Friday, November 18, 2011

To the Fallen

I'm apologizing in advance. Sorry, everyone.

The Fallen: Every blog member who has left this blog, also including those who will leave in the future before the Blogs have officially ended.

To the Fallen

I wrote this not because of recent times but because it needed to be said, sooner or later. Yeah, I know you all have your reasons. But to me, they just don't make sense.

What the hell is wrong with you now?
You've stumbled again,
But refuse our arms. 
You supposedly failed to do something or feel you don't want to burden us
Blame yourself
And tell us that you don't want to give us any more grief or pain, and so you drift away
But what grief?
What freaking pain?
I have suffered nothing but good memories with all of you.
To hell with your million reasons to go
To hell with your logic.

Coming here was the best thing that ever happened to you
So why the fuck do you leave?
Why the hell can't you see
That life'll never live up to your expectations?
In the outside world there will always be people who will dislike you,
Misunderstand you,
And bully you out of your mind.
And here?
We all love you.
We all need you.
We've all been through bad times
But never dwell too long on them.

So why do you leave this beautiful Elysium to descend, becoming Fallen, to Hell?

So stay here a while longer with me,
Here in this place of great ecstasy.
I'm not leaving. I never will;

What about you?

I didn't want to have to go this far. You know who you are. And I didn't want to have to write something like this again, almost blackmailing you to come back. I don't want to, it doesn't feel right- But what else do you want from me? I've given you all my hope, love, friendship, hugs, and best wishes. And for some unknown reason you sit just that little bit out of my reach, just out of my grasp. And it's infuriating.

I want my friends back. These blogs are the best and most important thing in my life. Better than my friends, my schoolwork, my writing, my games, my books, my everything. So why aren't they the most important thing for you all?

I've tried to get the Fallen back. Hell, we all have. But in the end it's up to them to decide what they want, not us.



  1. *hugs Hellboy forever*
    You are so amazing Hellboy! I'm crying as I read this poem. I will read it everytime I feel so down and want to dissapear.
    You have been one of the main reasons I stayed here. I am forever grateful to you.
    No matter what happens, you and someof theothers will always be in my heart even if I do become one of the Falle. I know that it would never be long because the pull to be back with all of you is so strong!
    Thank you Hellboy for being there. Hang inthere Hellboy. I was thinkking on this last night and I want to encourage you to stay friends with the fallen. I know in my heart they see the things written and I know it helps. I knwo they will be back. Epecially when the world seems to turn to then and all seems dark. They will see in thier hearts teh beautiful light of all our friendships and love and seek us out. When they do, we willbe there with open arms!
    *hugs Hellboy again*
    WOnderful beautiful poem Hellboy! SO heartfelt! Thank you!

  2. This is amazing, Hellboy. I don't really know what to say, besides that. It's very touching.

    I love the blogs and everyone here. That's all I really have to say.

    *hugs Hellboy*

  3. *hugs*

    Hellboy, so many people have left the blogs, some of which I never knew. Sometimes we sit in the corner and sulk, or sometimes, like this, you can ask them to come back.

    You're an incredible person Hellboy.

    ...Embrace your inner Hellboy, everyone! Epic times guaranteed!

    ...yeah, that deserves to be on a t-shirt.

  4. Oiiii, Hellboy


    I think I'm buying The Wee Free Men tomorrow. That's the book you recommended here on your blog a while ago, right? I read the first few pages or so last weekend, and now I'm finally dragging my mum back to the store so I can buy it.

    Very excited.

  5. wow, that was beautiful Hellboy! I may be crying a little.. or a lot... maybe... nevermind


  6. Come on, life can't do this to me- I missed you by 7 minutes. Come on, go back online, for the love of god, please :'(

  7. *looks around*

    Lenkaaaa! Heeeere Lenka Lenka Lenka!

    *waves cake around*

    I have cake...freee food! You know you want that, don't you? C'moon Lenka, freeeeeeeeee fooooood!

  8. -___- Don't worry... Even if you were on, I have to go -_-

    G'night Lenka. It was nice of you to comment. But the point of this poem isn't just for a single comment.

    Come back...properly, this time. You're one of my greatest friends and I can't stand losing anyone here. Come on, Lenka- I know you have your reasons, but they can't be as bad as spending time with us.

  9. *hugs*

    That poem is fantastic.

    You said it so perfectly!

    And have you read Lenka's new post?

    It explains stuff more.

  10. Hellboy!! EPic poemm!!!

    but one point - I would spend a lot less time on chat if not for Niall.
    I probably will leave before the blog ends. Do you know why? Because I will want to spend time in the real world. Laughing with mates while watching a film, sitting on my boyfreinds lap. I want to spend hours just exploring town. I want to go out drinking with the same freinds, and regret it in the morning. I want to hear them laugh and know their nuances.
    I love you guys, I do.
    But lets not kid ourselves.

    Make the best of our time together now. I won't turn this into a rant about how much I wish I could be with Niall, I wont, because no one wants to hear that.

    But Hellboy, Joe. Understand that as much as you care, the best thing you can do for a freind is give them the freedom to do what they want, and whats best for them. I know me and Octa are struggling to balance this and work and school and life. (sorry for dragging you into this Octa, but... yeah)

    Just, chill. We care about you. Don't forget that, okay?

  11. I guess you're right, Ven -.- Thankyou, and thanks everyone for the comments :)

  12. Remembered the questions I had for you. You don't have to answer, I was just wondering if you had any advice on these two things:

    1) How do you get someone who annoys the crap out of you to leave you alone?

    2) How do you tell someone who hurt you pretty badly in the past to stop acting all buddy-buddy with you, like nothing has ever happened?

    I have the social skills of a gold fish .__.

    (That's, like, my new favorite face: .__.)

  13. Did you know that goldfish supposidly have a memory span of 3 seconds, and that's why they don't have high inteligence?

    *everyone stares at Mar, the room slightly quieter then it was before*

    ...what? It's true. And it's the only thing I could think to say at the moment. What? I'm tired, I get delusional when I'm tired.

  14. @Thalia Good questions. Something not to do is give a reaction, like shouting angrily or chase them away. They'll want a rise out of you- don't give 'em the satisfaction.

    What you could do is A) Ignore them, and say occasionally 'Alright, come on, that's enough' or something along those lines, or B) Laugh it off. Tell them "Heh, good one" and smile. They'll realize it's the wrong kind of reaction they want and eventually leave you alone.

    That person...hmm...

    Well....depends if the thing they did was a major thing, like backstabbing or the like. If they stole your eraser, it's the kind of thing that you just shrug off and say 'I'm the better person here'.
    If they DID backstab you or something along those lines then you need to tell them that you just don't trust them so much anymore, next time they be extremely happy n all. Then you give each other a break of maybe a day, and then you wait for the person to do something cool or be nice. It could just be them giving you some food or a hug or writing well about you. Or maybe it'll be a straight up apology. It varies. It also depends on what you actually want; an apology or for the person to just jump off a cliff...

    Why yes, I did know that fact about Goldfish :3 Hey, I know goldfish is the plural as well, but I'm just going to go ahead and call them Goldfishi...pronounced 'Goldfish-eye'...

  15. *nods slowly*

    Thanks for answering, Hellboy. Those are good answers. Quite good. Yes. Hmm...I do tend to shout a lot. Probably not a good thing.

    Yeah, the person did do something major, but it was more cyber bullying than back stabbing. I don't see them much anymore, as I no longer go to their school, but I see them more than I'd like to and have trouble dealing with them. I think I'll be better at it now.

    Thanks for the advice! *hugs* My favorite line was "It could just be them giving you some food". I do like food.

    *stomach growls*

    *goes off to raid the fridge for breakfast*

  16. Welcome for the assist, Thalia.

    Now, I ALSO have a plan C... *slowly raises shotgun*

    *puts on shades*

  17. *grins and grabs her machine gun*

    *realizes she has no epic shades with her*

    Umm....uh, uh, uh....

    *puts on a fez*

    Yes. I'm totally bad ass now :D

  18. *waves hands around wildly*


    *shoves grilled cheese in both their mouths*


  19. Oh my god my Papa may be dying... (No, not my dad. Papa's Hungarian for grandfather).

    I mean..what's that supposed to mean? Anything in particular? What? What?

    And I'm not going to say that He's going to die, because what if I jynx it? I'll leave that to my mom. She knows how to handle her family like that.

    And my Mama (Again, Hungarian. Figure it out), she's a complete mess (but then again she's like that a bit often), and she's talking nonsense, and the weird Doctors at the nursing place thing is really annoyed with my Aunt, and likewise with her and the Doctor, and OH MY GOD IT'S FREAKIN THANKSGIVING!

    Is this what our Thanksgivings are now? Eating canned turkey in a nursing home while a relative dies (NO! I DIDN'T SAY THAT! I DIDN'T JINX THAT! NOO!)?!?!?

    Do they even HAVE canned turkey???

    ....I'm such an Amercian.


    Eh, sorry about the comment above this one, that was me spazzing in advance so that I wouldn't spaz at the retirement place.

    (It was a bit creepy. Apparently someone a few years ago got out in the middle of winter and froze to death in the snow. I kept expecting a ghost of pop out at the slightest sound)

  21. I'm writing the rough draft for a story. But I forgot it at school. Its really bugging me.

    I'm spamming you with comments. Is that annoying? I'm not sure if it's annoying.

    I have two imaginary pet monkeys now, along with Jasper the Dream Ferret.

    There's Leviathan (You can call him, I don't know, Lev, or Lev. Oh, I like that, Lev. Yeah, he's Lev), then there;s Passerine, (She shall be called...Pas? No, Sei? No, Maybe...Pai? No, Per? P...Pae? What's that? Nah, Par? Let's see how Par goes over. Or maybe...Actually can you think of anything?)

    They're capuchin monkeys. From the 50th century. Yep.

    I should maybe go on the blog. But I'm in a writing mood. Writing...yeah...

  22. ..........WHERE IZ EVERYONE!

    I'm lonely. And bored. And full of melon bread (OMG BEST JAPANESE FOOD EVVVAAAAA!). And too lazy to go on the chat. And finding a bit less time to get on the LAPTOP, as am carrying my ipod around everywhere.

    I hid in a closet yesterday. Me and my cousins read by the light of GLOW STICKS.

    Yep. You're jealous, aren't you. I'm talking to myself. So really you is I and I is you and that squirrel outside the window is really a turkey planning revenge.


    ...I've gone through a few monkeys. They can't handle the mar-ness.

    (But now I have melon bread, hehehehehehehehehe...)

  23. Hey Hellboy and anyone else who happens to read this, is bothered, cares, is concerned etc.,

    I know this probably isn't addressed to me, but seriously, the number of times that I've left/disappeared/'taken a break', I feel like I owe some sort of explaination/apology, and didn't want to post on my blog, but there's a chance someone might read it here. So here it goes.

    I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry.

    I've been an idiot, I really have. I've caused some of you grief and my constant disappearances, I've realised, are not good for you guys. I just didn't want to complain to you guys, heck, I didn't want to complain to anyone.

    I've never wanted to upset anyone, but thing is, that's just not how life works. You'll do something and someone will probably be upset by it, even on here. It's how stuff goes. You can't please everyone.

    But I have to disagree with the second stanza. Life's started to live upto my expectations, because my expectations have lowered. I've changed a lot over the last 2 months, and although you guys might not be able to see it, I'm a lot happier now. I'm talking to people again. Real people. I've realised that that's what makes me tick, meeting new people, and chilling with my friends. And there's only one way to do that, with a smile and some small talk. So, yeah, I'm sorry to say that I'm glad I took some time off. It helped me to find myself again, because I got so lost.

    (Not making much sense here)

    I won't forget you guys, and I'll always come back. Trust in that. But need me? Really, you don't. I just like to visit every now and again and see you guys happy. I can't stand it when you fight.

    So why do I leave your Elysium? Simple. Because otherwise I can't come back.

    Stay wonderful, happy, and smiling,
    Quinn :)

    PS. Yes, I know large portions of that may have been incredibly cheesy- but I don't actually care. I love you guys and care about you guys, but I don't need any more commitment in my life. I'll come back because I want to see how you all are, and not because I feel guilty for not coming on enough. M'k?

    PPS. Sorry if that's all messed up, I don't think straight at 11:45pm.

    PPPS. All said and done, beautiful poem Hellboy. It came from the heart, and those are the best :)

    PPPPS. I'm kinda in tears now. And it's all your fault. I DID NOT JUST SAY THAT. TEARS? WHERE? CRYING? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. HEH. HEH. HEH.

    PPPPPS. Bye now! *waves and distributes cookies*

  24. oh god. *hugs everyone* I love you all, and I really do hope that everyone can find themselves and where the world sucks the least and how to get there and all that other OH CRAP ARE WE ACTUALLY IN A CHEESY COMING OF AGE NOVEL stuff.

    I understand if you need to leave or stay here forever. all have wonderful futures worth living for, and blogland is never, ever the only good thing in the world.

    I have a future too, and I'll leave someday. And I'll have a beautiful, smart girlfriend and take way too many shakespeare classes in a wonderfully eccentric college and get lost in a giant city. And I pray (in an agnostic, turned off by organized relegion way) that everyone will find their dreams. Again, I love you all so, so much, it's hard to understand.


  25. So many comments, so very, very hard to reply back to all of them...

    The headlines:

    @Mar, i know what you mean by Papa and I really hope both him and your Mama are ok :(

    Wait, so...Jasper was an imaginary ferret this entire time?! O.O Ok, things make a little more sense with that info now...

    And melon bread. How on earth did you manage to get it as great? IS IT?!

    @Quinn No, i'm sorry. Sometimes I just get an idea in my head that I should write something like this, to try and help. Of course, i achieved the wrong thing, and kinda just made myself seem a bit like a pompous arse...

    The second stanza's a perfect example- I just wrote it because i felt it was the right thing, but I never re-read it and wondered if it was really right. It isn't, you're telling the truth- people appreciate us irl, and I shouldn't have said some dumb thing like that ._.

    You ARE making sense, don't worry. I didn't want to guilt trip anyone into anything, but that's just how my poems end up -_- Sorry...

    It ain't cheesy, or messed up, and oh my gawd how did I manage to make you cry... sorry -_______-

    *noms cookie* And now to Legs...

    @Legs! *hugs back* See? I need to be learning from you lot, not trying to push my ideas to everyone else. I've had in my mind for quite a will now that everyone I know in my social life irl is temporary, and that only a couple of friends will make it through with me when I get older, because i'll be able to see you lot.
    But it's just too unrealistic. The people i know now are great people, and although none of them are writers and readers of SP, they're cool and funny in their own ways. I should pay more attention to that as well, instead of just staying here and dragging everyone down with me...

    Love ya all too, it's just that i make it seem that i'm an incredibly insufferable arsehole sometimes...


    I mean...stop crying...'please'... ;D

  26. *hugs Lego and hands her a handkerchief*

    Now. Mr Hellboy Sir. I'm going to have to ask you for a favour.

    Please stop being so goddamn hard on yourself.

    The words 'pompous arse' are saved for a select few, and trust me, you are not one of them. I mean... Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude.

    I write idiotic stuff all the time! (And no, I will not go through examples. Because it's just embarrassing).

    And, also, you achieved a lot of other things, the most important of which being...

    Letting 'the fallen' know that YOU STILL CARE.

    Which is like MEGA IMPORTANT.

    Sure, you might have said some stuff that wasn't necessarily well thought through but THE SENTIMENT IS STILL THERE. AND IT'S VERY VERY CLEAR.

    You don't want to lose your friends. That is the poem in a sentence. And honestly, there isn't anything less 'dumb', 'guilt trip'-ey, 'pompous arse'-ey than caring. It's what makes the world go round.

    So please don't beat yourself up about this.

    And the tears? THEY'RE HAPPY TEARS. Because I know that someone cares out here.

    Because yeah, leaving was good and all that. But it's fantastic to come back. K? COMING BACK IS VERY IMPORTANT. TRUST ME. I DO IT ALL THE TIME.

    So. *passes Hellboy an anti-guilt muffin and a happiness marshmallow* Now that that stuff is over....




    I auditioned for this thing while I was there, and although I didn't get through it was still mega mega awesome.

    *makes a love heart with her hands*

    Now, before I disappear- *hugs Mar* I hope you're doing ok :D *throws her a Dr Who jumper*

    BYE EVERYONE! *hugs all*

  27. *group hug*

    God you people are so sappy...

    ...but I am too, a bit.

    Yeah, blogland isn't the only thing in the world (It's alsi not the only thing in the internet). We all have lives outside of the blogs. There are people that we could sit with at lunch, or on the bus, or wherever the heck you are, and wanna talk to someone (and you don't have a computer). Those people are your NON-PIXALATED friends. Let us call them that.

    But, then there's us, our faces pretty much our profile pictures. We're basically pixilated. And odds are, you'll never see any of us in real life, and we'll never meet you (unless, like, someone puts all their money from life into meeting. I'd bloody KISS THEM, personally).

    So, your non-pixilated friends may never see you the same as your pixilated friends, here on the blog, and vise versa. But that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it.

    Sure, everyone, eventually, will grow away from the blogs. We also have to face the fact that one day, the whole Idea of blogs may be decomisioned, for something else like facebook (god forbid), or twitter, or whatever the hell grown-ups think is more used by us kids (and, in-definitely, they shall be SO wrong).


    And one day we won't be able to come back, for our whatever our own reasons.

    But, hey. I guarentee that there'll be some new thing about there in the world, where we can all move and make our home there (On the internet, I mean) (Oh, dude, what if we built a town together and named it 'Dereksville'? EPICA!!!)

    In general, I have no idea where the heck I'm going with this. But, on the other hand, I think I do. Maybe.

    But we can always NOT THINK about the future. Okay, sometimes we will, but let's just think about now. Let's be ignorant teenagers, shall we?

    (Then, you could surprise everyone when the time comes and be completely prepared. Oh my!)

    Let's face it, we're your classic teenagers (to some degree). We fight, we love, WE'RE SAPPY WHEN THE TIME COMES, and a whole buch of other things that go on every day. We're those teenagers on those comedy shows that show re-runs all the time.

    Buuuuut...we're NOT. We're bloggers, one of which who really has no idea where she's going with a comment.

    So. I shall conclude with the scentence (or, paragraph. Whatever).

    The melon bread was FANTASTIC!!!! But it tasted a bit like a real melon. THAT'S FRAUD!!! Real melonpan doesn't hve melon in it. I suggest that everyone goes to their Asian Supermarket NOW, and get melon bread (It's also melonpan!).

  28. I just read all of your comments and started crying. Aaaaaaaawwww maaaaaaaaan, I love you all..

    *hugs everyone superty duperty tight*


    I can't really beat what anyone else has just said. Yeah, we'll probably end up growing apart in the future, but that's a LONG WAY AWAY. For now, let's just band together with our epica powers of total epica-ness and savor every moment that we have together.

    *hugs everyone again*

    A few last things -

    Quinn - I miss you a lot and hope I get to talk with you again sometime soon :(

    Hellboy - You are NOT a 'pompous arse'.

    Mar - I want melonpaaaaaaaaaaaan D: If you ever bring any to school, I'm stealing some of it. Jussayin.

  29. ...........okay, I'm just gonna take a picture of it now.

    Too melonpan...miiiiinnnneeeee...

  30. *hisses at Mar*


    *tackles her*

    *steals the melonpan*

    *pokes Mar*

    You online?

  31. I just want to say as simply as I can, if there is a time that blogger/chat ends or someone wants to walk away from here, I hope that they will still stay in touch. I know there will be multitudes of ways to stay in touch.
    I'm proud of you Quinn for resolving something that was difficult in your life. I am so happy that you are happy! I'm greatful that you will still com evisit with me and th eothers from time to time and hopefully still share your art, stories, and poetry.
    I hope no on eever leaves me ever. I ha ve had enough of the "real world" where I live.
    I have often felt liek a fish out of water and ridiculed for EVERYTHING I love. Music, reading, and writing. This done by family and freinds.
    It is only on here that I found real acceptance.
    I think on how deeply word and stories have impacted me and have guided me in what I believe and how I think.
    My parents did not guiide me. They left me on my own and only bothered with me when cleanin gneeded to be done or they needed some one to take out their wrath on.
    In talking to you guys here on th eblogs and chat, I hav efound a bunch of people who are full of life, talent, passions and mos timportant, kindness and respect.
    We have so much in common. There is so much to celebrate in most people here

    On here I am safe. (most times) Out in the "real world" I have been unfairly knocked down and kicked repeatidly while down. So I prefer to be with all of you here on the blogs and only ask that you don't forget about me when you move on.
    *hugs everyone*

  32. Oh good god, I had hoped that posted that earlier comment would mean you'd all post shorter ones xD Smaller paragraphs, guys, I have to scroll through this on my iPod :P

    Ok...@Quinn Thankyou, first off, for the kind words xD

    I don't think I've ever stopped to think that I'm letting them know I care... I guess I am :) Cheers...

    Happy tears... Good :D Also, is that a subtle Avpm/HP reference I see there? It's the times away from here (hogwarts) that makes it so enjoyable?

    *noms guilt cookie* I...I'm not too good with Shakespeare... XD

    @Mar Why do ya hate fb so much? I only hate it because of all those people who post twenty different obvious statutes like 'Well, the weekend went quickly, right guys?' and get twenty frakking likes...

    *is now thinking up ways to make a town named Dereksville* Hmmm.... HMMMM....
    Maybe I could...what about... Well....
    I guess the easiest way would be to find a large multiplayer OMG MINECRAFT, THAT'S IT! :OOO

    Everyone will get minecraft! And I can set up an online server, and have it named 'Dereksville' and have a town designed by us and everything xDDD

    *finishes with guilt muffin and starts on melon bread* Well, next time I go near the local store...

    @Thalia Awww... *hugs back*

    I like your idea- Ofc it will happen, but it's so far away that we should just enjoy everything while we can. But in the meantime, t'would be good if we could see the fallen a LOT more often xD

    @Kal Staying in touch with everyone would be amazing, and definitely something we would try.

    I barely have anything else to say to your comment- it's just so well written, and doesn't really need replying to :P It's true in the sense that there will always be those people irl, while here there is no-one.
    Alright, there's SOME people. But they're easily dealt with >:D *brandishes shotgun again*

    *hugs everyone* Now, promise me that you won't leave massive comments for me to respond to, k? :P

  33. What? Massive comment? Who. Me?

    .................I only realized that it was that massive when I posted it. I'm on my ipod too y'know!

    I'm tired...I just woke up...what was I gonna say? Oh, right...

    Why do I hate Facebook? IDIOTS. Just IDIOTS, who, you know in real life but all the same are thinking "Who the hell's this guy?" because you're NEW to school, and have NO IDEA why he's talking to you, and he keeps ASKING YOU what your LAST NAME IS, and when he still doesn't know, created a FACEBOOK ACCOUNT with your real FIRST NAME and a FAKE LASTNAME, and pretends to be YOU!





  34. *insert massive comment here*

    I'm sorry, it had to happen xD

    I agree with Mar, Facebook sucks. My mum actually wants me to get one, but I don't see the point. I don't need another time-suck in my life :P That's what Doctor Who is for.


    It's almost 11:00 a.m., but I'm still tired, so I don't really know where this is going.

    I think I'm gonna go back to bed.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. LEgomyeggo. *cuddles Lego forever*
    Sometime I don't know what gets into me. But I do no you deserve better then what I give you.
    I love you sweetie and alwasy will. You are my beloved sister. I will try to be more careful with you.
    *hugs some more cause it's good for the soul*

  37. Sorry for not answering...Just takes me forever to thing, really :/

    @Mar Ok...that guy, he really sounds like an fact, that's a huge understatement >.< I've heard of people like that before, they don't deserve the privileges of fb....

    @Thalia Come ain't THAT bad... Using fb, i just reconected with a dozen friends who I haven't seen for six freaking years xD And they're all still epic...


    Alright. I swear that I saw that message earlier, and I can't remember anything bad about it, so I don't see why you deleted it xD But, now that you have, i've completely forgotten what you said... I'm all terribly awesome like that...

    Also, I, um, don't know what these last three comments are referring to. So, i'm just gonna say what I always do- Love ya all- and back away slowly into chat...Oh, and g'night!

  38. *jumps back wildly, waving an umbrella around*


  39. *hugs kal forever*

    and hb, I deleted it because kal misunderstood part of what I was saying, and felt really terrible. And it was making me sad when I saw it because it made kal upset and I didn't want anyone else to say the same thing and yadda yadda.

  40. *rolls on the floor in fits of hysterical laughter*

    Oh, you people on the blog are fantastic. I never would've gotten that response in real life.

    But I'm like seperated from loads of my friends. Amigos. Buddies. The people I hang out with a play cruel jokes on (jk, jk). I'm convinced that there's another elf in tge school thay has evil plans. I mean, there was a friggen WARNING on the board, that no one knew who wrote. And this annoying kid next to be said "It looks like a D and a A."


    "That this on the board. It looks like a D and an A. Or a P and an A..."

    *Mar imagines D looking at her through a video camera, laughing an elf laugh, plotting the best ways to attack U-13*

  41. *bounds in*


    *cackles madly*

    *point at Hellboy*

    YES FACEBOOK IS! But I guess I can see the use, kinda. I just don't need it, because my Dutch cousins don't have it, and I'd only really use it to talk to them. So...

    *steals Mar's melonpan and runs away*

  42. Hey hellboy, great poem man,

    I havent been around in ages, hopefully i can get visiting again, just life has been hectic, so much crap has bee happening and with school and shit, preparing for my final year, it gets hard to keep everything balanced.

    Just wanted to see how you are all doing and let you know that im fine :) - No more sadness or anything left in my body :P

    Things are starting to look up. I think a part of why i might have been anxious to come back would be that i had a lot of issues in the past, when i used to be on here, and i felt that these blogs were a part of me from that time; a part of the person within me that i wished to eradicate, intricately mingled among the negative, but never the cause of it.

    If you can understand that, then yeah..

    Haha, take it easy man, dont stress too much, doesnt do anyone any good. :D

  43. Alex! xD Damn, how long HAS it been...

    Wow, I... Alex, it's great things are looking up. And I'm glad you're happier now.

    Dw, I won't stress too much. I hope.

    You should come on to teh chat we have set up...



    I think Kal wanted to talk to you, so just hang around, ok? Most of the Americans are on either early (from about 6am-12pm) or late (from 11pm-2 or 3am)...

    Alright, Legs. I hope things have sorted themselves out.

    Mar...i'm not sure what ya mean by evil elf, but you have my permission to kill it...


    lol Thalia, it's your decision whether you want fb or not, dw. *noms on the melonpan that is suddenly in his hand*

  44. I wont be able to be on tonight, really busy, have some stuff going on but yeah. Enjoy yourselves.

  45. *gasps comically, then squeals, shooting for Alex*

    *leaps and glomps*


  46. *pat's Alex's head around the squealing Mar*

    Good to see you :D

    Hellboy - *roars and grabs the melonpan* MIIINEEE


  47. Wow. This is why I love you guys! All those comments.

    I used to belong to an awesome forum set up by the author Garth Nix. (I'm sure I go on about this a lot but meh, nostalgia.) I was 13 when I joined. And I spent two amazing years there. It was the first time I'd joined an internet community and realised how awesome it is. I have so many good memories from there its impossible to mention even the tiniest fraction of them. And like most blogs/forums I've joined I joined sometime in the middle of it. And so I got to be accepted, meet the giant founding people who are always on there through thick and thin. And then I watch it not die exactly but change. Shrink a little. And then one day it just vanished from the internet. Gone. Bam. And it was only yesterday I found out what happened to it. Apparently his publishers just shut it down as part of a "no single author website policy" or somesuch. Mr. Nix didn't even get a say. So I know what its like for an internet community to die. To have two years of my life just erased like it never even happened. It is a terrible terrible thing. And yet if it hadn't been closed then maybe I'd never have discovered this blog and the awesome people here. And here I like to think that I'm one of those important members. By no means a founder but important. In the way we make everyone feel important and at home. We are all accepted for who we are here. We all have value. And so I sincerly hope Derek's publishers never close us down. But if they do then I'd like to think we'd find a way to stay in contact. Because whilst everything ends true friends last forever. This blog isn't the same place it was a year ago. There are different people. We use xat to communicate mainly. We've changed. The change isn't for the better or for the worse it just is.
    And so no matter what happens, we did. You wonderful amazing people happened. And yes I have a balance between real life and here. Yes I have real life friends who are awesome people and who I like to spend time with. But that doesn't make my love for you guys any smaller or worth any less. I have a whole year's worth of fantastic experiences with you.

    I'm not quite sure how to end this comment.
    So I guess I just stop typing. Press the comment button. Done.

  48. K, Alex, but wb tonight? XD

    @Thalia Fine...*takes one last bite* Mmm. Melons.


    ...Wow... :,D

    But also... D: Holy crap, so it just disappeared? Did you have email contact with any of them?!

    I guess we're more protected because more than half of us have blogs that everyone follows, and a chat that everyone goes to...still tho :/ Scary.

    My comment has been considerably shorter, and I also have no idea how to end this xD So, I think I'm just going to hit post comment as well....

    Ooh, wait- I hurt my back, guys. It's weird; I bent down to pick something up and suddenly it was like my lower back was a pin cushion... Supposedly I night have a pinched the meantime, I get to sit in bed all day and go on my iPod ;D Heheheh...

  49. No I didn't stay in contact with them. I think it would hurt to much to go back. I've moved on from that time (mainly- I like to reminisce once in a while though).

    Because they've moved on without me. I spent ages trawling through internet sites trying to find out what happened. They started a new forum, they never told me about it. But that forum is a sad sad place. They tried to reconstruct something brilliant. And they just have a shadow of it. Hardly anyone visits it anyway anymore. That forum is gone and they tried and failed to bring it back. So I don't stay in contact. I have you people now instead.
    *hugs forever*

    Also I hope your back gets better soon Hellboy.

    And also what is melon bread may I ask?

  50. Sorry for being so gloomy and everything. I'm only like this when I'm ill. It gives me something to occupy my mind with.

  51. I see, Octa :/

    I've known some other good times with old Internet pals, mainly one's from Minecraft and the group of friends in particular, with a guy called LightPies (no idea why he called himself that, dont ask :P).
    One day, I went to log on to the minecraft server we all used to go on, it wasn't there, like what happened to you. Same with the next day. And the next.
    The entire server had been shut down- the owners had either messed up or just stopped- and I was a tiiiiinny bit pissed :P

    I found LightPies on the third day, on a completely different server, with two other guys from the old one. We were all happy, and everything was going perfectly for about two months, before THAT server disappeared as well. I haven't seen him since. He was like us. Damn, i had no way to contact him :/

    I gave up on trying to find another Minecraft community and jus stayed here. Here, I have half a dozen people's emails and roughly fifty blogs I follow (yeah, I know you have like a hundred xD) so I can easily stay in touch. Unless Blogger itself fails. If that dies, we're all screwed xD

    Cheers, I hope my back gets better too :) Melon bread, as I understand, is a Japanese bread...I think :D Anime, stuff, know :)

    Being gloomy's fine.

  52. *hugs everyone*

    Well, you can be pretty sure that blogger won't die, seeing as blogger is owned by Google (aka. our leaders or the most ginormous company that doesn't shut down stuff unless it's ridiculously unpopular (see Google Buzz, Google Wave etc.)). Blogger will live forever.

    Melon bread-

    @Hellboy: Just wondering here, and don't hate me for this but...

    This guy? If you google LightPies there's a ton of gamer accounts... And it's not exactly a common name. Many people use the same username for various accounts (ie me- I have 2 which I commonly use).

    It's always nice to get back in touch with people which is why I actually like facebook (don't kill me!) :P

    Now. I really need to get some writing done- I WANT TO WRITE MORE OF MY FANFIC. AND SOME 2G1S. I WILL DO THIS. XD

    Bye all!

  53. Octa and Hellboy - that sucks, guys :/ I'm sorry that you were cut off from people you were close to so suddenly. It's terrible, but I'm glad everyone is here now *hugs*

    And read that page on melonpan Quinn posted! Traditional melonpan doesn't have melons!

    I've never actually HAD melonpan, though, but Mar has. I think she's getting me some for Christmas.

    *nudges Mar, waggling eyebrows*

    Or I could just go raid one of the Asian markets downtown. That could work too.


    *pokes Quinn*

    Go write! Go go go! We want to read more of your fantastic works!

    And I know that they are shutting down Google Buzz, but when? They've been saying it for a while, but I still have mine. I don't ever use it anymore, though.

  54. OMG! How did I not know of what looks like a ridiculously tasty type of bread before?

    I'm definately getting some for my birthday.

    Yes Quinn! You must write. So must I actually. But recently I just never do.

    So I be a hypocrite now.

    I like facebook too! It's so useful. I spent the last five years refusing to get it and then three weeks ago I gave in (my friends told me it was a non optional social convention- A The Big Bang Theory Reference- I try to emulate Sheldon as much as possible. Anyways.)

    Umm... yeah.

  55. You never know, Quinn xD Sites have epic failed before, and always will :D

    Thanks for looking around, Quinn, but I dont think that's him...he was about ten, I think...
    Also, it says that he hasn't been on Kongregate there since he joined xD No chance I could chat to him, I guess...

    *hugs Thalia* Thanks :) And the melonpan I believe in is light green and tastes like melons :3

    Ahhh...Big Bang Theory :D

    Although, I always enjoyed 'How I met your mother' more... It's just a funnier show to me :P


    Hopefully Mar will find this link.

    Could one of you people give her the link?

    Obviously I can't as that would ruin the whole secret identity thing.

  57. Well I could post it on Derek's but it would probably get lost in the comments.

    *hits head*

    Just post it on Mar's blog.



  58. Hello, March's Secret Santa! Nice to not-really-meet-you-because-I-probably-know-you-and-just-don't-know-it!


    Hellboy - Don't stop believing. Hold onto that feeling.

  59. DAMMIT THALIA XD *Streetlight, peeeoooooople!* D': Can't...get it...out of my heaaad!

    Heya March's Secret Santa! *watches closely for any trademark words that might be used by the person to use as a clue* Hmmmm...they say 'Nevermind'....hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm....

  60. Lot's of people say 'Nevermind', Hellboy!'s funny, I was actually doing that too.

    *wiggles eyebrows*

    Now who could you be....?

  61. Hellboy - Sorry! Didn't mean to get it stuck in your head! It was subconscious, probably, and I'm sure my subconscious did it out of friendship.


    Because that doesn't even make sense .__.

    Eh, don't listen to anything I say, I'm confused. I keep thinking the lamp in the corner of my vision is a Dalek.

    *eyes lamp warily*


  62. oh, just dropping in to say BIG BANG THEORY HUIJHUYJUKUHJKLKDRFTYG

    I don't even watch any proper tv at all...except for bbt, so much love for both of them.

  63. @Mar xD Tbh...I don't think I've heard of anyone saying 'Nevermind' here...hmm, elemental paradoxes indeed...

    Ooh, that has a cool ring to it...I'm going to use that now- 'Elemental Paradoxes Indeed'. And yes, you can all use the crap out of it if you want ;)

    Heheh...Dw about it, Thalia. Now I have the Pirates of the Carribean song in my head, and that's a good tune ;D

    And the Dalek-Lamp reminds me- I just finished the Doctor Who book I had earlier (I know, took me a while, but it's not a book I was extremely crazy about so I wasn't spending *that* much time on it). It turns out that it's the first Doctor Who story every, revealing the beginning of the Dalek's hatred towards the Doctor, as well as when they first started using 'Exterminate!' was an ok book :)

    @Legs :/ Why do people like that show? Half the time it's just Sheldon being insufferable and them commenting on it, and then he fails to pick up a social cue and continues to be insufferable xD Sorry, I know there's other appealing things in that show...

  64. @hb- iono, it's funny? For me it's just the OH GOD I AM EXACTLY LIKE SHELDON thing.

    also, narcissistic whine! I left all my makeup with my brother a few weeks ago, because it wouldn't fit in my bag. He, apparently, did not understand the part where he was supposed to give it back, and you know, not give it to his roommate instead. :/ And if he was somehow forced to give it to them, maybe he could try to make sure that they didn't lose it? but nuuuuu. AND NOW I LOOK SUBSTANTIALLY LESS PRETTY AND I HAVE TO GO OUT AND BE SOCIAL TO BUY SOME MORE AND YT67Y8UIJNJBHVTY8GU DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND HOW DIFFICULT MY LIFE IS?

  65. *looks in confusion at Lego*

    Aaaaaaaaaaaah...that's....that's not really...I don't really wear makeup. I just don't. Or heels. I only own one pair of heels and they're like an inch high. Am I strange? Maybe I am. Maybe YOU'RE strange.

    Where was I? Ah.

    What the heck does 'Elemental Paradoxes Indeed' mean? Skulduggery- Traveling...THROUGH TIME! DUUH DUUH DUUUUUUH!

    Did I just say that? I think I did. I think I'm also rambling.



    I'm a lunatic. Who crashed a car! (jk, jk)

    I think I'm high on sugar. SUUUGGGGAAAAARRRRR!

  66. nah, I'm just really femme. I MUST HAVES ALL THE GLITTAH NOWS.

    but yes, story! i like story! a lot! yay!

  67. I don't like sparkly things on CLOTHES.

    Metal, on the other hand, i'm like "SPARKLY SHINY DESUUUUUU!"

  68. Ooooh, sparkly things. I like fireworks. Do those count as sparkly? I do believe they do.

    Sometimes I wear makeup. To parties and things. If I have time in the morning I might put some on before school, but I usually don't. I tend to kill my face a lot with it, and I always touch my eyes, so it gets messed up anyway.

    Mar - I am not letting you near anything sharp right now. Or fiery. Or alchemy-y.

  69. oh, I don't have sparkly clothes (well, except that one dress composed of nothing but sequins). but all the other glittery things, because I feel that glittah makes everything better, and sparkling makes me happies.

  70. Thalia- W-What did I do? What? I-I WANNA BE AN ALCHAMIST!!!

    *puffs up like a blowfish*


    *giggles hysterically*


  71. *screams*


    *runs away, being chased by Armstrong*


  72. *cackles like a lunatic*

    I love my life~

    Now, I had a question for you, Hellboy, but I really am tired, so I'll just ask it tomorrow.

    Well, nah. I must keep writing. Well, yes! I mean...mean...what?


    Can I use your OC (Well, kinda. Not really. It'd be different) in my Fulmetal Alchemist Brotherhood fanfiction? (God, that was a mouthfull...!)

    You see, Thalia made a certain...comment, at lunch. Or was it me? Or was it Lydia? Or Mir? Or someone entirely different?

    Anyway, Because of that comment, I was tempted to use you in the plot.

    So, I have asked.

    Oh- and do you want your parents to still be alive, have been killed in the civil war, or to die later in the story? Or to be already dead? (If that is the case, abbreviat on that please-)

    Rrrrr, you'd probably be around...yeah, 15. Childhood friends of Thalia and March, who comes with them to East City and DUH DUH DUH DUUUHHH the anime takes place. (HONEY BAGER!!! XD).

    So- what kind of alchemy do you want Israel to specilize in? Throw some out, and I'll see which fit.

    (Mar specilizes blowing stuff up. I think Thalia does dat too)

    Now, I'm tired, I think I'll go ahead and use your OC anyway if I get to that part tomorrow, tommorw's MY BIRTHDAY!!! YAAAAYYYY!!!


    Now bye~

    *passes out*


    Oh, this is gonna be an awesome fanfiction. Mar and I did some background planning at lunch, and it's gonna be FANTASTIC.

  74. Oh wow...last time I commented was four days ago xD

    Sorry guys, I have been reading it, but I'm terribly lazy and cba typing a comment. Love ya all, but still, I'm a bit lazy as of now :P

    Quickly: I would love to be in your ff. And dayum, if you've already all chosen fire as your alchemy (Mustang's the best <3) then I would probably choose Ed's alchemy- Manipulating materials into other shapes and the like ;D Like, how he can reform his arm into an epic blade, and how he can clap his hands and the ground shoots up to make a wall....that kind of epic stuff :)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAR!!! AH WUSH U MANY FMA BOOKS AND SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT MEMORAbill...memorabillia...memouribllla,.afadsn....You know what i mean -.-

  75. *leaps for Mustang, giving him a noogie*

    Woo! Mustang fans! We should get t-shirts! (Again X3)

    Hmm...okay, okay...

    But...nah, I don't know what you mean...OH! Wait, now I do!


    My new cellphone told me.

    *strokes charging cellphone*

    I'm still deciding on a name for it~ Yes, I'm weird like that~

    Maybe Mustang! Or...Or...Derek Jr!
    (Yes, I vaguely know about Pride. KInda. NOt really. But I have my suspicions...NO SPOILERS!!!)

    I'm tired again~ We had pasta~ And cake~ WOOOO! I BLEW OUT ALL MY CANDLES IN ONE TRY!!!! FIRST TIME!!!!!!

    *skips off*

  76. RAWR *tackles the lazy Hellboy in a hug and noogie* REG
    *sits on him while happily eating cupcakes* YAY!

    Any plans in the future for more stories Hellboy? Hmmm?

    *has a rubber band gun pointed at him in case he says no*

    I'm a little more behind onthings then ever now. HAve had trouble with one of the family comps. Then the other one started being all funy too.
    My comp is no longer able to work due to viruses. I have been told it's doubtful an of my work that will be saved from there. SO it's back to the beggingin for me. :P
    I read MAr's story. Loved it but knew I would. She is one of the best writers here. :D
    I am hoping she will put me in her story. :D That would be so awesome. Hope I can see you soon HEllboy. I miss talking to you.

    *hugs then skips away*

  77. It's five o'clock in the morning.

    At 1 o'clock, I distinctly remember putting my iPod away and going to bed.

    But then, never really falling asleep.

    So here I am, struggling to sleep and unable to go on xat chat. I don't KNOW why, xat's just been stuffy as hell these last few days... -.- Maybe it's just my crappy iPod. Dunno.

    In other words- if you find good Mustang tshirts, link me, Mar :P And you got a new cellphone? Aww... *looks at own cellphone, a five year old samsung with no camera or games collecting dust in his bottom draw*

    *hugs Kal* Heya! I do have some future ideas, but right now I'm kinda just...close to posting, but still a long way off...does that make sense? XD
    I'm writing part three of my ww2 ff. And if sat down and wrote without distractions for a couple of hours, I could probably finish it. And oh my god, I just realized what I'm going to do these holidays when I'm bored ;D
    Anyway, I never seem to get the time or remember- but now, NOW that I'm on holidays (yay!) I'll have heaps of time xD

    That sucks Kal! :/ Damn, I hate viruses, they're...they're my arch nemesis...nemesi? Dammit, what's the plural of nemesis :P

    Wait, did Mar already write the FMA story?

    *hugs them both* If you read this within a couple of minutes of me posting, I might still be online, so don't post a huge response to this yet :P

  78. Why did I say 'in other words?' Oh good, sleep is taking its hold. And I shall peacefully let it.

    I am no longer online. I'll talk to y'all in a couple of hours, mmk?

  79. *hugs Kal*

    Viruses suck :/

    Um. I had other things I was going to say, but then I totally forgot because my brain is exploding right now. And I have an orchestra concert tonight. Bleh.

    Uhh...I'll say something more intelligent later. Hope the ninja monkeys don't eat you all. Hope Ed doesn't turn you all into fish.

    I'm going to go chop a lifetime supply of firewood (aka, do homework).

    I....I don't know how to end this.....I guess I'll do it the old fashion way.


  80. I feel a little guilty now, cause I've been reading the whole time but not commenting... :/


    Well- I do have some good news...


    Rejoice! Or don't! Whatever! Its your life!

    Additionally... SCHOOL IS OVER THIS WEEK.



    I have fairy lights in my room. Coz I'm festiv lyk innit blud.

    I don't know.


    Btw, any of you lot guitarists? :D

  81. *rejoices* also, I just realized that fairy lights=christmas lights for me. do you know what this means? I can rename christmas fairymas! So I can stop pretending that my christmas has anything at all to do with christ. But now it be about fairies! yay!

  82. Thalia- That was the most brilliant ending to a comment I have ever heard :,D From now on, all comments will be ended with a sentence in capital letters xD

    Quinn- if ever there is a time that I don't respond to several comments for days, everyone just don't worry xD I check this blog about four times a day :P Yes, I'm obsessed. Yes, I read all your comments. No, that's...that's not being lazy...I just cant be stuffed some days xD

    I...feel terribly guilty and sad that I dont know what two girls one snail is...just a stab in the dark, but is it the title of a story/ff?

    I was going to try playing guitar for a while...that was about three years ago xD

    @Legs xD Happy Fairymas to you, then :)

    Also, for everyone- for the next four days, my parents, older sister and younger brother and sister will all be away from my house :D Just me and Louis. And of COURSE I ain't gonna spend every second minute chatting to you all either here or on AF/TheGoodShip ;)


  83. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!! That is GOOD NEWS QUINN and HELLBOY! I can't wait to read your stories!!!!
    Now Hellboy! This is for you.
    HE has several new posts out. But th eone you need to go to first is the NEW COMETITION FOR AUSSIES AND NZ ONLY!!!! GO GO GO GO!!!!!


    Also I'm sorry for missing Mar's birthday. I was in Poland.

    Dec 13 yes? I'd have been visiting Treblinka that day.

  85. Woo! It's Mir's birthday today!!!!!!!!

    And my moms!

    (You see, I was born on Dec 13th, my dad on Dec 14th, and my mom on Dec 15th. The only reason I wasn't born on the 12th was because my parents had a Christmas party that day)

    Waaaait, Helllboyyy, you never told me what Alchemist Israel's background should be!



    We've had snow a couple times before this, but it all melted. Hopefully this'll stay! I almost fainted when I saw the snow. Of course, that could also be from all the blood rushing back to my head after I slept for almost 12 hours.

    It's noon here. I can't believe I slept through half the day. That's...that's just not OK. And that rhymed.

    I am just so confused right now.

  87. Sorry for the late replies guys xD

    Also, for all of you Americans- why aren't I seeing you in my mornings (your afternoons) anymore? I'll be on for a bit tomorrow morning/your afternoon, why don't yall stop by?

    @Kal Thanks for telling me :) I don't think my blogger dashboard shows derek's :/ I'm following his blog, but it doesn't show up on the dashboard -.-
    I dunno if I should enter...I might put in Amy Hawkeye... But I don't even have a set character idea for her, just a name and a faint look. I thought that maybe she could read minds, but... I don't know -.- Other OC's have that power, I want to give her something no-one else has chosen :P

    @Octa 2g1s? Hmm?

    Didn't I, Mar? I don't know the name of Ed's alchemy, but that's know, clap your hands and metel can be reformed, earth moved into a barrier, that sort of thing... not make meh jealous of da sno :P All we've had recently is rain...but in hot weather xD

    Holy crap it's almost Christmas.


  88. @ Hellboy

    2G1S is the abbreviation of Two Girls One Snail- a Harry Potter based fan fiction written by our very own Quinn and Bryony!

    It is really hilarious, witty, well written and most importantly insane.

    It is by far one of the best stories of blogland. There are so many I know but truly it is exceptional.

    Go read. And then get more people to read. It really has been neglected considering its awesomeness.

    Also as well as the fanfic itself they have an about this fanfic and a page of rules as well. Extra bonus pages WOOT!

  89. "An awkward silence fell upon the compartment with a heavy thud. Then it had awkward babies. These awkward babies perched upon each of our heads, reminding us that this entire situation was extremely awkward and that if no-one did anything about it then it would just get even more awkward and that eventually the build-up of awkwardness would cause us to explode one by one, in a very awkward manner.
    I knew that it would fall to me to do something about the awkwardness, but I really couldn’t be bothered. So I decided to leave and let the others sort it out. Maybe by the time I got back the awkward babies would have grown up and left home to get degrees and find jobs, and then maybe we could invite them all back for Christmas and have a nice party with paper hats and cake."

    Here is possibly my favourite quote from the fanfic so far.

    Now if you don't want to read it after that...

  90. Well. Now I feel obliged to say...


    Happy reading!

  91. *flaps hands wildly*

    Nooooo, not the alchemy, FMA Israel's family. Backstoty. Is his family dead. Did they die. Are they still alive. His he a creepy kid who lives in a barn on top of that old hill (Oh god please don't choose that).


    ....School. There's a sudden increase of homework. But hey! Tomorrows the last day! (Well, for me anyway. I'm missing the last day because we'll be flying to Florida. Y'know, grandparents' house where their dog sleeps at the fooy of my bed and will randomly start licking my face in the middle of the night)

    But likewise for you, Mr Hellboy!

    I try to sometimes pop on in the morning! (Like, 6:20-ish for us) it takes lots of my mental energy, but I get up!

    (It all requires discreet planning, really...)

    Now...I must sleep.


    Oh yeah, I wrote the second part of the new SP fanfic if anyone's curious enough to look for it...


  92. *screams aloud to the world*


    Why does 2G1S have so few comments and followers?

    It is being neglected! Neglected I say!

    Only 12 comments. 5 of which are mine anyway.

    I know! I shall use.... the PROMOTION POTION!







    Read it and comment I say! Read and comment!

    I need food. No food makes me really hyper.

    Teapots are people too!

    *giggles crazily and runs off to Brazil with a pet igunana*

  93. *runs back from Brazil with a surprise gift for Kal*

    Yes! You guessed right! I needed the iguana to buy the plane tickets. (I'm not quite sure why the airports in Brazil are staffed by saurians).

    Two tickets to Paree! The land of croissants and turtlenecks!

  94. You've got me thinking of someone now :'( My dearest Skyril... I wish you'd come back.