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Hell Freakin' Yeah.

Sarthacus Bolt glared through the tiny pair of binoculars handed to him from Israel when the metal box had been opened. As they were driving the last kilometre to Israel's house, Elysium Asylum, Israel had told them all the contents of the box. Sarthacus was hoping for a machine gun, or a rocket launcher. But no. Sarthacus Bolt was given a small pair of binoculars so he could 'survey the opposition', as Israel put it. Sarthacus had grumbled and said that Skylara or Aquila could have flown over and done it, but Israel said that they had another part in the plan he was concocting.
And so, through the small glass eyes of the device, Sarthacus looked on towards Elysium Asylum, where the medium-sized walls were now guarded by Cleavers. Through the windows, he could see lights being flicked on as Sanctuary agents searched and then arrested the residents and friends of Israel. They were being herded to a semi truck parked in the roundabout driveway.
Sarthacus' gaze settled on the flowers in the roundabout; they were the deepest black. He frowned. The flowers were never black. Not unless...no, he could see no-one dead. But then...why were they...?
A hand-held radio strapped to his shoulder squawked to life, making him flinch in the ditch he was lying in, four hundred metres from the manor's walls. He had forgotten how the dark night could silence sounds.
The radio squawked again and this time he picked it up, held down the button, and spoke gruffly into the receiver. "You know, you don't have to keep checking up on me. It's not like I'm going to go anywhere."
On the other end, Aquila chuckled quietly before answering. "Stop whining. You're our 'eye in the sky'. Or rather, 'eye on the ground in a smelly foxhole'." Another laugh.
"Whatever." Sarthacus peered through the binoculars again, just making out the dark shapes of Israel and his group at the wall, crouching in the shadows.
There was a crackle on the speaker as someone else radioed in. "Cut the chatter, guys." It was Darkane. "So, what's the plan?" she continued.
"Alright," said Israel, and there was a crackly sigh through the speakers on everyone's radios. "This is what we're going to do..."

Skylara Wolfbane watched with eagle eyes as the guard of Cleavers and mages switched over, the latter talking in quiet voices and the former not saying anything. Aquila crouched beside her, listening with fox ears to the conversations being held. They weren't saying anything of any real importance. Something about a girl swathed in black and followed by shadows on the outskirts of the manor. Aquila didn't think that the person would be much of a problem. If she was going to be, then they would deal with her when she became a problem.
Fresh Cleavers and agents stepped up to the same spots that the other ones had. At an unknown signal, Aquila and Skylara both transformed into mice and ran through a small gap in the wall. They moved un-seen between guards and under parked cars. They reached the house and followed it around to the back. Now that they were in the shadow of the house, they were almost completely in invisible, so they morphed into their main forms: a fox and a silver wolf.
When they got to the back, they stood as humans once more, their eyes level with the power box. Skylara checked her watch. "Three minutes," she said.

Israel Elysium moved with all the grace of a bear with a broken leg, while all around him moved silently.
"Shut up!" Darkane whispered to him, as he tripped over another log. "Dammit! You'd think that you'd be the most stealthiest out of all of us, seeing as how this IS your estate!"
Israel swore as he fell into another thorn bush. "I knew I should of gotten rid of this side-forest..." was all he muttered.
The mini-forest stopped abruptly, making way for a grass lawn stretching for three hundred metres to the manor. They could make it unseen. If they sprinted non-stop, in a straight line, they could make it.
The only problem was that between them and the mansion were about fifty well-spaced lights and twenty alert guards.
"Alright," Israel said, then doubled over in a coughing fit. Darkane rolled her eyes as he struggled to regain his breath. When it was clear that he wasn't going to be able to talk anytime soon, she grabbed the radio out of his hand and put it to her mouth. "Commence phase three." The moment she took the radio away from her face, she added "I felt ridiculous even saying that..."
Israel straightened once more, snatching the radio back and slipping into his pocket. "Good. And now, we wait."
"Wait-they DO know which wire to cut, right? Blue for the outside lights, green for inside? I'd rather not be wandering in a house full of guards in complete darkness..."
"Of course they know! I told them, didn't I?"

At the back of the manor, both bearing flashlights and confused expressions, stood Skylara and Aquila, contemplating which wire to cut.
"He said the green wire," Aquila began. "I'm sure he did."
"No," Skylara said, prying the wire cutters from Aquila's grasp. "He DEFINITELY said to cut the blue wire."
"Nope, you're wrong."
A moment passed as they both tried to remember what their friend had told them.
"Blue." Skylara said.
"Green." Aquila said at the exact same time.
They both sighed. "Should we flip for it?" Skylara said, pulling out a spare coin.

Nicolette Croga crept through the trees and scrub towards the spot where Israel and Darkane were crouching, a shining knife in her hand. When she was all but a few feet away, she raised the knife above her head, grasping it with two sweaty hands.
"I know you're there, Nicolette," Israel's voice sounded. He hadn't even turned around.
With a pretend pout on her lips, Nicolette sat down between him and Darkane. "You're such a cheater," she replied, sheathing the knife. "Using that darn power of yours."
"And you're against the status quo. Who would want to kill ME, anyway?"
"Um..." Darkane said, pointed to several figures headed their way. "THEY might."
Israel cursed and reached for his radio. But then he stopped and cursed quieter. He couldn't radio to the others, the advancing figures would hear. Instead be crawled back further into the undergrowth with Darkane and Nicolette. When they were further enough away, he whispered to the others: "They're Cleavers. In fifteen seconds time, move..." he closed his eyes for a second. "...to the left. Thirteen metres Then wait for my signal."
They nodded and he opened his eyes.

Skylara had won the coin flip. She reached into the box full of wires, selected the blue one, and clipped it in half.

Sarthacus' gaze was instantly drawn to the manor, where all the interior lights had just switched off. He frowned, then pulled the radio to his mouth again. "I think there is the absolutely smallest chance that you two might of just snipped 'the wrong wire'!"
Behind the manor, Skylara gritted her teeth in concentration as she tried to re-tape the blue wire together again without electrocuting herself.
"Toldja so," Aquila muttered, making Skylara flinch and hit a live uncovered red wire. "Ah!" she shouted, and Aquila smirked. Skylara shook her right hand to get the feeling back in it, while with her left she finished taping the blue wires back together, eyeing the red wire maliciously.

Darkane and Nicolette crouched low in the spot that was thirteen metres to the left of where they had been, watching the five Cleavers search the undergrowth by the light of the nearest lamppost. Israel was nowhere to be seen.
They had noticed that the lights inside the house had switched off, and had assumed the worst had befallen their shapeshifting friends.
There was movement in the corner of Nicolette's eye. "Aw Hell no," she said, staring at something in the treetops.
"What?" hissed Darkane, and Nicolette just pointed.
Israel sat in the lowest branch of one of the trees, directly above the Cleavers, grinning maniacally and brandishing his shotgun.
"He's going to kill himself!" Darkane whispered, creeping forward.
"No!" Nicolette said, keeping her voice as quiet as possible. "Just let it all all play out. If he gets cut to ribbons, it'll be his own damn fault."
The lights inside the house switched on, but Nicolette and Darkane didn't notice. Israel did.
And so with the loudest battle-cry he could muster, he dropped from the trees and fell rapidly to the nearest cleaver.

"Got it!" Skylara said, pulling a handle to reboot the power. The lights inside the manor switched back on.
"Quick!" Aquila said, sensing that something bad was happening and they needed to help. "Cut the green wire!"

Israel dropped from the trees and fell rapidly towards the nearest Cleaver, just as every single light outside the manor turned off simultaneously.
There were curses heard and shouts of terror from the Cleavers and from Israel himself as the fight took place in complete darkness. Nicolette and Darkane slowly rose from their positions on the ground, stumbling towards where they thought the fight was taking place.
They heard a cry of pain and a snapping sound from Israel, and then his shotgun went off, shooting straight into the air. The energy blast that accompanied every shot erupted from the barrel of the gun and went straight up as well, illuminating the battle-scene before them in an eerie blue light.

Sarthacus swung the pair of binoculars over to the edge of the small forest inside the estate, tracking an arc of blue light through the sky. He made up his mind straight away, because he knew where that blue light came from.
He was at his feet in an instant, moving fast to cover the hundred metres back to Israel's van.
Once he reached there he threw open the back doors, instantly going for the black box in the back of the van.
Deep down, he knew something was wrong. He felt like something-or someone-was missing, but he couldn't quite remember what or who.
Minutes later he lay in the same foxhole he had before, holding an item of great use that he had found inside the big box.
Without further ado, he set up the large, Barrett 50. Calibre sniper rifle on the ground before him, loading a clip of ammo into it and checking that the thermal sight that was sitting as a replacement for the normal scope was working perfectly. When his check was complete, he placed the butt of his gun on his shoulder, leaned forward, and looked through the thermal scope towards the trees on the left of the mansion.

Three Cleavers. Two on the left of Israel, one on the right. Another lay on the ground, not moving. One was missing, probably run off to warn others.
Nicolette took all of this in in an instant. Three blades slid into her palm via a secret pocket in her sleeve.
She lined the targets up as darkness fell once more around them, and pulled her arm back. She swung it forward, letting loose the small knives so that they whipped through the air towards the Cleavers.
The first Cleaver was still wondering where the bright blue light had shot from when a knife appeared in his chest. As he slumped to the ground, the second Cleaver was in mid-dive to get out of the firing line of Nicolette. He was dead before he hit the carpet of pine needles below.
The third Cleaver, through heavy mental and physical training from years before, dropped to the ground the moment the blue wave of energy had started to fade, for he knew that when it had illuminated him and his comrades, the girl with the blades had spotted them all. He had seen how her eyes had calculated distances and compensated for the wind with a frantic glance. But he knew that she would be relying on where she saw him last. And so he ducked.
Milliseconds later, something small whistled over the Cleaver's head and embedded itself in the tree behind him. His mind subconsciously accepted the fact that if he had been standing, he'd have been killed.
But just as that thought was even starting to form, it was pushed to the edge of the Cleaver's mind. Strategies and training exercises that had been drilled into him from enrollment screamed at him to move. He crawled to the left of his position, his eyes struggling to find his assailants. But the darkness had been brought back.
He was an old Cleaver. He had been through many battles with many more adversaries. His grey suit was faded now, covered with small rips and smudges. He remembered for a moment to back when he was young and given the offer to join up. He regretted that day sometimes. They had stripped him of everything; his name, home, family, his magic. Given him injections filled with forms of steroids and boosters, to make him 'survive longer'.
He had had a wife. She had been beautiful. When he joined up, he kept in contact with her, even when it would go against the rules. So the sanctuary had her killed. He kept sending letters and leaving phone messages for a whole week before he found out. The Sanctuary didn't even bother telling him. When he got time, he talked to his commanding officer; an old soldier like himself named Alpha.
"My wife was killed by the Sanctuary." It hadn't been an accusation, it had simply been a statement.
Alpha looked up from the blade he had been sharpening. "She was."
The cleaver stood there, motionless. Not in rage or sadness. Not speechlessness. All emotion; anger, despair, joy, were all gone. They had been purged through the rigorous training he was put to when he signed up.
Alpha set aside the scythe and leaned forward, clasping his hands together. They had been ungloved. It was the first time that the cleaver had noticed a comrade with such aging hands.
"Listen..." Alpha began. For the next half an hour, Alpha had admitted that he was the one who killed her, via orders from the top. He said that the Cleaver was suspected to be holding back, in the hope of going home one day in one piece.
The cleaver had stood there, helmet hiding his blank features, while his chief apologized over and over again, letting his emotions run freely. Alpha retold a story of losing his own wife and family under similar circumstances, and the Cleaver barely listened or reacted.
He stopped holding back. If he was ordered into a suicide run, he would go there, no questions asked. It didn't matter how large the foe. He would fight it.
The other chiefs and masters were impressed by the Cleaver's improvement. Alpha grew angrier at himself as the years passed. Eventually, the Cleaver heard news that Alpha was given an honorable discharge. But the Cleaver knew better. He had heard the rumors.
You either died on the battlefield, or were killed in secret when you tried to leave. Another Cleaver had told him that once. The next day, that Cleaver was found dead in his own bunk. It had been the sanctuary; he knew it.
The Cleaver shook his head, clearing all of his thoughts. Even as he did, he truly started to accept just how old he was. If he was fifteen years younger, the intruders would be dead already.
He had been offered an honorable discharge a week ago. He had declined, knowing what it meant. They had insisted, and he had told them he would leave after one last mission. This mission.
He hadn't meant it, though. He had been on his way to escaping from the estate through the forest at that moment when him and his fellow soldiers ran into the three mages. He felt nothing at his comrades deaths; he hadn't planned to save them, and it was just an easier path without them.
His crawling form moved backwards, trying to get away from his attackers. He could not see- without the outside lights on, the darkness was so complete that the tree's shadowy forms were easily mistaken for people, even with the Cleaver's heightened eye sight.
His foot caught on a root and he stumbled, but recovered instantly, balancing himself against the stump of a tree.
A voiced sounded. The Cleaver stiffened. It was from a few metres to his left. The Cleaver slowly drew a small knife from his boot, still listening intently.
"Hey Israel," the voice said. "You ok?"
There was a grudging reply, surprisingly close to the Cleaver's right. Just on the other edge of the stump, he reckoned. "Hell no! I think he broke my wrist!"
Another voice found it's way through the darkness to the Cleaver's helmet from behind him.
"Damn, I can't see anything..." it said.
"Don't worry, Darkane," the first voice sounded. "I got this." A bright flame appeared, and the Cleaver could see it coming from the girl who had thrown the blades. The Cleaver was surrounded. They didn't know he was there yet, but already the girl with the blades was stepping forward to inspect 'Israel''s injury. He raised his knife. He would only get one shot with this.
Five metres away. One stab to the chest on her left side, and then he would keep on running. By the time that they would realize she was mortally wounded, he would already be gone.
He took a stance, gripped his knife, and lunged.

Sarthacus was training his sights on Israel, Skylara and Nicolette, glad that they weren't apart of the small ring of bodies on the ground.
The thermal scope picked up all objects that emitted heat (people, for example) and showed them in a bright white light. So the light from the bodies of the Cleavers killed by Nicolette was rapidly fading, and they were just becoming another part of the scenery.
He watched as one of the figures- Nicolette, he guessed -summoned a flame that shone as another bright white light in Sarthacus' vision. Nicolette walked forward to someone else who was clutching their arm, and both of their mouths moved as they walked closer to the tree stump in between them.
Sarthacus saw a small sliver of white poking around the edge of the stump and he frowned. What was it?
Hastily, he fixed the magnification on the scope, zooming in so as to see better. He readjusted his lying down position and leaned forward, pressing his eye against the rubber ring that was placed over the edge of the scope on the sniper rifle.
The tip of a boot. He could see it properly now, protruding out from behind the tree stump and glowing brightly from the warm foot underneath. His immediate reaction was to try and warn his friends somehow of the unseen danger, but he knew that he had mere seconds before the threat revealed itself. And he could see that his friends were unaware and unprepared.
He couldn't shoot through the tree stump at this range. And shooting the boot would be pointless, and probably just a waste of time. He was just contemplating whether or not to try shooting a shot over the hidden figure's head, startling it and alerting the others, when it lunged from it's cover, a knife in it's hand.
Sathacus' mind went blank. He didn't think. He just nudged the gun to the left and shot.

Something jumped out of the darkness at Nicolette, and her eyes widened as she was unable to stop it. The reflective surface of a Cleaver's helmet loomed towards her, glinting in the light of the flame she held. Her mind barely had time to register the knife being swung at her throat when a gun fired in the distance and the Cleaver's body was tossed to her left by an unseen force. The knife embedded itself into the ground by her feet.
She couldn't move. She was still frozen by fear and shock. Israel and Darkane ran over, and once they realized that she was unscathed, their gaze turned to her attacker.

He had failed.
That was all that the Cleaver could think of. He had failed his mission. His wife. Himself.
The bullet had penetrated through his standard issue jumpsuit with ease-it wasn't like it was the White Cleaver's uniform, after all. His blood gushed out of the wound, and distantly, he remembered that he should put pressure on it to stop the bleeding. He tried moving his right arm but he couldn't; he could see out of the corner of his eye that it was bent at the wrong angle, and he wondered why.
His left arm was twisted awkwardly underneath him, although he could still move the fingers around if he tried.
He saw shapes, shadows, through the glass of his visor. He struggled to move as they got closer to him, but everything from his chest downwards refused to move. At first he wondered why that might be. Then he remembered being shot.
A tear slid down the side of his cheek, moving with gravity and sliding past his ear. He hadn't cried in fifteen years. Not even when the news had come through that his wife had died. Now, the combined force of all of those unspent tears unleashed itself, and his whole body became wracked with sobbing and pain.
He was lost. Drifting in a void that no-one should have to endure. Yet endure it he did. His vision faded, and then shone brightly as he saw his beautiful wife, standing over him with loving eyes. His voice croaked out her name, knowing no-one else would hear. "Holly..."

Israel crouched down beside the fallen Cleaver, and stared down at him. There was nothing he could do. He was going to die, if he hadn't already.
The Cleaver moved. It took a moment for Israel to realize that he was crying. Or laughing. It was hard to tell with the helmet on. Speaking about the helmet...
Israel reached forward, cradling his wrist, and undid the hidden latches behind the Cleaver's head. He removed the headpiece.
The Cleaver was crying, all right. Tears ran freely down his face; he either did not care anymore or was unaware that he was.
They were stunned by the mere fact of the Cleaver having a break down in front of them. They had known all their life of the stone-cold killers to be merciless and emotionless, knowing no pain or boundaries.
This one looked more like some pitiful pup, found in a dark alleyway with no way of going home.
He was saying something, and Israel struggled to hear, feeling in no way threatened by the broken soldier. He frowned.
"He's saying...'Holly'..."

The dark started to close in. He almost welcomed it. Almost.
He saw the face of the man crouching above him. His enemy by law of the Sanctuary.
A flash of anger broke out across the Cleaver's face. The Sanctuary, the one that had killed his own wife behind his back, and not even bothered to tell him. The Sanctuary who ordered meaningless strikes on innocents all over Ireland. The Sanctuary that he had worked for for the last 15 years.
He knew what he had to do. His left hand, still twisted underneath him, groped around on the ground, grabbing at pine needles and dirt. He tried harder to reach his back pockets, forcing himself to not give up.
The pain in his chest grew. He did not have long now, he knew. He closed his eyes and cursed aloud as he missed them again.
Finally, his hand found the back pocket that held the object he needed. He ripped it off of his belt, and with the last vestiges of his strength, he shifted his body enough to pull his arm forwards so that he was not resting on it.

Israel stared at the Cleaver as it writhed around on the ground, struggling with something behind its back. He felt no need to try and stop it-if it was a blade; the Cleaver obviously did not have enough energy to swing it around to slice at Israel.
To Israel's surprise, the Cleaver twisted it's arm into it's natural position. There were objects in his hand, and Israel curiously leaned forward to see what they were.
Without warning, the Cleaver's hand snapped up and grabbed Israel around the collar, and Israel tried pulling away, but the Cleaver's grip held firm.
Israel stopped struggling, and the Cleaver's grip loosened. He was looking directly into Israel's eyes. What he saw there was a mystery.
Israel's hands went up to the Cleaver's, and as he fell back to the ground, smiling with eyes unseeing, Israel pried open the gloved hand and saw what lay there.
A photo. Two people, smiling in their own small world without pain and suffering. A beautiful woman, and a handsome man, both young, sitting on a velvet couch in loungeroom now long forgotten. Scrawled on the back in messy, blocky letters was "Holly + Me".
Israel moved the photo off to the side and looked at the other objects.
Dog tags. Two on a delicate silver chain, illuminated by Nicolette's flame. They were smooth as anything, and only bore two things. One was a number, the characters faded. The other, was one word, the name of the Cleaver. Not his given name, for that was long forgotten. Not his taken name, for that had been wiped away. And not even his true name, for that was lost with the destruction of The Book.
It was Assigned Name. Only he and the other soldiers of the Sanctuary had one, for only they needed it. It sealed all of their names at once, granting them no power of their own. Inscribed on the piece of shining metal was the name 'Echo'.

I am gone. No longer drifting, but heading onwards, past the void and to a land beyond. Light, everywhere. And a voice. Oh, that voice that I know so well. The voice of the woman that I had loved and married. Holly.
A smile plays upon my lips as I move further towards the light, all the while moving further away from reality.

Woah. I am so tired right now.

And to think, that's only one part. I still got another, like, five to go? Six? Ah Hell...

Well, hope you enjoyed it. I normally do a small bit on each character in my fan-fic, and I guess that the last two haven't really been following that schedule. Yes, there was a bit of Sarthacus in there, and I hope he likes that, but I felt that my character showed up a lot...and that's got to be annoying, so don't worry, I will focus on depicting the sheer awesomeness of your characters, I swear.

Oh yeah, and the Clock? It's wrong. It somehow only shows the times whereever you happen to be at the time (so it appears to me that it is showing Adelaide time to all, but in fact it's showing Adelaide time to me, and your times to you. Which is pretty pointless, seeing as how every comp already has a miniclock).

G'night all!

P.S Yes, i do know that not a lot of the Box thingo was revealed, but stay tuned. It shall be full of awesomeness, I swear. You just have to pretend that it's some really crappy idea, so that when you read what's in there, you'll be like "Oh, well, that wasn't that stupid."

If there are any typos in my story, keep in mind that all (save the last, say, ten paragraphs) was written on my iPod touch. I think Jaffa will understand that it is extremely tricky.


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  31. http://mar-chusbloginblogland.blogspot.com/2011/03/sp-fanfiction-prolouge.html

    fanfic of MAr. You are in it and so is your manor! :D

  32. remember when i asked if i could use Israel?

    well, here it is~

  33. *screams*



  34. :D I'm off to read your fanfic now Mar! Thanks for putting me in it!
    Lol Nyx. Of course there'll be more!

  35. Hello Hellboy! Can you please point me at the first part of your fic? I can't seem to find it. :-( Thank you!

  36. Something's weird...i can't seem to post on here...

    if i can, then this is what i've been trying to post for a while now:

    Oh hi, Ann! I remember talking to you on Derek's blog, i think.

    Yeah, my blog's a bit of a shambles with it's fanfics.

    But here are the parts of my fanfics, in order from top to bottom.

    They should make sense. I hope.
    My fanfic will always be written in white text. So when you are at a post, scroll down until you reach the white text.

    (My Fanfic is written in two main parts, including around about 6 episodes each. The reason i did this was to split things up, because about 13-14 people wanted to be in it. And it would be hard as hell to try and include everyone in one place. So in the story, as you'll find out, half of the people leave for Japan, i think.)

    (Prologues, part one, two and three. Even tho number one and two have incorrect titles, this is the order of them)




    (Prologues end)

    (Part 1 Begins)







    (End of Part 1)

    (Part 2 Begins :D )


    And that's it. The next part is the one you are up to now. 'cos it's all a work in progress, and i update when i can.

    I really hope that that wasn't too confusing. :/ If it was, tell me, and i'll try and straighten things out a little.

    Btw, thankyou for going to the trouble of wanting to read it!

    Sorry Lizzy, i caught a bus to the city by then.

    Which, while i was there btw, i bought two new books.

    They were....

    ....THE HUNGER GAMES 1 AND 2!!! And so far, number 1 is awesome! I have been told by many bloggers and friends that the books are cool, and guess what?


  37. YAY! You're reading the Hunger Games! :D They ARE really good! :]

    By the way, I have a couple questions for you.
    Does your dad look like you? Does he ever say, 'mate'?
    :P lol Just some things that would be useful to know.

  38. YAY HELLBOY!!!!

    *high fives him*


    Nicolette's next chapter.

    Be sure to read MAr's latest. She has several up now. :)

    Still working on mine but having trouble now with the time to finish it. Hope to get it out real soon.

  39. :D lol Skyril. I am told that I look a LOT like my dad. Except for his awesome beard :P He's a bit taller than me, isn't skinny nor fat, and often sits at his desk at home with his glasses on, working on the computer.
    He doesn't say 'mate' i don't either, noone in my family does :P I dont think that I actually know anyone who does say mate. It's just not something that most aussies say. Sterotypes are quite weird, aren't they?
    He's funny, in a dad-ish kind of way.

    And thanks Kal for giving me those updates. In all honesty, without you telling me what's been happening, I would be lost.

  40. lol, u r right Hellboy!

    no 1 in Australia says "Mate"

    they just never do!

    btw, can i b in ur fanfic?

    can u b in my fanfic?



  41. Oh my goodness this is absolutely AWESOME!

    I feel full of little bubbles of sheer epicaness!

    I love this. Sad yet funny and full of mystery.

    Please can you somehow include me?

  42. LOL
    Ok, thanks! :]
    [Good thing I asked about the "mate" thing :P lol]
    I try not to stereotype, but sometimes it's simply irresistible.

  43. lol Skyril, don't worry, i stereotype waaaaay to often...

    ...Now please excuse me while i go for a ride on my pet kangaroo, Barry. :P

    Nyx, i would love to be in your fanfic. I'm not sure if i posted a comment about this earlier, but i really see a lot of promise in your writing, and don't want to miss out.
    As for you being in mine, there is a bit in the next part, or the part after that, (i'm not sure) where some people that i haven't been able to put in my fanfic will be mentioned and written about. In great length, i hope.

    *hint-hint* Y'see, the people will all be residents of E.A who escaped when the Sanctuary attacked, and were just hanging around the outskirts of the estate, with a particular leader that i will not disclose any info about. And that group can be made out of anyone, so you're welcome to be in it.
    But you'd have to be living at Elysium Asylum at some point. No wait- playing on your assassin part, i could...Hell yeah. OK, don't worry about anything else. I just had a massive idea that could possible work. It would include a plot idea that places you right were...yep, this could possibly be awesome. :D God, i love great ideas.

    And Octaboona. Hmm. I could possible include you...maybe in the same part, with all of the people being rounded up out of the mansion. Well...i don't really know. What kind of way do you want him included in? Like, fighting? Because i read your Bio and a couple of things stood out. First, he's a first class Elemental. Second, he is a top Necromancer. And yet, he despises and abhors violence....wait, what? Being a Necromancer is studying 'Death Magic'. Which is all about drawing in the darkness from other people's corpses and using it as some sort of weapon against others. And also, wouldn't Death Magic people? It would make all of Octa's poems be full of darkness and death, and hatred and rage etc.
    If this looks like i'm taking a dig at you, i'm not, i just want to know how to portray your character. I have a sort of idea of what he could be doing, using his quill as his Necromancer item, shouting spells and incarnations and moving it deftly through the air as if he was writing some elaborate piece.

    It might be easier if he was a younger version. I'm not sure. I'd need some more information.

    Did any of this make sense? I do hope so...

  44. Um, i meant to say there, "Wouldn't Death Magic corrupt people?"

  45. ooh! Hellboy! can March be in that group that escaped when the sanctuary attacked?


  46. Oi! It's freakin MONDAY for you isn't it! :O

    Have fun at school. I'm going to see if I can blow mine up like my OC did to her school.

    *sighs and lites up a cigar*

    I need more sleep and play time.

    *puffs out fancy smoke shapes over Hellboy's head*
    Oh well. Hope YOU have a great day at school!

  47. *shoots cigar out of Kal's hands*

    You're to young to smoke!

    ...but damn, you're right, I wish I could blow up my school right now.

    And of course you can, Mar Chu!

    Cya all, I now have to go and fail at school. Bye!

  48. yay! thanks!

    *sees cigar on floor*

    *edges closer to it*

    *five seconds later*


  49. I just finished Hunger Games #1!!!


    I'm just about to start the next book. But i'm annoyed that it's only a trilogy :( I want moar!

    And i should probably start the next part of my fanfic...

    Emphasis on the word "Start" lol.

  50. *dives for her cigar while glaring crazily at Hellboy*

    *uses the fire from the recntly exploded Mar to relight her cigar*

    *ponders what she will eat for dinner tonight*

  51. *munches on jaffa cakes as she stares at Hellboy, trying to convay the very strong message to work on his fanfic*

  52. Glad you like it, Hellboy!! :D

    ~Joins Kallista in staring~

    Oh, by the way, I wanted you to see this post. :] After you comment, I'll have to delete it. I don't my brother getting angry at me :P


  53. An by "it" I mean the Hunger Games. :]

  54. Oh, and I mainly wanted you to see it because of the one pic that reminds me of you. :]
    I wondered if you thought that pic would look anything like Israel?

  55. That oughtn't have ended in a question mark. It was a statement of wonderment....
    ~smacks self~
    It's just a minor grammatical error! Leave it be! xD :P

  56. Woah what is up with my ipod...?

    It keeps flashing back to the bottom when i go up, and the distorted immage it mage was a mix of Hellboy, and a clown...

    ...i think that the magical clown i was looking for...

  57. O.o Destroy it, Mar. 'splode it so that it never shows clowns and Hellboy again O_O EVER :P

    Those are truly epica, Skyril! And i love the one that looks like Israel :D You're completely right! xDDD I've posted more on your post.


    *jumps up and down franticly trying to get the great Hellboy's attention*

    I left a commonet on Bio Rama on your OC. Mainly casue I never left a comment there yet.

    *ducks out of the way before Hellboy can hit her*

    *peeks out caustiously and gives him a lollipop as a peace offering*

    Oh, great master writer Hellboy! Forgive your lowly minion her mistake!!!


  59. ~eats left over mashed potatoes and chicken from last night~

    Hmmm this was a lot better yesterday :P

    Oh, hello, Hellboy. :]
    About your questions, no he hasn't heard of you :P He's only sorta heard about two OCs. Didn't even know about them till recently. He's 9 years older than me and hangs out with his friends a lot when he's not in college so we don't talk very much. So that make him 24. Most of those drawings were done years ago, though. The Israel likeness was about 1-2 years ago I think and the steam punk and Sharktopus ones were not too long ago... like 6 months ago? The other ones, though were several years ago. I don't even remember when he did them, actually...
    He doesn't have a devientart, which is quite annoying. I'd thought he did, but he doesn't.
    And nope he hasn't tried drawing anything related to me or SP. I don't know why I've never asked him, though. I'm planning on doing so in the summer. :]

  60. *bang*



    *ipod lays in electronic heap*


    *leans down and tries to put it back together*



  61. Awesome, Skyril!
    It's too bad that you don't see him much. He sounds like a pretty cool brother to have.
    And wait, you're 15? Damn it, I'm only 14.

    Btw, being the idiot I am, I brought Hunger Games #2 to a lesson, and as I sat down, a friend of mine picked up the book and looked it over. She often does this to my books and such, just to have a bit of a look and then hand it back.
    I was distracted, but I realized that she was reading from the back of the book, the last page.
    Before I could even get my mouth to work, she had finished reading out the last page out loud, no warnings at all.

    And now I know what's going to happen in the next book, and what's going to happen in the one I'm reading now. I can already tell, just from the last line. Thanks alot ............ , you really made the book better for me. NOT.

    I'll go and check out the comment, Kallista, thanks again for being awesome!

  62. You're up early! :]
    Yup 15 :P When's your birthday?

    Awww how annoying! xD Grr I'd totally hate that!

  63. Hey, Hellboy? Is there any sort of particular place you hang out when you're not at school or home? I could just make something up if there isn't a place or something. I just keep getting caught on these little snags! xD

  64. http://skulfanfic.blogspot.com/2011/03/oneshot-bridgets-nightmare.html

    Awesome story by Lizzy!

    And something special from Mar.


  65. http://lionesscharm.blogspot.com/2011/03/kallista-pendragons-fashions.html

    Post of Kallista's fashions

    LOL Might be a bit boring for a guy to look at. Bu there it is! :P

  66. @Skyril My birthday's 9th of July. Best damn month out there :P

    And that question's an easy one. There are a couple of places that i hang out sometimes. When i just want to be alone, and all.

    #1 is the park near my house. And when i say near, i mean it's literally less than a kilometre away. (two streets over from me).
    It has this old playground that i used to go as a kid, and sometimes, i'll go down to the nearby Deli, spend some money on food, and just climb up in the treehouse set there at the playground. It's got a pretty good view. You can see all the way over the large oval and a bit into the tennis courts.

    #2 Is not as close, but i do go to Tea Tree Plaza a lot, by catching a bus. It's pretty cool, just a large inside complex full of over a hundred shops. Target, Coles, EA games, Angus and Robertson, HJ's (Hungry Jacks, the same as Burger King, but they had to change the name because of somewhere else in Aus being called Burger King. So it was named Hungry Jacks.) Macca's (Mcdonalds), so on, so forth. It's not really somewhere just to hang out though, because i see way to many people from school there.

    #3 The city. Like, literally, Adelaide. Half an hour's drive from our house. We (Louis and me, my parents won't let me go to the city on my own yet, but there could be an exception for the story) catch a bus to the city every once in a while, defying the amazingly complicated bus stop system created here, and end up over on Rundle street.
    Rundle street's pretty much the centre of Adelaide. It's a no car area, and has cool shops lining the sides of it (Like Dymmocks and Angus & Robinson, both book stores). There are sculptures, performers, another Hungry Jacks, awesomeness, and all. And also on the street, the most awesome thing i've ever seen up close, are the "Mall's Balls' :] Well, they're really called something like 'Giant Silver Sphere things..." but whatever.

    I just did a quick search for some pictures, and it turns out that they have something called 'Mall's Balls Webcam'. A camera that is trained on them, and takes a picture every 5 secs. Have a look at the link here:


    And..um, here is a better descriptive thingo...


    Yeah. So, although this was an amazingly big comment, i rate my fav places being: Park first, cos of the secluded feel of it. City next, because everything's so alive there, and it's cool walking there, with a purpose and a destination.
    And the Plaza last, mainly because i go there too often...hmm...

    Thankyou Kal! I'll have a look at those posts, right away! :]

  67. ... Is that time of Adelaide right...?


    *everyone gasps in shock* oh. yeah. i have returned!

    mwahahahaha- *skylara splutters wildly*

    lol! i liked the bit with me cutting the wrong wire ;) exactly what i would do lol!

    I'm gonna post some more of my fan-fic up- probs on friday and you'll deffo be in this part hellboy ;)

  69. :D Skylara! Glad to see that you're back!

    And Lunar, hello! Lol it is wrong, it shows the time in whatever city/ place that you are in at the moment. So while I'm seeing Adelaide time, Kallista is probably seeing American. The clock's funny like that, seeing as how a computer has the time in the corner anyway. I keep wanting to remove it, but never get round to it...

  70. Yes. I see American ime. But when I leave a comment on here, I beleive it is the Adelaide time I see. :)
    So if I want to see what time it is there all I have to do is leave a comment!

  71. Awesome, Hellboy! Thanks! :]

  72. ~hands him a round tuit~


  73. LOL Skyril! That's hilarious! Now that Hellboy has a round tuit we should get some fanfics faster! XDDDD

  74. Hellboy my friend. Lizzy has a couple new fanfics out. So does Mar!

  75. Hi! Thank you for going to the trouble! But after I posted I started poking at the archive links and kinda figured it out, and started reading, and, um, forgot to check back here. Sorry. :-( But seems you haven't exactly been lonely, so yay.

    I finished part 1 and just started part 2. So far it's amazingly fun and creative!

  76. And now I'm caught up! And waiting for you to post more. I hate the waiting part. *grumbles*

  77. :D Lol Ann Marie, that's ok. And i hate the waiting part too.

    Waiting for my mind to kick into gear is the worst...

    And...i'm sorry if i'm the only one who doesn't understand this...but...

    ...What the heck is a Tuit?

    Thank's Kal, i'm off to see those posts now!

  78. LOL Hellboy!
    Go to the link Skyril left you. It will clear up what a tuit is! :D

  79. My grandma has a cross-stitched round tuit in her kitchen. So she can do all the things she said she would... when she got a round tuit.



    LOL! I read your comment Ann Marie and i was just like "Hmm, 'when she got a round tuit'. What on earth could that me-OOOOHHHH!!!" :P LOL

  81. I think we need to get Ann Marie to write some fanfic!
    SHe talked about it before.
    Hmmm...I bet she would come out with some pretty good ones!

  82. I am up waiting for the my house to warm up. Have bunched of sweatshirts on. :P

  83. *runs in screaming bloody murder*


    *runs into wall*

    *wobbles around*

    im going through skulduggery withdrawal....

  84. *wraps Mar in bubble wrap*

    *fills bubble wrap with air for balloons and turns Mar into a Mar ballon*

    *ties a string to her big toe which is sticking out and ties the other end to Hellboy's wrist*

    There! Now you have your very own Mar Balloon! Very rare it is!

  85. * gets distracted by clowns *

    * Accidentally let's Mar Balloon fly off *

    Stang it! My one of a kind Mar Balloon!

    I've been putting off the next part for ages... Today I'll start writing it, I swear!

  86. YAY HELLBOY!!!!
    *leaps at him and knocks him down in a hug*

    *runs off to tell the others the good news forgetting Hellboy is still lying on the ground*

    *gets side tracked as Mar balloon floats on past....Kallista changes direction and chases after Mar ballon trying to catch her*

  87. *POP!*

    *falls to the ground with a FLOP!*


  88. ... OK... So what time is it...?

  89. *leaps out of the shadows and tackles Lunar*

    HAHA!!! It's TIME to give Lunar a NOOGIE!!!!


    *tackles him in a hug then sits on him and eats a jaffa cake*

    Nicolette has a funny post up.




  91. Skylara's BACK!!!! ANd she posted another chapter! YAY!!!!!!

    It stars.......YOU!!!!!! :D

    So I'll be nice and let you have the 1st comment! Hope you get there before the others! I can't hold 'em back! :o


    Yeah, I know you have the link already but it's a habit! :P

  92. Alright! Im off to read it and comment, but I'll be back, I swear!

  93. http://tristessa-murano.blogspot.com/2011/03/quest-of-fanfics-begins.html

    Here is another blog of a fellow SP lover Tristessa. Don't know if you met her yet. But she is going on holiday and wants to read some fanfic. I could put yours down if you want or let you do it.


  94. Sorry Hellboy! I didn't know you would be on.

    I'm sort of everywhere at the moment. Blog hopping I guess you could call it! LOL

  95. Hmm... No, I've never heard of her b4. In about two-three hours I'll be on the comp, and I'll post some of my stories, I guess.

    Thanks for the heads up. Talk to go soon.

  96. WOW Hellboy! That's awesome! I am having so much trouble with my story. It's almost finished. But this one REALLY important part is giving me such trouble. Oi!

  97. It's a part where I have to somehow have my oc learn part of the history of a family heirloom. A sword of all things. :P It's a magical sword. Not like King Auther's sword. But without reveling to much, my oc will only know part of the history of the sword. The part she does not know will be revealed later. In the meantime, trouble happens.

    But the part about the history of the sword. I'm trying to write it with out it sounding dull.
    I also have started adding more oc's cause they are just so cool! I probably should have done it differently.

  98. Too many awesome OC's. You did it right from the begining Hellboy. :)

    I've got to do a part with Nyx, Lunar, Skyril, and Evangaline. Oh, and Thor. I have a part for him. Not sure if it will be in this chapter or the next though.

  99. We really should all set a limit for the OC's in each story, shouldn't we...I was hell scared when 12 different people asked to be in it O_O And i just didn't want to be listing everyone when i wanted to send them somewhere. I mean, imagine detailed fight scenes! I'd have to go through absolutely everyone. It would take forever...

    I have an idea for the history thing. An Echo Stone. Make the character find one by accident, or reads it in an old text that there is one nearby. Hmm. Good luck, Kal!

  100. *slaps head*
    That would have been perfect! I wrote something out but might change it to an echo stone. I like your idea better. Are you still around?
    I wanted to share a couple things from the story with you.

  101. I should have resolved to use a set amount of OC's. But there were so many cool ones. LOL
    Well, you live and learn I guess.
    When I first started this story, I was scared to use anyones OC in case I wrote them badly. So I just kinda turned it into a story were Kallista is still learning, an apprentice I guess. It didn't make sense to have her know everything already as she is my age. I know I don't know everything so it would have been hard to do it any other way.

    But now I want to ditch my own oc and just focus on everyone else character! Thet are so cool!

  102. LOL Thanks for your help Hellboy.
    I've got to go to bed! :)


  103. Damn it, sorry for leaving early, Kallista.

    And i hope youre not dissing your OC there! Because, i think you forget how awesome your's is. An original idea if i ever saw one.

    And i will be on in around about 12-13 hours from the end of this comment. THat's about 5:40pm for you. So that's when you can share those bits about your story.

    And i also would like to talk a bit about my own story, cos there's this part that i'm still wondering about...

    All comments shall be deleted afterwards, of course, to make sure no-one else is spying on your brilliance :P

    Alright, i'm off to go and watch a movie that my dad 'bought' (extra emphasis on bought there...he got it from this website that charges a small amount of money for as many movies you want in a month. They dont have a wide variety of movies, however, and one of the ones my little brother and sister watched had about half an hour cut off of the end :/ ).

    Cya soon!

  104. ...i...have found WIFI!


    Well, so far im inly on my ipod, and if i move an inch im in a dead zone. Anywho...

    Does anyone here speak japanese? Because im going to meet a japanese guy in a few days, and im expected to know something from the books i got for my birthday...and i dont...i only know a couple phrases from watching anime...

    Aaaaaaaanyone...? Plllllllease...?

  105. Hellboy, do you want to be in a new story I'm writing? It's based on the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but with our OCs. If so please name the power/skill you want to have. You can pick anything except for Ninja, Shapeshifter, Biotic and Master Swordswoman.

  106. Maybe I should be a pirate in Dragona's story. One with an eyepatch!

  107. LOL
    I don't think Hellboy would pick Master Swordswoman, Dragona.


    *looks sideways at Hellboy*

    ...one never knows....


  108. Ok Dragona! But wouldn't it just be easier to use my O.C from the Bio-Rama?


    Although I've never heard of this 'League of Gentleman', it sounds awesome!

    And Kal! You're online xD

  109. *leaps out of the shadows and tackles Hellboy in a hug*

    Hey! How are you?

  110. Hellboy. This is one of the parts I cut out. I wanted to intoduce a minor character but felt I gave her to much spotlight.
    With all the other oc's I have to write about I cut this part out and made it less.

    A tall thin woman sat in the parlor and looked coldly at Kallista as she passed by. Too hard and severe to be beautiful the woman possessed an aristocratic air and sophistication.
    “You there! Girl. Come here!” The woman commanded arrogantly.
    Bristling with resentment yet curious, Kallista obeyed. Could this woman be her brother’s visitor? Annoyed with the command, Kallista took her time and sashayed up to her. She stared back at the haughty woman with equally cool eyes.
    “Well?” The woman prompted, infuriated. “Aren’t you going to curtsy to me?”
    “”Why would I do that?” Kallista replied back with a hard voice.
    “How DARE you!” The woman stood up and raised her hand to Kallista. “Don’t you know who you are standing in front of?”
    “I really don’t care.” Kallista replied and turned away. “I’m leaving.”
    Mar hissed at her then yowled in alarm as the woman moved to hit Kallista.
    Turning slightly, Kallista caught the woman’s hand effortlessly and twisted it, causing the woman to gasp in pain.
    “Do not raise your hand to me Madam.” Kallista spoke in a deadly voice.
    Kristos chose that moment to reappear and stopped short at the sight before him.
    The woman shot Kallista a triumphant look as she whined to Kristos.
    “Kris, darling! This servant here has been unbelievably rude!” She narrowed her eyes in anticipation of Kallista’s punishment. “She is HURTING me!”
    Kristos sighed and smiled much to the woman’s confusion. He walked forward and took Kallista’s hand away from the woman’s.
    “Kallista. I would like you to meet Countess Vonda Verlise.” He introduced them to each other smoothly. “Countess. Meet my sister Kallista Pendragon.”

  111. Woah.... Pure epic...

    So, it looks like you're doing well with it.

    One thing I kinda wanted to share was an idea for my story that I wasn't quite sure if I should do.
    In the part above me, Sarthacus notices the flowerbed roundabout is full of black roses, which he knows only happens when someone is dead. Well, as the group find out later, the reason that the flowers are black is a trick played by a certain necromancer to lower moral and darken the thoughts of the Cleavers and Sanctuary.

    The reason I need your help, is cos that necromancer is going to be Florence Black, and I know that it might be a touchy subject for most people, seeing as how she left.
    So I was thinking if I should keep her in the story. Basically, she's the leader of a sort of minirebellion of escaped residents from EA. She wod pretty much only be featured in this part, but right now i don't even know if it's a good idea.

    What's your opinion?

  112. I'm all for it Hellboy! SOunds like a great idea. I'm keeping her in my fanfic too.
    I don't know how her OC will end up in your story but can tell you that Dragona might be upset if she is harmed, killed, or stays an enemy. He was pretty close to her. Then again, in Octa's poem he did for her, she dies. Dragona was sad about that but did not make much of a fuss.

    He might be okay with it if she ends up as an enemy/friend.
    I think your idea is exciting and Flo hurself would love it.
    I don't think you should deviate from your storyline if it's want you want. You have all these awesome clever ideas and I want to read them!
    I'll be around to talk to Dragona if he gets upset. But I don't think he will.

    I'll be around. I have to make dinner now though. Hope I don't burn it!

    Thanks for your thoughts on my story too! That idea with the echo stone was GENIUS!
    *bows to Hellboy*
    You truely are a master writer!

  113. I'm two hours late :(

    I always seem to be...

    I have no intention of killing off Flo. In fact, she was going to have an awesome part, y'know.

    Alright, cool. Good luck writing your fanfic! And cooking dinner.

    What are you making, anyways?

  114. *skips on humming Back in black*

    Hah! Guess what music my mom likes the most? ACDC of Michael Jackson?


    ...but i was stuck in a car asking 'are we there yet?', trying to annoy my dad so much that he would go faster. That didnt work.

  116. *tackles Mar in a hug*

    I made sloppy joes! Simple and tasty.......and sloppy!


  117. *spins around*

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  122. *Mar runs under a low branch knocking Kallista off*

    *Kallista lies there stunned, as Mar runs off crazily*

  123. *creeps up to kallista*

    *kallista mutters something about zombies*

    *hand shoots out and pokes kallista in the stomach*

  124. *Kallista screams crazily jumps up and begins chasing after Mar while firing off her trusty banana guns*

  125. *screams in spanish, running around in a giant circle*

  126. *quickly finds a Spanish translator and drags her back...*

    *together they try and catch up to Mar....*

    *Spanish translator gets kiddnapped by zebras wearing tux's*

    *Kallista trips over a blade of grass falls in the mud*

    *Mar continues to run crazily in a circle and tramples Kallista everytime she goes around*

  127. Ah. I gotta-

    *zebras in tux's crash into meh, carrying me away*


  128. Can you please get Alex to go on the chatbox instead? I can't access messenger on my iPod :(

  129. Hellboy, please don't kill off Flo :P

    Anyway, the idea of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is there's a number of people, all with different powers, who have to join together to save the world... pretty much.
    I can have you're OC in the story but it needs a name for the skill, like Israel can see 5 mins into the future or something, but what's the name for that power? Like psychic or something...

  130. Dragona. Hellboy said he is not going to kill off Flo. He made not mention of even doing so. I just put that in there to be extra careful cause I did not no his intentions. But Hellboy has always been good with other people's oc. We need not worry.

  131. Ahhh... So that's what you meant... Dang, I have no idea what to call it...

    .. I dunno....semi-phsycic? I dont have a clue. If worst comes to worst, just call him a Tactical Phsycic or something.

  132. Hey Hellboy! Have an awesome day at school and may you have no homwork!
    *says it like a blessing*

    I hope you don't get stressed over your next chapter Hellboy. I don't want to make you feel forced into writing it.

  133. Hey Hellboy! I was going to work on my fanfic today but have been to tired these last few days! I almost fell asleep during evening church today! :P

    Oh well, Maybe tomorrow I can get the rest done and get it posted. :)
    Mar posted severeal short stories and some poems. I think only one is really an OC fanfic. There is a SP one but no oc's. SHe's really a talented writer! And an artist too! :D

    Well, gotta go! Don't let homework take you over! Same goes for you to Alex if you see this!
    Do something fun for your selves! Or else I'LL BEAT YOU UP WITH MY TRUSTY BANANA PEEL!
    *shakes fist crazily at them*

    *salutes them, (Alex and Hellboy) and marches away in the wrong direction*

    *ends up in a swamp full of gators, scratching head in puzzlement, not realizing she is the gators evening meal*


  134. :P Goodnight, Kal. I'll be sure to check on Mar's blog now.

  135. *jumps in with army of flying monkeys*


  136. And Hellboy, my new story is up.


    This part doesn't feature you I'm afraid, or some of the others. Because of the length I only had space to put me and Kallista in it. If I added any more people it would be too long. Next part I'll add you in.

  137. HEY HELLBOY!!!!


    Part 5 of Nicolette's fanfic! :D


    Lizzy's latest!

    Despite having no school this week I still had to get up early. Nuts! >:o

    LOL Oh well. Maybe I can get some more writing done!

    Just so you know, Octa has not been around as much due to exams. I guess he will not really come back to us till sometime in May. Seems that exams is happening for everyone! Can't wait for summer break so I can talk with everyone again!
    How are you doing Hellboy? :D
    Talk to you soon!

  138. *steals chili* Ooo, the con-carn type! :D

    Thanks Kal! And why did you have to get up so early?
    And that sucks about Octa. LOL When you said that he won't be back until May i was like 'Wait-WHAT? MAY?' and then i checked the date and realised that the first of May is tomorrow lol :P

    I haven't got exams. Or at least, i don't count them as exams. There is the occasional test, but they're normally easy.

    I'm doing great :) Fan-fic's coming along nicely, i've planned to go see Battle: LA with some friends on the weekend, and Louis has refreshed my iPod with some awesome dubstep ;)

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  140. Aaaahh...who needs April? Let's skip it! :P
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    But that's a whole month away! NOOOO!!!!

    Damn exams...

  142. Hey, hellboy I've started reading a really great book! I bet you would like it :] It's called Thr3e!
    This is what is says on the back of my copy:

    Kevin Parson is driving his car late one summer day when, suddenly, his cell phone rings. A man who identifies himself as Slater speaks in a breathy voice:

    You have three minutes to confess your sin to the world. Refuse, and the car you're driving will blow sky high.

    Kevin panics. Who would make such a call? What sin? Kevin ditches the car. Precisely three minutes later, a massive explosion sets his world on a collision course with madness.

    It's even better than it sounds! 'Tis fantastic! I'm loving it! :] It's like an amazingly awesome version of a super exciting thriller movie! :D
    I'm kinda hyper right now!
    YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY READ IT!!! I mean, AFTER the Hunger Games trilogy, of course! :]
    It's BRILLIANT! I've heard lots of people saying how great of an author Ted Dekker is, well now I believe it! Such vivid scenes and exciting... well scenes! You're asking what and who throughout the whole thing! Well, I haven't read it all YET, but so far, I've been asking who and what throughout and keep getting all caught up in it and wonder if Slater is watching me through the window right then!!!!
    AHH That's crazy right?!?
    ~laughs nervously~
    Slater isn't a REAL guy! He's a fiction in a book!
    RIGHT?!?! RIGHT?!?!?

    I'm ok....
    BUT READ IT!!!

  143. Wow! That was a long comment! Sorry about that!!!

    ~bounces away~

  144. Skyril :D that book sounds awesome! I'll definitely be picking that up after I've read HG.

    But where's your story :( I crave it!

  145. HELLBOY!!
    Are you still on????

  146. Sorry about my fan-fic! I've sorta got bogged down a bit and am not quite sure how to write this or how I WANT to write it, even, but I really WANT to write it. So I'm going to try...

  147. Yay! You're on!!
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  151. Yep :] we have a tree that sits right above our roof, and the possums always seem to make their way inside and run around inside the roof at night :(

  152. Do you like carrot cake??? I used to think I wouldn't. I mean, CARROT cake. I thought it couldn't be good! But now I like it! Especially from this restaurant called Copeland's!! Their carrot cake is FANTASTIC!

  153. Ooo I wouldn't like that!
    I hater hearing anything but silence and perhaps a car drive by at night!

  154. I'm really glad you're gonna read Thr3e! It seems like no one has read it! It's sad since it's such a good book :]

  155. OMG so sorry Skyr gtg school talk soon I swear

  156. By the way, I left a comment on your Shotgun post on TEGI :]

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  158. Ok, Hellboy, no worries you have to go :]
    farewell! Hope to see you soon!

  159. http://mar-chusbloginblogland.blogspot.com/2011/03/sp-fanfiction-part-six.html

    Mar's next part.

  160. *sighs*
    I posted my fanfic then took it off. I am really dissapointed with it. Some parts are just so unbelievably stupid. That's the kindess way I can put it right now. However, I feel bad because I told many people I would have it posted by tomorrow.
    So I will put it back up. It's ok if you don't want to read it. I'm going to redo it or maybe just quit writing after this. I just feel that writing is not my thing. After re reading the stale and awkwardness of my story it just seemed to drive that point home.
    I hope you continue to use my OC though. If not I will just pull her bio from Bio Rama.

  161. http://kallistabio.blogspot.com/2011/03/kallista-pendragon-part-10.html

    My latest chapter.

  162. Umm...I'm just going to write a few comments. You know why?
    So I can get 1st on the next page.

  163. *gives out her famous tarzan call and goes on a rampage*

  164. Skyril asked Derek landy a really good question. If two people fall asleep with a echo stone between them, will the stone show two holograms?