Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Utterly Brilliant.

Utterly. Inconceivably, impossibly, amazingly, fantastically and terrifically brilliant.

You all are. From here to the moon and, of course, back.

I can't thank you enough for being my friends, my epica, loyal friends that go out of their way to convince me to be a happier person, to drag me away from depressing thoughts, to make me feel up to facing another crappy day with a smile on my face.

Everything you wrote was so amazing, in fact, that (when I am able to) I will print them out and keep them close by. In the meantime, the previous post will have a permanent place in my bookmark bar (Eyyup. I know how strangely nerdy this sounds.) where I can always view the post, but more importantly, remind myself of the replies you gave, and exactly why I should not feel the way I did. 

Also, you're all pretty damn awesome. I tip all three (All three! :O) of my hats to you, my friends.

Some other things to note:

Lenka. *hugs* It's good to hear from you again, and it's good to know that you will be able to come online more often.

Nix... You know, I get the feeling you don't like the title 'New people'. That's fine, I get it; you're experienced, you've run the blog well enough without us. Right? Right. But it was either I call you 'New people' or I call you 'Buncha inexperienced NOOBS!' :P

Now, I think I have mentioned this several times, but I have been trying to come back to Derek's. Forgive me if I get bored while I'm there, or drop out for seemingly no reason. It's going to take longer than I expected for me to settle back in.

That being said, I find it so much easier to go to Chatzy, and that's instantly where my mouse clicks when I think of going to talk to my friends. I apologize, even though going to one place or another is my choice completely, and I'll gladly enjoy time on Derek's when I want to. I don't need anyone's consent as to where I go. This reminds me of a time that Dragona... *strokes imaginary beard and stares off into the distance like an old man about to tell a tale about World War 2*

Also, I've become forgotten? So easily? Wow. Yep, that's fantastic. And not the same fantastic that I used earlier on. This is like, an almost-sarcastic, sadly said, 'fantastic'. Guess I should have been there more. Oh well. I'll start again, try and be as nice as possible, despite those funny opinions of unsaid people you mentioned *pokes them* Oh, how fun it must be over at Xat for them. I mean, uh ;D

No, but seriously. You're awesome. And I'll go to Derek's. But in due time, aight?

Finally...has anyone else been reading the awards and going "Woah, I totally know who's going to get this award! The description fits them perfectly!" and then, "...I'm sorry, but I don't know how they got that award, when the person I thought would get it didn't."

Alright, that's not a really good description. Here's a couple of examples:

Best blogsister:

*me* Omg, Kallistasista will definitely get this! The description is matching her perfectly! She's always been the best sister, not only to me, but to everyone else here.

'And the award goes to... Lynxia!'

*me* Oh. 

Mother minion:

*me* Anne will definitely get that! She rarely went on chat, too, and she always was cool at Derek's. And she's a mother to at least three kids! (not counting the goats :P)

'And the award goes to... Emerald!'

Honestly, good for them. Congratz, people who won the awards! I guess it would make sense that 80% of the people who voted were from Derek's... I harbour no anger, cos we'll probably do an award ceremony or something too. So much for 'Not dividing/splitting up blogland' xD

...Now what to say? Oh, you know what I've been doing? Guess. No, don't guess, you won't answer in time.
I've been writing up the next little 'adventure' for Jacob Reynolds, my Private Investigator. I have the entire plot lined out >:D I don't know when I'll finish it, but it shouldn't be more than a couple of weeks :)

Just...once again, thankyou, everyone. Your comments really brightened my mood. I'm not going to forget them in a hurry *hugs tightly*


  1. New People is sounding to start a lot better

    Sorry about my kinda losing whatever cool I had. I'd just like more of the old people there... Don't tell anyone, but I miss the old people...

    Oh, and the Awards was just a way for a few friends to gongradulate each other. Mother Minon wasn't an offical award either, by the way. I don't think the sister one was either...
    The nominations were mostly from the new people. There weren't many old people nominating others. But I know exactly how it feels, to know an award was rightly someone elses.

    Sorry again

    1. Don't worry about it, Nix. And I wont tell anyone ;)

      ...I guess I didn't really see that they were just pretend awards, those two XD And no apologizing! Smile! Are you smiling?

      Awww how about now? Look, it's got a perfect :3 face! :"D

    2. I was decided between smiling and the eternal glare that rises demons from the pitts of hell, but the smile looked better on me

      You'll start learning that I rarely act serious.

      Oh, and I apologise a lot. Sorry about that

      The internet is a great place. The pic will save lives one day. Oh, and if someone's marking my words, could you please tell me how it's done. Is it just like writing it down, or is there a technique?

    3. I never thought about that 'Marking my words' thing. Well said. Well said indeed.

  2. Oh, Hellboy, those awards were the last minute awards people just randomly gave out to people they love. No one voted on those. xD

    Andcan I just say one thing? One little thing? I know how incredibly advantages us New Settlers (;D) had because we voted for our friends, but honestly, we don't know the people you know. We don't know you well enough to vote for you. I'm sure many of you people that moved to chat fit perfectly in awards, but we don't have anything to back that up with. Just like you people don't know us. I mean, some of you have come back to Blogland to get to know us, but a lot of you haven't, and few of us have gone over to Chat to say hi to you. The Awards was created by a newer bloglandian, so obviously more NEWER people would hear about it and vote. I don't know how many of your peeps voted, but it wouldn't have been a lot, because our votes overruled yours. I find that sad, because I'm sure a lot of you deserved those. MAYBE if you asked Luciana Scáth she'd let you make ANOTHER Awards but just for chatties? Call me lazy, but the blog is easier to get to, and mum wouldn't let me on Chat anyway. So I haven't really gotten to know you guys as much :/

    1. Just like I said in reply to Nix's comment, I'm sorry, I didn't really see that they were just random ones :P I just grabbed a couple that stood out.

      'New Settlers' Nice :P Actually, we could just call each other Gen 2 and Gen 3ish. We can still be a whole group, but made out of members of Gen 2 and 3ish. Well, even that's not correct. It's more like, Gen123 and then Gen4+ (the plus indicating 'onwards' because there are always new people).

      Origen? You know, like Origin, but Original-Generation? OriGen. I like that. And then, Gen+. Anyone else like those names?

      I understand your logic, I get that because the awards were run by Gen+ and voted by mostly Gen+, Origen weren't voted for as much, if at all. It's ok! I'm over that. We'll probably just have another one or something.

      ...I'm not sure that I like 'Origen' now. Origin sounds better. Origin, guys?



    3. Yeah, I'm fine with any name, Hellboy xD

    That is so great you have the plot and all sorted!!
    I hope I can read it someday. That would be awesome!
    I agree 'New people' is WAY better the ye whole 'NOOBS' one.
    *Wonders where she can get such an EPICA imaginary beard*
    My imaginary beard is rather flimsy and crap. :P

    1. Thanks, NJ! :D It's not so much a book as a short piece, less than a hundred pages... Still, your support is appreciated. Thankyou :)

      You can buy them at the local beard shop. It also sells hats. And marshmellow guns :P

  4. *hugs Hellboy tightly*
    This was a great post to wake up too! *yawns* :P
    It does me good to hear you are happy again. Remember that one time (it was last year I thin) You said you were sorta day dreaming in school and board and you imagined what it would be like if suddenly someone came fromthe blogs to take you away,like maybe me on a motorcycle. I am SO gonna do that one day Hellboy! I am gonna come to yourschool riding on a motorcycle and TAKE YOU AWAY! BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA (first I gotta learn how to ride one)*has shifty eyes*

    ANyhow, I would take you to Michigan and THROW YOU IN A LAKE! *more mad laughter is heard*

    Then we would have a water splash war and go on the water trampoline and also go canoeing down a river then eat hotdogs that were cooked over a camp fire and have icecream and s'mores for desert! YAY!,r:8,s:91,i:31
    (not sure pic will work)

  5. *grumbles and kics dirt as she pases waiting for Hellboy,Lenka or anyone to come on*
    *stubs her toe and howls liek a banshee*

    *hops on one foot while holdign the injured one*

    *hops right into a deep hole*

    *lands spread eagle with face planted in the dirt*

    -_- My mother told me there would be days lie this.

  6. *hugs Hellboy tight*

    I'm so glad that you are feeling better, and that our words helped. I hope that we'll see you on chatzy or the blogs soon :)

    Also yes good more Hellboy writing :D

  7. Well, Hellboy, I'm sure we're only SOMEWHAT..., you know, "Utterly. Inconceivably, impossibly, amazingly, fantastically and terrifically brilliant." Because you rubbed off on us ;]

    Nextly! [I still think that should be a word... It's definitely better than boring ol' "next"]
    ~wants to read Jacob Reynolds story~

  8. *hugs back*


    (Yeah I pluralise stuff with the letter Z. That's just how I roll :p)

    So glad you are feeling better and that are comments helped.

  9. Wow... this... this is so weird... I think... I think I'm caught up with everything... FF's, deviantart, emails.... This can't be right O_o

  10. ~meanders about without purpose~
    If... if I'm not catching up with things.... what... am I to do? :o

  11. ~sits under an apple tree confusedly~
    ~eats a cupcake~
    ~mutters something about being momentarily purposeless~


    2. I just want to write super fast, and then have everyone else write super fast, too ._.


    4. Would you share your pony wiht me?

      I need a hug. I am becomeing too much a burden on people. I wish they would let me go.

    5. @Hellboy
      LOL sorry! I had already left xD

    6. Now, Kal, LISTEN, even if you WERE a burden [which you're not] we'd MUCH rather you have us here with us than otherwise ~Hugs tight~
      We love you, sister :D

    7. Love you too. Hate that I got all upset and had a meltdown yesterday. Pink was not nice for what she did, but she should not have to be responsible for pain she did't cause. I am afraid that sometimes the years of holding things back just explode with the slightest of provokation.
      My pain is a shameful thing and I wish I never had said anything and had left when the first signs of stress came several years ago. I think Blogland would have been a calmer place without the hurricane that is Kallista. :)
      Yes there have been positive.(spelling NOT being one of them) But I think it would have been a greater experience for all involve if I were not here. I can think of many reasons why.
      I don't and won't ever regret meeting all of you. I just regret that you all had to meet me.

    8. I got to tell you, Kal, honestly here: There's no way I would still be in Blogland if I had never met you. I wouldn't be a poet, a writer, and I wouldn't be insane. I would be very polite and very boring, and I wouldn't have any friends. Trust me, I've thought about leaving before, but it was always you who brought me back.
      There's no way I'd EVER in a million years be sorry for meeting you ~huggles~

  12. :/ Kal...honestly, I would choose the current blogland over any other. You leaving would have not made it better whatsoever. And plus, meeting you was one of the most epic things in my life. You're a beautiful girl with a sense of humor that could brighten ANY day. You've got an amazing personality, and the way you're always focused on helping others is just too epica. But I dont want you to become so absorbed in the greater good that you end up not paying much attention to what YOU might like... I don't know where I' going with this ._. Israel and I suck at speeches.

    *hugs tightly*

    1. *hugs back* I'm not leaving. Just thinkign otu loud I guess. A bit regretful. Never regretful for meeting you,Alex, Lizzy, Octa, SKyril and all the rest. Just wanted to be stronger then I am. Wanted for things to turn out a different way where I live. I just want to see there is hope for where I live. But it is all so scary and uncertain at best. Living wiht that has been hard. I hope for releif but everything seems so impossibe. So I get over stressed dometimes. It is thenthat iwish I was stronger so it would not even so much as to leak into blogland. But what is done is done. I will do what I can to not leave myself so open for those few who have betrayed me to hurt me so easily again. I hate when I explode on all of you. The best thing for me is to see everyone happy, safe and healthy. The worst is when I add my problems to some one elses and make them even more stressed.
      *hugs back*
      I won't leave if i can make it. If not, I will keep in contact by email.

    2. BW Hellboy. The only thin you suck at are lollipops!
      *wild laughing can be heard as she dashes away madly*

  13. BAh. Flame tried to help me with the thing with Pink. HE only got a huge tast of Draquila's manipulative mocking bull. I had hoped he would be spared from that. But yeay, saw thier convo. Saved it to show how twisted they are and sent it to you. As you saw from the encounteer with Pin yesterday, she violated a trust issue and more and none of what went on is an "opinion" but a fact. She was rude, twisted things, was dishonest, and tried to start trouble. It all happend on main this time before peoples eyes. No more sneaking around with the bully bit in pc and pretending to be innocent. I am dissapointed in some others too. But it's all in the email. *hugs* I am so glad that there are people liekk you in the world Hellboy and not just the mean manipulator/haters. *shudders* Can't believe I let myself fall for thier lies at one time of being "nice" and "decent" people.
    BTW Octa came on there and Aquila was rude to him askking if he would have a go at her too. (this was after FLame and Wllow were tryign to get the beasts to thinn about what they did and how wrong they have been) Octa of course said no. HE didn't want to be involved (which I don't want him to be) SHe then asked if he thought she was a horrible person. HE said no. She was all happy about that. I guess I would be too igf I had a go unfairly at someone asn did and said all kinds of horrible things in a sneaky manipulative way and yet got the love of the one who is being slandered to still think she is wonderful.
    Well, I now know she is truely rotten to the coer and am sorry for it. I really hoped she would show she could be honest and fair and kind.

    1. You know, I hate it how she asks people what they think of her. Yet again, a tactic to get the sympathy from people. If they're truthful, and tell her they don't like her, or think she's the conniving little monster with a cardboard crown that she really IS, then she can go and cry and say "that person doesn't like me! Woe as me!" and get people's sympathy. ~rolls eyes~

    2. *hugs Kallie*

      I don't think that Aquila is a wonderful person. But I didn't want to be rude either. All I said was I don't think she's a horrible person. That doesn't mean she's a nice person.

  14. Hellboy, that's great! I'm glad to hear that you've got another story planned! :D

    And I'm so happy the comments helped. I think we all hate knowing that a friend is upset, and we can't really do things like show up at your house and have a movie night and eat pizza and talk about everything that's wrong. So I guess we do the best with what we can with our words via the internet, and it's always wonderful to know that they still mean something, despite the secondary form of communication. *hugs*

    (Also, I seem to be really out of the loop. Could someone link me to the chatzy that's been setup? Pleeeeeease? *pouts*)

    1. Lenka. If you don't mind, I will email it too you. Others are takign adantage of me and hurting me so I don't want to give it out here or the password.
      email is
      *hugs tight*

  15. Kallie sent me to your blog.

    Now I am here.

    Reading all the posts.

    And those awards are random ones I gave out because I was hyper.

    I didn't even know the older gens knew about the BA.

    How did you all hear about it!?

    My ideas suck.

    I really didn't know you knew about my idea until you e-mailed me.

    And I am still one of the newer Bloglandians. So, I didn't even know half of you.

    *pokes* This is fun. Reading your blog. Why didn't you make me do it sooner?