Monday, September 20, 2010

Pure Damn Awesomeness

Ahh stuff it. I seriously have been trying to put this off for ages, but to hell with it all, Skuldrenaline (the feeling i get when i read/write skulduggery pleasant books/fanfictions) is coursing through my system. People of the 'verse (as Kaylee would say) i'd like to present to you all:

Israel Elysium.

Leader. Fighter. And a Gorram SP hero.

By Louis Bullock.

(The brother of ~Hellboy~, who at this time, would not like to reveal his first name. He likes the whole "alternate personality" thing...)
This, (now Hellboy speaking) is a 'rough' color scheme as my brother calls it, and if u look closely u can see minor mishaps. He said that he could do much better, it's just that now, he cant be stuffed. And that's no understatement.
This took him around 15 minutes for the drawing, and 10 minutes for the background/details/effects.

The glowing around his hand and in his eye represent his future reading powers <reaching into the future, seeing things before they happen>

Here is the orginal:

It's so damn cool. 

Check out his deviant art at:
seriously, if you dont check it out, i will find you. and then drag you to your computer and make you check it. 
Just a precaution. 
Now, now. Louis can do a picture of all of you, granted you want this. He really needs lots of projects to pass his time, so this is perfect for him.

BUT if you want to have a picture done, you will post ONLY your OC's name in the comment section, and then i will visit Lizzy's Bio-rama Blog ( and find your information there.

(lizzy, you owe me. this is my little 'tourist attraction' scheme to get more people on your site.)

To become an author of 'Bio-rama' to post your bio you need to send a message to Lizzy by clicking on her icon and sending. If there is no 'send message' link, you have to click the 'send friend invitation' button. Then, in the friend invitation simply write that you want to become an author and viola. Instant email.

Yep, that was a long message. Now, for the love of all that is Gorram Derektastic, POST A COMMENT!!!!!


  1. wow. your brother's DArts are derek-tastic :) my OC is Jodi Harte (like, duh :)) and with any luck, i'll be able to post her to Lizzy's site soon. Of course, wait for it to be posted, purely because i have some add on things to add to my OC which i'll put on Lizzy's site :)

    Did your brother use a pen tablet? i have one, but i was just wondering what program he uses it on??? thanks muchly XD

    Plus, i LOVE your character pic! It's Skulduggerific! xD xD xD

  2. oh, and part 4 is up for your entertainment xD

  3. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
    My OC is obviously Mary Hiashi.
    Blessed be,
    Miss Mary Hiashi

  4. ~Cool as :D~

    My OC is Necros (as you already know hellboy)
    I love your bros DA :D

    nd i like your character aswell hellboy :DD

  5. You and your brother are sooooooo talented! WOW! With your writing and his artwork, the two of you could publish your own novels, comicbooks, ect.
    I would be honored if he drew my character, Kallista Pendragon! I'll go to Lizzy's blog to post her profile just like you requested! :)
    Thanks, Hellboy! Also, can't wait to read more of your stories!

  6. Your brother is AWESOMELY talented! That's So cool!

    My brother draws really well, but he doesn't really draw like that!

  7. By the way, I posted a comment in your fan-fic, in case you didn't know. ^.^

  8. lol 3 comments in a row..ill check that out sky.

  9. checked and re-comented. EVERYONE ELSE, MOAR STORY IS COMING!

    im thinking early thursday, possibly late saturday, y'know. of course, that's accoriding to my clock, so you might recieve it on friday/sunday. just a precaution.

    Kallista! Just so you know, he does use a 'Graphics Tablet' to draw most of his stuff. But this? He drew it freehand on paper, then scanned it in and added effects. I'm still not sure whether he will be doing everyone else's freehand or using his tablet. *shrug* who knows....

  10. Ok, so i requested to insert my OC (Jodi Harte) on Bio-rama, but it still won't let me post it!!! :/ how long did it take for yours to be accepted?? xD xD and i'm still waiting here :)

  11. i love deviant art and your brothers art is really cool, i would like a picture of Bridget please. i think i will post my own picture of Bridget as soon as my scanner is working.

    Sorry Lenka, i've been away and i haven't checked my mail, i sent you a request tho now that im back

  12. Hi Hellboy! I started a fan fic and wondered if I could use your character. I am asking you here instead of the Bio rama cause I don't know if you would see my request there.
    I have the story just about done but am waiting for a few other poeple to say it's ok to use their characters! Lol I hope to be able to use everyone! :)
    Thanks, Hellboy!

  13. wow! wow! wow!!!!!!
    he is sooooo gooood!
    my OC is Skylara Wolfbane can i have a picture of her please? pleaaase?

  14. Ok, Hellboy i've now posted my OC to Bio-Rama- Jodi Harte xD now stop leaving me on the edge of my seat about pictures and get writing!!! xD

  15. opps! you sed ONLY you OC's name. i shall do another comment with JUST the name now.

  16. there. now you HAVE to ask him :) i followed the rule perfectly.
    ....i hope.

  17. lol

    u all got it right.

    Now that it's the holidays (last day of school ftw!) Louis can start drawing pictures with all of you and i can start writing stories with all of you.


  18. haha mad to hear hellboy, its like half-way thru our holidays now, i hope ur bro can draw necros for me :D

  19. we've been at skool for like a month!!! My OC is

    Leo Sparks!!!

    I'm in your story but i don't really think my character smiles that weirdly!!please draw me!!You and your bro should like post a fan fic with scenes posted on it!!!! it would be soooo class!!!