Friday, September 3, 2010


I'm only posting it in short pieces right now so that you don't get bored and walk away. but i swear, if u walk away....


Valkyrie Cain was relaxing in Ghastly’s lounge when she got the call. As she hit the answer button, she threw a pillow at a boy with wild hair, signalling for him to be quiet. Fletcher Renn rolled his eyes in reply and continued to flick through all of the T.V channels, muttering ‘Been there, done that’ whenever he came to a discovery channel. He finally rested on a channel showing a live concert in Dublin. “Hang on,” he muttered, “I think I know that place…” and with a rush of air, he was gone.
She ignored him and concentrated on the phone call. “Hey China. What’s up?”
China’s voice, perfect even over the phone, came back through the speaker.
“Valkyrie. I haven’t heard from you in ages.”
“True. But I doubt that’s why you want to talk to me.”
“Hmm? You think I wouldn’t call just to have a friendly conversation?”
“Your just not the one for small talk.”
“Ahh. Good point.”
In the background, Fletcher re-appeared. “I can’t believe this!” he said. “This show isn’t even playing live!”
Valkyrie threw another pillow at him. “Quiet!” she hissed, pointing to the phone.
Rolling his eyes once more, Fletcher resumed his routine of channel-checking, scowling every time the ‘live’ concert show came up.
“I’m sorry China, what was that?”
On the other end of the line, China Sorrows smiled patiently, and even though she was not smiling at any one inside her library, several passer-bys could not stand it and fell to the ground, wimpering.
She turned her back to them and answered Valkyrie.
“It’s Cassandra. The distress symbol I placed in her house has gone off. Could you…?”
“Send Fletcher? Yep, straight away.”
Valkyrie snapped the phone shut, and shifted her spot on the couch. “Hey Fletcher?”
He looked up from the T.V just in time for a skeleton in a suit to walk in the room.
He bent down and handed Valkyrie a cup of tea. She sipped it gratefully.
He frowned, looking at Skulduggery Pleasant. “No tea for me?”
“Fletcher!” Valkyrie snapped her fingers and waved. “Are you listening?”
“Yes…” he grumbled, facing her and switching the T.V off.
“Go to Cassandra’s place. It’s probably nothing, but still-”\
“Sure thing, Sugar-babe.”
The room was filled with silence. Skulduggery wandered aimlessly around the room, humming Somebody to Love by Queen. Valkyrie glared at him as he walked off.
Fletcher pretended he hadn’t just called her that, and looked everywhere around the room except at her. Truth be told, it had just sought of slipped out. He was just as embarrassed as Valkyrie.
He struggled to keep his face under control and face her. “Yes?” he asked weakly.
“Don’t call me that. Ever.”
He sighed an inward sigh of relief, glad that he hadn’t just been beaten to a messy and bloody pulp. But now that he was ‘safe’, he decided to see if he could press it even further.
“What about on special occasions? Like dinner parties.”
“No. And you don’t go to dinner parties.”
“Well, there’s a start to everything, right?”
“No, there isn’t. Now go!”
Grinning that stupid grin of his, Fletcher vanished, leaving nothing but air behind.
“Would you ever let him call you those things?” asked Skulduggery, and Valkyrie started. She hadn’t even noticed him standing so still.
She held her head in her hands. “God, no,” she answered, as her phone rung once more. “Not a chance.”
She picked up the phone.
“Valkyrie…” came Fletcher’s voice.
She sat up. “What?”
“It’s Cassandra…she’s…” he hesitated. “See for yourself.”
He appeared beside her, supporting a heaped mass of clothes and blood.
“Oh my God,” said Valkyrie.
Skulduggery rushed in to help, followed by Ghastly. They helped her onto the couch, where she told her story.



  1. alrite just re-read that and wanted to note something. of COURSE she wouldnt be a heaped mass of blood and clothes. its just that in my rough copy i was gonna have her stabbed and almost dead. :P i just forgot to change that last line.

  2. I still love it! It rocks :L and they always do that with live concerts. i'm not sure they're ever live... x

  3. Awesome! Fletcher always makes me laugh. But he's good for things like bringing injured people to the hospital, and things like that.