Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Still posting it in small parts. Enjoy, and FEEDBACK IS WANTED!

Just a note, all of this story theoretically takes places after Dark Days is written.


Dusk sat alone on a park seat, contemplating all the ways that he could kill his enemies. A man in his forties wearing dark sunglasses sat beside him, and Dusk sighed.
“What” asked Dusk, “do you want, Sanguine?”
“Well now partner,” answered Billy-Ray with a smile, “I’m here to offer some good and proper revenge.”
“Against whom?”
“The Skeleton Detective, the dark-haired girl and even Tanith Low. That is, if your interested…”
Dusk sat and thought for a while. “What’s the catch?”
“No catch. Just need help with some killin’, is all.”
What could have been a smile crept onto Dusk’s face. It contorted his scar and forced Sanguine to turn away. “Alright,” he said. “I’m in.”

They had a plan. It wasn’t a very good one, but it was a plan, nonetheless. Fletcher would travel by plane to Australia, and then teleport the rest of them there. They would find the boy Cassandra described, and find out what was so special about him. Simple, in retrospect. Of course, Sanguine most likely had a head start, and it seemed no-one had actually ever been to Adelaide before.
Fletcher, as it was, hated planes. Yet here he was, flying from Dublin to Adelaide, in a plane several thousand feet above the ground. He cringed at the thought.
His fear for planes most likely had something to do with the fact that it was too hard to teleport off or on to them, and so he would have no back-up plan if it crashed.
Despite all of this, he was having an OK time. He had scored some free food from the flight attendant with a sleazy smile, and had discovered the wonder of in-flight gaming consoles. He was just starting to enjoy things when two men shoved past him, knocking his food onto the ground. He stood up and almost shouted at them to be careful, when he noticed their faces.
One of them had a large scar across his face, and moved at ease down the rows of seats.
The other wore dark sunglasses that Fletcher knew covered the two holes where his eyes should have been.
Instantly, Fletcher dropped to his seat, pulling a beanie low over his head. For once, he regretted getting up that morning to apply hair gel. All he could think was Oh God-I’m stuck on a plane with two wanted criminals and I can’t teleport away. Oh God, oh God…

When the plane finally landed, Fletcher pretended to be sorting through his luggage at his feet while Sanguine and Dusk shuffled past.
He held his breath when Sanguine stopped, frowning in his direction. His heart was pounding a million beats a second; he didn’t dare raise his head.
“What is it, Sanguine?” Dusk hissed.
“I just…” Sanguine’s face cleared. “No wait, I packed that.” They continued walking, and after a couple of minutes, Fletcher’s heart beat returned to normal. The flight attendant walked up to him. “Excuse me sir? You need to be leaving now.”
Fletcher mumbled something and stood up. He made his way through the last few stragglers and picked up his luggage. He hung back a while, watching Sanguine and Dusk pick out a black suitcase off the luggage train.
Once he was well away, Fletcher walked out of the airport, shielding his eyes from the Australian sun. He walked into an alleyway, planes and jets screaming across the sky above him.
He memorised his surroundings, then in a blink, he was gone.


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