Sunday, September 12, 2010

New fan-fic.

i have decided something. recently i have had a bucket load of writers block. :( so now, instead of my old fan-fic (look below) i will be starting a new one. and yes, it will have as many of u as possible. and yes, i know i should have had this idea first, and YES, i know that there is already so many of these happening, but hey, im bored, so just let me write, k?


just post name, description, power, chosen path (adept, elemental, necromancer .etc) and yeah.

the quicker u post, the sooner i can start.

*sigh* so many people are gonna hate me for copying this idea...


  1. No ones going to hate you, Hellboy. I'll beat 'em up if they do! :P It's a great idea and fun to read other peoples fanfiction, even more so when some of the gangs mentioned. I'd be glad if you used me. :)
    I'll leave special abilities up to you. That's what I've told the others. But I will fill you in the rest.
    Name: Kallista Pendragon
    Age: 16 looks 16
    Apperence- just like my picture by my name, except I have blue eyes! :)
    I think I wanted to be one of those who could be both a elemental and adept. The reason is so I could use my power not only to fight evil but to protect the innocent and weak. (sounds corny, I know. But that's my desire.)
    Hellboy, your a talented writter. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. my sad brother thinks that he could draw all of u as cool characters. he says "i could use tom percival's style of drawing. it will be heaps cool!"

    i just sat there telling him these words:

    TOM PERCIVAL. YOU want to copy THE Tom Percival. Poor, poor soul.

    please, pray for him. he needs all the help he can get.

    *rant over*

    alrite, but he does think he can draw u all. *hes looking over my shoulder with a gun to my head, saying " JOe, im a friggin genius!"*


    hes serious tho, so this time nxt week, (saturday) i will forward all the discriptions u give me for the fan-fic and then he will DRAW like he never has before.

    XD thanks kallista!


  4. Name: Aguila Felis
    Age: 17,looks like 17
    Description: Long, brown hair, brown eyes, 1,65m
    Clothes: Normal
    Gender: Female
    Magic: shape-shifter (into cat, eagle and fox), some weak elemental magic
    Favourite weapons: bow and arrow, sword
    Character: friendly, pacific, sometimes pigheaded
    History: discovered her abilities accidentally and trained herself in secret without knowing about the magic things existing
    Job: pupil
    Likes: archery, reading, chocolate, biology lessons, peace and calm
    Dislikes: noise, conflicts, crimes, horror lterature and movies, being afraid, having a bad consciens

    WEll, where I live it's just 9 AM, so...

  5. Name: Nicolette Croga

    Age: 27 looks in early teens

    Gender: female

    Description: medium brown hair with copper red, and blonde hightlights hazel eyes and a soft pretty face slim figure and slight muscles.

    Magic: an great elemental good with swords and guns but brilliant with her daggers she can throw them from far distances and still hit her target .. she never misses

    Personality: Funny Nice pleasant only turns aggresive when annoyed or attacked

    History: no one know much about her

    Cloths: What is in my profile picture :] but instead of red a dark blue :]

    p.s. where I am it 09:05am

  6. 1 sec hellboy ill chuck mine up soon, do you mind if i give you links for appearance?

  7. Oh and hellboy does it matter if my character is severely overpowered? he will have a weakness i assure you but i dont want his power to be dwindled down... :?

  8. lol, alrite alexzz. yet as usual it cant be something like "ultimate nuke power" cos that would be to easy. and it cant be god-like powers. there are kinda rules.

    but no, i dont mind if u give me links. and as long as u dont have a power to anilhate everyone (actually, now that i think about it, that would be cool. like ur a bomb waiting to blow, and u can release small amounts of ur power and then he takes a while to recover and its like he's a great asset yet a terrible risk--in fact:*copyright*--)

    yeah then post it and yep it will be all gud. XD
    and no, i wont dwindle his power.


  9. Hi! ok, realllllly glad you're doing this because i entered another site's one and came in too late :'( but no, it's not sad, and yes, i am praying ever so slightly insanely for your brother :P

    Name: Jodi Harte
    Bio: Father taught her elemental magic, and showed her how to con people. Both parents died when Jodi was 16 in a car accident.
    Age: 91 but looks about 18/19
    Hair colour: Black. Styled as a layered bob - with fringe. usually with small bows or rainbow clips in.
    Eye colour: Ocean blue
    Occupation: Con artist. Fights on the good side, but cons everyone, bad and good.
    Height... 5ft 4 ? sounds normal
    Clothes: While con-ing... white skinny trousers and colourful blouse with white 3 inch heels. Fighting: Lace up brown leather boots, demin jeans. Casual: anything with a scarf or stylish hat or converses xD
    London-er accent
    Magic type: Elemental
    Very sarcastic, rolls her eyes often and will be mean to stupid people
    Preferred weapon: Sai Swords (google it. you'll know what i mean)

    haha hope it's not to late. love your stories wayyyyyyy to much to miss out on such a opportunity y'know? x

  10. nup, ur not too late. im starting to piece the storyline together now, and each new person that joins is thrown into the mix that is this fan-fiction.

    i know what sais are, so that's all gud. as a youngling i watched my fair share of teenage mutant ninja turtles. :/

    thnx for the compliments too *blushes* im not THAT gud at writing.


    ah, stuff it. i am AMAZING. :D

  11. hey Hellboy am i too late or can i join?

    Name: Skylara Wolfbane
    power: Shapeshifter- can turn into any human or animal. Favorite shape is a large grey wolf with yellow eyes.

    Description: Tall, Brown hair, silver eyes, wears jeans,army boots and a snazzy black jacket.
    Personality: Funny,nice,often sarcastic and witty.
    Wepon of choice: dosn't normally have a weapon, just normally uses her teeth/claws and other animal abilities to kick ass. but sometimes uses a crossbow.
    chosen path: adept

    hope im still in time ;)

  12. Ahhhh, okay, I'm copying you as well Hellboy ;) We'll have a angry mob after us soon, i swear.
    Go to if you want to follow the story or enter your character :P (yes, i am looking at you)xD

  13. Hey hellboy, am i to late? its ok if i am and i can't fit in the story. can your brother see if he can draw Bridget? it would be really cool

    NAME:Bridget Whiplash
    AGE:looks to be about 15, true age 153 years old
    HAIR COLOR:Brown
    EYE COLOR:Gray-green most of the time, red when angry
    PERSONALITY:Tall and with a presence Bridget is probably the most ruthless person out side the gaol, be glad she's a good guy.
    POWERS: Vampire, uses serums to control the "bad behavior"
    OTHER WEAPONS:uses a bull whip most of the time but likes guns and can make a bomb out of ANY-THING
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:tall and powerfully built, nails are long and sharp as are her teeth. loves green and purple and wears them together
    sometimes, most often wears black.

  14. Awesome! I didn't see it! Thanks for inviting me!!

    Name: Skyril Oblivion
    Age: 76 looks 16
    Description: Shoulder length deep black hair with dark purple streaks, average height, slender but not super skinny
    Clothes: loves scarves generally wears black clothes with miscellaneous dark purple additions (like gloves or socks or a scarf)
    Gender: Female
    Chosen path: Adept
    Power: Able to make people temporarily blind depending on how many people and how long focused
    Weapons: Lots of small knives and daggers, particularly likes finger knives
    Personality: Sweet, proud, kinda weird, loves rain, doesn't like dogs much

  15. Oh finally. I've been trying to comment but my internet is pas possible!
    Name: Mary Hiashi
    Age: 426 but looks to be about 25
    Height: 5'6
    Gender: Do I need to say? But with this whole gender confusion crisis... Female.
    Character: Witty, charming, but is not kindly to others if she doesn't want to be.
    Appearance: Very pale, slight muscles (not over muscley), rightly curved. Kind of looks like a doll. Black ninja style outfit.
    Eye Colour: Crimson (I don't have red eyes personally. Or do I?)
    Hair Colour: Onyx Black
    Weapon of Choice: Shaolin Broadsword and Kunai knives for throwing. (Why Kunai? Why not?)
    Magic Class: Adept
    Power: She can hide where she is. So she can 'erase any noise, sound, or scent that comes from her'. When she 'erases herself', it's like she is nonexistent. Also, after much meditation and training, she uses thoughtforms as 'pets'.
    Strength: Strong.
    Job: Assassin
    History: No one really knows anything about her except her name.
    Accent?: Has a very light english accent.
    Likes: Candy, smoothies, killing, reading, and mastiffs.
    Dislikes: Children, crowded areas, and the colour pink.
    Little phrase thing: Say goodnight Gracie.

    Pour vous. And I can be a villain type person if you want. Whatever, I don't care.

    Blessed be,
    Miss Mary

  16. LOL Hellboy i just read the e-mail invite from subscribing xD 'you are definitely invited Lenka' not sure why but i smiled a lot :P
    oh, and i'm still praying for your brother, bless him, make sure you post the picture! i want to see what it looks like!