Friday, October 14, 2011

Camp Photos

Yes, there isn't a lot...but I still want to post them.

I was originally going to do some footage as well, but seeing as how it's a four wheel drive camp, most of it is extremely shaky...

So instead, here are the photos that we took on our camp at the Flinder's Ranges. 

What's this? A normal coke bottle that I bought in a tiny shop/gas station in the middle of no-where?

Hell no. I wouldn't just take a picture of it for no reason. This bottle has my name on it xD
Cool thing about this was that there was only one other coke bottle like this, and it had 'Tristan" printed there...kinda a no-brainer for which one I chose in the end :P

Beautiful hills. I apologize in advance- a lot of these photos will just be hills. But they'll be epic hills...

See what I mean? Probably the last thing you wanted to see. But it's epic...

And trees.

:OOO This just kinda loomed above us as we were driving on the 4wd tracks...

Close up.

Our car.

Our camp site! Surprisingly enough, no-one else was on the site, except us. The fire's somewhere behind it.

This epic creek that ran right behind our tent.

Oorah for large rocky hill-things.

It looks so cool o.O

It's very hard to capture the awesomeness of the Flinders in just an image. Footage isn't nearly as good. Someone tell me when DARPA designs a contact lens that records exactly what you're seeing, as you're seeing it.

Another shot of our camp sight. The creek's on the left.

I wish you all could of been there xD

This was on our way up to Mount Arden. What was weird was that after navigating a really tight 4wd track up there, we arrived and saw that randomly, there was a huge bull dozer... Even weirder, the door was unlocked and the keys were inside...
Thankfully, there was a giant tower up there, allowing me internet access with my dad's phone.  EDIT: God, I'm sad sometimes...

So awesome :D

And they were all the good images...I'm sorry for the boring slideshow, I would of put something cooler, but these are the only images we took. 

Oh, and the B.A.H... my Bad Arse Hat. 

Yes, the pictures are fuzzy. But the awesomeness is still there xDDDD

It's huge, irl. It sits atop my head and radiates pure epicness to everyone who looks upon it.

Every time I go camping, on my birthday, whenever I'm doing something epic, I wear this hat as a sign to all that I'm glad to be there. Also it looks cool ;)

1 downside- This is what I can see when I'm wearing it *cough*
As you probably noticed, my peripherals are slightly cut off...

And that was my camping experience. I hope you enjoyed it.


EDIT: I like the word arse over ass. And so that's what I'll use in all my stories, writing, whatever. Kick-arse. Bad-Arse-Hat. Big-arse. Waaaaay cooler... :)


  1. *squees*
    OH MY GOSH! I LOVE THAT HAT SO MUCH! ANd teh COKE with JOSEPH on it! SO EPICA! OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! I never knew coke printed names on thier bottles. I'm so jelouse! LOL
    And HEllboy...those pica of all that beauty! Just BREATHTAKING! It makes myheart ache that I can not be there myself to explore and just take it all in! So magnificent!
    WOW! Really love the creek. Just LOVE IT!
    Thasnk you so much for these EPIC pics Hellboy! AWESOME!

  2. Oh! I forgot, how far was this from where you live?

  3. Looks like a beautiful camp spot, hope you enjoyed yourself :)

  4. *totally has a hat like that* but grey fluff and black silk, BECAUZ OIM A GURRRLLLL

    but the place looks beautiful...

    and there was me thinking australia was all desert ^^

  5. ^^ Thanks guys for commenting!

    Kal-I think it's a new thing Coke is doing. And this was about four hours away...I'm not sure how how many Km.

    Alex- I haven't seen you in ages! I did enjoy myself, thankyou xD

    Ven- *hifives* Epic hats ftw. And we also have buildings :P Ikr...weird as...

  6. WHOA

    Australia is BEAUTIFUL Hellboy! I wish I could be there right now! Ohio is lovely and all, but it's usually either too hot or too cold, and we don't have cool landscapes! But the spiders....


    Also, love the coke bottle and the hat! I have a had like that, except it's black fluffy stuff and black and neon blue plaid-ish pattern. Not as puffy as yours, either.

  7. Hey HEllboy. Sorry I left on you. I will chat with you here when I can.
    If youcan leave a message for Pyro to come on here when he comes on, I would be grateful. That wasy I can talk to him.

  8. That hat is a purely EPICA hat!

    And I want my own personalised coke bottle! I could even take yours because our names are the same!

    I shall be plotting for that coke bottle now.

    Waiting patiently in the darkness until it falls into my evil grasp!

    Umm... bit carried away there...

    Such beautiful country! So rugged and just wow.

  9. @Kal Damn, 11 and a half hours late... Sorry >.< And do you mean leave a link for Pyro to come here, to my blog, or to Derek's? Or chat?

    Octa, I have the coke bottle hidden inside my hat. Which is really a teleporter to Narnia. Where I have several dwarfs surrounding it, holding heavy pieces of gold statues with poison on the tips, ie, dwarf one has a huge gold arm from a statue, and the fingers are dipped in the poison of....Uh, of...Mr. Tumnus.

    (forgive me, I'm tired ^^)

    I wanted to say this; my dad, when I asked him how he would describe the hills, he replied that they were giant formations of rock and dirt, rising up out of the ground, and covered in a stubble-like blanket of bushes and trees.

    My dad is....funny, to say the least :P

  10. @Thalia Thanks xD Australia really is cool, but yeah...O_O Spiders are everywhere...You get used to them after a while, but that still doesn't mean I'm going to pick up a redback anytime soon...

  11. The hat is a teleporter to Narnia?

    That makes it even awesomer!

    And much easier than wearing a wardrobe on your head I assure you!

    It's a little known fact that I am immune to the poison of Mr. Tumnus!

    It's a long story and I'm sure you don't want to hear it.

    You do?

    Oh right well the last time I visited Narnia there was this giant evil cupcake impregnated with Mr. Tumnus poison.

    I ate a crumb a day until the cupcake had been defeated. One of the side effects was I became immune to the poison.

    Although the dwarfs could still stab me with a gold statue. That could hurt.


    I'll find a way!

  12. LOL Octa xD

    Well, at least I know that fact *curses own "foolproof" plan* Dammit, dammit, dammit!

    *sighs* I lied. The dwarves don't have gold pieces of statue, they're only foam, spray-painted gold. The coke bottle's as good as yours :P

  13. Actually, I want the bottle with the name Joseph on it! I love coke and I love...

    *looks around shiftily*
    Well, we all know who I love! ;D

    I will protect you BOTH from dwarves with gold statures and dwarves with foam gold painted statues! Also from giant evil cupcakes impregnated with Mr. Tumnus poison!

    *stands in front of them waving her trusty cocktail drink umbrella wildly in front of her, warding any evils that may come near*


  14. Weiedly enough, I agree with you on the whole 'arse' over 'ass' subject. huh, weird topic O.O
    anyway, epic pics :)

  15. Thanks Jaffa xD Glad some agrees...

    *hides behind Kallista with Octa* Cheers for protectin' xD

  16. *leaps in with her giant double bass named George and smashes the Australian spiders to pieces*

    *grins and pokes Hellboy*

    Oi, do you play an instrument? Mar and I are plotting to get our orchestra teacher to find sheet music for the Doctor Who theme song so we can play it for one of our concerts. We asked her today. She said she'd look for it because she's a DW fan too!

    *flails arms in excitement*

    My respect for her has just gone up 10,000%.

    Anyway, I need to go finish part of my project for science class. And then there is anime that needs me to watch it, of course.

    *leaps off, but not before smashing the pieces of the Australian spiders into even tinier pieces*

  17. *pokes head back in*

    I always forget to ask. ALWAYS. Hellboy, how are you today?

    *grins and gives him a hug*

  18. @Thalia, MY FRIEND AND I HAVE THE DOCTOR WHO SHEET MUSIC!!!!!!!! I love Doctor Who :P

  19. Oh, cool!

    Heh, one of my relations runs the entire campaign of printing names on coke bottles in Australia... i've had my name, nickname, Rosella, all of my friends names and random stuff printed on bottles... cuz i can ask 4 it to be pre-made...


    BTW did you go hiking or climbing or anything of the sort whilst you were there?


  20. Aww, HEllboy! I just missed you on chat! :/
    I have to go to bed anyways. :P
    Hope to chat with you soon though! I think I wil email you the story I wrote for GEp's island challenge. It's the second one. HAve yo read teh 1st one?

  21. @Thalia Well, I do and I dont play an instrument. It depends, really...
    I like to think that I'm a world-reknowned Electric Triangle player, a little joke between my friends and me, but seeing as I've never played an electric triangle before, let alone seen one... :P

    :O :D The Dw theme would be so cool xD If you do it, you have to film it, or at least record it :D

    And btw, on the topic of anime...You guys watch Neon Genisis Evangelion? Go go YouTube and search for the episode intro, it's got the most epic song, I swear...
    My bro and I want to get back into watching it, because we only had the first episode...

    And yes, I'm doing fine, thanks :P :D My friend's coming back from America today, and I'll see him on Monday. I can't wait to see if he brought back any Doctor Pepper...

    :OOO Rosella, you're so lucky to know them xD Next time you see him, could you please ask to put Hellboy on a bottle? There's literally a ten million to one chance that I'll get it, but it'd still be pretty cool, knowing that somewhere out there, a kid will go to his local shop and find a bottle with Hellboy on it. Probably not know what to think of it...hehehehehehehehe...

    We didn't go hiking, no, cos it was more of a 4wd camp, with a lot of rough tracks all up and down hills. We went for a walk before we left through this huge gully/gorge, and I swear, it would have been perfect for an action movie...

    @Kal Sure, go ahead and email it. Although I do read gep's island as well...yup, I have read yours xD

  22. i never knew your name was joseph... *stands there for a moment*

    you know, now im always going to call you joseph when i say hello...

    hellooo joseph!!!

  23. Hellboy - ...electric triangle?



    My instrument is taller than me. It's kinda awkward at times.

    I'll have my mum record it if we do play the DW theme. It'd be awesome.

    Nope, haven't watched Neon Genisis Evangelion. I'll look it up later (popping on here instead of doing my math HW~). I'm currently watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, which I'm totally in love with. Have you ever watched it?

    It's great that you'll be able to see your friend soon! But, I have to ask, what's so awesome about Dr. Pepper? I've never had it, but apparently it's amazing or something. I dunno. I don't even like Coke or Pepsi. I really only like things like Sprite, Seria Mist, Fanta, Sunkist, and Mountain Dew (THIS is where I get my caffeine). Citrus fruit flavored soda :D

  24. LOL Lilith xD Go right ahead :P

    @Mar Hmm. Tuba? Umm...giant electric guitar? Hmmm... Gian harp? Dammit, I don't know what it is >.< (has found the all caps button on his iPod) TEEEEEEELLL MEEEEEEEEE!

    xD Don't worry if you haven't seen it. And yes- I love FMA. I've read so many of the manga version that I know most of the storyline and characters amazingly well.

    Or at least...did -__-

    I grew furthe an further away from FMA, for no reason whatsoever. Recently, I was changing through channels and I noticed FMA Brotherhood on, and I instantly sat to watch it.

    But no matter how cool it was to see all of those characters moving and talking, I instantly was both pissed and downhearted at the sound of Alphonse's voice -__- I dunno...that's not how his voice seemed in the graphic novels...ya know? :/

    Anyway, while it most likely is a fantastic show, i don't watch it. Sorry -_-

    The only thing special about doctor pepper here is cos 1) It costs a dollar more than it should, because it's imported from America and 2) It tastes, and this is most likely the reason why me and my friends are addicted, like cough syrup/medicine. I have no idea why. It just does xD It's not real medicine, but it has a familiar taste that most people will probably screw up their faces at.

    Cya later all!



    .....I think some of our teachers last year made that mistake as well.

    *goes to the corner of shame*

    My instrument is a double bass, also called the upright bass, stand up bass, bass, etc, etc. It's the lowest string instrument and it's freaking ginormous. I play a 3/4 size, though it's probably too big for me. I don't like 1/2 sizes. Full sizes can get up to 7 feet tall, almost two feet taller than me.

    I really want to read the FMA manga, I've heard it's amazing!

    Ahh....Al's voice. I haven't read the manga, so I just find his voice rather endearing for some odd reason. Most of my fav male animes characters have voices like that (I don't even know why). But I've read comments on the episodes and a lot of people do seem disappointed with it, like you. Apparently it gets better around episode 16 or something. I don't know. I'm not there yet.

    Oh well~. You've still read the manga, so you'll most likely understand most of my fangirl squealings if you ever have the misfortune to here them.

    You really don't want to.

    You REALLY don't.

    Trust me, Dr. Pepper probably costs the same in some places here in America too. I only buy soda from Target now because other places are just so overpriced -__- Stuff like that happens here. At Target, a Hershey's bar is around $1. I've seen it sold for $2 - $3 elsewhere.


    Also. Cough syrup? I don't think I'll try it now...I got sick so much as a kid (still do), so I really hate of the stuff....maybe if I mix it with Fanta I'll try it. I'm addicted to orange soda.

  26. How the HELL did that comment get so long....?

  27. LOL Thalia/MAr :P
    *noogies her*
    I use to play the string bass. HAd to lug it around a lot. Lucky I'ma bit taller then most girls.
    Still, what happend to the good old days when boys use to carry a girl's homework? :P

    *wishes a boy would have carried her bass around for her*
    (that's what boys are for, right?)

    *wonders if Lilith knows what Octa's name it*

    OK. It's like 2 am inthe morning. I figured if you can stay up that late Hellboy, so can I!
    I'm gonna be dead tomorrow though!
    See ya Hellboy!

  28. >.< DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT >.> So sorry, Mar. CRAP, I mean Mir. Uhmm...dammit, Mr. K? No, no...

    :P I'm sorry. My mind was messed up that morning. Please forgive me :/

    I'm just a tad busy, but I wanted to get that cleared up. I'll be back later on.

  29. Alright, if I don't do this mow then I'll never get around to it.

    (I am really bad at responding to huge comments, if you hadn't noticed :P)

    1. Thalia- I'm not quite following the whole 3/4 thing, but I'm guessing that you're talking about the giant bass instruments, like a get large violin...wait crap isn't that a chello? >.<
    2. It really is amazing. Colonel Mustang's the best, I think xD Sometimes side characters are cooler than the main ones...
    3. We have a target store in aus as well...same company?
    4. Might actually be good with fanta mixed in it ^^
    5. Kal- And putting up shelves. We're terrific at that *cough* SP quote *cough*
    6. Don't stay up too late :P It's bad for your health and probably won't help you getting up in the mornings.

    THERE! Done! Now, to fall into a long-awaited sleep... *long sigh* Pillows are underrated...

  30. LOL FTW YES! Love the reference to SP!
    *hugs Hellboy*

    The string bass is much larger then the cello. You have to stand to play the cello. (oe you can lean on a very tall stool I suppose)
    Thalia was talking about the size of the bass she plays. It is not a full size one. :D

    You are right Hellboy. Pillows ARE underrated. I think we need to make everyone aware just how WONDERFUL pillows are! We should have this internationa pillow week where all we do is cuddel the pillow and SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!
    It sounds so lovely right now! I will NEVER stay up that late again. :P

  31. Yes, same Target company, Hellboy! (probably)

    Mustang makes me laugh. I'm mostly rolling around on the floor when someone calls Ed short, though.

    The hallways of my advanced math class smelled like cough syrup today. I immediately thought of Dr. Pepper. But then I ran to my science class because I felt like I was going to throw up from the smell. I wasn't feeling very good today.

    I like pillows. Pillows are cool.

    *leaps onto her bed, landing in the messy mountain of tangled blankets and pillows*

  32. Argh! Y'all reply so fast xD

    I totally agree, Kal! We'll have an entire week where we just lie on our pillows and talk to them. If we really need to get up and go anywhere, they'll be strapped onto our backs so we can still lie down whenever :P

    Yep, and that can I explain it? The little bit of hair that always sticks up when Ed's mad...that always made me laugh :P you'll always put cough syrup and dp in the same category, foreeeeever!

    My friend came back from America the other day, and we're all heading down to the plaza today to meet him. He said something about a present...knowing him, I bet it's a Hershey bar or some other epic treat from there...

    I hope youget a good present from your friend. :D
    I am curious as to where in America he went. I hope he had fun!
    HAve a good day Hellboy! See ya!