Wednesday, September 1, 2010


god i am so tired.....but here's the story...enjoy n stuff...*grumblegrumble*

Joseph Beasly trudged down the sidewalk, crossed at the lights and entered the servo-station. It was, as usual, warm and inviting there, even if it did smell slightly of cheap plastic.
He grabbed a boost bar, paid, and exited, sitting just outside the store, underneath the shelter meant for cars. He took out a copy of “Skulduggery Pleasant: Dark Days” and started reading. He didn’t talk, or ring his friends. He just sat there, alone, wishing it all was real.
When his ride finally arrived, he packed up, out the wrapper in the bin, and left.
Just like every other day nothing happened, and so he moved onwards, past the school and towards his home.
His life, as it was, wasn’t very interesting.


Billy-Ray Sanguine sighed, removed his sunglasses and flicked out his straight razor, pressing it against the pale woman’s neck.
“I ain’t playing with you, lady,” he said with a thick, American drawl. “You either tell me what I want to know or this here little razor of mine is gonna go ahead and cause you a world ‘a pain.”
Cassandra Pharos, the sensitive in question, swallowed the insult that had risen to her lips. Now was not the time to be cocky.
“I don’t know what your talking about,” she replied, masking her fear with a contemptuous look. “I have seen nothing that is of importance.”
“Oh really?” replied Sanguine, pressing the blade deeper. “’Cos that’s not what I heard. Seems that there’s a mighty fine shindig going on way down south. So here’s how it goes: you tell me what dreams are in that head a’ yours and I don’t slit this here pretty neck you got. Understand?”
“Yes,” Cassandra said through gritted teeth.
“Alright then. Glad to see we have ourselves an understanding.”
“And I’m glad to see that you have a horrible death in the near future.”
Sanguine chuckled. “Now I know your kiddin’. In fact, I reckon the only future you’ve seen hasn’t even got the likes of me in it. But that’s gonna change.”
“I swear-” Cassandra began.
“NOW!” shouted Sanguine, and he stabbed into her wrist. She screamed and he kicked the chair over.
“In Adelaide!” she yelled, clutching her wound. “There’s a boy, Joseph Beasly. He goes to a school with a service station across the road. Please! That’s all I know! Please, just leave me alone!” Cassandra sobbed, crawling as far away as she could.
“See now? That wasn’t so bad.” Sanguine grabbed a tea towel and wiped his blade clean, folding it into his pocket. “And don’t go reaching for that phone now, ‘cos I’ll know if you do.” He replaced the sunglasses on his head and brushed off his coat. “Take care now,” was all he said, walking right out door.
Cassandra removed her hand from her arm, and instead reached out and tapped a symbol woven into the carpet. It glowed orange, but she didn’t see. She was losing consciousness, spiralling down dark, never ending chasms that never saw light.
Before her eyes finally closed, she glimpsed the rear end of a black van driving off, leaving dust in its wake.


yeah..thers part let me get some sleep...*grumblegrumble trolls grumble grumble*


  1. I love it, Hellboy! This was very exciting. But now your leaving me in suspence, just like the others! Whaaaaa! Not fair. Wake up and write the next part!
    *Coughs a bit sheepishly.*
    Um, sorry about that. To make it up to you, I'll let you sleep. Here, I'll sing you a nice lullaby.
    *Begans singing like an angel. The heavens weep at the beauty of it.*

  2. One word: AWESOME!
    Now you'e got me hooked. ;) be sure to post again soon because i have a feeling this is just going to rock!


  4. Awesome as! - you sir are a great writer :P - And i agree with kallista 'suspense' - although riveting, may be annoying at times, i hope u get cracking with part 2!!! :D

  5. P.S. Would you mind checking out mine?? :3 It's my own...random...creation because people told me I should write.