Sunday, January 22, 2012

Moonta Camp

This is the girl in the borrowed trench-coat, moving across the bridge with the river Seine underneath. She pulls something from the jacket's pocket and hits the button, not answering when the man without his coat catches up with her at that moment, calling her name.
Pull back fifty metres, and here is the burning apartment, debris floating softly through the air that is filled with screams. 
Here is the man again, gripping the shoulders of the girl with his coat and yelling into her ears, "What have you done?"
And here is that playful smile that creeps upon her lips as she disappears, the air rushing to fill the space where she had just been.

Twenty Minutes Earlier

Amy Hawkeye appeared in central Paris with a whump, and started walking straight away without looking around at the empty street she was in. Her wide-brimmed hat was pulled down low enough to hide her face all the way to her smiling lips. The small black suitcase she pulled behind her clacked as it mounted the curb in her wake, it's tiny, cheap wheels already wearing down easily.
Amy pushed the intercom button set into the wall of the large apartment block and looked hopefully through the locked glass doors. Inside was a female cleaner, wiping down the absent secretary's desk. She looked up when Amy's voice sounded through the small speaker on the desk.
"Hey, um, sorry," Amy said through the intercom, biting her lip. "I forgot my card. Could you let me in, please?"
The cleaner squinted at Amy. She didn't look like one of the recent inhabiters of the apartment; then again, the cleaner didn't tend to notice the people inside the building that much.
She hit the button which electronically opened the lobby doors, and Amy walked in, smiling. "Thankyou, really," she said, bending down to pull something from the suitcase. "It's been fun," she said, and shot the cleaner twice with the silenced pistol from her bag.
Moving quickly, she dragged the woman behind the desk and dumped her body there. Then into the lifts she went, moving silently. When the elevator reached the fourth floor she got out, her pistol trained on the doors either side of her. The hallway came to an end but she wasn't fooled. She knew the layout of the building, and she knew a Door when she saw one.
Her delicate fingers traced the pattern of colored squares, various sizes, that ran along the wall in front of her. She pressed all of them with her palm, spoke the obvious words, and creased her features with something she rarely used- a frown.
She searched the wall with her eyes, and there it was, over to the right and a little lower down, by her shins. A tiny blue square was there, barely larger than her fingernail. The frown disappeared and she pressed it, the wall melted in on itself, and the guard's foot kicked up and snapped her head back. 
She swore and swept his legs out from underneath him, but he was up in an instant, his tattooed arm wrapping around her to try and tackle her. But she twisted out of his grip before he could and backed into the apartment, kicking him out into the hallway. Her silenced pistol shot up and she trained the sights on him as he stumbled to the ground, his shades clattering away. He looked up at her, and she could see the plea in those eyes, even before he opened his mouth to speak. I have a family, he'd say. This was a one-off job. Please, I won't tell anyone you were here, I swear...
She put two bullets in his chest and a third in his head in the space of a second, and his body fell onto the carpeted hallway.
She left him where he was for the moment- the carpet was originally colored a deep crimson, so the blood wouldn't be a problem- and unzipped the suitcase hurriedly. The luxurious apartment was empty and only had the one guard, she had already read all of it in the file. Her watch beeped and her eyes widened; one minute. 
After finishing arming the item inside the suitcase she shoved it under the bed and dragged the guard into a storage closet in the apartment and quickly ran out. She scowled at herself and scurried back, picking up the three small shells that had ejected from her gun. Then she stepped back into the corridor, hit the small blue square, watched for a brief second the wall melt back into place where the hidden Door was and just teleported behind the secretary's desk as her target strode in. A woman was entwined in his arms and laughing shrilly as if he had just made a fantastic joke. They both stopped when they saw Amy, smiling broadly from behind the secretary's desk.
"You're not the secretary," her target said. He didn't sound so sure of what he was saying, though. The strong stench of alcohol wafted over to her from him.
"She had to duck out. Family business, you know. I'm just stepping in for a while."
The man frowned, sniffing. "What's that smell, anyway? God, smells like something died in here."
The woman who hung off the man laughed again, almost snorting with the effort. Underneath the desk and next to Amy's feet sat the dead cleaner who had let her in earlier. She cursed herself inwardly for not moving the dead woman.
"Get the cleaner to fix it up, would you?" her target said in a voice that didn't doubt what it spoke would be obeyed. He and the girl took the elevator, and the moment the doors closed, Amy disappeared.
She didn't doubt for a second that his target wouldn't find the suitcase she had put under his bed. She had reappeared outside the apartment and started walking down the busy Parisian street, her hat pulled low to her smile.
She went to thumb the detonator, but suddenly it wasn't in her hand, and the man next to her smiled back and pocketed it inside his large trench-coat.
"Wonderful day, isn't it?" he said conversationally, gripping her arm. He added quietly "Please don't make a scene, the last time I was blamed for the person you killed. It wasn't a good day. For the police-officer, I mean."
"Ahhh," she said, her smile never fading. "Israel. I should have known you'd follow me. Now, if you'll excuse me..."
Amy twisted her arm away and yanked the detonator out, then ran full pelt into a frying pan held by March Pathway. She crumpled to the ground and Israel bent over her, retrieving the detonator and pocketing it once more.
"Wow," Mar said, examining her frying pan. "These French make a scarily good cooking utensil. Look at this- not a scratch or dent on it!" She pulled the tag off of it and turned to the small kitchen shop from which she had stolen the pan. The shop's owner who had stepped out onto the street to yell at Mar for stealing his pan back suddenly had better things to do, and backed up hurriedly under her glare.
"Much better," Mar said, as Amy stood up and elbowed her in the face.
"Sonofa-" Israel ducked underneath a kick and went to pull out his shotgun, then stopped. People in the street were staring. They had to get this under control.
Mar flipped to her feet and went to grab Amy's hands and handcuff them. Amy's hands shot up, gripped the handcuffs, and broke them in two.
"Toldya not to buy the cheap crappy ones," Israel growled. Amy turned to face him, settling into a fighting position. But Israel fought too dirty for that. He dove his hand into his pocket and came up with a handful of ground pepper, and threw it into her eyes. Never leave home with condiments, he thought to himself, as she retreated into the path of Mar's waiting frying pan. The assassin collapsed and Mar brought out another pair of handcuffs and slapped them on her wrists.
"Israel," Mar whispered. "Psst. The people are staring. Tell them that you did something heroic."
"Uhhh..." Israel turned to face the people in the street, who were, indeed, staring.
"Hurry! Someone's taking out their phone to call the police..."
Israel sucked at speeches under pressure. It was a little known fact that he constantly tried to convince himself wasn't true. "Umm...Ahhh...This woman...wanted to shoot an alligator, or, uh...she's, um, not quite right in the head. Don't worry, we've arrested her"
The crowd spared a few glances for each other and then, very slowly, began clapping. After a few awkward moments of Israel dragging Amy's unconscious body across the pavement and into an alleyway with Mar following, the clapping ended and the crowd got back to whatever Parisian crowds did best. As mentioned, Israel sucked at speeches under pressure.
"Good Lord," March said, shaking her head at him. "You suck at speeches under pressure."
Israel snorted. "Not my fault. I blame the nineteenth century school teachers that taught me. It was always 'Farming this' and 'Horses that'."
Amy stirred.

Her eyes flicked open and she sprang into action. With a soft whump she disappeared and reappeared at her house, where a huge corkboard of various keys to Sanctuary handcuffs hung. She didn't have time to find the right one and instead grabbed the Skeleton Key on the middle hook and unlocked the handcuffs. Her eyes were still streaming from when that idiot threw pepper into them... But she needed to take the detonator back from him, and quickly, so she didn't have time to wash her eyes out. She took out her pistol, reloaded, and teleported back to the alleyway.

When Amy stirred and disappeared straight away, Israel sucked in a large lungful of air and blew it out again. "Crap..."
"They were Bound!" Mar said. "I swear they were, regardless of them being the cheap ones!"
"But she's not a teleporter." Israel said, sighing. "I forgot. She's a descendant of the Shibbach."
Mar paused. "Oh, shit. That creature Gordon wrote about in The Vanishing Night?"
Israel started to jog out of the alleyway. "Yeah, so she isn't a mage. She's just naturally magic... This is going to be tougher than I thought..."
And then she was there, in front of them, firing her pistol. Israel dived to the left and Mar caught the bullets on her steel frying pan before throwing it straight at Amy. She disappeared before it could hit her and the pan clattered to the street ground. Israel scooped it up at the very moment that Amy appeared behind them both and grabbed their shoulders. The world melted and swam and pushed through gaps in reality that shouldn't have been there in the first place. And then they stopped teleporting and tumbled onto the carpeted floor of the lobby of the apartment block. Israel sat up and looked at the room.
"Hey- this is where Carl Nulty is staying... He's your target?! You can't kill him, he's the equivalent of Geoffrey Scrutinous here, this guy is the only person stopping everyone knowing about mag-"
Amy knew the name, of course. It was the one on the file, given to her by a client four days ago. Just the name and the picture, that was all that was listed. It didn't matter about his job, power or friends in high places. Amy only needed the name and the picture, and she could kill a person in a week.
Unless there was someone to stop her.
She raised her pistol and fired at Israel. She couldn't see Mar. He dodged her shots and then there was Mar, transformed into a mountain lion and loping off Amy's ear.
The assassin cried out and shot blindly at the animal, missing. Mar's sharpened teeth clamped down on Amy's shoulder and dragged her across the floor. Israel had just risen to his feet when Amy slammed her fist into the wild cat's head and shot her twice in the stomach, point blank.
It wasn't a movie. There wasn't a slow-mo shot of March's animal form struggling to stay upright before it fell over and changed back into her bleeding human form. There wasn't the muted sound of gunfire and screams, as Israel held his hand out and yelled 'No!' drawing out the word like Luke Skywalker. There was none of this.
Instead, Amy raised her pistol and shot at Israel, and he was forced to leap over the secretary's desk and hide in cover, as Mar weakly transformed back into a human and rolled off of Amy's body. He closed his eyes for a moment, keeping himself calm. Mar wasn't dead yet. He could still save her.
The entire time, he had been holding something tightly in his hand. He hadn't even noticed it until now. He looked down at it and smiled grimly.
Amy reloaded and trained her gun on the desk. She was crouched beside the bleeding body of Mar, waiting for Israel to get out of cover. There was sudden movement as Israel stood up from behind the desk and threw the heavy frying pan as far and accurately as he could. It bounced along the ground and missed Amy by a good metre, landing close behind her.
"Bad luck," she smirked, ready to pull the trigger. "Should have used your power to throw it exactly right."
"Oh," Israel said. "I did."
March sat up, picked her weapon off of the floor and bashed it into Amy's head with her remaining strength.
Amy crumpled as Israel reached Mar. He slid to his knees and pulled out his phone with one hand, calling an ambulance to the apartment they were at. Mar smiled simply at Israel. She knew the ambulance wouldn't get there in time.
He wouldn't cry now. Couldn't. He still had a job to do. She gestured with her left hand for the frying pan and he passed it solemnly. The darkness started around her vision and creeped ever faster. She knew too well what would happen when the darkness covered her eyes completely.
And then there was a figure behind him, seething in anger. But her lips could not part and warn him. The figure gripped his shoulder and his eyes widened, and then they disappeared. And she was alone.

Back in the street. He tumbled along the road and a car swerved to avoid him. There were bruises on his arms and he wondered why as he got to his feet. People saw his shotgun in it's holster and screamed, running the other way. He realized what was gone and he cursed. He saw Amy in front of him, his jacket fitting loosely around her shoulders as she pushed through the crowd. There was a bridge up ahead and something seemed to click in his mind. She'll detonate it there.
He pushed himself as hard as he could, shoving past the French people and tourists. He pulled out his gun and fired into the air, scattering the people in front of him. He could still make it. He had to. Out of the corner of his eye two police officers were drawing their pistols and trying for a shot through the crowd at him. He ignored them and just tried to run faster. He had to make it.

She reached the bridge, and he saw her hand digging into the jacket's pocket. 

This is the girl in the borrowed trench-coat...

[The end]


Edit: Sorry Mar...I don't know why, but I felt like I needed to kill someone. I'll kill my character off soon to be fair, I really swear...

I've had a good last ten days or so.

It's been brilliant, really. I got to catch up on re-reading The Wee Free Men, discovered a simply amazing Private Investigator series that runs in a place called the Nightside, in London- with magic and demons and epicness not too different to Skulduggery Pleasant.
I lounged around, ate fish and crabs that we caught, watched the sunset almost a dozen times and stared at the stars out of my tent window. And then I wondered why the hell the moon wasn't showing. At all. For all nine nights., I haven't bothered to check whether it's a new moon or something... I'm just genuinely lazy on camp :P

And then, of course, I missed you lot. You incredibly insane, sleep-deprived, jumbled together authors. Yes, I missed you. I'm only 0.678% heartless, don't you worry ;D

Oh, and I wrote a story, and began writing another (For once, the one I started wasn't a fanfiction. I am immensely pleased because it's a long, long time since I've written a non-sp-related story since coming here). The first story, the one that's complete, is....HERE...

I was reading Wee Free Men a lot at the time of writing this, so yes, the start is written in a similar way to a chapter in the book. Hey, I have to pull my inspiration from somewhere. Be glad I didn't do it from Twilight. Which reminds me, I have to either read or watch that, just to see what all the fuss is about.
...Also, this story's kinda short, sorry if you weren't in it, Amy Hawkeye is the person mentioned at the end of this story here that I posted a while back, she's an assassin for hire, this story obviously comes before Kallista's one, blah blah blah, epicness, I just got back from camp, um, hey look we have left over pizza for dinner...



    I LOVE IT!

    This woman... wanted to shoot an alligator

    *awakward clapping*


  2. That was really awesome, Hellboy! Poor Mar.

    But hey, I think Israel is fantastic at coming up with speeches under pressure. Alligators are people too!

  3. T.T

    Y'know, I'm going to come back and haunt you. Your little mansion, too. But mainly you. I don't just die...and did you just leave my body there? YOU DID! Weirdo.

    But anyway, it's a good story. Heh. It was really...weird, watching myself die. Now I know how Valkyrie felt...

    I'm balancing a apple on my stomach. It's rolling around a bit. Using my cool core muscles I got from cross country to keep it there...and it's freaky. If you excuse me, I'm going to eat my apple. When I'm done, then I'll say other stuff. About...stuff....and...stuff.

  4. XD Thanks guys!

    ....I'M SORRY MAR D,: It's probably not even permanent! My timeline is alternate to everyone elses! Argh!

    .____. I don't know...I haven't killed off a main character in a while now, and I remember how different it as when Octa did it...he made someone blow up, violently! It seemed fun ;D

  5. How different it as when Octa did it?

    I assume it meant was.

    Still not sure if it's a good thing or not?

    I didn't just kill Nyx off for fun though. Tis an integral plot point. When I write the next few parts (hopefully soon) you'll see why.

  6. Killing off characters for fun is,! I don't think I've actually killed anyone in one of my stories yet, though. Usually Mar kills me.

    By the way, Hellboy, have you ever read Good Omens? It's by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. It's awesome.

  7. I know Octa, and maybe it's not classed as fun, killing characters off, especially to those characters themselves *looks at March and whispers 'Soooorry'*
    But maybe I've had an incredibly long day, the one where three different people manage to either personally offend you or require an explanation for something- and you have to go ahead and write a huge paragraph to them and wait anxiously to see wether you should have just shut up and left it earlier while they respond. Especially if one of the people you are messaging is your older cousin, who you look up to. *looked* up to, I mean.

    And then you reread everything you've written and know that everything was pointless, that you havent caused a breakthrough or made them realize any error of their ways. You just know it'll be the same tomorrow, and the day after, and after, and on and on until you're fed up, yet again, and you have to write ANOTHER paragraph...and everything just loops...

    And then you get to your blog with people who you want to piss off the least out of everyone in the world and you just sigh and stare and wait until the words arrive. And when nothing happens, this does. A ramble. I don't expect nor want it to be responded to, this particular ramble. Because while there's some truth in my fiction and some fiction in my truth, I'll probably just wake up tomorrow and believe whatever I want to believe. Yeah, I took the blue pill.

  8. HELLBOY!!
    This comment comes to you in 5 parts!

    PART 1
    EPICSAUCE STORY! It's awesome, I love it! You are a master of action, suspense and tension! Now, write more. Please? I need more of your brilliant writery talent!

    PART 2
    I haven't commented in a while. Oops. Sorry. :)

    PART 3
    Guess what? I was in my charity shop (I volunteer) the other day, and I saw this book, and I was like "hey, that sounds familiar, I wonder- OH! IT'S THE WEE FREE MEN! HELLBOY!" So I got it. Because they're nice :)

    PART 4
    I'll read it after I finish looking for Alaska and the Hunger Games (yes, I do realise how awesome my reading list is at the moment. XD

    PART 5
    How are you? How is life?

    Now I have school.


    *gets glared at by her parents who came running to see why she was screaming*
    SO AWESOME! Your writing just blows my mind! *mind explodes* See?
    I can't believe your talent! I LOVED THE STORY SO MUCH!
    Just one thing. Mar isn't dead yet. There could be something unbelievably MIRACULOUS that happens! *looks at Hellboy hopefully*
    RIght HEllboy? Right?



  10. BTW I'm up on the other comp and so glad I could finally read your story. It's always a treat to read a story by one of my epica SP blog family. I really love the stories and poems written here better then most of my books I have. Many of the oc's here are as dear to me as some of my fav characters from published books such as SP, HP, and the Jacky Fabar series. :D
    I also feel that because of many of you I have had the courage to not only write but share it with you guys. I didn't really expect my writing to be much. But I feel that I have learned to write better because of all of you. I still have a ways to go. But writing has become more fun because of you Hellboy and all the people here. SO thank you Hellboy and Octaboona and Quinn and Lizzy, and Skyril and Mar, and Thalia, and Lenka,and EVERYONE ELSE for always giving us such awesome stories and such EPICA OCs!
    FTW I LOVE YOU GUYS! *hugs everyone*

    *dramatic background music plays as an announcer comes on*
    This mushy moment is brought to you by the makers of all things sugary with out whom a certain rainbow farting queen would not get so....well....mushy.

    *sits in the background with a lovely cupcake carousel filled with delicious colorful cupcakes each with sprinkles on it*


  11. ...You people are so sentimental. Phh. I originally planned for this to be all inspiring, but then a noise came into my head. So, I will share that noise with you, in a violent form of onomatopoeia.



  12. Quinn! You're back! :)

    This reply comes to everyone in. Parts:

    1. Hey Quinn! That is indeed an epic list you have there- and I'm really glad you picked out the Wee Free Men! XD Slowly, I've convinced several people to read that...

    2. WHICH REMINDS ME- PEOPLE! There's a Play based off of one of Terry Prachet's works that I'm going to! :D it's going to be brilliant xD

    3. I don't have school for another week, but when I do it'll be slightly cooler :P We get laptops now, and some of our subjects have been narrowed down to better one's we like xD Life is good, except i'm broke.

    4. I'm broke.

    5. KAL YOU GOT THE COMMENTING THING TO WORK BRAVO XD AND THANKYOU! :D Your compliments keep me writing :)

    6. Kal, this reminds me- I would really love to see some more of your writing. It's just beautifully written the whole way through, and I'm not just saying that. Plus- Jacky Fabar Series? What are those about? :)

    7. the huge gap between your comment and mine, didya remember what it was you were thinking about? And, I seem to remember you telling the people on chat that you had posted the newest part of your story, and yet when I check both blogs I can't find it xS Was I mistaken?

    8. It's 2:00am. This is still worth it.

    9. Did I mention I'm broke?

  13. Story? Ah. Story-

    FMA flashbacks~ You get a monkey on your head~

  14. HELLBOY! *hugs tightly*
    Yes! I got the commet thing to work now I can also have access to all the blogs again. That is a relief.
    Thank you for what you said about my writting. I always feel inspired after being with all of you on the blogs and after reading poems and stories done by all of you as weel. Unfortuantly, being around my family takes it's toll on me and my desire to write sort of dies as I become more anxious and stressed and upset and sad. I am working on writing anyways though. I love writing and have so much to write. But between having this constant state of stress and uncertainty and fear for my future and wellbeing, I have this huge burden to write and it has built up like a massive rock balanced horribly on my back. Yet as I said, when I find a time to write, something happens and I feel my strength leaving. SO everything gets worse and the writing bares down on me. (don't know if any of this is making since)
    Anyways, being a ble to read teh stories from you guys and being around all of you helps.

  15. About the Jacky Faber series. It's about a young orphan girl in the beginning of the 1800's in Britian. It is a a historical fiction adventure. But I have to say m any of her adventrues are extreme (which makes it all the more fun) And she has an awesome sense of humor. XD Love this character so much that I wish she really had lived. The author does a fantastic job with everything, from characters and their develpments, to the plot, to the settings, descritions. EVERYTHING. He is about equal to Derek I think. I will still love Derek better though. Not only for his writing and creativity. But because Derek has invested time and care into his fans and has done more then just acknowlage us. Yes. Derek is a rare gem. :D Turns out many of his minions are too!
    *looks at Octa, Hellboy, Lizzy, Skyril, Red, Pyro, Lenka, Quinn, Bryony, Mar, Mir, Thalia, Lyd, Flame, Dan, Chan, Ven, Niall, Lego, Raven, Skylara, Drakane, Nicolette, Sarthacus, Mary Hiashi, Gep, Lunar, Thor, Flo Black, Rachel, Nyx, Rosie, Jaffa, Leo, Skulgirl, Ann ect.* Ok. Just had to name a big part of the gane that has impacted me in a good way!
    Didn't mention Everisse or Ruby or some of the others. But yeah. Lov eyou all. You are there in my heart.

  16. *hugs Kal*

    I hope you get time to write soon, and that you don't feel so bogged down when you do. Also, I really want to check out that series now :D It sounds good. If you like historical fiction adventures, I think you'd like the Leviathan series. It take place during World War One and centers around a prince of Austro-Hungry and a girl disguised as a boy in the British Air Service. I really recommend it!

    Also. Posting comments at school. SO REBELLIOUS! Heh, no, not really. I brought my laptop with me to study hall :P

  17. LOL Sorry for typos. I too am a rebel like you Thalia! FTW REBELS *high fives Thalia* HAd to rush a bit cuase I had to go and do more work. :P
    *hugs her* Hope you are having a good day Thalia! Hug Lyd, Mar, and Mir for me when you see them! :D

  18. Ah, late reply! Sorry, study hall ended all too soon.

    *high fives her rebel sister*

    I had a pretty good day :) How was yours, Kal?

    Hellboy, how was your day?

    *looks up at the ceiling*

    Ceiling, how was your day? :P

    I'll give Mar and Lydia hugs tomorrow, and hopefully Mir as well. She was sick today :(

  19. "I wandered through the weird and lurid landscape of another planet..."

    And now, I wonder where to wander next. I'm bored. Incredibly so. Normally, I'll play games, I'll write, I'll talk to you lot. But I have a touch of writers block, my games all seem pointless to start at this hour, and no-one's online...

    So. What the hell to do next, hey? I feel like writing. I want to write something new. Something original. Something not too clichéd. I have school in a couple of days now and I don't want to succumb to the horrible feeling that is filling me up from the inside-out.

    And that was quick- i started rambling. See, rambling, that'll clear my mind. Again, fun to do, but don't respond to it.
    Alright, alright...rambling...hmm... I know you have posted comments above but this horrible sensation of school...I will get back to you, I just need some rambling time right now -__-

    I take that back. See, you don't even know what I wrote, cos I just deleted it. Alright, I screamed a bit, and there was some swearing, and some extra fast typing... but I'm good now, raging all done. This ramble though...

    ...I have emails to compose/respond to. I have music to listen to. Water to drink. Food, food that I CRAVE. A knife that needs holding, because it's so beautiful. My pillow that needs sleeping on. The mouse needs using soon. I'm only using the keyboard, and it's staring at me, neglected. Hello, Mr. Mouse. Mhmm? What's that? Rambling can lead to insanity? Oh, crap...what happens if I'm ALREADY INSANE?! >:D
    Dereks. I must get to Dereks. He has to respost. I have to write more. Dammit I must play some games. What one though? And at this hour? Not tf2. Not minecraft. Not any of those new third person ones. Not bfbc2. Not Skyrim. Well. Maybe Skyrim.

    Hl2? Finished it -_- Portal 2? Don't want to replay it, not now. Books. I could- no. No, I don't want to read the book that's sitting next to me, only half read. It's a detective book, and I paid good money for it, but it's not incredibly so.
    In fact, I just thought of this- YES. YES! I know.

    This is what I'll do.

    1. Raid the cupboard.

    2. Grab the Hunger Games. Start reading. In...lui? Leiu? Lieu? What's that word? In lieu of the movie. And it'll be good. Fun. Fun, fun, fun...

    Louis' birthday on thursday. I'm watching a Terry Prachet theatre play soon. I'm broke. For both of those occasions. Hm.

    And school. It always goes back to it. Damn, no, this ramble was to get my mind off of it.


    Write. I am serious. I have talked to some of you, and yes, some do have alibis and the like, but others...write faster than you currently are. Please. I need it, to survive xS I read your amazing stories, inspiration blooms and excitement ripples through my chest and I begin writing. This cycle can't happen if you lot don't write first though...

    In fact, scrap that- don't respond to that part. It would be better if you didn't. Just acknowledge in your head. Please.

    My fingers hurt. I think I'll read some HG now. And eat. Ow.

    How to end a ramble?

    Ahh, of course ;)

    The same way I began it...

    "I wandered through the weird and lurid landscape of another planet..." -War of the Worlds

  20. *nods at the ramble*

    *hugs Hellboy and pats his head*

    *goes to write*

  21. I bring thee news of something being written:

  22. Yes! *stretches out greedy fingers* Brilliant, brilliant writing! Thankyou, Thalia!

    *points at her* FOLLOW THIS GIRL, SHE HAS THE RIGHT IDEA ;) Also, she does not have a lot of comments. People, I'm not requesting more comments. I'm expecting them >:D

    Naahhhhh I love you all. Kinda. Well, brothers and sisters first. You know who you are.

  23. Damn. Xat messed up, bigtime. Kal, if you read this and wonder why I dropped out, it's cos of a problem with the iPod, that's all. Tell Reg I'm sorry, and that I get carried away with my loudness sometimes. Also, goodnight. I can't fix this iPod thing now. Cya!

  24. *hugs Kal*

    That is just not okay at all. Completely unreasonable and rude of her. While I'd like to say I can't believe it, I have to say that yes, I CAN believe it, especially after seeing those comments on Dragona's blog you mentioned. It's not fair of her to do that to you.


  26. My previous comment was unfair and unfounded. I have removed it. I wish I could have done so before any of you read it. Same with those ridiculous emails I sent.


  28. I'm too tired to go through that and see if you actually mashed the keyboard for so long xD

  29. .______.

    My cat just randomly attacked my copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

    Why cat.

    Why do you do these things.

    Tell me the contents of your feline mind.

  30. It'd probably go like this-


    *cats looks at everything*


    *cat looks at the kitchen*


    *cat looks at Thalia, who sweatdrops and backs away*


    *cat attacks book, and Thalia sweatdrops again*


    *cat looks at Mar, who starts sparkling and grinning, happy that the cat is looking at her, then begins to pet the cat*

    Mar: I like your caaaaat~

  31. :P Hey, I've heard mixed things about the hitchiker's guide to the galaxy... Keep in mind the fact that I'm broke while I ask to this next question- is it worth my money...? Should I read it?

    Belergh noone's on any of the chat's and I'm tired and no-one's sent me any emails... And...just damn. My first day was average. -_- I have a long way to go.

    March, remind me about something next time I'm on chat. I've been meaning to remember it but I keep forgetting :/

    And I know, I should post some ff, or a story ._. But I've just hit a wall. And ran into it several times while I tried getting back up...

    Every line of every poem I write sounds cliched, all the starters to novels and ff's just...shrivel when I get to the middle of the story. And then I go back and delete it :/
    I want to write some non-ff. I *am* working on something, but the further I extend the story, I seem to notice how far fetched the base line is. And all the huge gaping holes -____-

    I'm just going to...not look forward to school. Argh. I was really looking forward to school not occurring....

  32. *hugs Hellboy*
    Hey my friend! Sounds like you need a good distraction!
    *rides in on a hippo while juggling 12 smurfs and 24 confetti grenades*

    * a pint sized band consisting of zombie toddlers follows while playing frantically on the kazoos*

    *all grenades explode and shower everyone on a 20 mile radius with colorful sparkly confetti*

    *beautiful Kallista hops from the hippo then holds up a tiny hula hoop in front of it*

    *hippo jumps through hula hoop several times before getting fed up and makes Kallista hop through it*

    *hippo rides away triumphantly on Kallista with the little zombie band hastily following after*


  33. OK. SO that didn't go quite as I expected.
    *hobbles back rubbing her sore back and glaring darkly back at the hippo who is lounging on a chair and sipping sweet tea*
    Oh well.
    *looks back at Hellboy and hugs him*
    We miss you on the chat and it dawned on us (yes we are slow) that you are back to school! DARN!
    SO yeah, now we know that we have to remember to go back to the other way of communicating with you. We just got spoiled with having you there with us.
    I think starting school takes more stress out of us then we first figure. Even for those who love it and have been waiting for it to begin again.
    I hope you have a great school year Hellboy! (I think you will) :D

    I LOVE your writing and am excited with the thought of reading another EPICA Hellboy story! Perhaps though, you should put off your writing for a day or two (or maybe more) till you have settled into your new routine. That way your mind will be more at ease and your brilliant creativity will begin to flow.

    About the movie you wondered at above, remember seeing it. Just can't remember much of it. (sorry. My bad!)
    *hugs him again then sneaks a noogies*
    My noogies are said to be blessings and enable a person to be inspired to write!

    *looks about shiftily and hopes he believes it*

  34. *giggles*
    I wrote the word BACK 6 times in that last comment. 3 of those times it was in the same sentence!

  35. BTW
    Octa and I adopted a child yesterday.

    *smiles proudly*

    WE ADOPTED GEPAWRD!!!! (Gepard) ;)

    *hugs again*




    Hellboy - I'm only a little ways into Hitchhiker's, but so far, I think it's fantastic. When I'm farther along I'll let you know how it is then.

    I feel like that sometimes :/ Just not being able to write anything at all. I have the plots all in my head, but then...they just die on the paper. It's frustrating, I know, but I'm certain you'll get through it. Just don't force it. And you've just started school up again, right? So no wonder you're a little stuck right now. But once you settle into your routine, you'll be back on the writing track ^^

    Kal - The was a fantastic show. BUT THAT HIPPO WAS MEAN :( BAD HIPPO! But congrats on adopting Gep! :D Lyd told me about it today.

  37. Well thanks guys :D Brilliant show, Kal!

    I guess I hadn't though about waiting xD I think I'll do that, yeah, settle and all... Cheers for the idea :)

    And if it sounds fantastic through the beginning, Thalia, I hope it'll be fantastic all the way through ;D


  38. *pats Hellboy's head*

    I do hope so too.

    The world is currently ending in Hitchhiker's, and it's talking about towels~

    I mean, it has to be brilliant.

  39. ....did I just miss you by 10 minutes?

  40. *hugs Hellboy*
    You still around HEllboy?
    You are now an uncle of Flame too! :D



    You were all on...mrrrr....

    Congratulations Kal! Yaaay! And Hellboy for his Uncle-ness!

  42. Also, We just now adopted Mar too. She is to adorable not to adopt and I need a little girl.
    *huggies Mar*
    That will be it for my family! :D

  43. *grins*

    I'll bake you pies!

    *hugs everyone*

  44. ...Wait, about that thing, am I still supposed to remind you? Next time you come on the chat?

    (When WILL be the next time you're on the chat?)

  45. @Hellboy: HITCHIKERS. GO READ. NOW.

    And btw, if you're broke, library? My parents disapprove of books in large stacks on the floor and since my bookcase is full, I've been using it a lot. It's like having a giant bookcase. That you can walk to.

    I've only read the first one, but it's epic.

    Also- try just writing whatever the heck you can think of. Don't judge it, just move forward at your own rater. It will piece itself together (probably) :P

    @Kallista: Congrats and stuff!! YAY! *throws streamers everywhere*

    @Thalia: I LOVE HITCHIKERS. 42.


    @Me: Hey future self. How's it going?

    @All: Fishy fishy fish fish. So, how is everyone?

    I think that we should all write something based around a singular topic. But make it like a secret thing. So people see all these stories about this random topic and get really confused. Just because.

    I have crazy ideas sometimes.

    Did you know that I plan to fly? Just saying.

    Ooh, and I'm in the process of editing a poem. It's really quite weird, so I need lot's of criticism on it, but yeah... Maybe this week? :D

  46. Hey Quinn! :D

    I like your idea of us all writing something on this secret topic. In fact, I love that idea. I think we should carry that idea out. RIGHT NOW.

    Okay. Well. Maybe not right now. But soon~

    Excited for your poem! And flying is a good plan.

    Must go read Hitchhikers now. I'm at the part about towels.

    Towels are cool.

    Um. I want to keep ears hurt. Probably because of my earbuds. Need to go find my giant headphones. I also need to write a story for Power of the Pen :( It's a writing club at my school. There isn't a meeting this week, so apparently we all need to turn in our stories a day earlier than usual >:( ROAR. But I'm not too bothered. I got attacked with hugs today, so very happy.

    I need to go raid the bookstore this weekend. To expand my personal library and all.



  48. *whispers*

    Where's Hellboy? Where's he gone too? Heeeelllbbbooooyyyyy...oh Heeeelllbbbbbboooooyyyy...! Thalia got comment 50 and you weren't here to see it, Heeeellllbbbbooooyyyy~

  49. HELLBOY.

    I might be restarting my fanfic.

    Do you mind if you're in it?

    The rest of you- if you commented on that thing you will be in it. Eventually.

  50. Sorry for such a late reply :/ If this happens again, and you're worried that something happened, just email me. I respond to emails almost more than i do to Blogger comments.


    I was in a car crash, if you didn't hear. Nothing serious. I was on my way to a Youth service, and the driver accidentally hit another car. Everything was fine, insurance info was swapped...still though. Scary.
    Then i was shot in the head with a paintball gun. Other than that, paintball was fun.

    Quickly- Yes, I would love to be in your ff, Quinn! XD Everyone's started writing again! The world is beautiful once more!

    And congrats on comment fifty, Amy. :P

    And yes, Mar. Remind me. Still.

  51. Okay, so, Lydia came up to me this morning. And told me that you were in a car crash. Then I started going into hysterics in the middle of the hallway, because she told me and then just WALKED AWAY.



    *leaps forward and clings to*

    Are you okay? Are you hurt? Is your arm going to grow back? Is the car okay? Did your life flash before your eyes? Was it springheeled jack? Is your sense of humor still there? Seriously, are you okay? You do realize these questions have been bubbling up all day, and I might've gotten a C on my quiz because of it? Did a door hit you? Did you run into the wall? Is it snowing there?


  52. Hellboy the Destroyer/Tiffany, I'm glad you're OK. That car crash must have really been a shock.


    Also, paintball is dangerous.

  53. *gets out a shovel and starts digging down tough all t hehomework Hellboy is buried under*
    Oh! THERE You are!
    *hugs HEllboy, MAr, and Thalia*
    HELLBOY! I am so glad you are ok. :D It's such a relief to find that you escaped injury. Still, I hope you have been taking it easy for the days following. (Yes I know you had a paintball fight. SOunds EPICA)
    But other then that I hope you are ok.
    My brain is fried. Again. :P
    I have to head to bed now. Didn't get much sleep last night.
    *hugs Hellboy*
    I think Iwill leave you an email soon. :D I miss talking with you.
    You better be doing good HEllboy or else I'll fart rainbows on you!
    *eyes him crazily*

  54. I think I've figured out how time might work.

    They think it's a linear progression, which the Doctor proved wrong with "It's more like a great big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey...stuff." But maybe that's not even perfectly correct. What if each second - no, millisecond. Maybe even smaller than that. Anyway, what if each millisecond (what I'm going with for now) is it's own little, separate piece of time? I know you're thinking "Well, DUH Thalia" but bear with me. Scientists say time travel is impossible because you'll inevitably create some sort of paradox. But what if each moment that ever happened and will ever happen are all *technically* happening *at the same time*? And they're all stacked together in the same space, so, like a train, you could jump from one compartment (moment in time) to the next, or back, with minimal impact on the things in between, providing you have enough drive.

    I don't even know if that makes sense or not. It makes MY head hurt, and I came up with it. But yeah.

    I felt like sharing that with you all.

  55. Oh, whoops. I mean "they" as in scientists in the second line. Sorry.

  56. ...THAT...isn't a bad idea...

    *muses on time travel*

  57. A CAR CRASH? HOLY POTATO CAKES. *hugs Hellboy and gives him a brick to cuddle*

    I'm sorry, I'm a bit slow.

    Amy? Lydia? Tiffany? NAMES I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

    Ahem. Enough mental-ness, now.

    @Thalia: That is a very cool idea for time travel...

    So kind of like every moment in time exists as a separate particle-type-thing, and we're involuntarily travelling between each particle. So time exists as (in a sense) a physical dimension, that we just don't fully understand... Cool stuff.

    And speaking of paradoxes- there's still a slight gap in the theory (sorry to rain on your parade... just talking from a purely physics/philosophical view here)- the Grandfather paradox. (This all comes from watching too much Dr Who confidential).

    Basically- the paradox runs like so: say you went back in time and killed your grandad. So your grandad dies... but that means that one of your parents don't exist so you don't exist so who killed your grandad?

    Some scientists reckon that we could travel in time but only forward, using wormholes. Pretty cool stuff.

    This is why I loves physics.

    Anyhoo- aside from that: HOLY CATFISH I'M WRITING FANFIC AGAIN.

    You will probably see it by the end of next week. And guess what?

    Ooooh! And Thalia, I just wrote the bit with you in it :D I rather like it, if I do say so myself. Now, I just need to push the plot forward, and add some description here and there....


    Also- my school holidays finish soon :( So I have 2 days left to do a bit of programming, which I plan to.

    AND. I went to the Sherlock Holmes museum. OMG IT WAS SOOOO EPIC.

    I don't know if I've mentioned this- but I'm kind of a bit of a Sherlock Holmes fangirl.

    The original books. And the TV show. And the movie. And the old TV show ( a little bit :P ).

    ALL OF IT.

    And also- I GOT A DEERSTALKER.

    Life is epic. So is my hat.

    This comment is really long. Oops. Night all!

    PS- I've been listening to this song non-stop recently.!

    I'm not a massive Taylor Swift fan, but I rather like this song... And I haven't read the Hunger Games yet, but I've reserved it in the library and it should come tomorrow (hopefully) so I can start then... :D

  58. My theory has so many flaws :P But you expanded upon it really awesomely! Maybe with some tweaking, we could make something professional-looking-ish and send it to some crazy scientist who would research it. You never know!

    Also, names. One night on the chat I told people they could call me "whatever they prefer" so Hellboy decided to call me Amy. So, because I needed revenge, he became Tiffany. And Lydia is one of mine and Mar's real life friends who is now on the chat.

    Yay fanfic! :D I can't wait to read it. You're writing is so awesome.

    There's a Sherlock Holmes museum!? THAT'S SO AWESOME. SHERLOCK IS AWESOME. And you have a Sherlock hat? YES. WE CAN BE HAT BUDDIES.

    Now I've run out of things to say, except that I'm super excited for the HG movie. Now this comment ends.


  59. Oh... my...
    I don't even...
    I can't even....
    Let me just tell you my reaction, how about that?
    So I had printed this to read it at home because I always get distracted when online.
    It was night.
    I was in my PJ's, and I read this.
    When started, after the first bit in italics, I went half-laughed, grinned, and said, "Wow!"
    Then I read the rest of it, being seriously impressed the whole time.
    THEN. I came to the end.
    A second past.
    I realized what had happened.
    My eyes widened and my jaw dropped.
    Then I shut my jaw and jumped out of bad, practically yelling, "THAT WAS AWESOME!!!" before I ran out of my room and told the nearest person, who happened to be my mom, what an amazing writer you are. Period.

    OH, MY HELLBOY!!!!!!!!!!