Friday, September 24, 2010

Fan-fic Prologue Part 3

Well, here we are again. I have less than 3 minutes to write something quick and tehn im off.

Well, here's quick:

it was the last day of school for term 3 today, which means nxt 2 weeks are holidays wich means that hopefully i will be able to  catch up on a helluva lot of writing, which means that u guys will enjoy this more.

i have collected names for louis to draw, but if you were too late to sign up you can still post ur name (only) in the comment section of this post and i will look for ur bio on Lizzy's Biorama. If u dont know who lizzy is, u should look around. She's everywhere, i swear...

Now, this is the END OF THE PROLOGUE. Next i will be posting Part 1, which the main character is Bridget Whiplash.

BUT! Just because the story is based around her character for this part, YOU CANNOT JUST SKIP IT. To fully understand my masterpiece, u NEED TO READ IT ALLLL!!!! When it's your turn, you can revel in the glory and so on, but until then, READ THE STORY, DAMMIT.

Just a gorram precaution.

Well, that wasnt that fast so yeah. Also, i will not be posting over the next few days,because my internet will be down. Give it until, say, WEDNESDAY 29th of September. Then i will post a new part.

ALSO, I won (or at least i think that's what the letter said) the Annual Spring Poetry Competition, which is actually a big deal. Out of all of South Australia, i think.....

Either that, or im just invited. Fill u all in on details later.


*plus* this is not a slice from the end or whatevs. this is no spoiler, just read it, k?

The city was black and dead. The blast had killed so many, and the power surge that followed corrupted thousands more. Survivors stumbled through the wreckage, past the rock statues and flaming bodies. Darkness seeped through the city.
Solomon Wreath was one of those survivors, though barely. He was still affected by the surge, yet for some reason it was taking it’s time with him, rather than ending it quickly.
He tripped time and time again, and then he would scramble to his feet and run. The shadows, the ones that he had once created, were after him. The death in the city did not help either. That, plus the power boost, had made them almost impossible to evade. He knew deep down that he was almost done for. He would tire, or injure himself,  and then it would all be over.
He ran into a building, taking the stairs two at a time. He reached the roof and shut the door behind him. The shadows bashed against it, longing to reach their victim. He backed away, stepping up onto the edge of the roof. He had a perfect view of the destruction that had taken place in the city.
Far off, he could still see the flashes of light as an elemental sorcerer tried and failed to stop himself from burning up. His screams echoed loudly and reached Solomon’s ears. He didn’t care. There was no-way he could have stopped it anyway.
The door was blasted off it’s hinges and the shadows seeped towards him. Wreath turned and faced them, holding out his hand. Using what little hold he had over them, he created a boundary, stopping them in their tracks. The shadows paused, unable to move. Then they stopped faking and darted towards him and real fear was in his eyes. He stepped lightly off of the roof, falling to the streets below. It was a race; would he die painlessly or would the shadows get to him first?
His world spun and he saw grey clouds and burning wreckage, and the shadows speeding towards him.
Yes, he thought. I’m going to die, but at least I will not have to suffer painfully.
He would have made it. Had the shadows not been affected by the surge, he would have touched the ground first and his life would have ended quickly. He forgot this, so it came as a complete surprise when the shadows grabbed him metres from the ground and started peeling the skin from his face. He screamed, but didn’t try to stop them.
What could he have done, anyway?

Israel woke with a start, and was comforted to see that he was no longer in a world full of death and destruction.
His eyes focused and he saw his friends around him, and he tried what he thought was a believable smile. Weakly, he sat up, and Lewis Ryker removed his hand from where it had been gripping Israel’s arm. Israel noticed Lewis’ forehead was slick with sweat. He waited until he until he had caught his breath, then asked “Are you OK?”
Lewis shook his head and banged the doors of the van open, vomiting on the pine needles outside. Everyone took a step back and Mary Hiashi turned away in disgust as he vomited again. “I’m sorry,” he spluttered, wiping his mouth. “It took everything I had to boost you and not the whole world.”
“How was it?” asked Kallista Pendragon.
“A bloody mess! I almost ended the world, girl!” Lewis ranted. But Kallista’s eyes were fixed on Israel.
“Israel?” she questioned in a small voice. Lewis stopped talking.
“It was-” Israel paused, noticing that all eyes were upon him. Not all of them had been able to fit in the van, so some peeked in from the back. “exhilarating,” he finished. “It was like I could have reached into the lives of someone standing on the other side of the earth, and then read their future for the next hundred years.
Nicolette Croga stepped back, shocked. No wonder the Sanctuary was after Lewis.
“Did we get what we wanted?” said Mary.
“Oh yes. There is someone in Japan who knows of cure. Dragona, Jodi, Kallista, Skyril, Mary, Bridget and someone called Necros will go and search there. I just need to gather my thoughts and then I will have the address.”
“There’s a cure? And not just a bullet to the head?” said Lewis.
Israel nodded and he saw Lewis’ eyes widen.
“Wait, did you say someone called Necros?” Skyril frowned.
“Yeah,” answered Israel. “I couldn’t seem to see what he looks like. You know him?”
“Know him?” She laughed. “He’s my cousin, Israel. I’ve known him for years. Remember?”
Everyone shook their heads. “No,” said Bridget, inspecting her long nails. “I for one have never heard of this ‘Necros’.”
“Really?” Skyril looked around at the group. “You know, worked up in Switzerland with Anarchy Rose? That is, before she was kicked out of there…”
All was silent. Then Darkane raised her hand. “Oh, I know her!”
Skyril muttered ‘finally’ and Darkane continued.
“But wait-isn’t she a book?”
“No,” said Jodi, rolling her eyes, “that’s ‘Epiphany with Foes.’ Idiot.”
Darkane lowered her hand and sank low into her seat.
Anyway,” came Israel’s voice and everyone looked back. “The rest of us-Aquila, Skylara, Lewis, Sarthacus, Bridget, Nicolette and I-will stay here, and hope to find a good place to hide.”
“Alright then,” said Mary. “It’s settled. We should catch a plane as soon as possible. Maybe even this afternoon. I can’t wait to visit Japan again.”
“Yeah, and I’ll call Necros and tell him what’s happening. Too bad Anarchy isn’t in town, they always work well together,” added Skyril.
Around the group, there was a small sense of accomplishment. They finally had a plan. About damn time, too, thought Israel, climbing into the front seat and putting the van into gear.
So far, he hadn’t told anyone about what he had seen just before he woke up. He wasn’t planning to, either.
I mean, just think. How would you cope if you were told the end was coming and no-one could stop it?

As you can see, mention to the character Anarchy Rose and Switzerland, so yeah. It's a cool OC, Lizzy.

I had this really crummy ending to the prologue, something along the lines of "and he put the car into gear and tehy drove off into the beggining of a new story," but man that sucked so i replaced it with a reminder that the end is coming. Yep, totally not cheesy. And original too. Yep....

Skyril and Alexzz! i hope you allow me to make u 2 cousins! it was the best case scenario for an intro too u, Necros.



  1. haha i dont mind, i wouldve preferred not to have family and maybe have just been an acquaintance who was hired by anarchy in Switzerland :D ~ but if it fits well roll with it ;) - oh and also this is great stuff, i cant wait, see my holidays are halfway through (melbourne *sigh*)

    P.S ~ im gonna start a story it probably wont be a fan-fic but anyway would you like Israel to be included?

  2. ack, poor Wreath. thanks for making Bridget a main character, and good luck in the poetry contest.

  3. love it! 4 stars **** (yeah thats right hellboy,im not as tough of a critic as you with your 3 stars for my fan-fic!)
    oh and congrats of the poetry contest (ive never heard of it but that is probs becuase im not an aussie.) i hope you did win and didnt just get invited.
    and please say hi to your amazing brother.
    you lucky swines! you got the fantastic writing skill and he has the drawing skill. *murmurs angrily about not having a skill then goes to get a lamb chop to calm her down*

  4. Awesome story, Hellboy! And poor Solomon wreath! What a horrible way to go!
    I have been enjoying all your stories,Hellboy whether I'm in them or not. :)
    I would like to be included in your stories but only if it fits with what you want to write about. I can't wait to read the next one.

  5. are you kidding? 10 stars... out of 5 ;) I cannot wait, my head will explode with the TENSION before you can write part 1! so you better get started :)

    Oh, and well done. 7 followers. Part five should be up within a few minutes xD xD

  6. Prologue of mine is up, length is saddening though, i have failed thee once again with my terrible pacing and length :(

    -feel free to check it out tho, Hellboy your in it if you dont mind, and you too kallista

    its at,

  7. XD XD lol for everyone who i put 3 stars, i meant like out of three lol. :D i gots 10 out of 5! yay!

    i will be posting tuesday, it seems.
    ill check it, alexzz.

    Lizzy, picture of Bridget is done and dusted. Just need to wait till tues. U'll see then.

  8. yes, and you totally deserved it :P

  9. Dude, that was really SERIOUSLY awesome.
    You've got talent! a LOT of it!
    And I don't mind at all!