Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Too tired to even bother with a title xD

It's 3:00 in the morning.

I said 'Gnight' to the people on chat two hours ago.

But why didn't I simply go to bed?

I just can't think straight at the moment xS Kal and Octa'll know why.

Anyway- I sat at my dad's desk, my iPod playing 'All I need is you' by Hillsong, and everything else was quiet and lonely.

I did that for two hours, people. Thankyou, Steve Jobs, for making sure there was a 'repeat' button put onto the iTouch...

I don't know where this post is going... I, uh, started a story, just a short one. And part 3 of my WW2 ff will be up soon.
This post's just a random one- two or three things that are on my mind right now, that's all.

*hugs Legs* *hugs Kal* *hugs Lizzy* *hugs Octa* *hugs Mar* *hugs Thalia* Gorram it, the list goes on and on...*hugs everyone*

Whenever your life is crap, whenever you feel abused, pissed, sad or angry, and if you come to me, remember that when I say '*hugs*' I mean it, with all my heart. It is often the only thing that I can do, giving you a virtual hug. But I, and we, still mean it so don't you lot forget that :P

3:30am now...I took forever to write this cos, as you could guess- I'm tired.

I'm gonna sleep, for real, this time. Love you all :')

"Left my fear by the side of the road,
Hear you speak
And won't let go
Fall to my knees as I lift my hands to pray

I got every reason to be here again,
Father's love, draws me in
All my eyes want to see is a glimpse of You..."

Love ya too, God :P


  1. Oh, and dear God, Octa- That quote's hilarious xD I'm gonna bookmark, comment, AND spread it around, dw ;)

  2. *hugs Hellboy*

    This is my third attempt at writing a comment, so I'm going to just get right into it before I mess something up and the computer deletes this again.

    "Whenever your life is crap, whenever you feel abused, pissed, sad or angry, and if you come to me, remember that when I say '*hugs*' I mean it, with all my heart."

    I completely agree with you. Hugs are, in my opinion, some of the best help there is. And virtual hugs are just as good when people aren't there in real life. I think we underestimate the impact that a small gesture, like giving a (virtual) hug, can have on someone.

    *hugs Blogland*


    I realize my semi-philosophic ramblings aren't the best reading. I apologize.

  3. Also, we need more of your stories. Write! Write like the wind!

  4. Awwww...

    Oh, you big lump of a blogger c'mere...!

    *hugs, then suddely whips out a sonic screwdriver and starts sonicing Hellboy's face*

    I'm sorry, but it was sitting on my bedside table and staring at me to do that.

    Hugs...Hugs are the best, the best possible thing when you're sad or stressed, but when I feel like that and someone hugs me, I have the weirdest feeling to burst into tears. But I need more hugs....I never get enough...


  5. ...What kind of cOmment was that? I don't feel that it's a natural one, for some odd reason.

    Hm. Well-


  6. :) *hugs them back* *hugs Blogland too* Cheers, Blogland. We take you for granted, I swear...

    I'm writing! Just...slowly than I would like to be writing...it's hard to explain xD

    What happens if your face get's sonic'd, anyway? xD

  7. Awwww. *hugs Hellboy and everyone else*

    "A hug delights and warms and charms that must be why God gave us arms!" Some random anonymous dude... or dudette...

    Glad you'll be spreading the word Hellboy! I try so much (well since a few days ago) but still so few people comment or follow 2G1S. No idea why. It's totally awesome.

  8. And I do believe that it would open your face and your brain would fall out and get exterminated by Daleks.

    But it's ok! the Doctor would arrive and go back in time to stop your face being sonic'd and thus saving humanity from a Dalek invasion!

    Or something...

  9. *shoves sonic in drawer suddenly*

    I DIDNT DO IT!!!!!

    Heh~ We're leaving for Akron in about twenty minutes to fly to Florida. And I overslept.




  10. I'll try and get onto the chat when we get to Akron. Or maybe in the carride. (From my phone)

    But I can't guarentee that I'll actually be able to TALK. Really like spy on you people and show my emotions.



  11. Are you spying on me right now?

    Hmmm? Hmmm?


    I can't see you! But maybe you are invisible! Or disguised as a Chanukah bush!

  12. *the Chanukah bush pokes Octa back, giggling*

  13. *pokes Mar*

    Are you in Florida yet?

    *pokes Octa*

    Tonight it the first night of Chanukah, right? Happy Chanukah!

    *pokes Hellboy*

    Just to poke you.

  14. Yep! In Florida!

    I already had a small fluffy dog jump over me...ran through the room suddenly myself, jumping into the pool wildly...we found a itty bitty baby Gecko :D...Internet connection is stabilized...I've eaten popcorn...

    Oh! Did you guys know that nearly a year ago, on like January Something-ith, I first discovered Derek's blog?

    Scared me half to death, tho. Those eyes freaked me out.

    There are all these memories here...aaah...

  15. Wait, forgot to say that I first discovered the blog HERE.

    *sits on a huge white couch*

    ...yep. Otherwise, that comment above would've been totally random, saying it's still December.



  16. Woo! I shall like last year be celebrating my birthday on this blog all night! YEAH!

    And yes tonight is the first night of Chanukah!

  17. Good god you lot are fast commenters...and who's Phoenix? :/ You came to my blog only to ask someone else to chat with you elsewhere? Awww....

    Nice quote, Octa. And if THAT'S what happens when your face gets sonic'd, I might just rethink hanging around people carrying sonic screwdrivers *glares at Mar*

    *pokes Thalia* If this starts a poking war, I will actually hire a hacker to kill the Internet just to put an end to it, mmk? ;D

    You're in Florida? What's it like? Hmm? HUH?

    Btw...I was watching something called the 'Late Late Show' with Craig Mc...something...McFurguson? Probably.
    Anyway, someone said they were either from Cleveland or had been there, and he made a joke, which was 'You know what train goes to Cleveland...' and then stopped and gave the crowd a look...

    Only problem...I don't get it xD It's been frying my brain up, lol...would you have heard this joke before, seeing as you're in Cleveland yourself? WHAT'S THE ENDING TO THE JOKE?! DEAR GOD I'VE GONE INSANE...

    Octa! That's gonna be awesome! What day's your b-day?

    Mar, my two year anniversary is on New Years Eve... XD I think I'll be staying up a while then...


  18. *pokes Hellboy* :D

    This is not a poke war. This is...this is....erm....something. Yes. Something.

    Er, no, I haven't heard that joke before. The crazy train, probably xD

    Do we even have trains in Ohio anymore? *looks at Mar in confusion*

    And I don't live in Cleveland! I'm north of the Ohio Divide, and close to Canada, but I'm pretty far from the city. We don't even have sidewalks here!

    It makes for a higher chance of getting run over/ getting your skull knocked in by the crazy Golf Club Man :D

  19. We still go to Cleveland alot~

    My Dad works there, and there's the Arcade (big shopping center place with really good food places), and the lake, and...and...DUH, The Playhouse, and the Concert Hall...

    Trains? Well, there's the metro, but I'm not sure if that counts.

    The metro was originally supposed to come out to where my house is, (Y'know, those big spaces of grass that ultimatly made the street one way on the two sides, thus making it a Blvd), but they never got to it. Loss of money, or something.

    And all this time- can you BELIEVE that I've never ONCE been to Rockfeller Center? NEVER!!! It's like a New Yorker never being to the Statue of Liberty!

    Hm. I just woke up from this disturbing nightmare...but I'm calm now...calm...


    ............I've never realized how being in this room alone can be so menacing...

    *sprints away to find someone, dog or human*