Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I saw the White Cleaver today

I saw the White Cleaver today.

I did not meet him, nor speak to him. It was only a fleeting glance, but it was enough.
I was in the second to last lesson of school, and I was bored out of my mind. I had finished reading the book that we were meant to be studying, and so my gaze drifted to the blackboard in search of interest.

I saw a flash. A glint of steel and glassy visor. I turned to my right, looking out the window, to see him standing there on top of the adjacent building, holding his scythe and leaning on it slightly. By the time my eyes registered the fact that he was there, he was gone again, lost to my sight.

I did not tell anyone. How could I? What would they say, if I told them that I saw a deadly fictional character?

I did not dwell about why he had been watching. It might not even be me that his eyes were on.
But afterwards, when the day was over, I went to the back of that building, a place where no-one visited anymore, and found strange evidence.
A chocolate bar wrapper. A car magazine. Even what looked like a cigarette!
I was surely not aware that a zombified Cleaver would have the need to eat. And surely he wouldn’t be reading magazines. But those items were there, none the less.

And so there was my sighting of the White Cleaver.

I was relieved, at the least, that the lethal figure had decided to stay on the roof of the building and not come any closer. Although, the distance between the window and the edge of the roof wasn’t that big. If anything, he could jump the gap right through the window.
Secretly, however, I wanted to know more about him. Wanted to meet him, and speak to him. I did not realise, however, that that would also happen very soon…

Hello Lenka. It is great to have you back. Or at least with the promise of a post a month.


  1. cool I think your writing is EPICA!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Hellboy! That was awesome! Your writing is always so descriptive and interesting!

    ...was I the only one who thought you had actually seen the white clever when i first saw the post?

    ...well now I look incredibly stupid...

    *random monkey buts a fez and clown nose on skylara*

    ....this just isn't my day is it?

  3. lol Thanks Nymph and Geckogirl. Btw, i never did really get to say Happy Birthday to you.

    So then, Happy Belated B-day!

    And Nymph, did you kno, i actually created that word (epica) :P I'm glad that it's gotten around so fast.

  4. Sounds awesome Hellboy! It sounds like a cool experiance, I wish I saw the white cleaver :P

    I'm really sorry you weren't invited to the wedding, because of the timezones I hardly get to talk to you. It is my fault. I was in charge of the guest list, please forgive Kallista, it was my fault and my fault alone. I wanted the wedding when it was, if I had chosen a different date then maybe I would have realised. I'm really really really sorry Hellboy, but please believe it was not Kallista's doing, it was all mine. If you ever find it in your heart to forgive me, I'll be here. I give you my humblest appology. Your fanfic is epic and I should have taken more time over the guest list, instead of rushing it like I did. I hope you'll forgive me Hellboy. It was all my fault and I feel terrible about it.

  5. You were welcome at the wedding. Kallista is the kindest and most awesome person I've ever met, and she would never forget you. It's a long time since I've talked to you, and even with a photographic memory I still didn't remember. It's because I rushed it. I'm so stupid and I'm cursing myself every bad thing I can think of in my head for ever forgetting such an awesome author when I can remember everything. I just hope you forgive me for a mistake I made, you were very very welcome at the wedding Hellboy. If I could go in a time machine and rewind it all, I would do. Please forgive me. It was all my fault. I'm really really really really really sorry Hellboy.

  6. Instead of being angry at Kallista, who's fault is was not, please be angry with me if you are going to be. It was all my fault and Kallista shouldn't take the blame and be punished for something she didn't do. It was my job to sort out the guest list. I'm so sorry Hellboy, if you have any abusive comments then please leave them on my blog, I deserve them.

  7. And before you start hating me. Please say sorry to Kallista. It was nothing to do with her, it was my fault and you were getting angry with her for something she didn't do. She at least deserves a sorry.

  8. HEllboy: A master writer, poet, author, and friend.
    You have done much for the SP community. Leaving encouraging comments, chatting and sharing awesome things on your post. I have learned what a big heart Hellboy has just by the few chats I have had with him.
    But a big generous heart like Hellboy's can also get hurt by the thoughtless actions of so called friends.
    I had the greatest honor of being Hellboy's friend and let him down big time.
    I'm so sorry for the hurt I caused. Hellboy did not deserve that. I hope in time you will be able to forgive me, Hellboy.
    I don't think I can ever make up for what I did. The damages is to great. I will try though. It's the least I can do.
    I just want to see you smile again. To be happy and know that you ARE LOVED by all your friends here.
    Again, I'm sorry.

    I wrote this on the last posting but didn't know if you would ever read it.

  9. To Hell with this.

    I am very sorry for being like this, Kal and Dragona.
    I am not normally so easily ticked off. I'm guessing it's just a lot of pressure placed on me at school right now. But even that's not really a good enough excuse.
    I should never have even brought up that I wasn't invited, instead just gone on and accepted that there were diff time zones.
    I should never have allowed you to say so many apolgies. I read them all, and yet stupid me still wanted to see more. And now it gets to a point where I really couldn't think of a reason to fight anymore. Looking back, I know that you are and always will be sweet, innocent Kallista and awesome, friendly Dragona. I am sorry, so sorry for bringing this all upon you.

    You both said words along the lines of 'If there's anyone who you should hate, it's me.'

    Like freakin' Hell it ain't! If there is absolutely ANYONE you should be frowning upon and receiving apologies from, it's ME! I was such a stubborn prick to even realise.

    I am deeply sorry for causing all of this. Now I shall grab some breakfast, eat the Hell out of it, and then go to school, feeling better that I (hopefully) still do not have a fight with two of my fav bloggers.

    I do not hate you. Not even close.

    Please, no more apologies. No 'it's all my faults'. Cause it wasn't your faults, and the need to apologize is freaking null and void.

    I hope to talk soon.

  10. ...he'll frEAKING YEAH you're both online!


    ..I am sorry Kal.


    I could not eat or sleep until you knew how much I felt about you!
    It makes me so happy to be online same time as you!
    It always does!

  12. *trips and falls in mud of shame*

    *hugs back tho*

    *wipes mud on Kal*

    I'm skipping school tomorrow cause I'M SUCH A BAD GIRL! >:)'s really cause I'm sick. But...well...

  14. YAY! Mud! Good for the skin!

    *smiles into mirror*

    *mirror breaks*

    Oh crap!

  15. Lol Kal...

    *checks time* HOLY CRAP! I have to leave in 12 minutes! Eeek!


    *sits back with popcorn and watches Hellboy run around paniced getting ready for school*

  17. I hope you have a good day at school Hellboy, and thanks for forgiving me :)

  18. So there is going to be a next part to the White Cleaver incident.....right?
    Very exciting. If only I could have intersting things happen to me at school other then being shoved in my locker!

  19. I'm going to do a post on a pirate game I like to play. P
    It's actually something I got for my brothers seveal years ago but I love it now too.
    Latest posting around the blog.




  20. Goodnight Hellboy!

    *dashes up to him and draws a captain hook moustash on his face*

  21. Thanks for forgiving me Hellboy, it was a mistake I made and I'm really sorry about it. You were welcome at the wedding, but I haven't had to chat to you because of the timezones. I'm glad you and Kallista are OK again now.
    Btw, I have a new part of my zombie story up, the SECOND and FINAL part.

  22. Ah....probab;y not. I stayed home from school today cause I was not feeling good.

    Hope you have a good day and NO HOMEWORK! IT'S ALL EVIL!!!! :o

  23. 'tis.

    PHEW! *sings* "'cos it's FRIDAY NIGHT, and i FEEL ALRIGGGHHT; FRIDAY NIGHT ON THE JUMP OFF! ....DJ Kronic, here to jump it off...j-j-j-jump off..."

    That used to be something played on one of the radio stations that i used to listen to every Friday night. DJ Kronic was pretty good, as i remember...

    just walked a good coupla kilometeres to my the blistering hot weather...and my drink bottle was empty :(

  24. Just wanted to see how things were, I liked the white cleaver thingy... :P

    Coupla Kms? Thats nothing, i walked well over 12 kms today, 2 kms to school, 1 km from school to shops, around shops with a friend, 3 kms home, then 6 kms to gym, i missed the bus, and then walked 6 kms back after a deadening session, missed the bus again... My calfs feel like they're gonna explode, and this is basically what i do every tuesday :P

    Good to hear everything is alright, im having a party tomorrow for my birthday, it should be really good, i hope it will be, setting up all day, and then mucking around on my friends DJ set, should be good fun :D


    New story on Aquila's blog! :D

  26. Awwww....Hellboy! What a bad situation! I hope you didn't get horribly thirsty! :o

    *quickly sprays him with the high powered hose*

    *he goes flying backwards*

    Oops! My bad!

    *tries to look astonished and innocent of knowing it was a high powered spray*



    *uses magic on ALex to make sure his calfs don't expode*

    *whispers to Alex*
    You miss the bus twice every tuesday?

    Hmmm....maybe if I became the bus driver....would you make it on time then?



  28. Lol Alex bad luck! And I'll check out Aquila's blog after I help my dad do some work outside.

    Have fun with ur party!

  29. *chucks a few water bottles after Hellboy as he leaves*
    Don't forget to have these! Very handy!

    :P I helped my dad shovel the driveway today! Then I rescued a little bird from my naughty kitty. Bird did not make it though! :(

  30. Well, I hope to see you arond Hellboy! Or maybe not...

    *hits head on keyboard* I really should do some writing!

  31. Well, my brother is finally going to fix my computer tomorrow. But that means I won't have a computer to chat with for a while. Or write stories. But at least it won't b slow or freeze anymore.

  32. Hmmm....I'm watching some kids beat up a ninja. LOL
    Crazy movie :P

  33. OMG! Kallista, what happened?!? Tell me where and ill be there to beat the crap out of them...

    Lol jokes but seriously, I'm heading down to Derek's to see what's up. Whatever you might of said, or they said, or they are accusing u of saying, I'll stick up for u.

    I know that you'll be back on soon, it's almost 7 at your place.

  34. Kallista, I am so sorry for what happened. That person was a total jerk.
    But please come back.

    I dont want to lose another friend.

  35. Kallista. I have literally no time to type this. Get back to the blogs. Now.

    Dragona, your husband, is almost at the point of suicide.

    And that's no joke. He's scaring me, saying things like he can't promise that he won't do anything bad within the next week.I can't stop him, I cant get him to hold out for a couple of weeks, I can't do anything.
    He's saying things like 'I couldn't decide wether or not to drown myself or slit my own throat'.

    I don't know what's happening down your end. Just stop this madness, please!

  36. I'm trying to fix things Hellboy. Will explain later as best as I can. Sorry for the crap!
    I'll talk to them all on the ovreflow.

  37. I just figures out who Jack the monkey is, lol.
    Yeah, I'm slow!

  38. I also keep forgetting tosay this. But I want to say it now. You will not loose me as a friend. Ever. You have not lost Lenka either. She will make it through her troubles and come back to us again.
    I will take care of Dragona and the others and keep them happy. You will not lose them either.

  39. Gosh! I've gotta go to bed.

    HAve a goodnight Hellboy!


  40. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!


  41. Another crazy dream....

    In my dream I was with my mom and brothers and we arrived at this large shopping area with stores as big as wearhouses.
    We were crossing the large parking way to go into the large toy store,(Why a toy store? I don't know)
    But anyways, we are nearly to the entrence and suddenly there are masked gunmen EVERYWHERE and shooting into the crowd!
    I look around for my mom and brothers and only catch a quick glimps of my mom before being swept away by the fleeing crowd. Then....

    I ran into the store with others who ere being herded into there by the gun man. They had guns on the employees in the front. SO somehow I snuck towards the back and ducked behind some shelves. A woman was there who worked for the store. I was trying to get her to call the police foe help. But she had been inthe back and didn't know what was going on. She thought I was crazy and called the police to report me.
    The gunman where starting to make their way around the store and to the back to check for anymore people.
    I didn't know what to do! Then I though I would fight back with......

  42. Then in my dream all of my SP gang friends showed up in their OC forms! LOL
    We started fighting back with the gunman! I can't remember all the details but we where winning! It was so much FUN!!! Very exciting!

  43. Octaboona has two more epic poems out. One is for his brother, Pyro. The other is about a nightmare! :O

  44. *lobs a few jaffa cakes at Hellboy*

    In honor of Jaffa who I am talking to right now.

    *leaves a trail of jaffa cakes leading to the overflow, hopeing Hellboy will follow and come over*

  45. *marches over*

    *forgets where he is marching over to*

    Nice dream btw

  46. LOL
    I'll help you Hellboy!

    There is a ne posting on Derek's bog. It's this way!

    *point him in the right dirction*

  47. *comes flying in on the mad hatter's hat*


    HEY! HELLBOY! I got one of my friends to read the SP books and come on the blog! YAY!!!!

  48. Hellboy. I left a comment on bio rama about my roon in Elysium Asylum. :) Would you take a look and let me know what you think? Thanks.

  49. Can't talk right now, but ill check it out. Thanks for the heads up with Derek's blog too.

  50. Awww...alright Hellboy!
    *lobs some jaffa cakes after him*

    He answered a minions comment! Pretty cool huh!
    JAffa wrote a great fanfic using Elysium Asylum!
    I'll get you a link in just a moment!
    Octa wrote a poem for Mary. But I think it's something we all can relate to in a way.
    Umm....I'll see if there is more news to share. finger hurts! But it's not the middle one so that's good. Can still use that one if I have to.

  52. HAHA! I posted during LUNCH TIME! SO whatch ya eating? A hot dog?
    Pizza too!


    Start at this one then read the next posting after it!


    Here is a link to Skylara's latest fanfic!

  55. I brought you a gift.

    Virtual PUPPIES!!!


    *puppies clime playfuly ontop of Hellboy and lick his face*

  56. Awwww....the puppies LOVE Hellboy!

    Dragona posted another story!

  57. *waves hand magically*

    *puppies turn into kittens*

    Thanks, im on my way to check those stories out.

    Btw, when's your fanfic resuming? I miss it's awesomeness.

  58. Working on it now....and making faces at it.

    So far it's pretty lame. :P
    But I'm going to keep writing then will go back over it. I can't tell you when it will be done.
    I have no idea.

  59. Going to bed now. :P
    Goodnight Hellboy!
    Have fun with th ekittens!

  60. Hey Hellboy, Kallista told me to tell you about a program i do called project appleseed. Appleseed is a weekend long coarse in rifle marksmanship, and because of the program i can hit a man sized target at 500 yards with no rests, bio-pods or bags. i use only a military issued GI web sling. i shot the passing score on the AQT (army qualification test) last year in December and i also took the orange hat, which means i'm and instructor.
    jeez that sounds so boring, but trust me, its a lot of fun and very hardcore.

  61. No! It's not boring! It ROCKS! LIZZY IS AWESOME!!!!
    She also has a pink rifle!!!! I WANT A PINK RIFLE TOO!!!!

  62. *runs back into the blog all happy*

    *slips on a banana peel and screams crazily as she slides past Hellboy*

    *crashes into the far wall spread eagled*

    *staggers back up and stumbles towards Hellboy*



    *points to her goatee and smiles proudly*

  63. ...and yes my rifle is pink, and right now i should be cleaning it :P

  64. *sticks out her tounge at Lizzy*

    You are just jealous cause I have a goatee and you don't!

  65. Epicly have a rifle?

    Damn, i haven't even fired a gun. That's so unfair lol! I want your rifle, regardless if it's pink!

    And do you have a license? Don't you need one to fire it?

    And how much did the rifle cost? What type of rounds does it use? Do you have a picture of what type of gun it is?

    LOL sorry, i am forever obsessed with guns.

    It's my dad's 50th bday party tonight, and so i'm helping heaps to try and get it all up and ready. There's going to be around 60 people there, so my dad and i have gotten a couple of our gazibos and set them up outside, added tarps, couches, seats, coffee tables, awesomeness, pink rifles and much much more to make it look great!

  66. AWESOME Hellboy! I hope you and your family have a great time tonight!


  67. *lurks in the shadows. Watching. Waiting. Waiting for her chance to get her greedy little minion hands on some birthday cake!*


  68. How wht the party Hellboy?
    Everybody have a good time?

  69. Unfortunately, the party was a sort of 'Adults only' one, with alcohol and all of that. I had to stay at a friends house last night.

    My dad says that it was good tho.

    Banned from your own dad's party!
    *sobs dramaticly*
    That's SO SAD!!!!!


    Did you have fun at your friends?


  71. My Brother is obsessed with guns too :P
    Yes i have a rifle, i got it for my 13th birthday. It is a Rugar 10/22 with a synthetic stock that has been custom painted in pink digital camo. It costs about $100 US dollars (i dunno how much that is in Australian money :P), but is very reliable, it jammed majorly only once or twice. It's a .22 caliber and a box of ammo costs about 20 bucks, i'll run though maybe two boxes in an Appleseed weekend (a box has 550 rounds in it). It has a nice scope on, but my dad wants me to use iron or tech sights (fat chance, i love my scope)
    Technically my dad owns my rifle, but really that's only for legal crud. I don't need a license to shoot or anything, but i can't wander around on main street with it either (that's a no brainer)
    I'm (hopefully) going to be cleaning it later, so i'll take a few pictures and post them.
    My brother just said that i should mention that i shot ten rounds into a quarter (the coin) sized group at 25 meters when i haven't shot in two months, but that would be bragging, wouldn't it? ;)
    I think i answered all your questions....

  72. Oops :/ my brother just pointed out my rifle is the Marlin 795 *hangs head in shame* they're so close i get them mixed up

  73. tell your dad a random girl in America wishes him a happy birthday! :D

  74. Here you go, have some pics of The Pink

  75. *tries to think of something really cool or funny to share with Hellboy*

    *fails miserably*

    Oh crap. I'm dead tired.


    Goodnight Hellboy! D


    Anyways, i pretty much said that your gun is EPICA AND SO AWESOME. And if the zombie apocalypse ever happens, i'm heading over to live with you and Deagle/Halo_pickle.

    Do you have a clip of ammo? Or does it load into an underbarrel? And how many bullets could fit, if so?

    100 US dollars is practically the same in AUD. And also, good work with that accuracy on that quarter sized target spot.

    Btw, i'm re-reading Mortal Coil, if anyone wants to know.

  77. LOL I hope you can get your own gun someday soon Hellboy. If anyone should have one, it's you!
    But if you get a pink one, I might just steal it from you!

  78. By the way Hellboy. I really like what you wrote on the side of your blog. Very epic! :D

    I feel stupid for not noticing it before. WHen did you add that?
    *ducks in case Hellboy smacks her for not noticing*
    Take out the part about losing friends though. It isn't going to happen. NEVER!!!!
    *glares at anyone that tries to take her friends away*


    You awesome Nerdfighter, you!

  79. If the zombie apocalypse come i've got a AR-15 reserved for you ;)

  80. My uncle and cousins all have guns. They use them to hunt.
    Deer hunting is big here. :P

  81. Leo was on for a bit today. Said he would try and be on more.

  82. Leo was on? AWESOME! I hate it when others either don't post or leave. It really pisses me off :P

    Nah jkes.

    Hmm, an AR-15, eh? Yes, it would be awesome.


    ...i think i would much rather this:

    OR this:


    and by the spider, i mean the shapeshifting one. At least, i think i know who it is. It might just be another child of the spider, but i was thinking that it's someone's O.C that most people know.

    And Kal, i just added that part yesterday. xD glad that you liked it. I also added the bit about 'Epica' underneath the title.

    And there's no hunting where i live. Heaps of our animals are protected, so no, you can't just go out there and hunt. But if you are, i think that most people just hunt rabbits (Australia hates rabbits. They were brought here from overseas and became a large infestation since).

    What was i talking about? Hmm.

  83. Yes! I like that! EPICA!
    Looks good Hellboy. Such an awesome blog!

  84. It hurts to tyoe right now. My hands are sore and bleeding. :P

    Should probably go to bed.

  85. aw.

    That's k Kal. Go to sleep! Rest! You'll need to be taking over the world tomorr- I mean learning school stuff tomorrow. Uh, yeah....