Sunday, February 19, 2012


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmk. Let's see, here...

First of all, I would really, really love it if someone updated the Eight Great Immortals dictionary. I thought about doing it, but I'm so incredibly tired, all the time...I think someone made a word for 'Lazy' or something...

Secondly, I'm writing a Hunger Games fanfic because of the movie that'll be released soon. And yet, I've gotten no-where and am kinda pissed off. So, I think I might start it again. Something that I'd really love to do is use a bit of the prologue that Nyx Dawn cooked up for a HG ff ages ago. It was brilliant.

Thirdly- I was writing a Private Investigator story, and was really intent on doing something about it...but oh hell, I don't know. I don't seem to be getting anywhere with my writing lately. It'll pan out, I hope.

Fourthly- I said I'd be participating in Nano this year, but...meh, we'll just see how things go...maybe, maybe not.

Fifth-leh: Terry Prachet play was amazing. Death was brilliant. Nanny Ogg and Weatherwax were astoundingly awesome, as usual. And afterwards we wandered the streets of Adelaide after midnight, and it was...beautiful. The Fringe, which is a kind of huge fair thing in Adelaide, had lights shining everywhere, and there were smells of coffee and sleepiness and laughter spilling out of pubs. Bouncers and their suits, the chink of glasses everywhere, the tiny alleyways that we found ourselves in with the stalls set up and the buggy that doubled as a pot for a tree. The posters, OH MY GOODNESS, the posters, everywhere, that depicted the next play or a good pub or something happening next week at the Botanical Gardens. It was all just so wonderful, and it was all my city, my little spot on the earth where the sun shined when it wanted and the clouds knew exactly when to show up. I know I'm rambling, and I think I'll make another blog just for it, but was great :')

Now, I have sleep that needs...sleeping, and terrible school tomorrow, and $60 to somehow pay to my mum and dad. I hate being in debt...


  1. Heh, Adelaide sounds awesome, as does the play~

    As for writing... ...I think you should give that Private Investigator story a shot. Create a company. Get some shady characters. Get a fedora and a cool trench coat. Go nuts! Have it take place in Adelaide, so you can travel down and... go people watching. It's great fun, people watching. It's where you watch people. And animals. And plants. So really it should be called life watching, but it's always been people watching.

    60 bucks? Ouch. You could try bribing them with work. Like...

    ...mowing the lawn. Whatever you do when you 'mow the lawn'.

  2. Hellboy, dude, you're awesome at writing, and even if your going through some writers block, either just wait for it to end, or barrel right through it like a freight train. That's what I do. I want to see your HG fanfic (and I am so freaking excited for that movie) and your Private Investigator story! Listen to the Mar above me.

    I'm glad the Terry Pratchett play was awesome! It's great that all the characters were done well. Yes, indeed, that is good.


  3. Heh, I had a 'What?' moment. I saw Thalia saying 'Listen to the Mar above me', and I had a moment where I couldn't remember what I had said.



  4. Wow! Your evening in your city sounds so wonderful and magical Hellboy! I'm so glad you had that time. I hope you have many more like it! (followed by a nice relaxing moring where you can sleep in)
    Fo ryo urstories I would jst jot them down as ideas you have that are to be worked on later. Keep your journal around just in case an idea pops up.
    I thik it takes a while to get back into the school routine (it did fo rme at least)
    SOunds like you need to rest up when you get the chance. I think this will help you with your writing!
    A HG FF will be fun I think. I have not really read the book yet. :P Don't know if I will. Brother read it and said he liked it.
    I don't remember Nyx's FF. I want to read it now. :D
    Your PI story sounds BRILLIANT! EPICA!! I can't wait to read it!
    In the meantime, until you can begin to write it Hellboy...GET SOME REST!
    We love you!
    (I love you best)
    You are an epica bro!

  5. Thankyou, guys *hugs* You're all so awesome :)

    Thal, I think one of my main problems with writing...The thing that really annoys me, is that whenever I get time to write, or I'm completely bored, I play computer games. I don't think everyone realises, but I always seem to be playing them. It's not something I can just take a break from, either. Dammit, I want to play some games...

    And whenever I'm stuck with writing, I just stare glumly at the page and if I decide to barrel through it, then I stuff it up xD

    For the record, Mar, I had not thought of putting those two ideas together. That's...great, and I'm going to start writing something like that right now. A PI in Adelaide xD Heheheheh...

    Kal *hugs* Thankyou, and it was fun :D My sister who took me told me about some other events that I'd probably like, that were coming up, and I wouldn't miss them for the world. Well, I might miss them for you guys :P You're THAT awesome :D

    Before the movie comes out, Kal, you should definitely read it :) It's cool. Not funny, like SP, but cool...

  6. Mar - Whaaaatt? Okaaayyy....I'll going as Cinna! xD

    Hellboy - *hugs* I know how it feels. When I have writing time, I just sort of...not do it. Sure, I open up the files and everything, but then I go and look through deviantART or Youtube or something, and then look, it's homework time.

    I'm guessing that "stuff it up" means something like "screw it up"? Sorry, I'm tired, I'm 31 floors above the ground, and I'm watching crappy TV. Language is hard to process. But anyway. I would do what Kal suggested - just jot down your ideas, maybe do a couple rough paragraphs or something, and when you feel ready, paste it all together.

    Hopefully this writers block goes away soon.

  7. Are we all cowards?

    I could have done something
    About the teenager I was just with.
    We got off the same bus
    Walked the same street.
    Hell, he even wore boots like me.
    A car pulls up, ten metres behind him.
    Swearing, yelling, comes another man from the car.
    A bully. Lout. Thug.
    He lays into the teenager
    And doesn’t stop.

    And I keep on walking.

    All the times that I had thought about something like this happening,
    All the times that I had thought I would be such a hero
    Fall to the ground, next to the teenager with boots.

    My legs feel like they are locked; I can’t stop them.
    I look back once, only to see them dangerously grappling to throw
    Each other onto the deserted road.
    Fear. That’s why.

    And the worst part
    Is that the teenager with boots
    Will undoubtedly be walking that road again
    And know
    I was the guy
    Who walked away.

    I don’t know what happened to them.
    “It’s alright,” my mum says when I reach home. “I’ve seen children slapped in the face,
    And couldn’t bring myself to doing anything about it.
    No-one in the shop could.”

    But it’s not alright.
    Is that what we all are, then?

    Just cowards?

  8. Oh, Hellboy.

    *hugs him tightly*

    I can't find any words that won't sound stupid, that will help you. So I'm going to give you hugs, and just know that I really mean these hugs.

    *hugs him again*

  9. *hugs Hellboy*
    I think we can be cowards at leased once during our lives. But I think that the potential to be a hero is in all of us. The times we act as cowards does not have to define us or rule over us and keep us under it's boots. We always have the chance to rise up and so what is right.
    What are angry words of someone who is a bully? The force behind the words may seem strong and scary. But they are words of a fool. What is a beating from a fist of a bully? It may hurt for a while, but knowing who hurt you, a poor excuse for a human, their fist should not be able to reach your soul.
    What can reach your soul and leave a painful mark is the one who you looked up to to help and protect you but when the time is here to do that, that person is not there and/or is careless and indifferent to your plight.You end up being alone to face the wrath of bullies. Their marks will go. But the marks that those who had power who could have helped but did not, that will stay forever.
    There is always a next time to face a bully. With wisdom and a spirit of fortitude we can do this victoriously.
    A parent slapping a child is a bit more daunting of a task to help. Hang back to see if the child was being to hard to handle and if the parent was just overwhelmed. Slapping is harsh. You can usually tell if a parent is slaphappy or not comfortable with it and just snapped due to having deal with a difficult child. Either way, standing up to an angry parent will turn their wrath on you and you WILL stand alone. I doubt anyone would come to your aid unless the child is bleeding or something. The parent will have a self righteous anger towards you and will try to hide behind that unable to deal with the truth that hitting their child is shameful.
    Just a warning so you can be prepared to argue your case and stand up for your self should you decide to stand up to a parent misusing their authority to hurt their child.
    Truthfully I would rather dash into a horde of terrorist then deal with the self righteousness of angry abusive parents.
    As one who has been bullied many times, by parents, siblings, other family members, and many other people, I would have likes someone to tell me just once that I was worth more then that. That I was a person of equal value and not a scape goat or a person meant to be the rug under everyone else's feet.
    Now I have found such people. All of you from the blogs and chat have shown me that I am more then just a pathetic being who gets beaten. i will always thing you for that. Also, many of you are a hero to me. That includes YOU Hellboy!
    *hugs tightly* I hope my rambling makes some sense.:P

  10. I just wanted to key in on one point Hellboy. Facing a situation like that is daunting. I will never EVER think of you as a coward cause you are NOT one.
    The fact that you are thinking as you are proves it. You WANT to do what is right and you will do it!
    I am PROUD and HONORED to have you as my brother and believe in your heart and in your talent and in ALL that you are! YOU ARE EPICA!
    :D *hugs*

  11. BTW Hellboy. Lenka did post again. Not a story, but an update. :)

  12. Thankyou both *hugs tightly* It was messed up. Another time, perhaps, and I'd go straight for being the hero, despite the costs. I don't want to handle the shame again.
    I really can't thankyou enough :) Kal, you know just what to say. And Thal, I needed those hugs.

    ...I know that Lenka's posted the update, I saw it a couple days back. I don't know if I'll comment or not. I know we've been over this before, but does it really matter to her?

    Alright, I gtg. I'm sorry for the small comment. Have a good night, Americans *hugs*

  13. *hugs Hellboy tightly* You were in a tough situation Hellboy. You have a better heart then most!

  14. *hugs Hellboy more*

    Any time you need hugs, we're here.

  15. Okee dokee. I am really slow at finding your new blog posts... basically- I get an email when people comment on the blog post (that's how I keep track) but when you post a new one I have no idea and become a failure.

    Now- *hugs Hellboy* I think everyone has been there at some point in their life- problem is we never quite know exactly what to do. We want to do one thing but then we start overthinking it all. I don't know. *hugs again* Thalia is right- we are here for you.

    Now, onto the post:

    1- I can't spell words, let alone write a dictionary...



    4- Aww :( That's a shame. Oh well- maybe JuNoWriMo?

    5- Sounds amazing. You need to make a post on that :D Adelaide sounds so nice... my town is universally agreed on as rubbish. :P I'll move to London... someday.

    And also- debt sucks, doesn't it? :/

  16. HELLBOY!
    *hugs tightly*
    How are ya?
    *hugs some more and gives him some cupcakes* YAY

    Derek did respond to your inquiry. He left it on the very 1st page of his latest post.

    Here is the part that he wrote that was for you and for Lizzy in her question.

    Hi Kallista, and hi Hellboy!

    I do indeed have that folder, and it's packed full of stuff, but on that tour I was handed an astonishing FOUR folders of fan fiction and drawings, and I still haven't got through them all (y'know, writing a book takes up a certain amount of time...)

    But once I've finished all of them I'll be able to tell you what I think!

    Lizzy, I was lucky enough to have an agent when I was writing Skulduggery. I got an agent because of the movies I'd done, so when I'd finished the book she knew the perfect people to send it to. Basically, that means that I skipped the awful stage you're at now, which is wondering how the hell you get your foot in the door...!

  17. *hugs Hellboy* Sorry I missed you.

    just a silly post I did based on dreams.
    Dreams of havingmy own place and what it would look like if money were not in the way. :D
    Have a poem posted following that bu tits a crap one I did after a metldown.

  18. HELLBOY!
    *hugs tightly*
    I make a daily visit here to see if you have been by. :D

    I think one day I will be LUCKY! YAY!

    Had a bit of trouble lately with the weather. This last snow strom was t heworsed we had ever had. SOme places around me are still in state of emergency.
    AS it was, we were one of teh lucky ones
    We lost power which included all our electricity, running water, and heat for about 14 hours.
    Trees all around us broke in half from the incedible w eight of that heavy wet icy snow. We will have to clear of fthe half off tree that still sits on out front porch.
    It took my mom, dad , and I THREE hours to shovel our driveway. I dug out the cars then shoveled around them. It snow th eintire time that wet snow and we were all sopping wet. (dang tired too)
    Then th eplows came.
    You know I think I will write this all out in a story form. It will be mreo fun that way and good practice. Then I can share more. :D
    *marches off to get cookies*

    *gets lost*

    *somehow ends up in Hellboy's closet and gets stuck there*

    *hopes he comes by soon and frees her*

    *hopes he comes with hugs and cookies*

    *hugs Hellboy*


    I could use some hugs right now How about you Hellboy?

    *gets busy and hugs Hellboy, Octa, Lizzy, Lenka, Skyril, Ven, Niall, Lego, Gen, Lyd, Thalia, MAr, Mir, Gep, Skulgirl, Mary Hiashi, Bryony, Quinn, Red,Pyro, Skylara, Darkane, Nicolette, Chan, Leo, Dan, Nyx, Rosella, Jaffa, NJ, Rachel, Thor, and a few others*
    Sorry. Just needed to see some of the names of people are I care about. Need to hug everyone.

  20. HELLBOY! *hugs tightly*
    Derek and Jaffa posted again. :D
    My and is hurting right now so have to go now and make it better. :P
    Ouch...stupid hand. -_-
    Hope all is well with you.
    *hugs forever*

  21. Hey Hellboy! :D

    How've you been? Haven't talk to you for a while! It's been so hectic over here. I had a hard past couple of days. I even sprained my ankle! :P So clumsy. But oh well. Hopefully you haven't hurt yourself.

    Spring break is next week. I really want to do some writing then. Charge through maybe ten pages of my book and post some fanfic. I'll have to catch up on my reading too. Man, so much to do. See, this is why I need an army of mice. Just think of it! An army. OF MICE. xD

    Hope you're doing OK. *hugs* Leave us a comment soon, yeah?