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Stuffz (and also PART FREAKIN' 7)

WOAH It's been quite a good *counts on fingers*'s just say eighteen days since i've posted. That sounds reasonable.

Let me fix that last statement- it's been a boring and dull 18 days since i've posted, mainly because i've been to darn lazy to post.

There is one thing i need to say before anything else gets said, done, accomplished, or even THOUGHT about.

Lenka Sweet. I hope you are reading this. I hope that in London, somewhere, you are reading this and smiling. And hopefully coming back.

In my last post, i stated that Lenka had returned. Yeah, well, sort of. She posted, but we've been commenting for a while now and she hasn't said anything else. I don;t want you to leave again, Lenka. Truly, it is horrible not knowing what a fellow writer is feeling. 
Tell us. Tell me. I don't care, just....come back. I really miss you.

And with those somber and hope-filled words, i move on to the next thing. I have been thinking of stuff to do. I have been failing at thinking of stuff to do.

But i managed. Barely. 

So, top of that list is definitely writing the story. And i'm pretty happy because i just finished the next part. It will be below, as soon as i finish talking about stuff. Stuff-Z. 
Second in the list of stuff i need to do, is this picture i drew recently.

Yes, i know that you are instantly going "Wait a sec-isn't his brother the drawing prodigy? The Graphic Designer? The amazing artist?

Well, yes. Yes he is. But i'll be damned if i can't draw as well. 
Not as good as him, Hell no, but close. With my own style. Right now, i can accurately draw an AK47 (Assault Kalashnikov, made in 1947, if anyone's interested) in under 4 minutes, plus shading and attachments.

This drawing that i have yet to scan in (that's my goal, scanning and colouring) is of a battlefield. And it's pretty damn awesome, if i say so myself.

But that hasn't been done. So that is second.

Third, if you all can remember, is that movie that i said i would post, just a sort of quick look around my room and my bookshelf. Y'see, i still have to edit some of it, and that's a tough enough task, and with each passing day that i don't do anything about it, i just feel like not really posting it anymore. If i do post it tho, and you're to stuffed to watch it (i wouldnt blame you, it's pretty bad. Just me and my incessant voice going on for a while), then...well, it's got a special guest/star appearance of Daniel Radcliffe. 

....yeaaaaaah nah. It's got Louis in it tho...if that...helps... -_-


Remember that this is a new Part and Episode.
If you remember, i split you all up so it was easier to write, but half of you went to Japan to see Ki-yoko, cos she had a way to block Lewis' powers, and the other half stayed with Lewis in...well i'm not quite sure where they actually are. It's probably Ireland. Hm. Dublin, most likely. 
So, i already wrote six seperate parts of characters in Japan, which hopefully you have already read. And this is the beginning of the other parts, including these O.C's:

Israel, Aquila, Skylara, Lewis, Sarthacus, Darkane, Nicolette.
So, enjoy!

Israel Elysium drummed his fingers on the rim of the steering wheel of his van, his face illuminated partially by the passing street lights. He tried and failed to ignore the six passengers moving noisily around in the back of his van, pocking and prodding the cheap seats. He tried to ignore their weapons, the way that they stabbed and scratched his beloved vehicle, with every bump and jolt of the long trip to his home. In a desperate attempt to clear his mind, he keyed a button, and his window rolled down. A blast of cold, Irish air dotted with rain drops came into the van, to more complaining and muttering from those in the back.
And then there were the questions. Always the questions.
“Hey Israel, why is everything so uncomfortable?”
“Where are we going, again?”
“How are the others doing?”
“Do you mind if I put my bow over here?
And worst of all, “Are we there yet?”
It was funny, of course. In the movies. The books. T.V shows, yes. Even comic strips. But in real life? Hell no.
He ignored them, mostly. Tried to get his thinking straight.
In the passenger seat was Aquila, shifting awkwardly as she moved her weapons around to a more comfortable spot. Israel had done a round trip, visiting everyone’s homes and giving them thirty seconds to grab whatever weapons and equipment they could carry and bring it in the van. If their home wasn’t close enough, or had already been compromised by the Sanctuary, Israel had promised them all a selection of the finest weaponry he had ever come across in his travels, back at the vault in his house.
Nicolette's voice penetrated his thoughts. "Hey Israel, what's this metal box got inside it?" There was a dull 'thwump' from the back of the van.
"Why'd you kick it?" Sarthacus asked Nicolette. "It's not like it was hurting you or anything."
Israel had the distinct impression that Nicolette was shrugging. "I wanted to test how strong it was. So  I kicked it. Ok?"
Israel inhaled deeply, wishing for the umpteenth time that his van was completely empty and devoid of others. He liked company, yes, but this? This was torture.
But instead of yelling at them all to shut the hell up and get out of his van, he exhaled his breath, checked his review mirrors to make sure no-one else was on the road, and calmly slammed on the brakes in the middle of the street.
Everyone jolted forward from the force of the sudden stop, and several heads banged together.
"Please," said Israel in the same calm, controlled voice. "Get the hell away from that box. I'd rather NOT have everyone in the back of my car reduced to a bloody and pulpy mess."
No-one said anything. But they all crammed further towards the back of the van, away from the ominous looking box.
Israel went to turn the ignition back on when a shape standing right outside the car window caught his eye. He shouted an obscenity, his eyes flicking instinctively to the side-view mirror, but he could only see blank space where the shape was, but it was there, just outside of the van, drawing it's pale-skinned clawed hand back to form a fist...
Something clicked in Israel's head about not being able to see it in the mirror, when there was a crashing sound and he was pulled through the window and out onto the pavement.
He could here the loud voices of his friends, yelling, but it would be to late for him by the time they got there. The man--no, the 'vampire', Israel corrected himself--would have already killed him by then.
Of course, he he had neither asked nor needed any help with this foe.
In one swift movement, Israel pulled out his double barrel, sawn-off shotgun, pulling the trigger twice in rapid succession and blowing vampire half to kingdom come.
The others piled out of the back of the van, save Lewis. They ran over to Israel, just as he was dusting himself off and emptying the two shells from his gun. "What in Hell's name took you so long?"
Nicolette stepped forward sheepishly. "Well...y'see... We really didn't want to disturb that box of yours...just...just in case..."
"Right, good thinking," Israel replied distractedly, staring at a shape that had appeared some way down the street.

The shape stepped into the light of a street lamp, and Israel rose his gun to his shoulder, aiming down the sights at the man.
The man stopped advancing, and instead cupped his hands around his mouth.
"Dusk sends his regards!" he shouted to the group, then pulled something from his jean pocket, throwing it into the darkness behind him.
Skylara swore darkly.
 "What?" Sarthacus asked. "What did you see?"
"A syringe. 100 mililitres. Probably full of hemlock and wolf's bane."
"Wait--you could see all that?"
Sarthacus turned to Skylara, just in time to see her eyes morph from a smaller hazel pair into her normal-sized silver pair. "Eagle eyes," she said knowingly, tapping her head and smiling.
The vampire shucked it's skin, clothes and all, and howled at the fugitives by the van. "Ah, too easy. This isn't going to take longer than a second!" Aquila said confidently. Then out of the shadows and off of the roofs came other forms, prowling forward, eyeing the group with hunger and malice. "I take that back," Aquila said, and the vampires lunged.
It was all very fast. Sarthacus ducked, a vampire flying over his head and ramming into Skylara. They both rolled, Skylara coming to her paws as her wolf form, the vampire coming up just plain snarling. Nicolette pulled out and then threw blade after blade, each one finding it's mark with a sickly sound. Several vampires were thrown into the air by an unseen wind, the guided by Sarthacus' hands into into the side of a brick building. Aquila ran forward and transformed into a huge bald eagle, flying tremendously fast at the nearest vampire with her clawed feet outstretched. Darkane drew out her two long blades, plunging them straight into the head of an advancing vampire, pulling them out with a gruesome 'snick'. And Israel rested the butt of his shotgun on his hip, swung around to the group of vampires, and pulled the trigger. The buckshot flew into the midst of the group, catching a vampire in the chest and sending him spinning to the ground. And the the blue wave of energy erupted from the barrel of his gun, crashing into the vampires and disrupting their attack. But they stumbled to their feet and stumbled forward still. Sarthacus stepped forward, muttering "I've got this," and raising his hand. Israel closed his eyes, saw what Sarthacus wanted to achieve, and placed his arm on his friend's shoulder, letting the vision course through and into Sarthacus' mind.
Sarthacus then closed his eyes, watching the vision, seeing how it played out and when he should attack. Sarthacus concentrated on that moment, rehearsing it in his mind while the remaining six vampires regained their speed and rushed forward. They weaved all around the street, in no pattern at all, but still moving towards Sarthacus and his friends.
But they wouldn't be overrun and ripped to shreds by the beasts. That may have been one of the possible futures that Israel had seen, but it wasn't the one that he had shown Sarthacus.
As Sarthacus was seeing the vision one more time, just to make sure of when to strike, there was a moment. The wind seemed to stop, the vampire's shrieking died away and the only sound Sarthacus could hear was his own and his comrades breathing. The vampires weaving bodies aligned for a split second, one in front of the other, and at that moment, Sarthacus thrust out his palm, and a thin branch snapped out from a hole on the underside of his wrist, shooting forward at an amazing speed and impaling all of the vampires at once. The first one in line, close enough for Israel to see the saliva dripping off of it's fangs, just stood there, suspended by the branch in it's stomach and gurgling slightly.
Sarthacus twisted his hand with obvious effort, tugging the branch back towards him and through the skewered vamps.
One by one, from the last vampire and moving on to the first, the beasts slumped to the ground as the branch started to move back into Sarthacus' wrist, the vampires slipping off of the end as it passed back through their chest or stomach.
The tip of the branch slipped back into the hole in his arm, until the only sign of a mini-bough being there was deep black blood of the vamps that dripped from a spot on Sarthacus's arm.
"Isn't that dangerous?" Aquila asked while the vamps lay dying on the road."Y'know, having vampire blood so close to your bloodstream?"
"Why, not at all," replied Sarthacus in his usual Scottish accent. "It has a sort of in-built sheath that stops unpleasantries from the world entering my body."
"Right," said Israel, sliding his shotgun into his legstrap and opening the back of his van. "History lesson's over, folks. We've got a ways to go, and by the looks of our luck so far, we'll be needing that dangerous box of mine."

I have got to go now, my dad wants me off. 

One last thing....

.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX! Have an awesome day!


P.S Louis has started going to TAFE. I dunno if any of you kno what that is, but it's sort of like Uni, i guess. (university) Just not as full on. I think. Hmm....


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  2. LOL Are we there yet? XDDDD
    EPIC!!! It's wonderful being able to read a Hellboy fanfic agan!
    *punches air*
    Loved the fight scene. Especially the part with Israel and Sarthacus. I really like how you detail each oc's abilities. Very clever. Something I need to work on. :P
    And now I want to know....WHAT THE HECK IS IN THAT BOX????? :O
    Genius writing Hellboy! Thanks for the posting!

  3. MUST HAVE MORE!!!!!!!

    *cough! cough!*
    Now that that is out of me...I want to say: PLEASE SHOW US YOUR VIDEO!!! I doubit's bad like you think it is. How can anything done by the great Hellboy be anthing less then great? I tell you! It's IMPOSSIBLE!!!
    I'm also anxious to see your art work Hellboy! I'm not surprsed to learn that you are an artist too!
    Tell Louis I said HI!!!! *gives a goofy wave* ANd that I hope everything goesok in his studies. DON'T GET TO STRESSED LOUIS!

  4. One more thing....

    *falls to knees crying tears of joy*
    Hellboy is now following my humble blog! THANK YOU HELLBOY!!!!

  5. AWESOME HELLBOY! Shame I didn't get to kill any vampires :P it's Dragona's past-time. LOL, I'm just joking, nice job! :)

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    I'm glad you guys liked it!

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    Skylara's birthday post.

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    Hey, um, Kal...When's the 'big day' happening? I must admit, i have no idea what's going on. Help please?

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  23. Wow.

    And..was i invited? Did i get a position?

    Just...just asking...

  24. Everyone was invighted. I wanted everyone there. But the timing was hard to cordinate with three countries. I don't think any of My Austrailian friends made it. Which made me sad.

  25. Well...Congratz, Kal...i..i guess...

    ...You could of asked me if i wanted to come. I would of made it. I would of stayed up for it. You..could of asked me.

  26. There is a wedding blog with some details.

  27. Yeah. Yeah, i looked at it. I just read the wedding post. Good.

    My absolute favorite parts were these:

    "Two hearts joined in utter bliss
    Surrounded by her Friends
    Her happiness is now complete
    Her love will never end."
    From Octa,


    "Well the wedding really has brought EVERYONE together!" From Thor.

  28. Be angry at me Hellboy. I deserve it. Just please still be my friend.

  29. It's 2:37 am so I have to go to bed now. I'm really sorry Hellboy. More then you will ever know.

  30. Go easy on her man, it wasnt her fault, she didnt organise the time and day, i missed it too.

  31. Loved it :D Your writing has always left me speechless Hellboy. It was an excellent post xxxxxx

  32. hellboy stop being immature, She was under a lot of pressure from the others and there was barely anything she could do, your being rediculously cruel and selfish, Kallista cares about you and what you think, more than most people, and if you were a true friend you would man up, brush it off, and realise this fact. If she didnt, then why would she still be writing here?

    Stop carrying on. Because your hurting her.

  33. Hey Hellboy, Kallista told me to tell you about a program i do called project appleseed. Appleseed is a weekend long coarse in rifle marksmanship, and because of the program i can hit a man sized target at 500 yards with no rests, bio-pods or bags. i use only a military issued GI web sling. i shot the passing score on the AQT (army qualification test) last year in December and i also took the orange hat, which means i'm and instructor.
    jeez that sounds so boring, but trust me, its a lot of fun and very hardcore.