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Fan-Fiction Part 1, and man am I tired...

I just want to say, before all of you go crazy and ask where the hell you are in this part, well, no-one except Israel (my character)  and Aquila Felis are in this part. 

YES, i can understand why u are screaming in rage right now, but i had to have the first part start off like this. The whole point is that i'm not going to be doing little things and ignoring everyone. instead, i will be doing a bit from everyone, enough so that evry person is included.

the reason why Aquila is in this first part is that even tho Kallista posted her bio first and Aquila second, i still had to think of a power for Kallista. And Aquila as a shapeshifter fits right into the first few bits. And then after i had started writing, Skylara said that she was a shapeshifter as well. that just means that later on there will be a lot of conflicts between them, backstabs etc.

NOW. On to the story:

Israel Elysium leant against the bus stop sign, glad that the bus station had a huge veranda. He wrapped his coat tighter around him, fighting the cold that winter brought.
He drew in a great breath and blocked all distractions from himself. Navigating the depths of his mind, he found what could be described as stairs to an old and forgotten attic. He ‘climbed’ the stairs and entered the haven of magic locked deep within the fortress that was his brain. Releasing his breath, he focused, reaching out into the future. He read his own, saw what he had to do, and sighed. Why was he always the one to help those without his foresight? He knew deep down that he could ignore these people if he wanted to, but trouble seemed to follow those around him. Speaking about trouble…
The young child stomped across the bus lane, to the other side, and back again. He narrowly missed bus’s fifty times his size, yet still walked on, overconfidence in his stride. The boy’s parent, an old mother who sat at the bench smoking, saw him and ignored the fact that her son was in danger.
Israel read the future, just to be sure, and then intercepted the child from certain death.
“Stop,” said Israel, grabbing the boy’s shoulders. The mother was looking in the other direction. But Israel had timed it perfectly and she would not look around until he was gone.
“Why?” replied the boy. “It’s fun.”
“See what I see, and then you’ll understand,” said Israel, and he felt the magic course down his arms and travel to the boy’s mind. The child stood back instinctively, but it was too late. The vision of a bus smashing into his body replayed itself dozens of times inside his little head, just as Israel had intended. It was one of the most likely possibilities, Israel thought as he stood and walked away. The mother looked up just in time to see her own son trip over his feet and land face down on the sidewalk. A huge bus, the one that could have ended him, rushed past, and the boy stumbled over to the seat, crying.

There was a scream and instantly Israel’s hand went to the double barrel sawn-off shotgun in the leg strap under his jacket. He sprinted to the commotion, the feel of the wooden handle somewhat comforting.
Two men, one a bus driver with dark sunglasses, the other a scruffy-haired wreck, were fighting by the sliding door of a bus. The passengers were constantly screaming, and Israel rushed forward to help. Without thinking or stopping to read the future, his foot snapped out, catching the scruffy-haired man in the chest. He didn’t get back up from the ground. There was clapping from the bus but Israel ignored it and turned to the bus driver.
“Are you alright?” Israel asked him. The driver’s glasses had fallen and he was facing the other way.
“Oh, I, uh…Yeah, I’m good,” said the bus driver in a thick, Southern drawl. He bent low to pick up the sunglasses. Something clicked in Israel’s mind, and he grabbed the driver’s wrist, stopping him from placing the glasses back on his head.
“Wait.” Israel stared at the man. “Look at me.”
Billy-Ray Sanguine turned and smiled at Israel, showing off the two dark holes where his eyes had been.
“Hot damn,” he said, drawing his feet together. “I daresay I’ve been sprung.”
And with that, he disappeared into the ground, making a final lunge for the scruffy-haired man and then saluting Israel on his way down, leaving Israel without a clue and a bus full of mortals.
There was a furry creature on the bus. It hadn’t meant to be there, but it was, so there was nothing it could do about the loud sounds around it. It stepped down lightly from its perch, weaving in-between frightened passenger’s legs. It padded along; it’s sleek brown fur matching its brown eyes perfectly. It was a cat, or at least, it appeared to be.
It exited the bus, moving towards the man she knew as Israel Elysium. He was crouching over the unconscious body of a scruffy man, contemplating all the ways to lift him onto his shoulder. He looked up when she approached.
“Oh,” he said, frowning. “Why are you here?”
The cat stopped moving and started licking its paw, smoothing down the hair on its head. Then, before all of the civilians present, she changed form, shape-shifting into a brown-haired, brown-eyed 17 year old, fixing her hair the same way she had moments ago in cat-form. Minus the licking, of course.
“Good to see you too, Israel,” replied Aquila Felis, placing her hands in the pockets of a teenager’s jacket.
The bus was quiet now. Everyone just stared at the girl who had seemingly been a cat thirty seconds ago. Then the penny dropped and they started screaming again.
“Oh, hell. Did you have to do that right in front of them?”
Aquila blushed. “It’s not my fault they looked! If they were smart, they would have kindly faced the other way while I changed.”
Israel sighed. “I sure could use Geoffrey Scrutinous’ power right now. Oh well. Would you mind giving me a hand?”
Aquila obliged, grabbing the man’s legs while Israel held his shoulders.
“So what happened? All I saw was the bus driver stepped out of the bus and attacked this guy.”
“Yeah, well the bus driver was Sanguine. And for some reason, he wants this man,” answered Israel. They entered the car park and moved towards a white van. He fished out the keys from his pocket and they loaded the man into the back of the car. Israel hopped into the driver’s seat and Aquila sat in the passenger seat. Israel started the engine, checked the review mirrors, and drove off.
Surprisingly, nothing bad had happened to them.


It took Aquila a while to realise that Israel was driving in circles. He seemed completely oblivious to the fact that, yet again, there was the same bank, pizza store, video shop, Skate Park. She sighed and was just about to ask him why he wasn’t going anywhere when the scruffy-haired man in the back stirred.
“Ah,” said Israel. “Finally.”
“Who…Who are you?” asked the man, sitting up.
“Aquila Felis, and the man driving is Israel Elysium.”
“Oh, hello. I’m…Lewis…Lewis Ryker. You are…are you…?”
“Magic?” Lewis nodded.
“Yes, as a matter-of-fact, we are. Now, Lewis, do you have any idea why a psychopathic criminal would be after you?” asked Israel, overtaking an expensive looking black car. If they had looked closer, they would have noticed that it was a 1954 Bentley R-Type continental, one of only 208 ever made. Of course, as said, no-one noticed.
“Sanguine? Oh…” Lewis’ eyes un-focused, staring into the distance.
“Um, hello?” Aquila snapped her fingers. “We’re not even finished talking to you yet…”
His eyes re-focused. “I, I…I’m a bomb.”
The car wrenched sideways, pushed off course by an unseen force. It turned onto a separate road, the wheel moving seemingly of its own accord.
“What the hell?” said Israel, looking up just in time to see a gloved hand slip back through the window of the Bentley. He tried to turn back or at least get off the road, but four black cars came up and boxed him in. They kept him moving, and Israel saw shapes beyond them. It was a roadblock, flanked completely by cleavers and sanctuary agents. He pulled out his phone and hit speed dial while Aquila talked to Lewis.
“What do you mean ‘a bomb’?”
“Not like dynamite or anything, but like a power-surge kind of bomb. I boost the powers of those around me to an amazing rate, but the thing is that they get so out of control that nothing can stop them. I can let off little amounts of this power at a time, but sooner or later, I’m gonna blow, and then all the sorcerers around the world will feel my power.”
“What, like, the whole world? Really?”
“Yep. Imagine: Everywhere, magicians will be found out. Suddenly, elementals will burst into flames or turn into statues. Adepts will be using every trick they’ve ever learnt all at once. Mortals will have no choice but work together to eradicate us.”
“When? Tomorrow? Next week?”
“I don’t know exactly, but the fuse gets shorter every day.”
In the front seat, Israel was having a heated discussion with a talking skeleton.
“Did you just try to run me off the road?” he yelled into the mouthpiece of the phone. On the other end of the line, Skulduggery hesitated. “Well…Yes…”
“Why? Because-” Israel listened in on the conversation that Aquila and Lewis were having. “There’s a bomb in the back seat of my car?”
“Ah. So he told you then?”
“He bloody well did!”
“Alright then. That makes things a lot easier. Israel, the man in your car must be brought into custody. If we can’t find a way to cure him, then we will have to-”
“What? Kill him? I’m sorry Skulduggery, but that’s just not how we work. You know that. If you wan to kill him, you’ll have to get through me and a couple of my friends.”
“That’s it then? The great Israel Elysium pledges his cause to a scruffy-haired time bomb?”
“Yeah. I guess he does.”
Skulduggery sighed. “Fine. Don’t say I didn’t try.”
There was a gunshot and a bullet smashed into the windscreen, missing Israel’s head by millimetres. Only then did he realise that the Bentley was just outside the ring of vehicles boxing the van in.
“That was a warning shot,” came the skeleton’s voice from the receiver. “The next one goes through you. Please, Israel, stop. This is your last chance.”
“People always say that,” muttered Israel as he shut the phone and stuffed it in his coat pocket. “Yet it never is…”
“You got a plan?” asked Lewis, strapping a seatbelt across his chest. In the background there was the sound of gunfire as Skulduggery tried to slow down the van.
“Naturally,” replied Israel, speeding on towards the car blockade. “Aquila, the hatch.”
Aquila nodded. She had seen him pull this stunt many times before. She went to the glove compartment and opened it. She ripped out the fake bottom, revealing the road rushing by beneath them.  They still hurtled closer to the car blockade. The cars on either side of them slowed down and broke off. He had less than a hundred metres to go now; there was no-where to drive but to the blockade.
“Um, I don’t want to alarm anyone,” Lewis said, pointing at the cars lined up in front of them. “But I think we’re gonna crash.”
“Shut up,” said Israel, pulling out his shotgun. He checked it was loaded, did a quick pray, then stuck it down through the glove compartment so that it just poked out, almost touching the speeding ground. The Cleavers and Sanctuary agents didn’t move.
“To hell with last chances…” said Israel, and he pulled the trigger.


  1. just realised that the blue writing at the start says 'i will be ignoring everyone'.

    while that happens most of the time anyway, it was a mistake, and all of your characters will be used equally.

    plus, i just want to say that also Aquila was the first to put her name up on something else, and altho (im sorry Aquila) i wont be doing the huge "public" story, where she was gonna be first anyway, she can be first here.

  2. Hellboy, you outdid yourself! This is great story writing! I can't wait to read what's next.
    Also, it's your story and you can write anyway you like. I hope no one has been giving you a hard time about it. It's been an honor to be included in your stories but even if I'm not, it doesn't change the fact that your stories are awesome! They are fun fun fun fun to read! :)

  3. XD thanks kallista! and yes, u are in my story. i have decided to give u an extremely boosted elemental power, with a exceptional hold over earth power. plus, u are now a lone necromancer, working outside of the order. :P damn necromancers. their religion is such a pile of-

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  5. Name: Darkane Claw
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Short, dark hair. golden, brown eyes. Roughly 5 4. Wears baggy jeans, black top, kaki jacket and black, boot converse. Irish
    Age: 14
    Power: Elemental
    Skills: Great balance, sword fighting, hand to hand combat.
    Weapons: Two curved knives

  6. Cool! I sound like a rebel. Lol I knew you would come up with something a whole lot better then me, and I was right! Hope you are getting rested up for the next part, Hellboy. :)

  7. wow! i love it!
    moment over
    love the story btw ;)

  8. I'd make a lot of compliments for your writing, and say thanks for me being the first one to appear in your story, but I'm too curious to see what happens next... 0o

    (Just in case you didn't notice: I just told you that I really like your story, am thankfull to be in it and hope you'll write again soon... in my own way.^^)

  9. that was immense XD loved it. so glad i wasn't the only one not putting everyone in at the beginning, it just seems like too much to get the introduction all over and done with in a few sentences.
    And plus, i told you so! You really didn't need any luck here ^.^

  10. Wow. That. Was. Awesome.



  11. :D thankyou all! awesome comments ftw!

    and now starts yet another day where none of you are online. *sigh*

  12. awesome story helly! skulduggery vs you is a really good idea, mind if i use it?

  13. yeah lizzy, go ahead. All yours XD

  14. ahh, just a thought, people...

    i have done a quick head count and noticed something very important.

    first: when i first got all of the peoples bios, i noticed they were all girls. now either im really liked by the girls, or im really hated by the guys. Anyway, thats why im advertising for people like dragona and sarthacus.


    There are about 14 people included in the fanfiction.

    wow/ouch. i dont know what to say. So this is how im going to do it: I will have three groups-2 fives and a 4. And then i will write this fanficition in two parts. Part one, will have, say, five sections, and so will part 2. Each part will focus on the two groups, and then do a little bit from the 4group, to join it all up.

    So right now, i have just written Epilogue Part 1, and will soon post Epilogue Part 2.

    *sigh* ive got a lot of plotting ahead...

  15. i plot out my ENTIRE story out in my head before i write it, or even draft it. im weird like that XD

  16. lol so did i, then it all crashed and burned. D: at least its all good to have a backup.

    hey i just want to say, why dont people use reflections as partners? for instance, if Skulduggery needed to be in 2 places at once, he could easily do it. Use his reflection, because it would (in theory) have the same physical abilities eg. martial arts.

  17. hmm, well most magic people can tell the difference between the real person and the refection, and the reflection can't do magic so it cant through fire-balls or anything, in the really big fanfic im typing up next, a reflection is used for tricky purposes though.

  18. ahh, ok.

    but what if u had an army of cleavers and u got their reflections as well? really it wouldnt matter if they needed magic or not, they dont really have any anyway. BUT they would still be able to swing a scythe the same way the real cleaver would.

    Couldnt it work that way?

  19. AWESOMENESS! :D - hey mind if i make a few changes/requests with my character? nothing is plagiarized at all just minor things to pull him from the medieval ages to the present :D

  20. HEY! my guy is a guy :D - i dont like the fact that you deny his masculinity XD

  21. :D lol go ahead and tell me the changes, alexzz.

    and i deny everyone's masculinity.


    *lol, jkes*

  22. My character profile is on dereks blog somewhere. And I think on Dragona's and mine. Check them for ma profile. Cool story btw.

  23. most definitely loved by the girls. nobody could hate you :P

  24. :P you right. Except maybe Skulduggery.


    "Be nice," she muttered as they walked over.
    "I'm always nice," Skulduggery responded.
    "Don't point your gun at his head."
    "Oh," he said. "THAT kind of nice."


    "I don't like you," Skulduggery said.
    "OK," Caelan said with a single nod.
    "I don't trust vampires as a rule," Skulduggery continued. "I don't trust them. I don't trust you."
    Valkyrie sighed. "I told you to be nice."
    "Well, I haven't shot him yet."

  25. Ah, true. that bit was very funny thouhgh xD

  26. dammit, can't spell. *though ;)

  27. hey hellboy love it so far ;) its really good. you have a true writing talent ;) oh and how the hell did u write all that? my hands ache so much when i do my fan-fic.
    oh and when the hell are you carrying it on!?? i want more!

  28. Oh, i need to know what type of car it is that you're driving in this piece :) i need it for my story xD

  29. XD ive been writing since grade 3, Geckogirl. I have LOTSA experience.

    excuse me now while i strangle my cat.

  30. alrite, im back.

    I think im gonna write the next part 2day. as the clock says, its 8:30 in the morning so i have plenty of time. Ya see, im sick 2day anyway....

    Lenka! i really didnt know what kind of car it was. while i admire awesome cars, i thought Israel would enjoy a more practical car, like a mere van. No porches here, sorry.

    But what u said got me thinking. What TYPE of van? What colour? (even tho in the story it says white)

    My answer is the Ford Transit 260 SWB 2.2D.

    While all of that sounded extremely technical and like i know my cars really well, i dont. I have no-idea what i just said.

    here is the link:


    (that's one url, by the way.)

    And YES, it is silver.

  31. Wow. that's one snazzy van :P now, i'm halfway through part 3, so put me out of my misery and post part two!