Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ah, how Blogger is awesome.

I have made some changes to the blog recently, as you can see.

With the help of my awesome bro, Louis, I have added...


Now, i;m hopefully thinking that this will be easier for people to talk on the blog. And I think that if it's awesome enough, we might even convince the Golden God to put it on his blog! Which i think will make many people happy, as if there is a post on his blog that is on a certain topic, people can still chat on there, but with this chatbox.

Another reason i brought it in was so that you wouldn't have to go and refresh a whole page to see if someone has commented yet. I dunno, but i hope this is better. If not, i'll prob take it down.

Lizzy, i posted something in the previous post, replying to what you said.

And btw, when you're using the chat box, you can click on the 'Help' button to open up a little window with helpful tips on how to get colors, sizes, etc.

I will be posting two things soon: 1, a very short piece of writing about Israel, drinking, jobs, Christmas, and Elysium Asylum. 

2, the next part of my fan-fic, which shall be upon us very soon.

Also, another idea for a fan-fic has sprung into my mind, and i have already started plan it out. 
It shall be about...

 ...and mind you, no-one can copy this idea....

....A Cleaver.

Because i have become mildly obsessed with these supersoldiers. In my fan-fic, there is a great deal about a certain one, and then there was this 'White Cleaver' post i did, and now this....

...I want to know so much about SP, but i think i like having never-ending freedom with my writing, and so coming up with stories about Cleavers is fun, on account of so little back story being said by the Golden Gods in his books.

...speaking about his books, i;m now up to the part when Valkyrie and Fletch go dancing in Mortal Coil....


  1. Hm. Something's not quite right. I wanted to change the template design, and it doesn't want to seem to let me. I go into Design>Template Designer, and it redirects the page to this:

    (this is a link to a photo, is all)


    ...yes, i use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer...trust me, it's better...

    ...and YES, that IS 'A Very Potter Musical' on Youtube in one of my other internet tabs.

    ...And yes, if you looked downwards, that's a Poetry Assignment. Due this Friday. I'm going to fail.

    ANYWAY so back to relevance: It shows this screen, and it doesn't load anything. None of the other templates appear and when i go into the other tabs, i cannot select anything.

    ...and no, clicking randomly around the screen, hoping to find a hidden button that will fix all of my problems does NOT work...

    ...*sigh* i tried that already, y'see...

    Any ideas?

  2. I haven't got any ideas for the template I'm afraid. I like the chat box Hellboy :) I don't think we should convince Derek to put it on because it's a bit small, y'know? And it would kinda ruin it in my opinion, but that's pretty much all I've got to say. I can't wait until the Cleavers, I'm fascinated with them too, they're a kind of futerisitic supersoldier which isn't human, but if it isn't human I don't know what it IS... y'know? Maybe it's part-faceless one.

  3. i have to say i'm not a fan of the chatbox . . .change is wierd and i don't like it much . . .and yeah dragona it is a bit small . . . but it's kinda cool . . . i am undecided . .

  4. I agree Leo, which is slightly weird because I agree with you and you agree with me, which means I agree with myself. I don't really like it.

    Hellboy, I'm sorry for putting you through with what I did when I was suicidal. But thanks for talking to me, I was going through a hard time, and you really did help. I hope you'll forgive me, I was stupid and I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have done it, I just felt really bad. Talking about it was bad, but what makes me feel worse is the fact I would have done it. I'm really sorry Hellboy, I was acting stupidly and I hope you'll forgive me, and I will never put you through it again.

  5. I like the chatbox!
    (although changing colours is kinda difficult...^^)

  6. Ahh...k...

    Strange, I was kind of hoping that you two would like it. Ah well.
    And I know it's small. I can, however, set it so that it's something that pops out, which allows u to resize it to what ever you want.
    So if you want me to try that, I can. I am kinda disappointed tho... I was hoping that everyone would like it :/

    Dragona, I forgive you. There's not much else I can say, because I'm sure that I already did. Anyway, it doesn't matter. I'm glad that you apologized; it was hell back there, right?

    Thanks Aquila for liking it :D

  7. I really like the chat box! please keep it!
    as for the comment on the white cleaver post... oh mah gawd. i want, no, NEED, that machine gun!

  8. I like the chat box too! I do! I do!

    *jumps up and down excitedly*

  9. http://loonyskyril.blogspot.com/2011/03/prologue.html

    New post by Our Skyril! :DDDDD

  10. Are you SURE I can't copy your idea about the cleaver? Because I REALLY want to copy your ideas and sell your email to spammers.


    OK Hellboy....put down your pink gun! I was JUST kidding!

    *backs away slowly from Hellboy*

  11. LOL!

    My only rules:

    1. Don;t copy my ideas unless i say so! (altho, upon starting this blog, i copied ALL of your ideas. :P it's funny how things work out, huh?)

    2. If i give you my email, you cannot spam it!

    and finally...

    NUMBER #3!

    Do not EVER leave the blogosphere. This rule applies to all of my awesome friends. Because if even one of you went, then the rest would follow. And soon, everyone;s gone except for a few people. It would all fall apart.
    This rule is less of a rule, and more of a guideline and hope. ^^

  12. Oh.....alright!
    But what if I get offered a BILLION dollers for your email! :O
    You would not blame me then, would you?

    What if I did a story about GIRL Cleavers! Yeah! That would be SO cool!
    OK It would not really be all that cool.

    I will say that I'm excited about all the things you have in store for us. Your fanfic, the Cleaver story, and Israel and...drinking? Mmm....that sounds FUN!

  13. http://lab.andre-michelle.com/tonematrix

    Freakin' wow. I'll let you all work out how to use this.

  14. I'm crazy tired sooooo...I'm off to bed now!


  15. HELLBOY!!!
    *leaps on him and gives him a noogie*


  16. Hm. I've finished the story about Israel, the mini-fic. I just dunno if it's actually appropriate for my age...i mean, in the story, it makes my character look like some alcoholic idiot, who gets drunk. :( not quite what i had in mind. I just view Israel as teh kind of guy who would sit around and be relaxed with everything, and having a beer or some scotch is what i thought would be funny to see him drinking. Hm. We'll see. If it's not posted by Friday, my time, then it's probably never going out to the internet :P Trust me though, you're not missing out on anything. It was basically a paragraph or two.

  17. Well i spose the pros and cons of each kinda make them even . . .the chatbox is small but you don't have to refresh it like the comments section . . . OHH just saw the very end of your post!! I read mortal coil like 3 times !!!! that bit is really good especially what happens right afterwards!!!!

  18. aghhhhhhhhhhhh JUST went onto that link and it is soooooo COOL!!!! it is addictive!!!!!!!!!

  19. *slinks into HEllboy's blog dressed like a gangster and looking shiftily about*

    *sets up a stand with a sign above her head that reads: Hellboy's email. 5 buckaroos!*

    *twelve dozen smurfs gather around excitedly, money held high on hand*

    *Kallista starts doing business happily when she spies Hellboy coming home*


    *quickly pulls a string that unfurls another sign and covers the first one that reads: ICE CREAM. 2 buckaroos*

    *whistles innocently*

  20. *gulps nervously as Hellboy glares at her*

    OK! OK! I'll obey your rules!

    *tries really hard to be good*

    OH! This is HARD!!!!!

    *changes into a kingfisher bird and flies to Hellboys head*

    *proceeds to make a nest in his hair*

  21. http://aquilafelis.blogspot.com/2011/03/8.html

    Aquila's next fanfic chapter


    Skyril's latest fanfic.


  22. I shall reach those fanfics right away, Kal.

    *messes up bird nest in hair* Mwhaahahahaaha....


    Leo, i have barely had time to read it today cos of school, but i'm up to the part with Fletch, Valkyrie and the Toxic Twins on the pier. It;s good to have you back, btw.

  23. *Kallista Kingfisher flaps her wings angrily in Hellboy's face then she perches on the end of his nose lecturing him in bird language*

  24. *remakes the nest in his hair then goes to sleep in it*

    *chirps out a goodnight*

  25. *sighs* Fiiinnee. You can sleep there. *yawns* I guess that means that i can't hop in bed tho, cos it would mess up your nest. Damn...

    *Goes to sleep vertically*

    G'night all!

  26. *wakes up and sees Hellboy sleeping standing up*

    Oh, dear.

    *turns human andtakes down the nest....quickly places his bed behind him and gently pushes him*


    *Hellboy falls backwards and lands safely in his bed, still sleeping*

    Goodnight Hellboy!

  27. Hullo, Hellboy. Since we never seem to be online at the same time, I thought I would just leave a comment here saying thanks for commenting on my fan-fic! I'm really glad you like it! :]
    Also, BE ONLINE AT THE SAME TIME AS ME!! Pretty please?? :] I haven't had the privilege of speaking to you in person for ages!

  28. By "In person" I mean, you know... online.. because I've never talked to you in PERSON... but you know what I mean! :P

  29. Derek Landy posted again! :]

  30. ~mutters something about knowing nothing bout rifles~

  31. It's almost noon for you. :] Maybe if I stay on for another two hours. Making it about 9:30 you'll come on...

  32. Do you come on, on the weekends?

  33. Hey, Hellboy, just wanted to let you know I deleted my fan-fic. Halo commented, letting me know he was not pleased and I didn't have permission.

  34. Ok slash that. xD I just got an e-mail from him saying,
    "Sorry, i was just a little pissed at you for killing my parents. You can continue your story, just......change it around a little bit. make them unconscious. For me. No hard feelings.

    You can use my name to, its Tom."


  35. Well I hope you come on in the next 20 minutes!

  36. Unless you come in 2 minutes :P I'm going to miss you again.

  37. And for my 12th comment, I must bid thee a great day and a farewell! I have to go to sleep. :]

  38. Hmm...We have to find a way you can talk to the others too Hellboy. Many miss you and Alex's presence. :)

  39. LOL Theres a boy in a tie on tv who looks and sounds like a girl. I think they said he is on Glee. I don't really watch the show. It's suppose to be good.
    *shrugs shoulders*

  40. That or be a trophy wife.

    My parents just raised their eyebrows at me after I told them during supper and continued munching on their brussle sprouts, ignoring me.

  41. Well, ok.
    I have to go to bed now. Been working on fanfic up to this point, hoping to talk to the great and awesome Hellboy!!!

  42. Goodnight!

    I'll be online at around two-ish Aus time tomorrow, Skyril! Hope to see u there!

    ..well, not quite see u...ah hell you know what I mean.

    And that was annoying about ur fanfic. Good thing that u were allowed to continue it. I think it has a really unique style of writing.

    Alright, G'night for real now.

  43. How the hell do I use the chat box? I am VERY confuzzled right now

  44. http://lionesscharm.blogspot.com/2011/03/jacky-faber.html

    Just a post about my second favorite series. Would love it if some of my other friends here checked them out and told me what they thought.

    Of course I know reading anything will be hard with all the homework and other stuff going on in your lives. But I'm hopeful you all will find the time.

    *keeps her Lenka alert on incase Lenka shows up*

  45. About 24 more minuets, ay? :P

  46. SKYRIL!!!!
    *leaps at her and attacks her in a hug*

    FOUND YOU!!!!

    TAG!!! YOU ARE IT!!!

    *turns into a kings fisher and flies away*

  47. AH! When did Tag starts??

    ~Throws cracker crumbs to entice the little kingfisher~

  48. *tweets happily and flies circles around Skyril's head....just out of reach*

  49. ~jumps up and down, trying to reach the bird~
    ~grabs a ladder~

  50. Sorry for the slow replies! xD

  51. LOL
    *dips up and down teasing Skyril...staying just out of reach*

  52. *lands on Skyril's head when she is not looking*

    *beacuase she is light Skyril does not knwo she is there*

  53. ~climbs up ladder~

    Wait, where'd she go??

    ~swings head from side to side~

    ~climbs back down the ladder~

    ~jumps up and down trying to locate her~

  54. *hangs upside sown and peers into Skyril's face and chirps happily*

  55. ~jumps back in fright~

    How did you get there?!?


    Ha! Tag you're it!


  56. LOL *flies after Skyril swooping all around her trying to tag her again*

  57. ~Dashes into a building, closing the door behind me~

    :P lol

  58. *bops crazily against the door not aware of the open window next to her*

  59. ~sticks tongue out~


    ~runs around in circles jumping for joy~

  60. *rests all tuckered out on the window sill....sees Skyril running around and jumping for joy and shakes her wings at Skyril angrily*

    I'm gonna tag you Skyril!!!

    *goes back to the door and proceeds to bang against the door franticly*

  61. ~it begins to rain~

    ~runs outside in joy to feel the rain upon my fave~

  62. *a slight whirring is heard in the distance*

    *nearest door is kicked down, revealing Hellboy, holding a giant Tag-Minigun*



  63. HELLBOY!!!

    ~dodges bullets with lightening fast reflexes~

    ~runs closer and closer to Hellboy~



  64. What does Glomps mean? I hear it often on the blogs.

    And sorry i'm late, Skyril.

  65. *dives out of the way and crashes into Skyril*

    *gets tangled in her hair*

    Chirp! Chirp! TWEEEEEEEEETTTT!! (translation: HELLBOY!!!!!)

  66. It means I tackle you with a hug :]

  67. AH! I see now.

    Well, then i guess i;ll just *Glomps Kallista and Skyril* MWAHAHAH EPICA GLOMP SURPRISE ATTACK!

  68. It's been 9,000.876349 years since I saw you in person last!

  69. But I'm going to have to leave soon!!

  70. *dangles helplesly in Skyril's hair.....wings fluttering uselessly*

  71. Where abouts? Near Kallista?

    New York? (lol that's about the only place taht i know of :/ )

  72. ahk

    one moment while i check the time in Louisiana

  73. ~untangles Kallista from my hair~

    ~sets her on my head~


    No, unfortunately no where near Kallista.

    I'm the one to the right of TX.
    Kallista is above IN in MI... LOL

  74. Oops! I meant to post this link!


  75. Hey, Kallista, Hellboy, Alex is in the chatbox!

  76. TX...im going to hazard a guess and say that;s Texas?

    And lol...when i go into your link, it shows the pic for a moment and then directs to some adult date finder...O_O i quote from the site "Get laid tonight!"

    LOL Google images is really weird sometimes :P

  77. Woah, what??
    Sorry about that! It didn't do that for me!!

  78. Here, try this one


  79. I'm on my laptop now, and I don't know if this comment will even POST. Because my laptop will freeze.
    I don't want to upset anyone, which I know it probably will. But please may you remove the chat box? I'm dreadfully sorry, my laptop recognises it as a video and well... freezes. Then it turns itself off. I don't know why, it just does. I would like to read your posts, and I JUST managed to read this a while ago before my laptop froze, then I had to do it again to be able to leave a comment. I'm sorry for my laptop, and I don't want anyone to be annoyed with me because a lot of people use it, but it isn't my fault. If you want to keep it, I'm not arguing with you because I kinda like it, but I'm not going to use it because number one my comp will freeze, then number two because it's a tiny bit small and I'm not putting my email in it :P
    I hope I don't annoy anyone my saying that, it is not my fault. If it was up to me, I would want you to keep it, I appologise Hellboy.


    ...sorry. that was the first thing i noticed...

    the second thing was the chat box. I actually like it although i agree that it is a bit small.

    I also agree that it would solve a lot of problems on derek's blog. that way he can read more people's comments that are directed to him and other people who are on the blog won't get so mad at us for posting so many comments ;)


    *does a litle tap dance in a tux and top hat*

    *bows and tips her hat to him*

    I just got home from the store and am excited to say.....

    I GOT JAFFA CAKES!!!!!!!!


    LOL I had my first one and thought it was DELICIOUS!!!! XDDDD

    Found them in the international section! So very happy!!!!

  82. ....wait...what?

    What are Jaffa Cakes? Do they have jaffas on them?

    @Dragona Hmm. I do kno what you mean, I have been getting several complaints that it is too small. And now u mention that it has been freezing your computer up? Damn.
    I don't think that I will be taking it off, but I do have another idea. You can change the format of it, y'see, so i'll change it to the pop-out version. How that works is that there is a link on the sidebar instead of the chatbox so u can click on it to open up the chatbox in a new window, allowing you to resize it and so on. I think that just about sums up what you wanted;
    a bigger chatbox, and it to not be straight on the homepage so it slows down ur comp.
    Expect it to be fixed and all within 24 hours of this comment.
    Until then, um, don't go on my blog, I guess.

    You're welcome, Skylara :P

    Oh yeah, and Dragona, you're not required to put ur email adress in. The whole point of that is so that once you've posted a comment in the chat box, someone can click on ur name and be transported to either a link of a website (I just did my blog) or a windows outlook thing, sending a message if they have an email. But you don't actually need to put anything in it.

  83. Hope you come on tonight, Hellboy :]

  84. I don't think I can stay very long, though. Probably about another half an hour.

  85. Maybe a bit longer if you come :]
    I hope Alex comes too! that would be cool

  86. Bye! See you in a thousand years :P