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Bridget Whiplash. For some, the name is a threat, and to others, it's just the name of someone they haven't met yet.
Nonetheless, it strikes fear into the hearts of even the most confident fighters. I hope your all glad she's on our side...

By Louis Bullock
Lizzy, it's your picture now, do whatevs. Louis told me to tell you that he didn't want to do any drawing today, but i said that i was posting the next part with you in it and i thought it was appropiate so i said bad luck, now DRAW, GORRAM IT!

I just want to say, in my view, the whip REALLY DOESN'T look like a whip. Louis says that that is how a whip looks like, so i should shut up and continue writing my story.
He has a point....


Getting on the plane had been relatively simple. Jodi Harte had distracted the guards with a quick game of ‘toss the coin’ while the rest of the group had shuffled through a gap, avoiding the metal detectors and hiding their weapons under their coats. Of course, the guards all of betted on heads or tails, and so they were all shocked when the coin landed on neither, balanced vertically on the little rim. Jodi had even let them toss the coin a few times on the counter as well, just to make sure that it wasn’t rigged. What they didn’t see was Jodi’s hand manipulating the air around the coin under the table, making sure it always landed on the side with the least bets placed. Then she walked away, placing a now-full purse into her white skinny trousers.
“That was a cruel trick,” Bridget told her, handing back her Sai swords, wrapped up in a piece of cloth. Jodi just shrugged and kept walking. Well, I guess she’ll learn, thought Bridget as she took a seat on the plane in front of Jodi. One of these days, anyway…
The plane was filled with state-of-the-art technology. Everything from gaming consoles and MP3s to laptops with Internet. Bridget selected a Vaio laptop from the rack beside her and turned it on. While she waited for it to load, her grey-green eyes surveyed her surroundings. Behind her, Jodi had finally fallen asleep clutching an ace of spades. In front of her was the one called ‘Necros’ who had joined them outside the airport. He had said less than six words in the past two hours. He had a presence around him, much like her. She didn’t know much about him, and he didn’t seem to be telling. But that was OK. Bridget liked it better that way.
When the laptop was up and ready, she moved a delicate finger across the mouse pad, selecting an internet messaging program and entering a number.
All the way back in Ireland, Israel’s phone buzzed and he picked it up. He ordered another glass of beer, checking that Lewis hadn’t left the Templar Bar. He squinted at the screen just as a message appeared, signed by Bridget.
What else did u c? It said.
What? He texted back.
The vision. I kno u saw somthng else, Israel.
Israel hesitated. He hadn’t planned on telling anyone this. He wasn’t sure how the group would take it. But he couldn’t hide it now.
We failed. Evry pth we chose, Lewis blew. We all die + u kill me.
Bridget Whiplash stared at the message on the screen. Her eyes were reading the words, but her mind just couldn’t comprehend. She wouldn’t do that to him; he must be wrong. But deep down she knew he wasn’t.
Dtails? She sent back.
Fuzzy. Solomon Wreath involved, Lewis blows, u turn vamp.
That y im in Japan?
Yes. Had 2 get us far apart as poss.
Idk if we changed it tho.
We’ll just have to find out then, finished up Bridget, closing the lid and returning the laptop to it’s rightful place. She laid back in her seat, her mind a mess of thoughts. She wouldn’t kill Israel. It wasn’t true…

Jodi sat back, satisfied with what she had learnt. With Bridget now gazing out her window and un-aware that her conversation had been watched by a skilled con-woman, Jodi set to work. She took out her own laptop from the shelf beside her and opened the messenger program. She typed in the two numbers written on her palm, sending them the same message.
Got information. The message read.
Two replies came. One was from the vampire Dusk, and the other from Skulduggery Pleasant.
Both sent a reply that said: Gud. How much $?
Lots, she wrote back. Lots and lots…
They got off the plane without incident, and Jodi did the same trick to the guards while the rest of the group passed by unnoticed. When they got outside, Jodi stiffened.
“What’s up?” asked Skyril.
“I think I heard something…” Jodi frowned, and then her face brightened. “Over here!” she called, jogging into an alleyway. Bridget followed Jodi there, the other’s not far behind. But when she turned the corner, Jodi wasn’t there. The alleyway was completely empty.
Too late, she realised it was a trap, as a figure dropped from the sky, landing on her. Bridget snarled and threw the figure onto the ground. It rolled, pulling out two Sai swords from it’s belt. “Miss me?” said Jodi, a smile on her face.
Cleavers dropped from all around, surrounding her friends and her in the alleyway. At an unknown signal, they converged and attacked.
Bridget sprung and clawed at Jodi, trying to a grip around her throat.
“I didn’t know being a traitor was apart of conning,” hissed Bridget as she slashed Jodi across the face with her long nails.
“Nah,” replied Jodi, wiping the blood off her face. “Only being better than a vampire at fighting.
“We’ll see about that!” said Bridget, throwing Jodi up against the alleyway wall. She went for a punch and Jodi ducked, bringing one of her Sai swords towards Bridget’s face. There was a blur, and the blade was flung out of Jodi’s hands. Bridget tripped her easily.
“You’ll never win, child,” she said, keeping Jodi down with the toe of her boot.
“Oh, I don’t know,” Jodi said, summoning flame in her hands. “I think I’m doing just fine.” She thrust her arms backwards, igniting both of Bridget’s legs. Bridget jumped back, patting down the flames. She looked up just in time to see Jodi propelling herself up onto the roof, her arms spread wide.
“Damn,” cursed Bridget, leaving her friends to deal with the cleavers. She jumped back and forth between the alleyway walls, finally reaching the lip of the roof and pulling herself over.
Jodi was in front of her, running across the rooftop. She was fast, that girl, remarked Bridget as she sprinted towards her. But not fast enough…
Bridget saw Jodi reach the edge and jump the gap landing safely on the other side. Moments later Bridget herself followed suit, clearing it easily. Jodi didn’t even spare a glance to see where Bridget was. She actually thought she had a chance.
She obviously wasn’t thinking.

The gap between them became shorter and shorter, and soon Bridget was metres away from tearing Jodi apart.
Then Jodi disappeared. It took a moment for Bridget to realise that she had dropped down a gap and into another alleyway. Growling at her own incompetence, Bridget followed, landing gracefully next to a dumpster. She ran out of the alleyway and turned left. But two steps in the direction of Jodi, Bridget froze.
There, standing in the middle of the road was Jodi, panting slightly. But Bridget’s eyes weren’t fixed on her.
Beside her, hunkering down on the grey asphalt, was possibly the only person who was fast enough, strong enough and good enough to catch her.
“Good evening, Bridget Whiplash,” said the vampire Dusk, showing off his pointed teeth. “Fancy seeing you here. Well, I’ve been paid by this wonderful woman to take you down in any means I like. So, before we start: Are you going to come quietly?”
Bridget stared. The fact that Dusk hadn’t sprung and attacked already and was wasting time with stupid talk meant that in his mind, she was already dead.
Bridget didn’t hurl insults or utter an oath. She simply turned and ran.
And Dusk bounded after her.
The street was empty, so Bridget pulled out her bullwhip and cracked it above her head. It wrapped around an old shop sign hanging above a doorway and she used it to swing up onto the roof of a truck parked by the side of the road. She ran the length of it, hearing Dusk’s steps right behind her. Then at the last moment, instead of jumping back to the ground below, she dived in through a window of the building parallel to her.
Dusk cursed behind her, then followed. Bridget dodged left and right, using the furniture to her advantage. She passed the kitchen to where an old Japanese woman was cooking food on the stove. The woman shouted angrily at her, but Bridget was already moving on to the balcony. She jumped the gap and landed on the other balcony, running through that house as well.
She had lost sight of Dusk, and a small part of her thought she was going to make it. She mentally slapped herself and that part of her shrivelled up and died. She was only buying time. Sooner or later, he would find her.
She came up to the next balcony and leaped across it. She caught sight of Dusk and she started. How the hell did he get up there? She thought as his slender build cleared the rooftop gaps above her. She changed tactic, dropping to the streets below. But Dusk was two steps in front of her, already landing lithely at one end of the street.
She did a 180° and got three steps before she saw them.
The skeleton detective came first, gun in one hand, flame in the other. Beside him was Ghastly Bespoke, fingers curled into fists. On the other side of Skulduggery was a young man with impossibly styled hair. Bridget didn’t know him, nor did she really care.
“We’re not interrupting something, are we?” asked Skulduggery, levelling his gun at Bridget’s head. “Some crazed, demonic vampire ritual where you run across rooftops every fifth moon in Japan? No? Good.” He fired two shots, each in rapid succession, one at Dusk, one at Bridget. The bullets whizzed past their heads, a hair’s breadth away. Dusk didn’t flinch whatsoever. Bridget did.
“Those were warning shots. Recently, these are becoming more and more frequent. But I won’t be making a habit of it. Bridget Whiplash, seeing as how you haven’t actually killed anyone yet, we’ll only be taking you into custody. Dusk, sorry, but no cigar. We’re going to have to kill you.”
Dusk shrugged. “Fine by me.”
Bridget couldn’t believe this was happening. Their plan had fallen apart so easily. She needed to escape, to regroup with her friends. To her right was an open doorway. She was less than two metres away from it.
Skulduggery was talking, saying something along the lines of You have the right to remain silent. Her gaze drifted to the boy with porcupine hair. His eyes were trained on her, waiting for her to try and escape. She didn’t disappoint.
The moment her foot moved in the direction of the doorway there was a small pop and he was standing beside her, arms outstretched. Bridget swung, snarling, but he was already gone. Arms grabbed her from behind and then her world spun. When she looked back up the Japanese skies of bright blue had been replaced with the dark grey heavens of Dublin. Distantly, she heard the chink of handcuffs, but she was unable to stop it; her mind was still fuzzy from the teleportation.
“You alright, Fletch?” said a voice, and Bridget turned her head to the source. The boy with wild hair nodded back to a dark haired girl, the one who had spoken. She turned to Bridget, smiling. “You must be Bridget Whiplash. I’m Valkyrie Cain,” she said, dragging Bridget to her feet. “Welcome to Ireland.”
All of a sudden, Bridget’s mind cleared. She was back in the same country as Israel.
No, she thought in despair. We didn’t change the future, we just made it true. No, no, NO!
“Nighty-night,” said Valkyrie, and something collided with the back of Bridget’s skull. All she could think of was that she had failed her friends.
And then she could think no more.


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    bahahaha! awesome work hellboy, cant wait (like literally) for more!!!

    I love how she conned both sides. Two replies from each side, and, and, well, just awesome-ness! I like how you made sure Jodi wasn't perfect in the chase, made it realistic. I hope to gain a quantity of your talent there,xD xD

    Do you mind if i borrow the coin trick? Just for part eight, probably. Only a couple of sentences. AND i adore that picture of Bridget- who's going to be drawn next? *flutters eyelashes* lol, joking, joking xD

    And like Alexzz, i cannot WAIT for the next part! Seriously, get on with it!

    p.s: Part 6 (and most probably seven when u read this) is up for yoooou :)

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  9. one little thing to clear up, i am Bridget. in the storys, there should be no "Lizzy" because im Bridget, we are the same.

  10. haha :P, kallista he should be able to post more ofter (prays) because he just commenced his holidays, but then again ive been on mine for a week already and i cant come up with anything decent haha, i start and it seems to fall apart, like trying to hold water in your hands (unless your an elemental of course)


  11. XD i love posting something at night and then checknig it the next morning and finding out theres eleven comments. :D so glad u guys liked it!

    The next picture will be of Kallista Pendragon.

    I will ask my brother to work on it, but recently he has been busy and might not be able to get on with it by wednesday (when i'm posting).

    I will try as hard as possible to make him do it.

    Now, this is going to sound extremely racist, but i am not racist, so don;t think that-please.

    Kallista, i need to know if your character is asian/malaysian/japanese. Because all of your bio points to that fact but i wasn;t sure, and Louis needs to know because he has to draw you.

    please don't hate me. please....

  12. Pretty sure she's Japanese, BUUUUUUT! i wouldnt take the chance XD

  13. Hi Hellboy! I'm not angry nor do I see the question as racist. :)
    Merely cultural. Yes, Kallista is part Japanese with a mixture of Greek and Scottish heritage. Her features will resemble Japanese traits with Euopean influences, such as blue/green eyes.
    Have you checked out my bio on Bio-Rama yet and my fan fics? :D
    I was so inspired by all the other fan fics and the awesome characters, I had to start my own! Lol
    I'm honored to be the focus of your brother's next masterpeice. (and excited!) I know how busy life can get so he will get no pressure from me to get it done. Lol I'm just happy he is willing to do something like this. It's awesome that the both of you have teamed up together with your talents!
    Just remember me when you all are famous! :D

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    Along comes this girl, passing by the window from outside. Astonished to see some old friends she rushes inside to greet them. Kindly they offer to give her thier autographs being used to such things. But she is so happy to see them and flubs up her speech.
    "Must be a homeless person, poor girl." Nicolette whispers to Evangaline. "Let's help her out."
    Gallantly they buy her a meal then head out. That's when the poor girl finally gets her speech back.
    "Wait! It's me, Kallista!"
    But it is too late. They are gone. She looks down and remembers the meal, so she eats it. It is delicious! :D

    oh and im finishing my fan-fic soon so i invite you hellboy to be in my next one if you want?

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