Monday, September 13, 2010


WOW. Just friggin' WOW.

I still havent counted them all, but WHOAH, that is just crazy.

u people are insane, u know that?


Meh, i guess we all are at some point.



him only because he did say he would, he just never got to.

Mary Hiashi, ill keep u as a gud guy.

Alrite, well, ive already started to write up the draft in a notebook..

here is the story line.

First and foremost, it WILL NOT BE about remnants. yeah, that's right. They are a perfectly good topic, but seeing as how everyone else is writing about them, i think ill just stick to an original.

How it will go has never ever been thought of before, never devised or stratigised by another living minion on Derek's blog.

This story will break hearts, send lives spiraling into a deep chasm where they will never surface and end the dreams of a thousand orphans. It will make a black heart poo brown.

ahh stuff it. it wont be that good.

my story is all about a man who is literally a bomb. not a nuke, but his power releases giant energy waves, spiking every magician's power. it boosts them to a point where the powers cant be controlled.

everywhere, elementals would catch on fire, bursting into flames or becoming rock statues. vampires would turn into their monster form, tearing civillians limb from limb. mortals would watch as seemingly normal people started doing extra-ordinary things. the magical world would be discovered, and sorcerers would be hunted down.

everyone is out to get this man. his name is Lewis Ryker, and he is THE BOMB.

And it is all up to Israel Elysium and a few friends to escort him out of hell.

the twist, as they say, is that while Sanguine and other villians are after him too let his power loose and cause havoc to the whole world, so is Skulduggery, Tanith and Valkyrie, backed up by the sanctuary, too make sure that he never has the chance to let his power out. And their not just there to say a couple of nice words and send him on his way. They want to stop him. Permanently.


  1. Sorry just hold on i gotta get links together for appearance :) - i hate living in different timezone :(

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  3. Character profile:

    Name: Calcifer Stark

    Age: Unknown, looks 20-30

    Gender: Male

    Description : Tall, slim build, Brown hair, blue eyes (that turn golden on activation of powers)

    Skills: Exceptionally skilled with swords, spears, guns, bows, and melee combat. He never misses his target with his guns, and almost every strike he does, causes mass damage unless he does not will it to.

    Personality: Silent, only speaks when it is key to a situation, An unwavering sense of right and wrong, very protective of friends. Does not kill unnecessarily.

    Magic Abilities: An adept, his abilities include: -

    Energy manipulation - He can manipulate his blue energy into almost any form, swords, blasts, augmentation of arms legs and weapons etc. This energy is extensively powerful, when he turns it into a pair of energy swords they can cut through diamonds, and cannot be broken. The blast can obliterate...a lot of things...haha...he can also manipulate it into the form of a barrier or shield, that can withstand almost anything. (As i said a tad overpowered, kinda like skulduggery!)

    Immense strength - he has an immense level of physical strength, endurance, durability, speed, and resistance.

    Second Form - He has the ability to transcend into a extremely more powerful form, by ripping off the skeleton jaw which is linked to him magically and can only be removed by him, but only for a limited amount of time, and after this he is left exhausted, critically injured internally and weak he is then prone to damage from either himself (by moving around too much) or by enemies. Eventually the jaw reappears.

    History: Not much history is known, he went missing while he was younger, the magical community worked out that he was flung into a
    parallel dimension, by some unknown force. In this parallel dimension, he was forced into a post-apocalyptic world, where heaven and hell waged war, and the four horsemen had been killed. He was a prophesised chosen one, who ceased the apocalypse, and has been transported back somehow...oh and all of his family are dead (unfortunately)

    Face and neck/jaw bone :

    Appearance ( on the left) :

    His gun ( not the person but the gun itself, he has two of them

    one white and one black):

    Example of his energy blast:

    Example of how he manipulates his energy into wolves:

    His second form:

    Energy swords/katanas:

    His sword is the same one as in the picture of the second form

  4. To 'alexzz'

    1. calcifer is the name of the fire demon from howl's moving castle.

    2. As noted in the deviations, THESE ARE NOT YOUR OWN CREATIONS! They are from BLEACH, an anime show that is famous around the globe.


    4. Seriously? u chose a character that pwns at everything? and THEN u chose the appearance from a deviant art picture with the same name as ur character? u thought that i wouldnt see that it was an anime series?

    5. COME ON! YOUR BETTER THAN THIS! You are an amazing writer that comes up with awe-inspiring pieces, yet the best u could do to come up with a name IS COPY A T.V SHOW?

    6. You have 2 days to come up with a better character. if u are extremely pissed by then, i dont care. go and include 'your' character in some other fan-fiction. but if u are staying, im ok with that too. to be honest, its just one more person i have to write about.

    so it's ur choice. change it, fix it, leave it, whatever. but take this into account: if you do not change it by WEDNESDAY, 15th September, u will not be apart of this fan-fiction.

    If you think i have been a bit too harsh, fine. But this is a fan-fiction about SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT, not Bleach.


  5. i have replied by email, i understand all of these, check your emails and see my response



  6. :D all good now. everyone else, u didnt see anything...

  7. Awesooome! Marvelous idea! I would never have thought up something like this!

    What are you talking about, Hellboy. O.o :] What didn't I see hmmm? ^.^

  8. wow, fantastic! I'd never would have thought of that xD. and don't doubt yourself- it's going to be bloody awesome, i can just tell x plus, you're in my story, and with notes, hours of avoiding some stupid homework and ages listening to Queen, i think i'll be able to post the first part tonight :P

    good luck with your story (remember- you so don't need it thought ^_^)

  9. *though instead of thought. plus, first part of my story is up!!!1 xD x