Monday, October 3, 2011

Camp xD

I shall be leaving for camp in 12 hours time. A four hour drive to a spot in the Flinder's Ranges, complete with no other campers anywhere and a whole lot of trees.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeell yeeeeeeaaaaaah xD

While I'm away, I will not, I repeat, not be able to post comments, as all I'll have is my dad's ipod and I really don't want to be spending all my time blogging. No offence, it's just that this is going to be a camp where my dad, brother Louis and I just sit around a campfire and relax. I get to write. My dad gets to think. Louis gets to draw. It's a win-win situation, folks...

That being said, I'm sure that I'll be on Chat at some point, because I really cannot do without you guys for more than two days... And vice versa. I swear, if I left you all alone for two days+one minute, the entire blogosphere would probably be alight with the flames of destruction. People'd be hating each other. Blogs would simply rupture because of neglect. Hell, even the Golden God Himself would of left :P

Two more things:

1. I managed, through sheer luck and skill (alright, there's a Blackebys in the plaza near my house...) to acquire a single packet of Red Vines.

...Hell freaking yeah. I'm savouring them, going to take a couple of pictures to make them last, y'know...Because it cost me a couple of dollars more than it should, due to it being an imported item and all. Also, because of the fact that I'm going to be saying AVPS quotes the entire time while I eat them...

*nomomom Gringotts nomomom Polyjuice Potion, always very classy nomomom*

And, of course:

Number 2!

Because a lot of people don't know what the hell a double rainbow is, I shall be sharing a couple of vids...

There was this video of a man who was most likely stoned, and who was filming a double rainbow. It's...intense ^^

You can skip through most of's not that funny. The funniest bit about this vid is the thing that The Gregory Brothers did with it, creating this master piece:

And while that's epic, this is a cooler version, re-sung by another YouTuber. Yep, I know, by now you're probably sick of double rainbows...but I don't care xD

Anyways...Cya all later!


  1. *copied from the previous post*

    Octa, I'm working my way through those now. I've read the first one- purely amazing, btw- and I'll be starting the others in a moment.

    @Lenka XD Damn it! I was online then! But I was at the chat, with everyone else :P Seriously, start going there, it's really fun to chat to the other bloggers!


    Kal, you'll catch her soon...she's just really elusive :P *helps Kal set up a net* There you go, she'll be here in no time!

  2. DFTBA

    LOL Thanks Hellboy!
    What would we do without you?
    *shudders and does not go there*

    You have fun on this trip! It sounds like so much fun! YAY!!!!

    *gets busy setting up the Lenka net*

    *puts a plate of jaffa cakes before it along with a butterbeer hoping to entice a sweet Lenka*


  3. *hides behind a bush*
    Heeeeeeeeeeeeere Lenka! C'MON Lenka! COme get the delicious treats!


  4. Oh.. yeah I know what double rainbows are...

    Just got confused when you talked about teh double rainbow song... which I'd not heard before.




    Anywho, have fun on your trip! It sounds like tons of fun. I've never been camping. I mean, I did "camp" on the beach in Canada with my cousins, but we were only about one minute from one of their houses, proven by my uncle running out of the woods with a mask on to scare us.

    What are Red Vines? I've never really heard of them.

  6. You have redvines?? I am soo jelous I want redvines!!! Redvines are awesome!!! Anyways have a great time at camp, hope you have fun!!!

  7. XD Cheere guys! Leaving in, like, fifteen minutes. Someone remind me when I get back about the BAH and the other two items I always take camping.

  8. What's a red vine? Is that like a twizzler?

    Have fun camping Hellboy! Climb a tree! Trip over a root! Track a bear and jump off a waterfall once it starts to chase you to get rid of it!

    *nods, grinning*

    That's what campings aaaaall about. And the bugs. Don't forget the bugs.

  9. LOL

    I'm listening to the Double Rainbow song and singing along to the parts I know, dancing along.

    ...Which, because I'm wearing my headphones, is to my mom, just me randomly singing discreetly- "Double rainbow all the way across the sky...!", and me bouncing and squirming in my chair randomly (to her, anyway. She's trying to figure out how to make french fries in a frying pan).

  10. *sits by herself dringing a butterbeer and thinking of the good ole days when Hellboy was around*

    Yep! Them were gud days!

    *beltches loudly*

    *figures since no boys are around she doesn't have to have any manners*

    *not that she would have them anyways.....looks around shiftily*

    *thoughs empty bottle away from her*

    *it lands in a huge pile of other empty butterbeer bottles*

    *stumbles forward*

    *trips over some tree roots*

    *gets up unsteadily and begins an epic srgument with the tree while shaking her fist*

    *forget to tell Hellboy of teh poem she posted and teh new OC she created*

    Ah! Maybe next comment!


    My oc. :D


    Skyri's poem

  12. RAWR!!!!
    *tackles Hellboy in a hug*


    *proceeds to happily give Hellboy all the noogies he missed while away*


    *streamers, balloons and conetti fall from the ceiling as party music sounds out while people whistle and cheer*



    (I'm happy to have you back, in case you didn't notice)




    How was camping? Was it fun? Did you get eaten by a bear? Did you get eaten by a butterfly? DID ANYONE GET EATEN BY ANYTHING!?!?


    Anyway....a couple of other kids in my grade and I built a pin-and-straw tower today! I named it George Bob Kevin William Shakespeare III Jr. It was such a safety hazard. Pins everywhere. We stomped it down in the end, and it stuck to our shoes! We all got poked by pins too.

    I should mention, I wasn't in school today. Unfortunately, my school isn't cool enough to do things like this. I was with this group in my school called Stargirls, based on the book Stargirl. Have you read it? It's good. This was a kick-off event for the club. We weren't even in our town, we took a bus somewhere else. Then we came back to the school and played on the playground until it was time to go home. Some of the girls in the club couldn't go to the kick-off event, and that was sad. But it was still fun. I had fun. It was a good day. Good stress relief.

    Now, answer my questions about your camping trip!