Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Still posting in small pieces, so that its easy to read.

Grumble grumble double health lesson 2morrrow grumble grumble

He appeared beside them, and instantly he stumbled and fell onto the Bentley. “Careful,” remarked Skulduggery, “My car’s expensive, you know that.”
Fletcher glared at him. When he finally regained his breath, the first thing he said was “They were there. Both Sanguine and Dusk. On the plane.”
Tanith Low walked forward, all brown leather. “We were expecting that,” she said, wheeling her bike closer.
“So let’s go,” added Valkyrie, stepping out of the shadows. “Before they get a head start.”
“I don’t even know if this is going to work, though.” Fletcher indicated the group. “It’s not like I can just teleport a car, a bike, two people, a skeleton and myself. There could be side effects.”
“Like what?” sighed Valkyrie.
“Well…” Fletcher thought for a moment. “Ah, sod it. Come on, hurry up and link up already.”
He put one hand on the Bentley, and the other on Valkyrie. She held Tanith’s hand, who was gripping her bike’s handle bar. Skulduggery completed the circle by linking both vehicles between him.
“Ok.” Fletcher closed his eyes and took a couple of deep breaths. “Well, here goes nothing…”
The streets outside of Ghastly’s shop were replaced by the dark alleyway in Australia. They got in the car, re-checked where they were going, and set off.

The first thing Valkyrie noticed about Australia was the sun. As they drove out of the alleyway and onto the road, she raised her hand as a shield against the brilliant sky. When her eyes finally adjusted and colours shifted into recognizable forms,  she saw buildings, cars and people. No desert. No giant red rock on the horizon.
“Oh,” she frowned.
“Oh,” echoed Fletcher, looking outside the opposite window.
“Yes, I know what you are asking yourself.” Skulduggery turned slowly down another street. “‘Where are all the indigenous people with boomerangs riding kangaroos?’ and ‘Why is there towering buildings instead of towering rocks?’ These questions are asked by many tourists in Australia,” continued Skulduggery. “And that, my friends, leads us to yet another: History lesson!”
Everyone groaned. These lessons were becoming more frequent and absurd, ever since Valkyrie had joked about why the Leaning Tower of Pisa was at an odd angle.
“Well, our story begins in Brisbane, the capital of Tasmania,” quoted Skulduggery matter-of-factly. “Or was it Queensland?”


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  1. nice! i want to go to Australia and see the opera house