Saturday, May 28, 2011

For Kallista's Parents and Miss Pendragon herself:

Hey! My name's Hellboy, I'm another Blogger, and I am also a friend to Kallista Pendragon.

This is one of the greatest privileges I have ever been graced with. Because a friendship with Kallista is an invaluable thing. She is one of the most kindest, modest, selfless people I have ever met. No matter how bad things are, she strives to see the good side. When someone is at the lowest point of their life, when they cannot simply exist for emotional or physical pain is too much, she does not stand for it, and she is there within seconds, consoling them. I should know. It's happened to me.

Kallista is the best kind of friend I could ever hope for. She cares about everything you say. She always is funny, never rude, and knows exactly what to say and when to say it.

I could name every single member of our blogs, every single damn one, and I swear by everything I know that they'd miss Kallista if she left. They'd miss her, and they'd not give in until she came back.

She is a huge, important part of all of our lives, and we are of hers. You'd be destroying more than you're trying to save, if she left.

There is another Blogger that I would like to mention, one by the name of Lenka Sweet.
Lenka's going through Hell right now. She feels that her life is upside down, that nothing can fix it. Literally; Hell. And Kallista, through sheer power and a will of iron, with a clear thought in her mind to never give up, is walking Miss Sweet out.

Go visit her Blog. (Lenka's Blog) And scroll down to the comments. I swear, every second comment has something thoughtful written by Kallista, telling Lenka that we are all here for her, we love her, and that we need her back.

I know that this isn't much, and there really is just so many things you can write to describe how awesome a friend Kallista is. But I do know one thing:

Kallista is full of unending compassion, humor, and is wise beyond her years.

Kallista, please, show your parents this. Everyone else, you have to do this as well, I'm telling you, we all have to help.Come on!


  1. Woot!
    Cheers for awesome Kallista! :3

  2. Wow. Thank you Hellboy for your kind words. I'm overwhelmed! I can't stay long. But wanted to say thank you for your friendship. I will continue to try and come on as I can. I definately want to be here for Lenka's sake as well as for my own. I have never know so many cool and wonderful people such as the SP gang members. I'm grateful to have met you all.
    I'm not gone fo rgood. SO don't worry about that.

  3. Good idea about the posting of the links on Bio-rama. Sorry I didn't see the comment 'til Octa asked me about it on a different post.

  4. Sick. Sick sick sick sick sick sick SICK!

    But not just the flu or cold kind of sick. I'm talking about the kind where I slept for ten hours when I got home early, still didnt feel well, and am awake at three o'clock in the morning now just to post this comment.

    I hurt everywhere....back, head, eyes, legs, arms, even my mouth feels like crap. Urrghhh....

    I wont post this on the Biorama page, but I just want to say that I'm amazed, utterly amazed at the incredible work that you've all done. 18 'Save Kallista' posts have been written.
    How about we get it to 20? 25?

    And now I must *try* to get back to sleep. Nrgurghngggghhh....

  5. Awwww!
    I'm sorry you're feeling bad, Hellboy :[
    I hope you get better soon! In fact, I hope you're already better as you're reading this comment!

  6. And yes, indeed! 25 we should most definitively strive for! :3

  7. Oh, Hellboy. I'm sad to see that you are ill. :(
    I hope and pray you recover soon and can be comfortable again.
    Take it easy and get plenty of rest!

  8. Oh yes, I'll pray too for sure.
    I hope you'll get better soon.

  9. Are your bored Hellboy? Need some eintertainment? How about I give Skyril here a noogie?
    *grabs a squealing Skyril in a headlock and gives her a royal noogie*

    *noogie creates static electricity in Skyril' shair*

    *grabs some balloons and sticks then all around Skyril's head*

    *floats some balloons over to Hellboy*

    C'mon Hellboy! Join in and place some balloons on Skyril's head!

  10. Sorry to hear you are ill!

    Mary Hiashi and Mir also wrote Kallista pleas but they have the same problem as Dragona and can't comment.

    So I posted their links there for them.

    21 people have now posted a plea for Kallista.

    And although your plea isn't one of the comments Taia posted the same plea on two blogs so it equals out as number of comments = number of people now.

    So let's get to 25! *badgers Lizzy to write something*

  11. Four more people.

    Let's see


    They haven't written one yet.

  12. Sounds good enough :) Thanks all for wishing me well and doing good on the pleas.

    Ncis...How I met your mother...Good Game...Big Bang Theory... Arrested Development... All of those tv shows and more have been airing all day and I'm too sick to sit and watch a full eps. *sigh*

  13. :(
    Really hope you are feeling better today Hellboy. I left an update post on TEGI.

  14. Hi all!!!

    Just wanted to say that I've started a fanfic and it has the Elysium Asylum in it

    link is:

  15. Awesome Pyro, thanks for leaving the link.

    And i am feeling a bit better today, i will be going back to school tomorrow tho :(

  16. Glad to hear your feeling a bit better.

    I have finally got

    Part 3 of my fanfic! Yay!

    Inspired by Pyro's fanfic it is very closely linked.

  17. Does anyone even remember part 1 or 2?

    I think they're much better

    A. I didn't write it when I was ill. I've come down with something or other :(
    B. I didn't have a 5 month gap with no practice of fanfic when I wrote the first two.

    But I hope it's alright.

    It has Israel in it.

  18. YEs. I remember the first to parts Octa. I reread many of the fanfics including yours.
    Hellboy. I'm glad you are feeling better. :D It's a relief to hear that.
    *celebrates and throws confetti*

  19. Hey Hellboy. here is the link to the chat we all go on.

    Auila is the owner and has made Dragona and me a Mod. We make sure all is in oder when the chats go on. We can't ban each other but can ban people for missusing teh chats. No one form our group really does. But we have gotten strange people on who are a bit creepy. So they get banned.
    Aquila and the rest of us thought you would make a great Mod for the Aussies and those on at that time.
    ALl you have to do is go on when Aquila is around. She is the only one who can make you a Mod.
    I'm not sure about time frames. But even when you get up today, if you go on, I can have her hang around a bit longer.
    I really hope ou feel a lot better when you get up.

  20. Glad to hear you're feeling better, Hellboy! :]

  21. By the way, whenever you get a chance, I wrote two poems...
    I don't know what's come over me!! O.o
    So not a poet...
    Anyway, one's about Kallista and the other's about Jodi Harte. :] They're both quite short, though.
    Here's the links to them :]

  22. ~notices the confetti Kallista through~

    Confetti party!!

    ~throws purple confetti~

  23. *sneaks up behind Skyril and gives her a noogie*
    HAHA! So much fun!

  24. Hey Kallista, sorry for not getting up earlier. Was still just a bit sick.

    That's a pretty big responsibility for
    I'm not on as much as i'd like to be. If no-one else wants it, sure, but there are some other people. There's Rosella...Alex...uh...damn it, who else is Aus here? >.<

    Skyril! I read both those poems, and i swear that i commented on their awesomeness. I'll go and comment now, if you want.

    And finally, Octa. Heeeeeeeeeeeeell yeah.... XD Thankyou for putting him in it! I'm off to read it now!

    Good to see you. I hope you take it easy and feel better. Come by the chat for a little bit and we can talk there.

    All I can tell you is that if I can be a Mod then ANYBODY could be a mod. But you are one who sticks out in all our minds. Soooo....WE CHOSE YOU! YAY!
    *dances around Hellboy*

  26. AWESOME, Octa! :D

    The only weird thing is that my fanfic, not the Kallista one but the one i stopped working on momentarily, i'm actually writing a part at E.A where Nyx Dawn has been sent on an assassination mission to kill you. O.o It's going to work out differently, but my story's already kinda messed up like that, so it'll be like an 'infinites' story. Anything can happen, nothing has. So i can choose to include certain history and certain traits of the characters that might not be them in other stories.


    ...yeah, forget it, i didn't understand that paragraph either...

    FREAKING COOL Poems Skyril! ;) I still don't get why she ever got those orange sideburns, though...

  27. I think I got that paragraph... :P
    Maybe not xD

    Anyway, Woo-hoo! Thanks! :]
    And yeah, like Kallista said on chat, she's been teasing about sideburns and mustaches and whatnot and putting them on people and people putting them on her :P
    Glad you liked them :]

  28. I got most of that paragraph.

    Up to assassination mission to kill you O.o

    Then I'm lost :P

  29. Wait for it.... I understand a bit more of that.

    I think I got it!

    And my answer would be yes. To the "right?" question thing.

  30. Hey, Hellboy, I don't think you got to see this yesterday plus Kallista's kept buffering. So now y'all can both watch and be like, "Duuuude! That's so awesome!! *squeal*"
    Although... you refrain yourself from squaling, Hellboy :P

  31. Well, you MAY refrain yourself anyway... I think it will be kinda hard because of how incredibly awesome it is :D

  32. Awesome-sauce!!

    ~grins madly~
    I love these people!

  33. Dude xD

    Last link, really...
    I think :D

  34. You you ever say "dude?"
    I say dude fairly a lot, actually, but, you know, I don't mean it as in a male, I mean it as in, "Woah!"
    Yeah... I'm sure you knew that xP

  35. *stumbles in*



    Hiya Joe! How's Rob? Tell him I say hello and give him a hug! Same for your brother! Tell them that was from the Mar that Haunts Libraries! Hah.


    Thought you had gotten rid of me, hmmmm?


    By the way, I've recently started to think of writing a quick story where Israel is about to eat some weird food, but then he sees the food leads to the end of the world, so he just walks away and nothing happens. Hah. things like that happen alot to him?




    I am currently jumping up and down on a pillow.

    *eats a flower*

    *munch munch*

  36. *rolls around*

    *talks a mile a minute*

    Do you like waffles? Hey, what are you going to be for halloween? Maybe I'll be Darquesse! Thalia is being Skulduggery I think and Jimmybelle is bein Valkyrie. Maybe we could get someone to be stephanie and we'll be a mighty four-some! Hey! Socks! I'm not wearing any socks! We have the sock hop tomarrow! Firat one for us! We watch a movie in the morning, and then we have a dance where we wear only our socks! We have a DJ, and theres contests for longest socks, most colorful socks, most socks, and...something elseeee...HEY HEY HEY HEY! I heard one summer at camp that bug spray was realy flamable! We nearly blew up the camp, which would have been fine because we hated it. I skipped like three days in the week and went home. Pah. THEY LOST A VALUABLE CAMPER, THE SUCKERS!

    *wobbles around, dizzy*

    *falls onto the pillow, barefeet in the air*

  37. Ok....
    Two more!
    You don't have to listen to them,

    But they're AWESOME!!

  38. Have you ever watched Pride and Prejudice, Hellboy?

    Lizzy posted
    Octa Posted
    Skyril posted.

  40. Ok Octa...well, it wasn't that important anyway. You'll see when i continue my other story.

    @Skyril Awesome songs xD I liked the second one.
    But i think that i'm all violin-ed out now. It's not really my absolute top music, sorry.

    And no...i haven't watched that movie...i've heard of it, but what's it about?

    And thanks Kal, i'll look at those straight away!

  41. *stops playing her violin when she sees Hellboy's above cooment*


    *a string snaps and flicks her in the face*


  42. LOL
    Ok then, Hellboy :P

    Well.... it's about this family... and there are... 5 daughters, I think. It mainly follows the second oldest, Elizabeth. Anyway.. LOL this is going to sound silly and really boring, but their mom is always trying to get them married and stuff. I'm not very good at describing, really, and I don't know if it would be up your alley :P
    I was just randomly browsing dA yesterday and found this awesome cartoonish sketch of the two main character, Elizabeth and Darcy. It was just so perfect I wanted to show someone :P

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. ~puts a Band-Aid on Kallista's nose~

  45. Hey Hellboy. I need a favor from you. When you get on. Woule you go to the chat please? I need you to make me a guest there. Thank you.

  46. please come back to the chat. I'm sorry I was not there right away.

  47. I'm going to be signed in to chat but may not be there all the time. If you could just click on my name and make me a guest I would be grateful. Thank you