bear at Glacier National Park. Getting on those last days of the trip.

    Now I really wanna see a moose! Oh! And a mountain goat!

    So far we saw about a million buffalo, a million mule deer, a wild turkey, my mom saw a snow Hare, Uinta Groynd Squirrels, and these other ground squirrels with orange feet. Ah, and a petrified frog named Petty, short for petrified frog.

  50. Thanks Hellboy. It's fairly long, though...

  51. Wtf, Mar? That is so random. Where were you, Africa? Or in a random land full of all these weird animals. Oh wait, Africa :P

  52. AH, Hellboy, that was AWESOME!!
    I regret waiting this long to read it! I was just so trying to get that fan-fic done by the 20, but I failed. Then yesterday and all of today up til a little while ago I was busy with other stuff!
    I LOVE your fan-fictions! It was definitely understandable too! Very well written [in the interesting way, that is] and exciting! I very much enjoyed all of it! :D

    [the annoying grammatical person in me is trying to speak up but I'm denying her access because that fic is just too awesome for Miss Grammatical to complain about]

    I SO hope the fan-fic goes on for more than just the next post! :D I'm can't WAIT for more!! :D




    I got Gone! The book! Yup!

    But I'm gonna finish up another series. 'Midnighters', by Scott Westerfield.

    Hmm! In return for getting Gone (I bought it) YOU Have to get the Midnighters!

    (It's insainly awesome!)

  54. Lol, awesome Mar! Tell me what the Midnighters is about and I'll buy it.

    Thankyou Skyril! But what part of it was grammatically incorrect? :/ It helps if you tell me.

  55. Thanks for the comment on my blog Hellboy :D

    And sure, he can pick up an AUG.

  56. *plans a suMmary of the book in head*

    Mmmm, I'll tell you this afternoon. Or, well this night. Or technically for you, morning. It's so confusing.

    WELL, today I hope to see a moose! With me luck!

  57. *looks up a bit*


    Nope, I'm not in Africa Dragona! I'm in Montana for a trip! Almost in Canada. But we forgot our passports, so we can't cross the border.

    (When I say 'We', I mean me, my mom, Aunt, Cousin, and Grandma)

    *remembers something*

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    *mom looks up from fumbling with her Iphone*

    Mom: what?

    Me: oh, nothing. Just nothing...


    *shakes head*

    Okay, I'm good.

  58. In Wyoming, they don't have traffic jams. They have bear jams.

    (and moose, deer, squirrel, and buffalo jams)

  59. Me and my cousin are tight yo!


    No, that's

    She's like a year older then me, but we still get along well. Except for when we got lost. She was all sarcastic and mocking me, when it WASN'T MY FREAKIN FAULT!

    They CLOSED the Ski lift, OKAY?!

    And it WAS because of me our parents found us! Two thumbs up for red jackets!!!

    ...okay, I'm gonna leave and talk to some one besides myself...

  60. Oh, and Dragona!

    I nearly bought the Demonta book!

    (But I didn't, because my cousin was standing right there, and the cover may have creeped her out. [she gets nightmares from EVERYTHING. And she's a year older then me. And who's the one who's reading books where everyone dies? MOI~] So next time I get to a bookstore, I'll get them)

  61. What...why can't you...why can't you open the page? That's rediculous! H-Hey, now don't you glitch on ME!

    ...meh. I miss my dog. The ipod's stubborn-ness reminds me of the dogs's stubborn-ness.

  62. i'm BAAAAAAACK!

    Heh. OKAY, before I pass out, the Midnighters!

    Okay, well, the Midnighters is about a group a kids, where when the clock strikes midnight, there is a whole hour where the whole town is frozen, all except for these five kids, called the 'Midnighters'.

    They're ALSO the only ones who know about the secret hour. The kids also aquired special powers to help them in the midnight hour, like a psychic, a weightless guy, stuff like that.

    However, something created the secret hour, and those things...aren't very friendly.

  63. That sounds freakishly epic, Mar. I'll get as soon as I have an extra $20. (I'm broke right now -__-)

    So much to reply to...

    ...Bear Jams? Really? I'd hate to see them with a case of road rage...


    ...alright, so it wasn't THAT funny.

    I know that this next thing isnt a really big deal in America because you can get this anywhere, but I just bought kook aid from Blackebyes and made myself a jug for the first time. I heated up a small glass as well, and surprisingly enough, it wasnt as good as Julian Smith made it out to be. When it was cool, it tasted awesome. But hot...ejicyebsuxuqkwkxjh.....&37-6) $.$.$fiifheh...

    That's right. Fiifheh. Yeah, I went there.

  64. *hugs MAr and Hellboy*

    Writing is almost done. I hope to have it done by tomorrow or the day after.
    Looking at it a think there is a lot of room for improvement. But I just have to accept that I do not have the skill it takes
    Talk to you both later!


  65. Heh, I actually persuade my mom or dad to buy me books. That's what vacations are for.

    I actually got Gone with the money I got from things my mom dared me to do. Like five bucks for petting a stuffed mountain lion on top of a fire place in the hotel (Don't ask), and ten bucks for jumping into freezing cold river water.

    So my mom bought the Midnighters for me, I bought Gone, and just cuz I was curious, my mom also bought the first book in the Alex Rider series.

    I am content with my piles of books.

    (I also have with me Divergent (Epica book!), and another book called Unidentified. It's where I found this emotocon-





    C'MERE!!!! C'MERE YOU!!!!

  67. ~randomly jumps into Hellboy's world of Blogs~

    Hiya, Hellboy!
    ~pokes him~
    ~throws purple confetti all over the place~
    ~gives him a lollipop~
    ~reads some previous comments~
    Um... grammatical errors..... I've forgotten them. Well, aside from when someone leaned against a wall at some point. You wrote "leant" it's supposed to be "leaned"
    Anyway, ignore me and my mind trying to correct every error I spot. If it's encouraged, it will do naught but get worse xD
    Besides, if I do it all the time, y'all will start scanning everything I write to try to find and error, and I'm sure I make errors often so.....
    Change of subject time!

    Champions of Norrath is an awesome game!! Woot!
    I want an x-box... A particular one....
    Dungion Siege III is also an awesome game, but it's for the x-box....
    Midnighters does indeed sound interesting!
    What's Gone about?
    I like iced sweet tea very much.
    I want to try Luzianne bottled tea sometime.
    I like Arizona green tea as well. Especially when it's ice cold and outside the weather is sweltering [as it often is here...]
    I watched a movie about J.K.Rowling last night. It was kinda interesting, and very.... well, inspirational to me :]
    The first three book series that come to mind when I think of books I admire for how well they're written are Skulduggery Pleasant, Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice.
    Am I chattering a lot or is this comment muck smaller than I think it may be, which it really probably is...
    I only know where one bullet for my Nerf gun is....
    I have 9.6 million books to read... which isn't necessarily a bad thing... :P
    I should go write...
    See ya later, Hellboy!
    And good-morning since that's probably the time it is when you read this! :P :D

  68. Next chapeter is up Hellboy.

    I got most of what I wanted in it. Not all of it but most. so I'm happy.

  69. "Shall in these confines with a monarch's voice
    Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war."

    -Shakespeare, 'Julius Ceaser'

    (how cool is that?)

    There's so much to answer back to right now, and I will get back to it, but I can't now :( Talk to you all soon!

  70. Hellboy, I made another OC.

    Be warned, I did go a bit random with the occupation and the vehicles *shifty* No I DIDN'T make him with a 260+mph le mans car which isn't even road legal *whistles innocently* Hey, but I made him with a BMW and a pickup too! Don't be nasty to the Audi R10 TDI :P

  71. Alright, I will now hastily reply to your comments.

    Mar! Epic! You got both Gone and Diverent :D READTHEM READTHEM READTHEM READTHEM READTHEM READTHEM!!! much sugar did you have before writing that comment...? :P

    Gone is about the small town of Perido Beach, where, one day, everyone over the age of 15 disappear. Poof. Gone. And the kids realize that they have been cut off from civilization because of a giant dome now encases them. And then there are the powers. Oh, how I love their powers...

    I....have never tried iced tea before...I had some plain tea once but didn't like it :P

    Awesome movie about JK tho, and although I have never played nor heard of those games, I trust you that they're good :)

    Kallista! Your story was brilliant :D Epic work!

    And I'll be sure to check out and comment on your character soon, Dragona. Hopefully after dinner.

  72. I read Divergent!!!!




    I miss my dog...

  73. Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link Web Link

  74. Now the question is how much suger Dragonahad.
    Thank you so much for reading my fanfic and leaving a comment.
    Stil waiting for someother people to read it.
    *glances sideways at Mar*
    Anyways, I will try to write some more fanfic tonight so not to make you guys wait so long next time.
    Got to go for now.

  75. Hey, Hellboy, I finally posted the short story fan-fic!
    Well... half of it xD
    You can read all the details there!
    Anyway, it's a tad silly at times, but I sorta just had fun writing it :P
    So I hope you enjoy your birthday present! :D

    [by the way, it's long, so be prepared...]

  76. LOL
    Actually... not a whole lot of sugar :P
    I was just hyper, I suppose...
    Gone sounds really interesting! Another book I need to read REG
    You should definitely try Iced Sweet Tea! It's DELICIOUS! Especially when it's hot out, as I'm sure it is quite often there. Oh yes, a cold glass of sweet tea really hits the spot! Yum!
    Yeah, the JKR movie was interesting! I enjoyed it!
    The games ARE awesome! :D
    They're especially fun to play with someone else. Both are similar to Baldur's Gate, Champions of Norrath more so. If you have an x-box, though, I think you'd enjoy Dungeon Siege III, as it's a newer game than the others. :]


    There's a new story on my blog, so you get to know Grin's fighting style. It was mainly a help for me, but perhaps it might be of use for anyone who wants to use him in stories.

  78. Hey, Hellboy, I'm really glad you enjoyed the fan-fic, and I'm sorry about E.A. :/
    I should have checked up first, but I just thought it was in Australia.
    Ah, well, I'll know better next time...

    By the way, if it's alright with you and the other July birthday folks, I'd like to post a really short thing [Part 5/8ths :P] about the green haired girl so that y'all can know at least a bit more about her since she's just a character I invented.
    What do you think?

  79. I'm really sorry I havent commented in a while, so I'll do one now...

    @Mar that's great! Well...kinda...I mean, didn't you have free wifi back at the hotels? ;)

    Thanks Kal, and I can't wait to read it.

    Skyril! It was an epic story; thankyou for writing it xD

    And don't worry about the EA thing, it's not a huge mistake. It's minuscule. I won't cry havoc over that murder (that should be a new saying...wait...nope, definitely not).

    LOL Dragona I'm getting there as fast as I can.

  80. Wait crap! Skyril, I think it's a good idea for a background check, I was puzzled about Hunched Girl and her motives and so on. Good luck!

  81. *looks sideways at Skyril*
    Yo uthink Skyril was hyper up there Hellboy?
    Well, you ain't seen NOTHING unitl you have been around Skyril after she has a milk shake.
    I suggest if you are to fasten yourseat belt, grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride! Prepare to be highly entertained! LOL
    I have only had two times to experience this phenominon. (did I spell that right? Eh, who cares)
    OK Gotta go and attack my younger brother. He's tormenting me. Will pin him down, poke, and tickle him till he screams for mercy and yells to the world of what an awesome and beautiful sister I am!

  82. Alright, Hellboy! Although, Hunched Girl's motives won't be revealed til later on. I have a scene in my head... it'll probably be less funny on paper, though....
    Anyway, it will sort of just be her sitting in her van thinking and whatnot. It'll be rather short too. Just thought about adding it after I posted the first part then realized it was too late to go back and actually add it.
    So... right :P

    I think my mom should get me milkshakes more often, don't you? :P


    And Hellboy! I posted pictures of my dog!


    What was I gonna say...I forget...uh...


    *edges away*

  84. *dognaps Mar's puppy*

    SOOoooooOOOoooooOOOO CUTE!!!!!

    *runs away crazily while cuddling the adorable pooch*




    Web Link


    That is all.

  86. Wait, one more thing.

    Hi. I've found out something completly amazing.

    Something so astounding, you will be speechless.

    Mr Blobby IS Google.

    I am Mr Blobby

    Therefore I am google.

  87. Why yes Dragona... You are right...Mr. Blobby is Google...uhhhh-huh!

    Milkshakes...? Oooooo-k! Good luck Kal with defeating your little bro, and I will comment on the puppy asap, Mar (I saw it earlier).

    Alright, Skyril, I'm looking forward to that.

    In other news, my fanfics going along quite well, but it's only three thousand words right now and I want to get it up to six, at the very least...

  88. I know. I worked it out. I'm so smart, right?

    And thanks for the comment on my blog for the short story.

    I'm PLANNING, that the newest part of the Demonata story will be the best piece of fanfic and storyline I've ever done.

  89. *puffs up like a blow fish*

    Um...that is...interesting...

    My dog's technically not a puppy any more. She's about three and a half. Maybe four.

    When she was a puppy, she was HYSTERICAL. Well, she still is, but in a puppy-like fashion. She was all furry, she ran into things because her hair was in her eyes and she couldn't see, and when she laid down she looked like a rug.

    Ah, good times. One time she caught a squirrel with a broken leg when my mom was walking her. My mom screamed, and because of that the squirrel got away.

  90. LOL Mar don't make ribcage hurts like hell...

    I sometimes don't even call my cat by it's real name. *puffs up chest and speaks in a Russian accent* It is just Cat.

    True story tho...

    Dragona, now that you've said that I'm actually pretty excited. You write excellent stories already, and if you say this one's the king of kings, then it's going to be great xD

    Leaving in half an hour for school, and there I must create a mix of an animal for art (it's weird cos I remember doing that in primary school as well).

    Right now, I have no idea what to create.

  91. Oh, like my fish!

    His name is Fish!

    My dog can make anyone laugh. Today she was sitting with my mom on the couch, and I snapped a bunch of pics of her sleeping, yawning, and upsidedown. Maybe I'll post 'em. Maybe...

    (I fixed it, but there was a typo spelling 'mom' like 'mim'. Who the heck's mim?)

  92. *blinks*

    ...wait you have a cat?

    *blink blink*

    AH! I get it! You're Tesseract!!!


    *runs away screaming*

  93. *jumps up and down*

    Oh and Dragona! I'm reading your fanfiction!


    I'm reading too many things though, online and offline alike. And my dad was saying I don't fo anything! HAH! I laugh at him!

  94. Thanks for saying I write great stories Hellboy, but you do WAY better ones. Mine lack description.
    It may not be THIS part of my fanfic which is the best, or it might be. But the storyline, I think, is going to be pretty good. If I work out a way of the characters getting back to where they originally came from... LOL. I always get this problem. Sometimes I do something in my fanfic which is like impossible and haven't a clue how to make it better again. Rest assured, I'll find a way, somehow.
    And I have Battlefield Bad Company 2! It took like 13 hours to download. DAMN YOU BBC2! Wait, that's a tv channel... DAMN YOU BATTLEFIELD BAD COMPANY 2 FOR BEING SO BIG! Anyway, it's epic. I like the tanks. I ran over someone.
    I'm not even level 1 yet, but my total kills are 16, my total deaths are 0. Not bad for 2 matches played :P

    LOL Mar, thanks for reading my fanfic ^^

  95. *makes a choking sound*

    You...ran over someone...?!

    I DO laugh at my dad, however then when I round a corner he's RIGHT THERE. I swear, he's like a ninja who's under cover as a lawyer. He doesn't make ANY sound...!

    ...I forgot what I was gonna

    Aaaaaaah...AHA! Strawberries! I knew it!

    ...It makes more sense if you saw my dream.


    That's (I THINK) either the best piece of fanfic I've ever done, or the starting point to the best storyline I've ever done. Perhaps both.

    Mar, I don't want to KNOW what you did with strawberries in your dream... *shudders*

    Anyway, I crushed someone on Battlefield Bad Company 2! I parachued out of a plane and crushed someone. Fat soldiers ftw.
    And then I overpowered a guy with a rifle when I had a pistol, ran over some people with my quad bike, got millions of headshots with my sniper and the best thing is. This is my total kills and deaths now:
    Kills - 143
    Deaths - 6
    I'm good, right?

  97. Wait...what...OH, no, I just...

    ...I just ATE them, Dragona! For Breakfast! In my DREAM! (And in real life).

    And I got to part three in your fanfic Dragona. Or maybe four. Uh...

    And, um...and...what was it...ah!, wait, that's not it...

  98. Hey um... I'm not going to be commenting for a while now, because I'm determined to finish my fanfic. But I will read yours Dragona and anyone else's if they post a link.

    @Dragona That's freaking epic! I got bfbc2 for my b-day three weeks ago, and can't you agree that's just the most fun to be had in any game? I love the squads, the helicopters, running around with defribulators, and mowing down row after row with my m60 (medic's my favourite character).

    But....143 kills, 6 deaths? Holy sh!t Dragona, how good are you on this game? My deaths are way up...what game do you normally play? Conquest? Rush?

    *shifty eyes* Or are you just a camper.....hmmmm....

    My favorite thing in battlefield is that it's just like a real warzone. If a tank fires next to you, the sound cuts out and is replaced with a whine until your character recovers. Dirt goes up on the screen instead of just blood. And the houses...oh god, how I love taking cover in a house, taking pot shots at a tank just outside, and then running as fast as I can when the house starts to break apart because of the tank's shells.

    The best thing is that I know two other guys at school with it, and we just pla every second night, go into the same squad, and try our hardest to crash our helicopter straight into an enemy tank. Helicopter missiles are for noobs ;)

  99. Hey Hellboy! t's good to hear you aregoig to writ some more! YEAH!!!
    'm having trouble with my comp, internet, keyboard. Will not be on for a while c ue of it. or at lest till it gtsfixed.
    See ya soon!

  100. O.O

    OMG!!!! This is AMAZING! Thank you so much for including me in it!!!

    *glomps him*


  101. Hellboy, I don't camp, not on ANY game. My favourite class is probably a recon, then assault, like the look of the assault soldiers. I'm better at being a recon, but I don't camp. I'm always running around the map, doing a stealth-ninja-thing, occasionally taking people out with my pistol if they get too close, but otherwise finding a good sniping spot, firing a few bullets, getting a few kills and then sprinting around the opposite side of the map.
    The best thing about that is no one can catch you, and it works on the dark-icy-map (forgot what it's called).
    I always play Rush. It's a good game mode. It's like Sabotage on CoD.
    I don't camp. Not at all. I'm pretty much a sniper on BFBC2, but occasionally an assault.
    Surely, you know me well enough to realise that camping isn't my style :P
    I'm pretty much in every battle that happens in the map, but that is by accident. I normally run in the trees, killing enemies with my pistol and long range shooting with my sniper.
    It's so hard to count how many soldiers with automatic weapons I've killed with a pistol. Embarassing for them or what?
    So, to sum up. I'm a recon, rush and I do not camp at all.

  102. And something else - people can be so rude.
    Me and Jaguar (don't know if you've ever met her) made a deal a few days ago about pictures. As you may or may not know, I hate name and picture changes. Jaguar changed her pic a few days ago, so I made a deal with her that she can keep the picture so long as she doesn't change it again, and if she did, I could ban her.
    Yesterday, she changed it, and broke our deal, so as I told her, I banned her.
    Then Jaguar got her sister (Wonka) and her friend (Eclipse) on us. Eclipse came first, and started talking about how the rules of the chat are wrong. I think for my sake, Aquila has made a rule that there should be no name and picture changes. I really, really, REALLY hate them.
    There was a friend of Mary Ellen's that was on at the time, and was encouraging the argument by changing her name and pic, so she was banned.
    Then Eclipse started using crappy arguments against me, which I could direct back at him. He did this for about an hour and a half, whilst I was trying to stop the argument and defend myself at the same time. Then Mary Ellen's friend pops up, and says that I'm responsible for her attempt at suicide. I mean wtf? I haven't seen Mary since like April, and I didn't do anything to make her commit suicide. One of the last times I saw her, she lied to Isabella saying that I was talking about her on the chat when she wasn't even signed in, and I wasn't. Such a reason to commit suicide, huh?
    And something about Mary Ellen's friend doesn't seem right. She comes on, and on the exact day she gets a text from Mary. Hmm... suuurrreee. Then she speaks like Mary Ellen, knows that Mary Ellen notes down the arguments on here on her computer. How should she know? She hasn't seen Mary for longer than I have and at that time, there was no arguments. So how does she know? And plus she was talking about fanfic before she said who she was -how would she know about it?
    Anyway, luckily for me I had 2, maybe 3 people on my side. Kal, Aquila and then Ayesha (who said about one thing, but that isn't the point).
    Eclipse and Wonka just kept saying that it was my fault that Mary tried to commit suicide, even though I can't have been.
    So after a while, Aquila banned Wonka (hurray!) and then she made a "Nice" chat where "nice" people can go. So that got rid of them.
    Talk about a pointless argument... even though I had a good reason for banning Jaguar in the first place so there wasn't much point defending her, and the fact that every argument they made, I could use it back at them.

  103. I think they were seriously out of line.

  104. What?! What?! WHAT?!

    When did this happen?! What?!

    *takes a deep breath*

    Jaguar's an Idiot Dragona. She always has. You shouldn't care about what she and her friends do. And if you ban them, so what? They deserved it.

    I don't know what gave all those people the right to suddenly attack you like that, but that just makes them senseless idiots. But there's really no way to make sure if what Mary Ellen's friend said is true, about the suicide. But all you can really do is hope that Mary Ellen didn't commit suicide for any reason at all.

    (And while we're at it, sorry about that name change a few weeks ago. Was just in a really crappy mood because of writers block)

  105. Alright. I'm tired. I just got off bfbc2. And I'm currently listening to Jimmy Wong's 'Slow in Reverse' ( and i feel like just going to bed.

    But I'm not going to. Yet.

    Kal- i really hope that your keyboard gets fixed soon. Good luck!

    Nyx- Thankyou! I remember ages ago when we made that deal, and you let me into your story, so it was about damn time I put you into mine. Enjoy :)

    Dragona- Lol...did I accuse you of camping? least now i know you arent. (just so you know, everyone camps, and I have nothing against it. Hell, I camp, especially in bfbc2, because you can just easily set up a med and ammo pack under a tree and sit there with a sniper)

    I just checked my stats...and was not impressed, lol...Let's just say that my deaths are a little over twice as much of my kills -___- *sigh*

    The pistols are epic :D Do you have the Grach one yet, or do you still have to m9? I just got the tracer one, and it's not as good as i thought it would be. I really want the revolver...

    And...Dragona, you're right, they had no right to attack you. But...And I don't hate you for this, I don't want to appear to be attacking you, and most of all, I'd hate to ruin this bfbc2 thing between us, but...

    I never understood why you did not like it when people changed their names. I always thought that it was their choice, because, well, it's their name...

    So I'm afraid that I can't side with you on that argument, or any future ones including the changing of names. But the thing is, I'm not siding with the other people too, no matter who it is. I just think the whole thing is below us, really.

    So any time that that argument comes up, I will side with no-one, only because I believe you are all smart enough and damn awesome enough to know what the right thing to do is.

  106. I don't expect you to side with me, because mainly, I don't understand myself, either.
    And yes, I still have the M9, but I put it to good use. And I have a new way of getting rid of the people attacking the M-Com stations.
    If you're a Recon, you need the 2nd sniper you unlock T summat or other (I just like it, really), motion sensing mines and lots of C4.
    The M-Com stations are always near, or in buildings. If you put C4 on each side of the building, throw some motion sensor mines in next to the box of M-Com and wait for the magic.
    If you're a defender, wait until the red lights flash, then blow it up. Everyone in it will be killed, and normally, the M-Com thing won't be damaged. Occasionally, you do blow it up, but hell, the plus points from killing people inside ALWAYS out do the minus points for blowing up your objective.
    If you're attacking, you're doing well to get to near the M-Com station without dying :P be CAREFUL you don't die after you plant your C4. Get to a safe distance, detonate the C4 and watch the fireworks. If you're attacking the M-Com, you blow it up nearly every time. No need for planting explosives, just bring the house down.
    I think it MIGHT be possible for the attackers, definately for the defenders. I haven't tried the attacking yet but it SHOULD work. And if not, just plant them anyway and then get someone to go charge the explosives. When one of the defenders come to defuse them, THEN bring the house down.
    If you're a defender, it'll probably be most wise to be crouched outside with a sniper rifle or a pistol. Good fun to take out the survivors.
    I'm a recon basically all the time now. It's good fun to take people out with a sniper rifle, especially the second one you unlock.
    Now, my totals are:
    Kills - 224
    Deaths - 10
    Damn tanks *mumbles*

  107. I'm like a ninja, though. I don't go around near the main battle, just go around the outskirts, shooting people who have the same idea as me, getting a good sniper spot. Killing someone who's nearby, carry on running around, shooting whilst moving at the other people.
    Sometimes I do get caught up in the main battle, but rarely. In which case, my pistol becomes VERY useful. And the fact that I can fire 10 sniper bullets without reloading with the second gun you unlock for the Recon.
    Basically, if I see someone. I open fire :P
    Sometimes I do stop, fire a bullet or too, then carry on, but I don't camp. No way. I KILL campers :P
    I always get the awards for sniper rifle kills and stuff... but meh.
    I suppose I'm quite good at the game, considering I only got it a few days ago.
    Btw, I LOVE the grenades on Battlefield Bad Company 1. They have a smiley face near the pin :P

  108. Epic strategy, Dragona. See, I think I know now why you have such little deaths, lol. It's not cos you camp, it's because you're being smart about the objective and trying not to get killed lol. For me, cos I always play conquest, I end up being right in the main battle. I'm always trying to help my squad/teammates. Y'see, one of the main things I do is use the defribulators to revive everyone. When you have them equipped it shows a little heartbeat symbol on your minimap over the body of any fallen teammates. Not only does it give me the same amount of points that killing someone does, but it also makes people be a bit more generous to you.

    The only problem is, I end up seeing someone's body way out in an open area, and I'll gladly risk my character's life for another's. And hey, if I get shot just as I revive someone and they then shoot my killer, you'll know if they're real nice if they pick up your class off the ground and revive you with your own defribs :D

    That...probably just sounded like a bunch of rambling, didn't it?

    I know what you mean about the sniper, T-Svu or something. But I never really liked it, because I'd end up spamming my entire clip into someone who was right next to me. And the sights...God, I hate upwards-arrow sights. Y'know that in Cod Modern Warfare 1, the ACOG actually had one of those? It sucked :(
    The snipers don't get much better for a while tho. The next one you unlock, the sniper saiya or something, is actually worse than the first sniper you get, the m24. The only good thing about the sniper saiya is that it has a ten bullet clip.

    Last thing: Tanks are easy. Normally, if there is a weapon I really want to unlock for a certain class but I'm crap at that class, I equip the Saiga Semi-auto shotgun. If it's on assault, then because I no longer have an assault rifle equipped, the grenade launcher has been replaced with packets of c4. Which I love :)
    It's beast when you sneak up behind a tank, chuck three c4's on it, and scramble away to detonate. And then sit back to watch the multitude of points being given to you.
    But if you're not fast enough, and the tank sees you as you start to get close, there's this awkward dodging of tank fire and chasing it as it reverses away from you. Most of the time, you die, but if the tank gets stuck in a wall, then you'll have your chance :D

    Grumble grumble I hate the apaches grumble grumble...

    The grenades in this one still have smileys, I reckon, cos I still have seen flashes of yellow as I throw it. But I don't think I'm about to get up close to a thrown one to check.

    And thanks for not being mad at me and all for not being on your side.

    Now I'm off to have breakfast...

  109. Why would I be angry? Put it this way, even part of me isn't on my own side. And that IS screwed up, I know. But it's the way I work :P

    And Hellboy, I have no problem with DESTROYING tanks. Just getting shelled by them from a distance, LOL. I think that 6 of my deaths are from tanks and helicopters and stuff. Then the other 4 are fails at parachuting and ending up landing in the sea or something. It's not my fault I try and take enemies out whilst in the air and not look where I'm going... *mumbles* I think I'd better stop doing that ^^
    I once headshotted a guy in a helicopter. You can see the soldiers sat in the cockpit and he was hovering so I shot him. LOL. He crashed into his own M-Com station and blew it up.
    It is a good tactic, mine. Sometimes I just sit outside the M-Com stations with a pistol, walking around and shooting any enemies who come near.
    I always kill campers :P I sneak up behind them and knife them. It's good fun.
    I must admit, the upwards arrow sights aren't as good as the normal sniper scopes, but I like the T-SVU because it has 10 bullets. Maybe once I get some attachments I can have a better scope. But it's quite a good gun, and because it hasn't got the crosshair and only upwards arrows, it's easier to get Headshots. I like just standing behind a building and looking through a window and seeing an enemy's head pop up. BANG. Lol.

  110. *sighs*
    There really should be a game where people can shoot each with marshmellow guns and banana guns!
    I would totaly play that game and own you all!



  111. Dragona, I'm afraid that I've never actually been shelled by a tank from a distance...must be mightily annoying.
    Lol the other day I was in a helicopter and the pilot flew us into the enemy home base, where we crashed and I tried to camp out. It didn't work out, however, because the first enemy to spawn hopped straight into a tank, and thus entailed an epicly funny game of cat and mouse as I ran around one side of a building, he drove around the other, and so on. It ended up that he just blew a hole straight through the building and brought it down on top of me, but it was fun while it lasted.
    I just realized that while you have all of these tales of stealth and steadily aimed headshots, the only ones I can think of for me include various ways of blowing things up and firing as many bullets as possible ;)

    For instance: your story about headshotting that pilot in the helicopter, bringing it all down with one shot? Yep, I have had many similar experiences, except...well, let's just say that I was using a tank instead of a sniper rifle and the helicopters were always moving. Ka-boom.

    I love the parachuting. Especially if you leave it to the last second so that no-one sees, cos opening your parachute is like waving your arms around and firing off fire crackers into the air; it's makes you an instant beacon to everyone on the map.

    The only problem is, Dragona, that the 4x scope is basically like that acog I told you about with an upwards arrow as well. The 12x scope looks exactly the same as the default scope for the T-SVU. The only thing I haven't tried yet is the red dot, cos I haven't unlocked it yet.

    Kal, lol, I'm so sorry for all this gamer talk. And to everyone else, lol, it must seem like we're rambling on about some insane...ah, we'll stop soon, I promise. know how I mentioned earlier about taking a break from the blogs and then I ditched that idea completely when i commented again? Well, I'm doing it for real this time. I'm not even going to check up on the blogs now, because I really have got too many things to do. I have promised myself that I will not get distracted until certain things have been achieved:

    1. My fanfic is complete (nearly done)
    2. Various school tasks are finished
    3. My resume is complete (Hell yeah! I just need to finish that, hand it in, get a tax file number all sorted, and the job at Foodland across the road from my school is practically mine. Then the cash arrives... :D)

    Expect me back next weekend. I'll probably fail at that too and show up earlier, but it doesn't REALLY matter, right?

  112. Nah, it doesn't matter :P

    Something funny happened today on Battlefield Bad Company 2.
    I was on Harvest Day, and there was 1 other person on my team, and then 3 people on the other team.
    The 3 people all got in seperate tanks, so I decided it was my time for C4, but they kept shooting me before I got close to them, and hell, if it wasn't for a fence, I would have died. So I sniped the tank a few times, got shot and then respawned as an engineer. I went into one of the buildings, a house type thing and smashed the window with my pistol, and then started firing with my rocket launcher at the tank.
    After one shot, the tank knew where I was and aimed it's cannon RIGHT at me. So I was like "Ahhhh!" when it fired the shell, and ended up diving for cover. BEHIND a team mate.
    The shell hit the house, the entire ATTIC was destroyed, and half of the second floor. The team mate who I was crouched behind was suddenly hit by a spray of tank bullets and I hid on the stair case. Hehe. And then a enemy got out of the tank and came after me, into the house. So I hid behind a wall in the attic.
    When he came upstairs, I was careful not to move an INCH. At one point, he was looking right at me. As he went downstairs, presuming I had left the building, I sneaked behind him and knifed him in the back.
    And also, quad bikes are useful tank distractions, y'know? I drove one so a recon could put C4 on it, and I just stared driving up bumps and getting HUGE air. The tank never hit me once, despite how long it tried. The C4 was detonated and the tank was destroyed. BANG. We win. LOL.

  113. A lot of people will not be arund then I guess, Hellboy. Just don't forget about us. Some people have and it hurts.
    It's a hard thing to swallow that I am a forgettable person when in my heart I will knoweveryone till the day I die.
    But that is just me I guess.
    Octa, Pyro, Thalia, and Quinn are some of th eother ones who will not be around fora while.

    Don't worry about th gamer talk. I think it's cool wheoth can find another shared interest to talkabout. Happens all th et ime.
    See ya Hellboy!

  114. See you later, Hellboy!
    By the way, you can get a job at age 15? I thought the lowest age just about everywhere was 16... hmmm I guess it's different in Australia!

    I love gamer talk. Wish I could play that came so could join in with you and Dragona. It's really fun to go on about stuff that happens and stuff you did in games. I'm generally not very good at them :P
    But I enjoy it all the while anyway, so I think that makes up for it :D

  115. I was on Africa Habour today and I got the Mortar thing XD I can now have mortar strikes on buildings. Lots of fun to do it at your feet and then run away LOL. Good weapon to use on tanks, too.
    The funniest thing I've done with it so far is hit a building FULL of snipers with it. It just completely destroyed the building and killed the people inside. It was fun.
    Btw, a new awesome tactic!
    *slaps self*
    Anyway, you have to be on that, an attacker. You parachute in and land on the road next to the sea. There should be a quad bike there, attach some C4 to it, LOTS AND LOTS of C4, and then drive it around. When you see a group of people, normally around the M-Com stations, jump off it and blow it up. Awesome explosion ftw!
    I once drove it into a building full of snipers and blew it up. Hehe. Good fun.

  116. *studies book collection*

    ...I THINK...that The Order of the Pheonix may just have been lost in the was the movie...

  117. Dancing in the rain is fuuuuuun.....

  118. Nelson Bay, that's the map name. I remember now!

  119. Something EPICA happened on Battlefield Bad Company 2 today. I was on Harvest Day as an attacker, and we were doing really well and pushed the defenders back up to the hilltop.
    I was in a building, sheltering from machine gun fire, and I took out my Grach pistol (got a new one ftw).
    Anyway, I got out my pistol because hey -snipers are shit at close range.
    So I just ran out of the building, took out like 6 people in a row with headshots, WIHOUT stopping firing. Have you seen Mission Impossible III where Ethan Hunt has that sub-machine gun near the beginning when they're rescuing that woman? And he just starts taking out people with like one bullet? I was doing that, it was EPIC. Headshot, Headshot, Headshot, Headshot, Headshot, Headshot. At the end I got like 20 of them! LOL. Pistol kills ftw.


    New fanfic on my blog.

  121. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Please read it.

    Oh, and another epic kill. I was on the desert map, doing my stealth-ninja thing LOL. And there was an enemy sniper crouched behind a rock. I snuck up behind him, stabbed him in the back, and then headshotted a guy with my pistol at the opposite side of the map who I couldn't even see 0o

  122. Heya, Hellboy! Hope everything's going well for you! :]

    Anyway, when you get a chance, I posted Part 5/8ths!

    And it IS short, remember :P

  123. Oh, no... the horror!!!
    I've got that incredibly annoying song from that one episode of Arthur I used to watch, YEARS ago stuck in my head!
    ~shrieks and rips hair out, singing the song in a creepy dream voice~

    "I like pie! I like pie!
    If you ask me what I like, I say 'I like pie!
    Oh, I like pie! I like pie!
    If you ask me what I like, I say 'I like pie!'"


    New post on my blog about a creature for my SP fanfic. I suggest that you read that, as well as my Demonata one because they both are vital pieces of my stories.

  125. So.

    It's been...what, five days?

    And yet, everything that I set out to complete has not been completed. And even though I banned myself from games, youtube, facebook, the blogs, anything other than achieving the tasks I needed finished, I still used every single on of those. Especially games and youtube -__- Epic faaaail...

    But, the tasks are closer to being done. My fanfic is now 7000 words, and I am hoping to reach 10000 by next week. (hooray for epic writing ;D)
    My resume has been completed, and I will be handing it up tomorrow.
    Various school tasks are slightly less daunting...slightly...

    And that just about wraps things up.

    ...Oh wait...your comments ;)

    Kallista, you're no-way a forgettable person. You are, without a doubt (sorry, everyone else) the kindest person on this blog. Seriously. You're the first one to introduce people. The first one to become their friend. You visit every blog of every blogger, and leave a comment, and it's not just some two word comment either. You don't hold grudges, you are known by everyone, and you're a damn good writer/poet. Forgettable, my arse.

    Skyril, you really should join in with the gamer talk :D Out of all the games you've told me about, surely there are some funny/epic/awesome moments that you've had. If there aren't, there's always time to start. Just start a campaign/multi and pwn with whatever vehicle, weapon, or game type you want. I don't even care if you're playing Sims, lol. As long as it's a game, I will find it funny, awesome and epic.

    Mar Chu: Damn...The Order's when the book series starts getting interesting.


    Woah... so much to talk to you about ;D

    C4 on quad bikes is epic. I love it when you do that, because then if a teammate does it to your quad bike and then lets you drive, they can detonate it from far away, because it won't hurt you. In fact, it wont even destroy the quad bike, if you're still driving. :DDDD

    Nelson Bay? AAAAAhhh...I see now. I thought you meant White Pass this whole time lol. Now I know...

    I have seen that part with MI3 and...damn, Dragona, you're good. Six consecutive's? Epic work :)

    And when you stabbed that guy and headshotted the other, were you just shooting randomly lol? Epic xD

    And I will read those fanfics, straight after I play some bfbc2. I normally wait to read stories in bed with my ipod, just as I'm about to go to sleep.

    Same with your part 5/8ths, Skyril. And...Arthur? Is that the same one with 'Hey, D.W!' in the intro lol? Argh...What a wonderful kind of day...we can learn to work and play...and get along, with each other...HEY!

    I've never heard of that pie song tho.

    And now onto gaming. Talk soon!

  126. lol bye Hellboy!

    I'm starting to use the pistol more and more, I always get headshots with them for some damn reason. LEAVE ME ALONE HEADSHOTS! Wait, that isn't a good idea COME BACK I WANT YOU!.
    Anyway, something funny to do is get a Mortar thing and put it at your own feet, and then run the hell out of there and see if you can escape LOL. It's fun.

  127. And by the way, I'm going on holiday tomorrow, so I won't be here for a week.

  128. I will be back next Saturday afternoon sometime.

  129. Lucky you, Dragona. Tell me when you unlock my all-time favorite in any game or movie-besides the desert eagle- The Colt .45 M1911.

    I unlocked the M93, which is basically a raffika from CoD Mw2. It sucks though...the damage is low, even if the rate of fire is high. You just end up spamming the entire clip without aiming down the sights... The 'Rex' revolver is much better.

    Have a good holiday!

  130. Lol hey there everyone else, thanks for welcoming me back ;)

    Fanfic might still have another week to go...turns out I forgot someone when i was writing (no, I'm not saying who it is. That would just make things embarrassing and awkward for all of us), so I have to go back and put them into the storyline -__- Dammit...

  131. lol, Hellboy, well, it's been so long since I've even played an online game aside from Halo that I played a couple of weeks ago, and was knew to it and all that stuff... SO I don't really remember :P
    And the only online game like that that I could play is Tribes, which is ancient and therefore would have no one online xD
    Ah, well, perhaps when I get that x-box I'm saving up for...

    LOL Yeah! That's the cartoon :P

  132. By the way, I've started another book by Ted Dekker. This one is called Adam. It was one of the ones stored away in my room to read at some point in time. That time has come. :P
    lol, anyway, I've written [and by "written" I mean typed on notepad... :P] Gone, Midnighters and their authors, as well as Divergent. So hopefully I won't forget about them and will eventually buy them and read them and love them...

    Ummm... Oh yeah, back to Adam... It's pretty awesome so far. Really creepy and weird, but really great too. I love just about everything, [... er, how do I say this?] the way he writes [... if that made sense]. The only thing that is annoying [and I mean seriously, cringing annoying] is that occasionally he makes a sentence out of something that isn't one -a fragment. For example, "A hot, sticky night in Los Angeles"
    THERE'S NO VERB!!! Grrrrr!
    Or "Closed the door behind her"

    These are direct quotes from, like, the first 20 pages I think?
    It's annoying... ~sigh~

    Story wise, however, it's brilliantly chilling. And awesomely epica! :D

  133. Hello again Mr Hellboy sir!

    Remember me? Probably not. The name's Quinn. It's been a while. 20 days, if I'm correct. Now. I have 3 explanations for my absence.. Why 3? Because really I have two explanations, which are actually rather boring, plus 2 is a boring number, so I wrote a third one. Which is actually the first one, but still. THREE!

    i) I was walking around outside my street when all of a sudden I saw a blue police box. I was shocked because I'd never seen one except in Dr Who. Then the door opened and I was dragged inside by a man wearing a fez, a bow tie and riding around on a llama. Inevitably- this was the Doctor. He took me back to the French Revolution where I bought many fancy french ballgowns covered in feathers and danced an awful lot. Then I watched Marie Antoinette get beheaded. I decided that that was no fun, so I got the Doctor to take me back. However, he accidentally took me to Australia instead of England where I was stranded for a while due to lack of money. In the end I got a job as a professional cheese maker/ tree planter and worked for 19 days until I got enough money to buy a plane ticket back to England.

    ii) I've been on holiday for a week to the USA. :D

    iii) I decided to take a break from the blogs. Initially I was going to leave. I don't know why I decided to come back. My reasons for leaving a fairly complex, slightly personal and completely rubbish. But I guess it doesn't matter.


    Nb: I'm half way through your fanfic. IT IS AWESOMESAUCE.

    You think Scratch is hard? Try Python and Unity (javascript)! That's hard. Very muchly so. That's what I spent all of last week doing. Learning Python and Javascript. Bloody hell. We made an awesome game in the end though :)

    I hope you lived through your cat's food craving. I'm liking your cat very greatly at the moment. He seems very cool.

    Well. We call cooking Food Technology, so by dodgy names- I think we win. Oh- and computing is Information on Computers and Technology or ICT.

    Ok. Discworld is very boring. And as soon as I finish the books I'm reading, I promise I'll go get Wee Free Men. 'Til then I've got Marian Keys and Dan Brown. Woopdidoo! :D

    Yes. I'm right. I'm always right >;P

    (No idea- I wrote it in bits and pieces. About 20 minutes?)

  134. Just when it gets good, Hellboy? WHAAAT?!

    What about the third one! And the fourth one! And the second one?

    (Those are my favorites, personally. I like those movies as well)

    Oh, and I'm in Washington DC!

    (Check my blog for more details. ASAP. NOW. CHECK DA FREAKIN BLOG!!!!!!!!!!! Because I'm tired. And sun-burnt. And...

    I read and finished Gone.

    That got your attention, eh? NOW CHECK DA FREAKIN BLOG!!!)

  135. Hiya Hellboy! Chat is boring right now. Only several peopl eon and know one is paying me any attention. :P
    *sits down at the edge of Hellboys blog* I guess I'll just stay here for a bit.
    You know, if I traveled back in time, I would save Marie Antoinette. Maybe she sould not have been queen anymore but it was murder what them French did.
    *glares at them*
    I've finally started the next chapter of my fanfic. It's not much that I've written so far. I think when people get back from vacations I wil feel a bit better about it all.
    It' sbeen hard with so many people leaving. I'm glad Quinn came back. If she had not I would have been tempted to leave too. HAve not known her as long as some people but she leaves a pretty deep impression on your heart when you meet her.
    How is school goin g for ou? I hop eyou and your broterh are not swampt with to much homework. I miss your brothers art work. It's fun to go back a nd look at them. You both have so much talent. I can't wait to see what exciting things will open up for you guys due to your talents.

  136. *collapses*

    So...tired...Twinkie was so fluffy...she needs to get a haircut...I' my...bed...with no...Velociraptor after me...


    I have terrifying nightmares of Dinosaurs chasing me and looking to eat me, man...I had nightmares of those kind since I was three...maybe two...first it was a t-rex...I remember those well...during this vacation I had another nightmare of a Velociraptor thing. I woke up before it ate me in my fifth grade classroom. But it was preety dang close, dude.

    *curls up in the corner*

    Just another one of my weird fears...I can never watch Jerassic Park...oh I have to fall asleep...

    *turns on light*

    I'll sleep with that on. So I can see if any Dinos are coming.

    *rocks back and forth, looking around in terror*

    I should see a therapist about kidding...

  137. *blinks*

    *question mark*

    People are leaving? Who, Kallista?

    *collapses again*

    *curles up in bed, the covers rising and falling slightly*

  138. *whispers*
    No one is leaving anymore so it's ok. People are just away on vacation.

    *protects Mar from all monsters and dinos*
    Rest easy Mar!
    Night Hellboy!

  139. Hellboy. Thank you for taking time to write those words to me. I didn't mean to have a meldown in the middle of blogland and to be so negative.
    I will say that even in such a meltdown I would never leave. I just wanted to be invisible and the pain to go away.
    I can never leave anyone here because all of you are my heart.
    I left a breif message on my meltdown post too.
    You are a good friend Hellboy. One of th ebeast and brightest among us. I am lucky to have one such as you as a friend. So thank you. :D
    I have to go to bed now. HAve a good afternoon Hellboy. (and a good evening and night too!):D

  140. Sorry all, for not commenting in AGES...But I'm here now, aren't I?

    First of all, before we continue, I need you to listen to this. Because it's epic. Because it was created so long ago. And because it puts a smile on my face every time I listen to it, for some reason...guess why ;P

    The video clip is really not that interesting ('cept all their epic beards :P), so just play it in the background while you read this comment xD

    I don't really like the vocoder part much, and the ending music makes no sense...

    I think Lilly Allen did a cover of it, but it's crap...and I like the original cos it's just damn awesome.

    (Alright, you playing it? Good. Now whenever it stops, restart.)

    @Skyril Halo's epic ;D I've never played Tribes, but i looked it up quickly and it doesn't look ~that~ old.

    Gone and Divergent are so freaking cool...


    When I read those sentences, I kinda saw that they didn't really 'flow', if you will, but apart from that, they seemed perfectly normal. Is it first person?

    Quinn! I do remember you! I've been constantly checking back to the other blog post to see if you were commenting, but here's just fine.

    Mighty strange first option there, tho. Second one's true...Third one's...wait, what? Why would you leave? xD It's so cool here!

    My fanfiction's ok...It's got hundreds and hundreds of tiny little holes in it, though. Not my best, and I will top it soon.

    Python! I've heard of that...somewhere...waaaait...A-HAH! Let me show you one of my many favourite things; XKCD.

    There we go :D

    *Glare* Discworld...isn't...boring.... >:P

    Maaaaaar! You finished Gone?! YOU GOT MY ATTENTION. TELL ME WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF IT ;DDDDDD It's epic, isn't it?

    What i mean is that the later books are longer novels, making them more epic :)

    Kal, I can't wait for your fanfic's next part. And nah, we're ok, louis and me.

    Mar, I HATE dreams in which I'm getting chased. They are my most frequent and most annoying of all dreams.

    I am so glad that people aren't leaving. Thanks, Kal, for not going :)

    I'm lucky to have friends like you all, too. You all know that, right? :P

    So much little time...

    "Hey you, with the pretty face,
    Welcome to the human race!" XD Favourite line...Does this song remind anyone of the original Charlie's chocolate factory, by any chance?

  141. ~restarts song~
    Now, This song is Awesome! I don't like end part of it either, though. It's weird.

    You played Halo? I thought I asked you once and you said that you'd played one of them once, but didn't really like it?
    Well... Tribes is rather old... For a game it is, anyway... And virtually no one played it, like, 3 years ago when we re-discovered it and played it...
    No, it's not in first person.
    ~prepare yourself for grammar girl... she's overpowering regular ol' me :P~
    A proper sentence is composed of a subject, a verb, and a complete thought.
    An example of a fragment without a subject is:
    "Dashed across the room with a frying pan."
    That fragment has you asking the question, "Who dashed?"
    An example of one without a verb would be:
    "Her with the book"
    Which has you asking, "Her with the book did what?" or "What about her with the book?"
    And finally, a fragment without a complete thought would be something like the following.
    "Creeping down the hall of mirrors, the terrified girl heard."
    Which makes you go, "HEARD WHAT?!!?!"

    The two sentences I wrote in the previous comment were both fragments. The first one- "A hot, sticky night in Los Angeles"- has no verb. It's like, "what about a hot, sticky day in LA?"
    It ought to be something like, "A hot sticky day in Los Angeles was uncomfortable for everyone."
    If the sentence was like that, "day" would be the subject and "was" would be the verb.
    Another example would be, "It was a hot, sticky day in Los Angeles."
    In which case, "it" would be the subject and "was," again, would be the verb.

    And in the other one- "Closed the door behind her"- there was no subject, making you think, "Who closed the door behind her?" It should be something like, "She closed the door behind her." making "she" the subject and "closed" the verb. Another easy way to fix it would be simply changing the way the sentence is said. Like this, "The door closed behind her." Making "door" the subject and "closed," once more the verb.
    See what I mean?
    It's really annoying to me 'cause I spot these things immediately... You know, in my math book last year there were grammar errors. It was really unexpected because the school I get my stuff from is really a good school, but in some things it said, "less" rather than "fewer" when the item was countable, so should have been fewer.
    Alright... I'm going to move on now...
    ~moves on~

    Nooooo! Don't stop your fan-fic anytime soon! Make it go on and on for ever and ever!
    ~falls to my knees dramatically and begs Hellboy to write lots more~

    I never have such an interesting dream where I'm chased! I'm jealous! I love having exciting dreams, but I rarely do and usually have incredibly boring ones about day-to-day life xD
    I wonder what that says about me?

    Oh yeah... I forgot I was still writing this comment xD
    I suddenly wanted to know where I'm right-brained or left-brained!
    I did two online quizzes, and some of the questions were different. You want to know the results for both?
    I'm 50-50!
    Have right-brained and half left! lol I'm SPECIAL!!
    ~throws purple confetti all over the pace~

  142. ... That was kind of a long comment, wasn't it?

  143. ~shrugs~
    I'm sure you just loved reading a very long ramble from me! ;-P
    ~grabs a spare ladle from the kitchen~
    You DID, right? O.o

  144. *grabs a spatula and begins an epic duel. a fight till the finish*

    Ya know Hellboy. I've challenged Octa to several duels and have won.
    I think I'm going to challenge YOU to some thing next.
    Yeah. I will think up something good!

  145. By the way Hellboy, I LOVE that song. I saved it to my favs on you tube. I really liked the dudes funky hair style. I'm totaly going to change my hair style to THAT!

    *waits for Hellboy to be impressed*

    *sees that he is not*

    Ummm...OK. How about THIS!

    *puts on a fake beard that is just like the dudes in the video*


    *strokes her beard thoughtfully*

  146. Dude, I really like this song! xD
    I keep listening to it!

  147. ~wonders what time it is in Hellboy-land, I mean Australia~

  148. Omg Skyril you're right, I can really see how those sentences would piss you off in a book...*shudder* Heard...freaking...what?!

    I never said I didn't like halo...wait, did I? I correct that previously stated sentence then. Halo is awesome. Nuff said.

    I had halo 1 on my comp, but since we reformatted it, I lost it -__- It was a copy from my friend tho, so I can easily get it back. And I have Halo 2 on pc as well, I just haven't reinstalled it yet. I like halo 2...even if I could never finish the campaign...

    I don't remember which brain I am... Definitely more of the...Uh...which one means you're more creative? ;)

    Kal, lol, I would suck at an epic duel. I'd just end up going *drops nuke, killing Kal and therefore winning* Ever since I played Call of Duty, that's my one way to beat everything. Even though they have Hydrogen bombs now, which I'm told use an atom bomb to set of the freaking real one (scary...).

    Agreed. That song. Owns.

    Hahah, I love the part where it's like
    "Mr. Blue, you did it right,
    But soon comes Mr. Night!
    Creeping over, now his hand is on your shoulder,
    Never mind,"

    Especially when you watch the clip at that point and one of the musicians creeps over, placing his hand on the guy's shoulder, and then whipping back to play his instrument again. It's just...epic...

    The time is 11:47am. My Nan is arriving soon, and then I'm going to a friend's house.

    Hellboyland...*genuine chuckle*

  149. *stands to attention, salutes then belts out the national anthem of Hellboyland*

    Yeah, about the duel and all. Don't worry about killing me. I have this anti nuke spray. See!

    *shows Hellboy the can and then sprays it all over herself*

    *turns orange*

    Well.....hmm....THIS is unexpected.

    *shrugs and tosses can over her shoulder*

    *it boinks someone on the forhead and explodes into a huge display of confetti*


    *person glares at her then begins chasing after her*


    *yells back at Hellboy over her shoulder*

    In our duels we never hurt or kill. I mean, how can I even THINK about hurting so epic a friend as our Hellboy?

    I will however get you in a good headlock and give you the mother of all noogies!

  150. *comes back in and strokes imaginary beard thoughtfuly*

    What is this you say about your fanfic?
    That is ti ok? That it has hundreds and hundreds of tiny little holes in it?
    WHere are these holes?

    *pokes his fanfic with a stick*

    As your number 1 fan and favorite minion (shifty eyes)I must protest what you say about your excellent writing!

    I love it and can't wait for the next part!
    It's going to be soon, r ight?

    *smiles hopefully*

  151. Speaking of fanfics. In addition to my fanfic I am working on a side story. I will (hopefully) post several short chapters. I am no tusing oc's but US! The actual SP gang members. I hope to make is something fun to read. Nothing serious at all.
    I will see how it goes. if it's to annoying I will stop.

  152. Hi, I'm back from my holiday.

    Posted a new OC, I hope you like it. He is the most powerful yet, but it isn't that crazy I don't think. Maybe the most powerful OC made on here but, it kinda makes sense. It's not them overly powerful ones with no story behind it.

  153. Also Hellboy. The first part of my side story is up. I can't promise it will be good enough. But I hope you have fun reading it.

    Thanks Hellboy!

  154. Hey Hellboy, I went on BFBC2 today after my PS3 FINALLY updated *glares at the fact it took 10mins, then had to sit through loads of soaps before he could go on it* and I was an Assault class.
    I don't really use the Assault that much, so I haven't even unlocked the first gun. I've only got the one that you start off with, but I'm pretty close to unlocking the other one now.
    So I went on Nelson bay, and decided to have a go and show the rest of the people in the match how good I am with a rifle. On the first match, fifty five kills, 0 deaths.
    On the second match, however, on Nelson Bay again, I was an attacker, and an Assault, again.
    I was going in to M-Com station Alpha, where five people walked into the room. I immediately sprayed the area with bullets, and killed every single one of them, amazingly, with headshots.
    I had to reload then, just as another enemy ran into the room. I ditched with reloading, and took out my pistol, before I crouched behind the M-Com thing and shot the guy in the head.
    Match kills - 37
    Match Deaths - 0

  155. Kal! *rushes over in one of those special radiation suits and sprays her with another can*

    A-hah! There we go, you're now restored to your original...uhhh...lilac?

    See, that's another reason why'd I'd be bad at duels- I'm a bit of a violent person sometimes. So...a duel kinda means, to me, something to do with Jack Sparrow and a cowboy standing off on a beach (jack in the water, the cowboy on the sand) and brandishing their weapons of choice. Sooooooo....uuuuhhh...

    *drops pirate nuke* There we go! *dusts hands* Jack wins!

    My story is, finally, extremely close to the end. But...the holes are everywhere....I mean, for instance, i had a part in Episode 1, starring Skyril in an attack on this castle, and Jodi stepped in for a moment to switch sides, and her 'reason' was something stupid like "Cos I known something you don't know". And it was the stupidest line and I've always wanted to go back and change it, to make her say something cooler lol. And it ends up that i didn't have enough room to even write that thing she knew about, and it ended up just being some soppy thing about how she was about to kill herself and everyone had probably forgotten about it until now and I swear that some of you are just reading the first few lines and skipping to the bottom of the story, and, and... *huge breath*

    It's just full of holes. But thank god, I'm almost done. Maybe 1000, 2000 words to go...

    Btw, I read your fanfic and it was awesome xD Post the next part soon!

    Argh crap school...Literally walking out the door...hope this posts

    Dragona, i'll check out Cabader when I get home, straight away. And those were some good kills.

    Do you think you could record some epic gameplay? On a proper camera tho so we can see it lol, I remember when you filmed some gameplay on your phone and I couldn't see a thing.

  156. YAY! Thanks for reading my fanfic Hellboy!LOL I don't think you are bad at anything!
    As far as your story goes, I remember that part. I didn't find any of it stupid. Your story is one of my favs!

    Have fun at school! A few more weeks and I'll be goin g back too!
    Some of th eothers said they would be on less this school year cause of th ehomework.
    I hope we never forget each other. I know I won't!
    But I tell you! If them teachers try to pile homework on me I'm gonna PROTEST AND REBEL!

  157. I have got a HD Camcorder so I can do. In November when I have a good TV (mine in my bedroom is broken, there are lines across it and the colours are weird - the AUG on Black Ops looks PINK instead of GREEN), so I can't see a damn thing on it. The others, and I don't know why, make sure that it has lines going up and down the screen when you record on them.
    In November, when it's my birthday and I might get a new TV, then I'll record some epic gameplay and put it on my blog.

  158. The projector could work, but it's terrible for playing games on, it goes too slow for me. I only ever use it for watching TV.

  159. Alright, can't wait.

    Thanks Kal, you're always brightening my outlook on things, you know that? Plus, WHAT? You're not even at school yet? Whaaaa...buuuu....and...t-the...

    How many weeks of holidays did you even get o.O xD


    New fanfic on my blog, but I suggest you read about Cabader first.

  161. I am dangerous on Star Wars The Force Unleashed. I'm an accident waiting to happen and that's putting it MILDLY.
    Since I'm not really a genius and Star Wars, I end up doing random things which somehow end up being really good.
    For example, these are two things that I did which were good, and completely accidental:

    1. I was running down a corridor in a spaceship. I saw a little R2-D2 type robot, so I force pushed it. The robot went flying to the end of the corridor, where it connected with a stormtrooper's head, knocked him flying, sent him into a window and straight through it, which created a vacuum and 3 other enemies were pulled out. I was just like "Oops."

    2. I was walking down ANOTHER corridor in the SAME spaceship, and there were lots of things, like boxes, to destroy or grip or whatever. At the end of the corridor there were several rebel troopers who were firing at me. When they stopped for a few seconds, I built up my force push power, a tiny bit TOO much by accident, and sent it at them. The people were sent flying backwards, along with every box and stuff, and all the glass shattered and they went flying into a door and was killed. At which point, the boxes exploded and everything went weird, because from the force of the explosion I flew out of a window myself.

    Yeah, I'm an accident waiting to happen.

    But I do do SOME things on purpose, but not most of them. This is kinda one of my most epic kills:

    There was a robot dude who was powered by the force and he could teleport. So as the light came up and then he did, I sliced at him with my glowstick, then force lightning'd him, then force pushed him. It ended up being a half dead and fried dude, flying through the air, then hitting a wall and exploding. Weird.

  162. Just got back from a mini-cation over the weekend, Hellboy! Sorry I forgot to tell you, but it was a bit last minute and I had to get off moments after I left a short comment on Derek's blog saying so.
    It was pretty fun :D
    And I went to my favorite BBQ restaurant! Lookie!

    Anyway, lol, I know... those sentences truly annoy me. The story of the book was excellent. I still have one or two chapters left at the end, but it's the conclusion stuff. I'm not a Catholic and I don't believe in the type of possession the books told about; however, the story was brilliant, especially during the last 10-15 chapters. I couldn't have put the book down if my life depended on it, and the whole time my heart was pumping madly, and my hands and jaw were clenched. Fortunately, I was in the backseat as we were driving home so I had lost of time to read :D
    I wouldn't suggest reading those chapters at night, though O.o
    Adam by Ted Dekker gets a general thumbs up by me :D

    Hmmm, well, perhaps I dreamed up you not liking Halo. I've been having very... weird/boring dreams lately xD

    Um... I forgot ~goes to check~ It's the RIGHT hemisphere! It also helps you multitask... and I multitask a TON.... perhaps I'm more right brained after all? :P


    Some random holiday pics and some seagulls failing.

  164. What time is it NOW in Hellboyland?
    I'm online early! Well, for me it is anyway :P

  165. 10:42, ay? Are you around or snoozing?

  166. ... I'd probably be at least laying in bed by now, although I have a difficult time falling asleep quickly so I'd likely be imagining random scenarios or something such as that. :P
    The question is, however, are YOU snoozing or in bed or partying without us or eating or laughing at a book or playing a video game or are you HERE? ;D

  167. Well, until one minute ago, i was playing a game. But my Blogger sense tingled and I ran here ;D

  168. Did I tell you my glasses broke?
    My glasses broke. :/
    I was gently wiping of one of the lenses and the frame just snaped all of a sudden. They did need a replacement by now, but still, I guess I was pushing too hard after all.
    Hope I can get new ones soon

  169. Yay!!
    ~throws purple confetti all over the place~
    Hiya, Hellboy!

  170. Heya Skyril :D

    Your glasses broke :( How much do new ones cost?

  171. No idea, really.

    SO what game were you playing? :D

  172. HELLBOY!!
    *grabs him in a headlock and gives him a noogie*

    How are you?

  173. I'm drinking tea :>
    I feel posh!

  174. But my tea's getting cold.... again... I guess I don't drink it fast enough, lol.

  175. Kallista too! :D

    I was playing Just Cause 2. It's this epic game where you can go into about fifty different vehicles including planes, helicopters, and bikes, and have heaps of weapons too.

    Plus you have a grappling hook attached to your arm and a parachute that never runs out.

  176. Tea?

    -___- I tried tea. I didn't like it much...

  177. Sooooo, I was about to finish me second part of teh Purple roses side story. Be on the lookout for it Hellboy!

  178. LOL, Kal :P
    Not usually. :P
    Speaking of food,
    [wait, when were we speaking of food again? Maybe I was just thinking about food...]
    I want to make something today. Maybe a pound cake or something. Does anybody have any delicious pound cake recipes?

  179. Will do Kal!

    That reminds me- I'm currently writing the last battle of my story, and I'm about halfway through it. Maybe 800 words left. Maybe...

  180. LOL, Well, I DID add three teaspoons of sugar and one of honey to the tea :P

    I can't wait, Kallista!
    ~cheers and dances~

    AHH! I can't for Hellboy's either!!


    *jumps up and down excitedly*

    *screams crazily as teh floor falls open beneath her and she plunges below*

  182. LOL I added a LOT of suger to my coffe today. Had only 4 hours of sleep and if I don't get my story done today I will face the wrath of Gepard.

  183. You like coffee? And Skyril likes tea?

    Damn it...I like cadbury chocolate drink lol...

  184. Wow! Four hours! Perhaps you should take a nap?
    And yeah, whenever I have coffee, it's usually at a place where I can add this special cream. It's hazelnut flavored and very sweet! I generall add four of the little packets, and often I also mix in a whole pack of hot chocolate, lol. So it's more like a.... mocha hazelnut drink :P

  185. I have to move to my ipod soon, so posting will be a lot slower.

  186. I like that too Hellboy! ;)

    *gets tangled up in the rope Skyril lowered for her*

  187. Skyril, I saw that picture of teh BBQ Vacation place, and those chips...what I wouldn't give to go to any fast food place right now and eat some -__- I could even settle for Macca's ones...

  188. LOL, Hellboy :P If you had coffee the way I like to make it -the above except add whip cream on top and caramel sauce on the whip cream, which I've only had, like twice, - you'd like coffee too :P
    And I think you'd like Iced Sweet tea if you ever tried it.

  189. By theway Hellboy. I got an email from you yesterday. SOmething with a link in it.
    But I don't think it was fromyou. I don't knwo. :P

  190. LOL! SOrry for tantalizing you with them :P

    ~rubs hands together~

    Mwahahaha... my evil plan to get Hellboy to crave fries is going exactly as I planned!



  191. So, what was that book again, by Ted Dekker? I'm going to write it down and get it soon, I'm thinking.

    @Dragona, whenever he visits- Epic kills. You really should get the game i was just playing, Just Cause 2. To rap it up in one sentence: You can shoot a grappling hook onto a person, then shoot it onto a propane tank, and let it fly xD

  192. Oh god no...Kal, that happened to my brother as well. Yet again, my email has been compromised. *sigh* And yet I don't want to change it cos it's damn awesome...